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At Sutton Coldfield, Miss. Nicholson. John Nettleship, esq. of Basinghall-street,

At Mosely, Mr. Henry Morris, of Birming- London. ham.

Ac Gloucester, Mrs. White, 86.-Nr. At Warwick, Mrs. D. A. Russell, wife of Fisher.-Mr, John Lewis. Mr. William R. banker.

At Cirencester, Mrs. Wood, 42. At Coventry, Mr. John Lilly, sen.-Mrs. At Temple Guiting, the Rev.Francis Pryce, Smith, 73.-Mrs Farmer.- Mrs. Hannah perpetual curate of that place, 61. Griffin, Dodson, relict of the Rev. At Prestbury, Mrs. Rooke, 69. Charles D vicar of Cubbington.

Ac Wincheunib, Mr. Richard Fisher, son of At Foleshill, Miss Brown

Mr. F. banker. At Cubbington, Mr. John Bodington, 51. At Huntley, in his 100th year, Mr. James At Meriden, Mr. Wiliam Harper, 75.'.

Ac Atherstone, Mr. Beamish.-Mr. John At Upton, on his birth-day, Mr. Joseph

Glover, 50.
At Solihill, Mr. Thomas Cheshire, 28.-
Mr. Jones, 51.

Lord Grenville has intimated his intention At Walkerslow, Ms. John Mattox, 67.'

of adding a third prize to the two which werç · SHROPSHIRE.

before given by the Chancellor of the Uni Married.] At Shrewstery, Mr. Jeudwine, versity of Oxford. This prize, we understand, second master of the free grammar school, to

will be for the best composition in Latin Miss Ance Wynne

prose. Ac Penterbury, Edward Plinimer, esq. to Married.) At Charibury, Edgerton, eldest Ann, daughter of Thomas Bennet, esq.

Sun of Edgerton Leigh, esq. of High Leigh and Brook hall.

Twemlow, in Cheshire, to Wilhelmina-Sarah, Died.] At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Cole. -Miss only daughter of the late George Stratton, Maria Jones. Mr. Samuel Davies.Mr. esq. of Great Tew Park. Hughes.

Die] · At Oxford, Mr. John Middleton, At Oswestry, Mrs. Price.

many years cook to Magdalen College. -Mrs WORCESTERSHIRE.

Barr, 68.--Mr. Thomas Fietcher.-Mr. Married.] At Evesham, Robins, jun. Woollumes, 67.' esq. of Stourbridge, to Miss Kliptch.

At Tiddington, Mr. Thomas Radford 51. At Ombcrsley, Mr. Burrow, to Miss Sarah At Henley, William Augustus, second son Parkes.

of Thomas Willatts, esq. At Kidderminster, Mr. Benjamin New

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. combe, to Miss Southan.

Married.} At Aylesbury, Mr. Charles At Worcester, Mr. Thomas Lakin, of Der. Howe, of Kingston, to Miss Hannah Miles, by, to Miss Harriet Brown, second daughter youngest daughter of Richard M. gent. of Mr. Robert B.

At High Wycombe, the Rev. J. Saelgar, Died.] At Dudley, Mrs. Hill.

to Miss J. Treacher, At Hallow, Mr. Tomkins, of Worcester.

BEDFORDSHIRE. At Upton, Mr. Joseph Glover.

Married.]. At Cardington, John Johnstone, At Worcester, Mr. Whitaker, of the George es?. M. D. tu Miss Curtis, only daughter of and Dragon. ---Mr Long.-Charles, youngest George C. esq. eon of the Rev. Dighy Smith, rector of St.

iht Bedford, Mr. Garvey, to Miss Drew, elMartíci's.

dest daughter of Mir. D.-At the same time, HEREFORDSHIRT.

Mr. Sawbridge, of Northampton, to Miss Married.] At Madley, Mr. J. Jones, of Faony Drew, sister to the preceding lady. Breinten, to Miss Sarah Pye, of Brampton. Died.] AC Woburn, Mrs, Ann Rogers, 7% Died.] At Loggaston, Mr. Smyth.

At Bedford, Mrs. Cavit. - Alderman Cam, At Hereford, Mr. Parry, 37.-Mr. W. pion, surgeon, Lane, 39.-MrsMary Bryan, 65. At Barr's Court, near Hereford, Mrs. Jones.

Died.) At Aldwinkle, Arn, second dangtaAl Wigniore Hall, the infant son of Ed- ter of the Rev. John Eastwick, 17. ward Rogers, esq.

At Cotton Li.d, near Northampton, MIS

Nicholson. Married.] At Hawkesbury, William John At West Haddon Lodge, Mr. William Denby, esq. of the War Oitice, to Mary Ann Walker, son of Mr. S. W. and a week attesCater, second daughter or the late Beckford ward», his mother, Mrs \V. 52. C. esq. of Church Hill, in Essex, and Yawe,

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. in Gloucestershire.

Did) At Branipcon, near Huntingdong At Cheltenham, the Rev. Gregory Boras. Mr. liuni, 21. ton, of Claines, near Worcester, to Miss Ann


Died.] Ac Wisbeach, Mis Cross, relict At Down Hatherly, Captain Wilson, of of Thainas C. esq. the 19th light cragoons, to Jane, third dangh. At Barnwill, Mr. Alderman Bullen, 79. ter of John Turner, esq. ci Hatherly House. At Whittle-ca, Henry Lawrence Mayda Disd.) - At Charlton, near Cheltenhamnwell, esq. 10.





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90 Norfolk-Sufolk--Esser-Keni-Sussex. [Feb. 1,

At Kelvedon, Mrs. Selina Muscul, 'widow
Died] At Norwich, Mrs. Ann Dersley, 85. of George M. esq. formerly of Grantham,
-Mrs. Beatly, 79.--Joseph Hammont, Lincolnshire.
esq. 63.-Mrs. Bedingfield.

At Witham, Mrs. Kynaston, relict of
At Docking, Mr. Shawl, surgeon.

Thomas K. esq.
At Ditchingham Lodge, Mrs. Mary Sea- At Hugbridge, near Maldon, Mr. Dedman.
man, last surviving daughter of T. S. esq. of At Maldon, Mr. Goudard.
Brooke Hall, 78.

Ac Toppesfield, Mr. Hardy.
At Blofield, Mrs. Tuck, 20.

At Chelmsford, Mrs. Clapham, 84.--Mr. At Barton Bendish, Mr. Thomas Elden, Rance.-Mrs. Purnell, relict of Mr. P. who surgeon.

formerly kept the goal in this town.-M. At Fundenhall, Elizabeth, wife of John Brookes, keeper of the House of Correction, Howard, gent.

At Woodford, Mrs. Cooke, 87.
ĄC Blunderton, the Rev. Norton Nicholls, At Colchester, Mrs. Abigail Taylor, 84.-
more than forty years rector of Lound and Mr. Joha Moore.--Mr. John Gosnall, 67.--
Bradwells, and a "justice of peace for the John Kirby, gent. 66.-

Miss Francis, eldest county.

daughter of Mr. William F. 18 -Mr. Robert
At Downham Market, Mr. Robert Tun- Young.

At Claydon Hall, Mrs. Theobald, wife of
At Long Stratton, Miss Elizabeth John T. esq.
Fisher, 15.
At Brisley, Mrs. Garwood.

Married.) At Saltwood, Lieutenant T. R.
At Swaff ham, Mr. Stephen Ling.

Bell, of the 95ch regiment, to Miss Sasha At Acle, Mr. George Baker, 62.

Fuller, of Dover. At Carton, Mr Sewell, 80.

Samuel Shepherd, esq. of Feversham, to

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Richard
Married.] The Rev. Harrison Pickard, Knight, esq. of the New Kent Road.
A.M. of Middleton, to Miss Leggett, of At St. Lawrence, Isle of Thanet, David

Cooper, esq. of Pail Mall, to Miss Tomson,
A¢ Bury, Lieutenant Leeder, of the West eldest daughter of the late Mr. Richard T.
Norfolk Militia, to Mrs. King.

of Ramsgate. Mr. P. Burgess, banket, of Died.) At Ipswich, Richard Sharp, esq. Ramsgate, to Miss Catherine Tomson, sister formerly paymaster of the 21st Light Dra. of the preceding iady. goons.

Died.] At Canterbury, the Rev. Joshua At Bury, Mrs. Green, relict of Mr. Wil. Dix, sen. --Mrs. Longbridge.--Mrs. Mary Jiam G. printer and bookseller.-Mrs. Mar- Mapletoft, relict of Richard M. gent. 75. garet Brome, a maiden lady, 97.-Mrs. Mo. -Mrs. Walker, 79.-Mrs. Hudson. thersale, 95.

At Barn Jet, Barming, John Amburst,
At Higham, Edmund Brome, gent. for- esq. 71.
merly a linen.draper, of Norris Street, St. At Sutton, Charles Willes, esq.
James's, and brother to the Rev. Mr. B. late At Folkscone, Mrs. Lanner, 96.-Mrs.
of Ipswich, 70.

Pepper, 05.
At Stowmarket, Mr. J. A. Webb, sen. 64. At Biddenden, Mr. Richard Pullen.

At Norton, Mr. J. Fenton, jun. a member At Street Green, Margate, Mrs. Peall, 43. of the Walsham volunteer infantry.

At Greenwich, Mrs. Mailland, wife of At Great Barton, aged 75, Charles Brown, Richard M. esq. gent. many years steward to Sir Charles Bun:

SV63EX bury, batt. from whose employ he had retired The Jubiles has given sise to a new, but with the greatest credit. He was a man of praise-worthy species of benevolence, the strictest integrity, and generally respected Brighton. It is to be called the Accumulating by a numerous circle of friends.

Fund; and the unfortunate of the fishermen, At Branderton Hall, John Revett, esq. at that place, who, at this season of the year, At Botescale, Mrs. Howes.

are so exposed to uncontroulable misfortunes, At Ricking hall Superior, Mr. John Keeble. are to be the primary objects of relief.--It is

At lxworth, Hesier, second daughter of intended, however, for general purposes or George Boldero, esq.

benevolence. At Clare, Mrs. M. Barker, daughter of the Márried.) At Lewes, R. H. Falconer, Jate Admiral B.

esq. of Henfield, to Miss Buckold, or Guila
At Rendlesham House, Ladly Rendlesham, ford.
relict of the late, and mother of the present, At Bixhill, Mr. Eastwood, aged 68, to Miss
Lord R.

Mary Hammond, 22.

Ai Chichester, Mr. Jennings, of Kingsclere, Married.] At Maldon, Mr. Gibbs, of Lón- Hants, to Miss L. Lego, second daughter of don, to Miss Welis.

Mr. L. At Woodford, Mr. J. Fairchild, of Chelms- At Salehurst, the Rev. Thomas Ferris, ford, to Miss Moscbury, of Billericay.

eldest son of the late Dean of Battle, co


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Eliza Dorothy, only daughter of Charles At Bath, the Rev. E. Sheppard, D.D. to Lamb, esq. of Higham.'

Mrs. Smith. Died.) At Tarring, Mrs. Somers, wife of Died.] Ai Bath, John Monck, esq. 74. Edmund S. M.D. who is now with the army

a lineal descendant of Anthony in Portugal.

Monck, the grandfather and common ancestor At South Stoke, the Rer. Mr. Wilson, of General George Monck, who was the rector of chat piace.

principal ins:runen: of the restoration of AC Midhurst, Mr. T. Rudwick.

King Charles II.-- Mrs. Perry, relict of At Brighton, Mrs. Byfield.-Mrs. Martin. Henry P. late comm:ssary of Prince Edward's At Lewes, Mr. Thomas Harman.

Island.-Mrs. Parks, wife of Richard P, esq. At Chalvington, Mr. James Carpenter, 79. At Bristol, Mrs Baker, relict of Jeremy At Alfriston, Mr. James Marchant, 75. B. esq. --- Edward Bromley Wright, gen: 84.

At Clifton, Harriet, second daughter of Married.] At Eiling, the Rev. W. Bus- Lieut. Col. Bird, of Goytrè, in the county of cawen, to Miss Leicester.

Monmouth, and late of the 51ch regiment. At Winchester, Mr. Richard Newlyn, Her uncommon suavity of manners, and attorney, to Miss Hedger.

truly amiable disposition, must ever render At Ring wood, Mr. ;. B. White, of Salis. her memory most dear to all whu had the bury, to Aliss Saruh Sophia Warne, of Huin, happiness to know her. near Ringwood. Dicd.] Ac Newport, Mr. Shatford, ma

Married.] nager of the Salisbury, Guernsey, Jersey, Bark:r, esq. to Miss Hill.

At Warehan, Giles Diston Newport, and Cowes company of performers. At Glanville's Woottun, J. B. Kright,

At Woolley Green, near Romsey, Mrs. Wade, relict of Charles W. esq.

esg. of Anderston, to Elinor, youngest daughter of the Rev. H. Evans.

Died.] · At Dorchester, Mrs. Chaffer, sis. Married.] William Robbins, esq. of Man- ter to the Rev. Mr. C. of Canterbury. - Miss ningford Aobots, to Sarah, second daughter C. Luck.-Mr. Jacob Parsons. of Jane Hayward, esq. ot Beachingstoke.

At Appleshaw, James Edwards, esq. of Horsebridge, to Miss Butcher, only daughter second son of Robert S. esa of Binfield Place,

Married.) At Exeter, John Stevenson, esq. of the late John B. esq. of Appies haw. At Harnham, Mr. Edward Cooper, of

Berks, to Eliza, youngest daughter of John Pradfort, youngest son of the Rev. Edward

Newcomb, esq. of Star Cross. C. of Yetminster, Doreet, to Miss M. Brodie, min Cosway, esų. father of William Cosway:

Died ] At Stoke, Dear Plymouth, Benjayoungest daughter of the late Rev. Mr. B. or Winterslow.


esq. secretary to Lord Collingwood. Died.) At Wilton, Mr. Kerley, of the spending the evening in a circle of friends,

death was most awfolly sudden: he had been Greyhound Inn. At Devizes, Mr. John Young.

ad retired to rest about ten o'clock; shortly

after which he rang the bell, and called for At kradturd, Thomas-Bash, esg. a magis. Mrs. Cosway, who immediately sent for me. trate for the county, and who served the ofñce ot' liga sheriff in 1801.

dical assistince, but be ore its arrival he was

a corpee. Married. At Wallingford, Mr. Thoinas Married.] At Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire, Welis, to Miss Parker.

John Humffrys Parry, esq. to Hannah, third Ac Bisham, Fulwar Craven, esq of Chil. daughter of John Thomas, esq. con, Wilts, tu Laura, srcond daughter of Died.] At Carmarthen, Samuel Justice, George Vansittart, esq. N.P. for this county. esq. former.y an eminent Russia merchant in

At Aldermaston, Mr. Benjamin Roberts, London. to Miss Elliott

At Llangattock Vibonavel House, near Diet.] 4. White Waltham, Mr. Basset Monmouth, Mrs. Philies, re.ict of Herbert P. Lee.

esq. At Englefield, Mr. Joha May.

At Bagnor paper-mill, Mrs. Elizabeth On board his Majesty's ship Undaunted, Wickwar, 8%.

off Vera Cruz, Percy Watson, aged 17, At Speenhamland, Mr. John Hattun, 59. acting lieutenant of the Haughty gun-brig, At Abingdon, Miss Elizabeth Castle, 20. son of the Rev. Dr. Watson, of Shooter's.

hill, Kent, . He was seized with the fever of Married.] At Bristol, James Bury, esq. of the climate on the 17th, the day on which Pendie Hill, Lancashire, to Patience, eldest his elder brother, George Watson, lieutenang daughter of the late Martin Petrie, e q. Com

of the Royal Engineers, died at Limerick, missary of Accounts,~Rowland Williams, aged 20, of water in the chesi, occasioised by esq. of the Royal Carmarthen Fusileers, to a violent cold caught on the Shannon, in the Miss Price, daughter of Mr. P. merchant. discharge of his duty. MONTHLY MAG. No. 195.








Per cwt.

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(Feb. 1, LIONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. EAST INDIES AND CHINA.-Since the publication of our last Report, three vessels are

arrived from Bengal, on account of the East India Company. The names of the ves.. sels are the Earl Spencer, Monarchi, and Lord Keith. The following are the particulars of their cargoes. Company's goods. Salt-perre, 7,500 bags, 10,000 cwt. and Sugar 4,500 bags, 5,989 cwt.–Putriloge goods. Indigo, -5.687° chests Raw silk, 179 bales. Piece goods, 40 bales. Lac Lake, 49 cwt. Guin copal, 48 cwt. Samflower, 28 bales. Lack colour, *32 chiests. Madeira wine, 6 pipes. Besides several other parcels of goods the particulars of which are not yet known. The news of some disturbances of an alarming nature having taken place in the territories of the Company, has had a very sensible effect upou India slock, tuc as we understand that the accounts of the commotion are somewhat exaggerated, ve trust the alarm which has been spread among the holders of the Company's stock shares, will be of trilling duration. Teas sell at the following market prices, viz. Bohea, 1s. 7d. to 2s. Singlo and Twankay, 3s. 6d. to s. 103. Congou, 3s. Id. to 3s. 103. Souchong, 38. 9d. to 5s. Pekoe, 45. 30. to 45. 8d. Hyson, Ss. 78 10 65. Campoi, 3s. 6d. to Ss. 100. Sugar fetches from 31. 155. to 41. 10s per cwt. Cotton-wool, from 13. 3d. to 1s. 6d. per 1b. Cochineal, from cis. to 8s. per Ib. Copperindigo, frem 45. 6d. to Is. Copper and yarpie ditto, from 6s. 60. to 10. Blue and purple dit:o, from 11s. to 145. 6d. per ib. It is to be observed, that the value of East India indigo has experienced a considerable increase since our last Report, and it will most probably be further enhanced in proportion as the article beconies known to British manufacturers. The prices of hemp vary from 701. to 801. per

Of ginger, from Sl. 15s. to 41. 6s, per cwt. Of opium. from 11. 6s. to 11. &c. of Jambee pepper, from 100. to 104d. Of Billapatain ditio, from 10d. to 10ļu. and of white ditto, from 25. 4d. to 3s. Turmerick is a scarce article; it fetches from 5l. to 61. 8s.

WEST INDIES.-On the whole, West India produce has not experienced any considerable depression within the current month. The stock on hands of the leading articles is still heavy, and the buyers appear extremely backward. Sugars have been drooping. Antigua, Dominica, and Tortola, fetch from 31. 14s. to 41. 43. Grenada, St. Lucia, and Trinidad, from 31. 135. 10 41.As. and Jamaica, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitt's, and Tobago, from 31, 155. to 41.65. Cutices are very fat, but cannot be called cheap. The prices of the fine, are from 51. 15s. 1061. os. of the good, from 51. 5s. to 51. 15. of the middling, from 41. 103. to 51. 58. and of the ordinary, from 31. 85. to 41. 10s. In the London and Liverpool markets, the prices of Jamaica rum are stationary, and the article is little enquired after. Common leewards are in demand, principally on account of the advertised navy-contract; but the holders are unwilling to sell freely at the present prices. Leeward Island rum may be quoted from 3s. 10d to 4s. 6d. per gallon. Cotion.wool is one of the mose saleable articles that the islands furnish; it sells at prices from Is. 6d. to 2s. 6d. per li.., according to place of growth and quality. The outward.bound fleet sailed from Portsmouth with convos or che 9th ult

NORTH AMERICA.-Our negociations with this part of the world still hang in unpleas. ing suspense, and as it must naturally be supposed, most articles of American produce are either kept back by the holders, or transferred from hand to hand at high prices. New Ore ltans cotton tetches from 1s 9d. to 1s. 10d. and that of Georgia, from 1s. 8 4d. to 3s. 6d. Pole ashes sell at prices from zl 8s.,to 31. js, and pearl-ashes, from 31. co 31. 135. percut Maryland.cobucco, brings from 7d. to 17d. and Virginia from 9d. to 15d. per lb. Wax, from 141. di. to 151. per cwt. Oak, from 101. 10 151. 10s. Ditto plank, 111. 10s. to 15). Pine, frumol. · tn 101. 153. Ditto piank from 111. 105. 1o 161. per last. Tar, from 21. 45 to 21. os. per barrel. Pitch, from 17s. to 188. per cwt. Linseeil, from 41. 55. to 41. 10s. per quarter. Beaver, from ins. to 28s. per lb, Black rosin, from 14s. to 16s. and yellow dicco, 15s. to 17s.6d, New England castor, 11. 13s. io 11. 16s

SOUTH Anerica. It is not in our power to make a very favourable report on the subject of South American commerce. The governments of this part of the world seem to se. gard, with a jenlous eye, every attempt of the English to place the trade between the two countries on a fim basis ; and indeed the inhabitants themselves bave been so completely surteired with our goods that they do not appear at all inclined tu contravene the designs of their rulers in respect to us. Certain, however, it is, that when once the South A nericans shall have had a suficient oppo tunity to ascertain spe superiority of British manufac. tures over those to which they have hitherto been accustomed, the scene wil be changed; and, what is now rejected, will then be eagerly coveted. Experience alone can ceud them to know the true value of our manuiactured goods, such as ironmongery, woollens, &c. and this experier.ce will doubtless be acquired before their present stock is consumed. The prices of the principal articles furnished to the English markets by this productive part of the earth, are as follow : Br.izil culton-wool, ?s. 24d. to 25. Gd. Pernambucca ditto, os. 44. to y's 60. Maranham ditto, 23. 15. to 95. 31. Cochineal garileil, il. 143. to 11. 195. Gwtimala indigo, os. to 115. 9d. Curaccas Jittu, -55. od. to 11s. Brazil dito, os. Ou. to 55.




per lb. Tallow of Buenos Ayres, 41 3s. to 41. 45. per cwt. Brazil tobacco; 6d. 10 104. per Ib. and Jesuits' bark, 4s. 3d. to 11s. 9d. per lb.

AFRICA.-The island of Bourbon was taken possession of by the British troops in Sepe tember last; but it has since been confidently reported that the place was aft-r a shori pe riod abandoned by the caplers. The island of Bourbon could, in a commercial point of view, prove of little importance to the British nation. It is true, that the cotton wool which Bourbon products is admirable in its kind, and, that the coffee cultivared in the district of St. Paul, cedes only to the coffee or Mocha, in point of odour; yet, we ask, would it be politic, would it be generous, to introduce those dangerous rivals into the English market among the articles of a similar description furnished by the West Indies ?-Our West India' mercoasts find their stock heavy enough in all conscience, even as matters are now situated; but, what would be their situation if large quantities of colonial produce superior to their own, Wrie submitted to the trade at such prices as they cannot pretend to se.i ac? --Guinea wax fetches from 91. to 101. per cwt. Elephants' teeth, from 241. to 301. 10$. and scrivel. loes from 121. 10s. to 20i. per cwt.

BALTIC — By the treaty between France and Sweden, Pomerania is said to have been restored to the latter power. The permission to import colonial produce was indispensable to the Swedes, with whom sugar is as essential and universal an article of culinary use as salt.

It was necessary, moreover, that Russia and Prussia should be supplied with that and uther articles of colonial produe, which they can receive only through Sweden. Our government will not, it is understood, protect the exportation of colonial produce from the Swedish to the other ports of the Baltic.' Russia Tallow sells at prices from 11. 1$. to 41. 5s. per cut. Archangel tar, from 21. 8s. to 21. 10s. Stockhula ditto, from 21 138. to 21. 15s. per barrel. Swedish pitch, from 23s. to % 45. 6d. and Archangel ditto, froin '19s. 63. 00.215. per

Dantzic fit, and Memel ditto, from 121. to 141. Stockholm deals, from 671, to 701. per last. Russia hemp, trom 501. to 341. per ton,

GERMANY.-By the 'skecchi of the new cons:itution of the Hanse Towns given in the Dutch papers, we find they are to be converted into what is termed free' imperial cities uno der the protection of France; and nothing coming from America, either directly or indirecco" ly, can be admitted without an express order from the Emperor Napoleon. By letters received from Hamuurgh, we learn, that sugar, and other West India articles, are permitted to be sent into the interior, notwithstanding the rigour of the new custumihouse regulations.

HOLLAND-The political revolution in Holland has produced an alteration in the policy recently adopted' by our Board of Trade Licenses were, on itre 3d utt. after a cessuljon of two months, granted to ships proceeding'in ballade to France, and returning with grain, Avur, and burristones. Licenses were also delivered for the use of such foreign vesseis as had before brought these commodities, permitting them to load with British manufactures, and British ur foreign colonial produce, and to depart with such" cargoes to Holand and France.

FRANCE.-Several Decrees on the subject of External Commerce, have been published in France. The following, dated January 3, 1810, has reached our hands:

D.cree.-" The ports of France, and all those under her controul, are open for all vesa sels furnished with proper licenses; that is to say, they must be new ones, or a date posterior to this decree.

Articles of Exportaticn.-Vinegar, paper, paste-board, silks, embroidered stuffs, verdigris, oils, honey, pertumnery, corks cut and in piece, turpentine, licence, pitchi, rosin, juniper-bérsies, worsted, lamb and kid skins tanned and tawed, linen of Britány, cloths and woulien stufis in general, velvets and cuttons, hosiery of every kind, cutlery, inmmings; china; wrought leather, and skins. These articles are tu constitute the fourth part of a cargo only, the remainder is to be composed of corn, wine, brands, and fruit.

" Importation.-Russian tallow, wax, matts, sail cloth, deals, "ulphur, pot asli, staves, tow for fishing, Spanish duilars, black-lead, lead, pewier, litharge, logwood, pitch, tar, burilla, sumach, arsenic, fish-uil, hides, and lignum vitæ."

SKELAND.-Most of the linens bought last year on speculation, still remain unsold in the warehouses of London. The Imen trade was materially injured by this speculation. The prices of brown linens aovanced so rapidly, inat the purchasers of white goods declined to buy on high terms, and a very considerable poruon of the present year's stuck, especially of the finer kind, remain un old. An unexampled siagnation in the linen trade has been the consequence. The Irish growers enteriain liopes that ibey may have a more adequate sup: ply of linseed for next season), owing to the quantities of Riga "seed lately imported by the London merchants, and from an expectation that some of the American article may find i:s way through neutral parts, as well as on account o te petiy tariners in several parts of the country itself, having saved a considerable quantity of secu. Prices of provisio is 'not very d.fier nt liom our last monili's quotations.

Prices of Cariul. Dock, Fire Office, and Water Works Shares, &c. di the Ofice of Messrs. L. Wolfe and Co. No. 9, Change Alty, Cornhill, January 22, 1810.- London Dock Stock, 1.361, per cent.--West India ditti, 1811. oiiio.-Eas: Inca ditto, 1331. ditto. - onimurcial ditio, 901 per share, prem.- Eust.Country Gitto, 851 per suari --Grand Junctionnal Shares, 2101. per sbare.-Grand Surrey ditto, 8i 1. ditto. Grand Colon ditto, su..cription, 121. per cent. prem.- Bath and Briscol ditto, dicto, 61. 6s. ditto. Thames and Medway ditto,

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