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go Yorkshire.

(Feb. 1, if not altogether, extinguished ; and that the At Maryport, Mrs. Betty Scott. universal opinion is, that before the poorer At Byersteads, Mrs. Mary Caddy. classes can practise the duties of Christianity,

YORKSHIR Z. and become good members of sociсty, it is At Doncaster, the baptisms, marriages, necessary they should know the precepts of and burials, in 1809, are as follow : the one, and the obligations which bina chem Baptisms.. 915-decrease 12 to the other.


64-increase 10 Married.) At Carlisle, Ms. Isaac Hudson, Burials

160-increase 21 solicitor, ro Miss Lowthian.

Ac the late quarterly meeting of the Hol. At Penrith, Mr. Matthew Soulby, book- derneess Agricultual Society, the question seller, to Miss Wharton, of Eamont Bridge. discussed was, " The value of straw for sale,

Ac Dacięs, Mr. Thomas Dawson, of Stuin- or for manure, and the effect of stubble he. ton, to Miss Garnett.

fore and after ploughing being estimated - Is At Whitehaven, Captain J. T. Hodgson, it the test husbandry, to moy, or eu shear to Miss Harrison.

white corn?" As to the general question, Died.) At Kend:!, Mrs. Atkinson, 84, whether it is the best husbandry to mow or Mrs. Harling, 24.-Miss Ann Cornthwaite, to shear white corn, the members present daughter of Mr. C. of the Globe, 16.—Mrs. differed in opinion; but the majority of them Alice Rooke, wife of Mr. R. of the Nelson were in favour of shearing. Some important tavern,

communications were mnde by Thomas Grim. At Cockermouth, Mr. John Johnstone, 65. ston, of Grimston Garth, esq. for which, and At Corby Castle, Philip Howard, esq. 79, his active and useful zeal upoo many former Ac Winton, Thomas Munk house, esq 79. occasions, to promote the agricultural interest

Ac Douglas, in the Isle of Man, aged 54, of the country, the society felt themselves William Houzli, esq. This gentieman was bighly obliged, and voted him their cordial a captain upon, and owed his com. and unanimous thanks. mission to the favour of their Royal High. As some workmen were cutting down az nesses the Dukes of Cumberland and Cam- elm belonging to Mr. Jepson, of Conisbrough,

bridge, to whom Mr. Hough was recome they discovered, in the heart of the tree, : mended by the innoxious lidarity and amu- horse-shoe, with a nail in it, in excellent

sing mirthfulness of his manners. In his preservation. It is supposed that it must carly days Mr. Hough mide a considerable have lain in the tree for fifty years. The figure in the circles of fashion. He was co. elm is five feet in circumference. Mr. temporary at the Charter-house, and at Cam- Green, of High-street, Sheffieid, has the shoe bridge, with the present Primate of England, in his posseovion. and with the Chancellor of Ireland ; and in An appropriate and classically-elegant mo. such of his school-mates and companions in nument, by Westmacot, is just erected in more advanced life, as happen to survive him, " York Cathedral, to the revered memory of the mention of his name can hardly fail to the late Dr. Burgh. It is placed in the cha. excite many interesting recollections. The pel behind the chuir, and exhibits a fullentanglement, in a twenty-years Chancery length emblematical figure of Religion, suslitigation, of a large fortune which Mr. taining with her rigie land a cross, and Hough inherited from a father, far more having her left placed on a book, entitled, thrifiy than his son, disarranged the whole “On the Holy Trinity,” Adjoining, is an system of his domestic lite; whilst in the altar, with the name Burgh on the upper management of what escaped the proteccion part, and in the centre, a glory, diverging of the law and the benevolence of the money- from the letters J. H. S. On the base or peo lender, it would certainly be more easy to destal of the monument, is a briei Latin me. praise the good nature than the discretion of morial of the dates and places of Dr. Burgh's Mr. Hough himselt. A few refractory cre- nativity and death; and beneath is the rol. ditors, together with the to:al destitution of lowing poetic inscription, written by John all sympathy, in quarters where the senti- Bacon Say sey Morriit, esq. ment had been most natural, exiled Mr. Lost in a jarring world's tumultuous cries, Hough tsom his country for many years. Unmarh'd around us sink the good and wise :

At Carlisle, Mr, Janes Kicharusov, 32. Here Burgh is laid; a venerable name, He had beco 30 year parish-cherh at St. To virtue sacred, not unknown to fame; Cuthbert's.--Nary, wife or Mr. Mullin, Lut those he lovil, let thuse who lov'd him,

tcil ACroglin, Mr Jbn Muncaster.

How deur he liv'd, and how lamented fell; A Hallees, Mr. James Murray, 91. Tell of the void his social spirit left, At Penrith, Mrs. Hodgson.

Of comforts long enjoyed, for ever:eft, At Scaincon, Mrs. Mary Ciagg, 81.-Mr. Of wit that gilded many a sprighulier hour, E. Bowman.

O: kindness when the scene of joy was o'er, At Wigion, Miss Ann Saul, daughter of Of truth's ethereal beam, by learning givia, Mr. Isaac S. 18.

To guide his virtues to their native heav'n; At Workington, Mr. Henry Berby, 77. Nor wall theit sorrowing voice be heard un

At Whitehaven, Mrs. Jane Holmes.-Mrs. mov*d Bridget Hinde, 66.

Wbile gratitude is lett, or goodness lov'd,


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Eut list’ning crowds this honour'd tomb at. Near Cottingham, aged 60, George Knows. tend,

ley, esą one of his Majesty's Justices of the And children's children bless their father's Peace for the Easturiding. If widely diffused friend.

benevolence, an invariable propriety of conMarried.] At Skelbrook, the Rev. W. duct, and uniform uprightness, deserve the Snowden, ni Doncaster, to Miss England. esteem of survivors, his worth will be had

At Hull, Mr. Joha Featherstone, to Mary, in lasting remembrance. grand-daughter of Thomas Brock, esq.

At Howroyde, in the 86th year of his age, At Burythorp, nesr Malton, William Mr. William Hirst, who had be.n a faithful Preston, esq. 10 Miss Johnson, daughter of servant for more than fifty years to the late Mr. John J. of Welton.

Joshua Horton, esq. and to his son. He had At York, Mr. Macher, surgeon, to Miss 'attended York sares (from pure attachment Clough, daughter of the late John C. esq. to the sport) regularly for upwards of forty

At Acomb, John Pearson, esq. of Leeds, years, with the exception of the last, and to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late T. D. had the honour to be known, and, from the Garencieres, esq. of York.

great propriety of his manners, noticed, by At Hedon, the Rev. Joseph Thompson, of many of the distinguished personages who Riplingham, ço Miss Burstall, daughter of have patronized these meetings during the the late John B. esq.

above period, part'cularly by such as were of At Leeds, Charles Weddall, esq. of Selby, his own standing. to Miss Motley, daughter of James M. esq.

LANCASHIRE. of Osmondthorp House.

As two sawyers were employed in cutting Died.] Ai York, Mr. Thomas Surr, 52. up an oak tree, about thirteen inches in dia.'

At Hull, Mrs. Sarah Stephenson.--Major- meter, for the use of the Earl of Derby's col-, general Hewgill, commander of the troops liery, in Rainford, in this county, the man in the garrison at this place, 49.-Mrs. in the pit perceived something move, Kemplay, 81.-Mr. Thomas Williamson, which, on examination, proved to be a full. 58.--Mrs. Benson, wife of Mr. Joseph B. grown toul. The anima) was quite alive methodist preacher,

when taken up, potwithstanding one of its At Bridlington, Lieutenant J. S. Harrison, legs had been cut off by the saw.

The caof the 1st West York militia, 30.

vity in which it was found, wis exactly in At Wakefield, Mrs. Mann, 37.

the centre of the tree, just luge enough to At Whitby, Mr. George Sanderson, 70. contain the body. In the tree, not the least

At West Hill, near Sheflicid, Mr. J. Wil. crack or aperture could be discovered that had lian.son, 97.

a communication with the atmosphere. That At Holbeck, Mrs. Hague, relict of the part of the oak which contained the road is Rev. Joseph H. 91.

now in the possession of Mr. john Foster,' At Cottingham, Mrs. Moxon, mother of of Rainford. William M. esg of that place, 77.

Married.] At Walton, John, second son of At Drypool, Mrs. Langley, relict of En- John Hosken esq. of Carines, Cornwall, to sign L.

Miss Harper, daughter of William H. esq. At Boroughbridge, Mat. Glenton, esq. 79. of Everton.

At Bedale, Mrs. Caroline Raper, a maiden At Liverpool, Captain Youd, to Miss Eliz. lady, last surviving child of Thomas R. esq. Kemp.-R. Pickering, esq. to Miss Ann

At Leeds, Maria, youngest daughter of Downward, daughter of Thomas D. esą. Mr. Thomas Bulland. Mrs. Northern. - At Birkenhead Priory, Captain Bashiord, Mrs. Westwood.-Mrs. Trant, wite of Mr. R. N. to Miss Sophia Lake, daughter of Wile William Thomas T. of that place, druggist, liam Charles L. esq. 74. She was much respected by all who knew Died.] Ac Poulton in the Filde, Mr. Ro. ber.

bert Hull At Badsworth, Mr. William Milton.

Al 01k House, West Derby, Mrs. White Ac Sheffield, Mr. J. Barlow.

side, wife Mr. Thomas W. 56. At Wetherly, Mr. Thomas Walker, 69. At Bootie, Mr. Robert Coulburn, 81.

At Great Drillield, Mr. George Conyers, At Rochdale, Mr. John Leech, upwards solicitor.

of thirty years anindefatigable preacher aniong At Rotherham, within a few hours of each the methudi (5, 73 other, Mr. and Mrs. Carnelly, of the Pack Ac Manchester, Mrs. Dalton. Miss Eliz. borse inn.

Croper. --Mr. James Marshall. A: Carlton, in Coverdale, Mr. William. daughter of Mr. Puxcroft, Agent to the Comu. Walker. His death is not more lamented by missioners of the Police, 21 the neighbourhood where he resided, than At Lancaster, Miss Shaw. by his numerous acquaintance in Skipton, At Kirkdale, Mr. Thomas Frodsham, 69. where he formerly lived as a respectaile drug. Ai Wavertree, Mary, second daughter of gist. He was author of “ Juvenile Poems," John Myers, esq. and received a present from the celebrated At Broad Green, near Wavertree, Mrs. poet, Mason, on their publication

Hickson. AI Wormersley Hall, near Ferrybridge, At Rainford, Mr. William Fleetwood, Joseph Thompson, esq.


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Cheshire-Derby-Nottingham-- Lincoln.

[Feb. 1,



of E.

At Liverpool, Mr. Benjamin Devaynes - Died.} At Quarndon, Mr. Nathaniel Dues-
Mrs. Freeland, 26.-Mr. Peter Peill, 27.- bury, 17.
Mr. Samuel Hope, jun. 28.-Mrs, Deane. At Derby, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr.
Mrs. Thumpsun. - Robert, son of Mr. Thomas Joseph Pitman, 19.-Mrs. Barber.-Mrs.
Joynson, 41.--Mr. John Waterson, *59.- Smith, relict of William Leaper S. esq.
Mr. Richard Roberts. Mrs. Perrin, wite of Ac Summerley, Mrs. Lawrance, 83.
Captain P.-Mr. George Smich.-Mrs. Sa- At Mellor, Mr. John Ferns, 72.
rah Dar.son.

The following is an abstract of Baptisms,
Married.] At Chester, Nr. Cotgreave, to Burials, &c. within the town of Nottingham,
Miss Baptiste.-Mr. Ralph Law, to Miss from the 1st of January, 1809, to the 1st of
Mary Griffiths.—Mr. William Simmons, of January, 1810:
Liverpool, to Miss Monk.

Parish of St. Mary.
At Roston, Mr. William Sunderland, of Baptisms.... Males, 501 - Females, 461-
Northwich, to Miss Ann Newton, daughter Total, 965.
of Mr. Philip N. of High Leigh.

Burials.... Males, 321-Females, 341-
At Bevington, Mr. William Jones, of Total 664.
Woodside, to Miss Penniogton, of Tranmerea Decreased in baptisms, 13.- Increased in

At Boden, Mr. Willianı Slader, of Man. burials, 179.
chester, to Miss Martha Warburton, one of The small-pox in the carly part of the year
the co-heiresses of the late T. Warburton, committed gres ravages, no less than 93 hav.
esq. of Altrincham.

ing died of thai disease ; and the measles, we Died.] At Chester, R. Birks, esq.-Nr. understand, were not less, fatal. George Currel.

Parish of St. Nichkas.
'At Gayton Hall, Salisbury, the fifth son of Baptisms.... Males, 47-Females, 53-
John Townsend, esg.

Total, 100.
At Thornycroft, Mrs. Thornycroft, wife Burials.... Males, 51-Females, 56-To.

tal, 107.-Marriages, 50. At Malpas, Miss Williams, 23.

Decreased in baptisms, 19. Increased in
At Boughton, Mr. Richard Edwards. burials, 17.-Decreased in marriages, 7.
At Chrislcton, Miss Harriet Blouson.

Parish of St. Peter.

Baptisms. Males, 44-Females, 33.
The following account of a heiser, bred Total, 77.
and fed by the Earl of Chesterfield, on Brad. Burials.... Males, 42-Females, 14-To-
by Hall Farm, has been given by Mr. Fran- tal, 86.
cis Blaikie, bailift to his lordship.

Decreased in baptisms, 5-Increased in bu-
The heifer was bied out of an Alderney rials, 22.
cow, hy a Devonshire bull; was calved in Married.] At Notringham, Mr. Payne,
May, 1805, and slaughtered on the 18th of solicitor, to Mrs. Whitehead Mr. Thomas
December, 1809.

Bowler, to Miss Ang Williamson.--Mr. Wala She was kept in 's'ore order until April ter Baldock, of Pinchbeck, Lincoln, to Miss 1808, when, not proving a biceder, she was

Hannali Ranby
put to grazing. During the foilowing win- At Mansfield, Mr. W. Fletcher, to Miss
ter, she was kept on hay and turnips, and in 'Turner.
the summer and autumn of 1809, she was fed Died.] At Beeston, John Ball Mason, esq.
on clover, hay, Turnips, grains, and ground 57.

At Nottingham, Mr. Robert Smedley, con-
Dead.Weights, as follorus:

veyancer, 47.
· Fore quarter, 245:bs., 9721bs. or At Bulwell, Mr. Samuel Ball, 31.


12 score

Hind quarter ?15

The spirit with which improvements are


carrying on at Stamford, and the animation Tallow.cake--lough fat, 150lbs. or 10 stone, given to trade there since the late contested 10lbs. H dc, 691bs

election, is astonishing. Mr. Oduy has

addd to che number of his houses; and a Ditto, below bock, S7 inches. gentleman, well known as a glass-thanulac. When alive, the sytumetry was admira- turer in the city (though not a native of this ble; when dead, the carcase was perfect, and county, who supports a contrary interest), the grain of the meat beautitul.

has built a few likewise, by the name of Married ] At Derby, Mr. Charles Eaton, Schwarzenburgh row, and the projected nato Alisa Stelmedine.

vigations first suggested by Mr. Oddy, and Ai Hupe, Mr. Bramill, or Eyam, co Miss' followed by others, from Stamford to Boston, Ann Cooper.

Lynn, Wi.beach, Northampton, Harborough, AL Tides well, the Rev. E. Glossop, of Oakham, Melton, Shardlow, &c. will be Chinley, to Miss Saywell, daughter of james connected with the Grand Junction, Grand S. esq. oi Maccleskeld.

Union, and Grand Trunk Canals, with a



şibs. per

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view to restore to the borough of Stamford At Alford, Mr. John Searle, 56. Mr.
its ancient splendour and opulence. Science, Robert Hewer, surgeon, 67.
literature, and political liberty are likely to At Bourn, Mr. Robert Smith, 61.-Mrs.
be very extensively benefited by the recent Pearson, 39. Mr. Andrew Michel, 56.-
addition of two Weekly Papers, to which, it Mr. Osborn, 79.
is said, a third will be added to the solitary .. At Wooton, Master Uppleby, eldest son of
one formerly published, although those al. John V. esq. 14,
ready published are conducted with all the
vigour of feelings strongly excited by attach- Married.] At Market Harborough, Mr.
meuts to opposite political opinions. The George Russel, of Northampton, to Miss M.
extensive and well-digested Navigation Smith.
plans, brought forward by Mr. Oddy, are so At Sheepshead, Mr. H. Mansfield, of Lei.
much approved, that subscriptions already cester, to Miss Hewitt.
exceed the first estimate, and application At Belton, Mr. R. Eddowes, a lieutenant
will be made early in the ensuing Session of in the Loughborough Local Militia, tu Miss
Parliament, for acts to carry the projects into Goodwin.
immediate execution.

Died.] At Sproxton, Mrs. Hawley, 66.
Married.] At Lincoln, Mr. A. Stark, prin. At Loughborough, Mr. John Farrow, one
ter of the Lincoln Chronicle, to Miss Jane of Mr. Bakewell's followers in the improve.

ment of the breed or sheep, 68. Mr. Barns. At Fotherby, Mr. Ajatthew. Shaw, aged dall. 26, to Mrs. Ostler, aged 67.

At Leir, Mrs. Higginson. At Coningsley, Mr. E. Francis, to Ann,

At Leicester, Mr. M. Smith.--Sophia, sesecond daughter of J. Coupland, esq.

cond daughter of Mr. J. Bankart, 16.-Mrs. At Stallinborough, Mr. Beck, aged 70,10 Ball, 78. Miss Mears, 25.

At Quston, Susannah, eldest daughter of Died.] At Withern, near Louth, Miss Hol- John Haycock, esq. 18. land, eldest daughter of John H. esq.

At Cossington, M. John Goude, 21.
At Brocklesby, Mrs. Mary Tyler, 76.

At Woodhouse, Mr. John Patchett, 84.
At Bigby, Mr. Jona Foster, jun. of

At Saucethorp, Mr. John Boyers, 73.

Married.) At Tam worth, Henry Alford, At Lincoln, Mrs. Otter.

esq. fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, and At the Deanery. house, aged 72, the very

of the Inner Temple, London, to Miss Se Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Bart. L.L.D. Dean

Eliza Paget, third daughter of T. B. Paget, of Lincoln, Rector of Mary-le-bone, Mid- esq. dlesex, and of Clayworth, Nottinghamshire ;

At Pattingham, Mr. Yeomans, of Hill a Prebendary of the collegiate church of Top, Westbromwich, to Miss Plýmley, of Southwell, Archdeacon of Nottingbam, a

Rudge, Governor of Christ's Hospical, London, and

At Burton-upon-Trent, Mr. Moss, of Caldmember of other charitable corporations.. well, Derbysbire, to Miss Jordan. The family of Sir Richard Kaye is of very of the lat: Mr. R. Whiting, Cubley Lodge,

At Utroxeter, Mr. H. Whiting, fifth son high antiquity, being descended from Sir: Derbyshire, to Miss Margaret Bowsing, third Kaye, one of the Knights of the warlike table of King Arthur. Sir John, in the daughter of Mr. J. B. reign of William the Conqueror, married the

At Walsall, Mr. J. Woollart, to Miss R. daughter and heiress of Sir John Woodesham, Mole, of Birmingham. of Woodesham, Kot. an ancient Briton :

At Wolverhampton, Mr. Heap, to Miss from him, the 27th in lineal descent, was

Ferny bough. Sir Jobn, the first Baronet, a Colonel of a

Died.] At Thorpe Constantine, Mr. segirdent of norse in the service of Charles Moore, an eminent breeder, grazier, and agri1, in the civil wars, in which he suffered culturist, 70. much both in person and


At West Broomwich Hall, Thomas Jer

voise Clarke, esq. Richard, the sixth and last Baronet, suc. ceeded his half-brother, Sir John, on the

At Willenball, Mr. John Sneyd, 27th of December, 1789. Prior to liis pro

At Stone, Mrs. Tharme, wife of Mr. Joha motion to the Deanory of Lincoln,, he held the honourable place of Sub-Almoner to the

At Newcastle, Mrs. Broomhall.

At Dimsdale, Mrs. Eaton, 60, King. In the year 1783, by the influence of his great patron, che lace Duke of Portland,

At Statford, Mrs. Smith, 66.-Mrs. Deahe succeeded Dean Cust, at Lincoln. Sie kin, of the Royal Oak inn, 29. Richard had been confined to leis room during

At Penn, Mrs. M, Green, wife of the Rev.

Mr. G. the last four years, under the aflicting effect of a paralytic stroke. In the year 1791 he

At Hanley, Mr. James Greatbatch, 57. married the relict of Thomas Mainwaring,

At Sedgley, Mr. Shaw, surgeon. esq. in the county of Lineslo; but leaving w

At Saredon, aged 62, Mr. T. Smallwood, issue, che title is extinct.

many ysars an engineer to the Staffordshire


T. jun.

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94 TV'arwickshire.

[Feb. 1, und Worcestershire Canal Company, in which among his friends. With the view of im. situation his probity and experience recom- proving himself in his art, he visited Lodmended him to the contidence and esteem of don, and, during his residence there, worked bis employers.

His amiable manners and in but one othce : it hat been the celebrated goodness of heart will live long in the re. Richardson's, of whom its muster was fore membrance of his relatives and friends. · merly the apprentice, and its overseer the

servant. Mr. B. quitted the metropolis in WARWICKSHIRE.

consequence of a contested election at Coo Leamington was last year honoured with the ventry, of which city he was a freeman; and presence of many of the nobility, and other

here he very soon afterwards formed a marria families of the first character and distinction monial connection that added greatly to his in the kingdom. The arrivals were very nu. happiness. His next and last removal was merous, it having been ascertaines that noç

to Birmingham, his native town, where he less than fifteen hundred persons visited the

entered into the employment of the late Mr. place for the benefit of the waters during the

Pearson. About the year 1790), lie began season, exclusive of servaits and children, business for himself, and prin:ed Dr. PriestNuewithstanding the accommodations in ley's Sermon, occasioned by the death of Mr. crease very rapidly, they are not yet equal Robinson An Authentic Account of the to the demand of the company; but that Riots in Birmingham, on the 14th, 15th, 16th, inconvenience will be shortly obviated by the and 17th days of July, 1791, &c. &c. was the extensive and commodious houses now erect

production of his own pen. This pamphlet, ing cliere by the Leamington Building Socie. which contains the only succinct and taichiui ty, and other spirited individuals.

Many narrative of the sienes, &c. that it prosesses to poor invalids, who souglat the benefit of the describe, reached a second edition, and is a waters in distressed circumstances, were libe

very favourable specimen of the compiler's rally relieved from a fund established there

temper aud abilities.

In 1792 he took a for that laudable purpose; and returned, re

house in a more poblic part of the town, and, stored to health, sincerely grateful for the during the following year, was selected for assistance they had obtained from that benc. prosecution, ia consequence of his selling ficent institution.

Paine's works at a tinxe when they were sold A meeting of the inhabitants of Warwick by all the booksellers in Birmingham. The was lately held at the Court House, to take sentence, though comparatively light, was of into consideration the propriety of new pav. serious importance to a man who had not ing that borough; the company present were been long in trade, and the support of whose generally of opinion that the pran was a most family depended chiefly on his own exertions. desirable one, and that the font-paths should' However, the prosecution, and his conduct be laid with flag-stones to the extent of five under it, strenyrhenet the attachment of feet in width. A subscription was immedie those who knew him; and he was in the ately entered in o, when upwards of one thou. hizhest degree gratified by their friendly efsand pounds was raised by twenty gentlemen forts and spontaneous aid. His release from present, but as the total expense is calculated confinement was followed, naturally enough, at six or seven thousand pounds, it is expect. by a serious illness. For many years before ed that an application will be made to l’arlia. Jis death his health was weak; and, having ment for an act to enable them to accompiish for the last two months of his life, experienced the plan.

an affection of his lungs, he sunk tranquiliy Miarried.) At Henley in Arden, William under the pressure of disease. He was a man Lees, esq. of Stone, to Miss Edkins.

of thought and reading: his feelings were reAc Birmingham, Mark Sanders, esq. to markabiy kind, his manners gentle and unMrs. Bingley.

assuming As a tradesman, he was skilful, Died.] st Birmingham, in his fifty-se assiduous, upright: and his pure and indecond year, James B. Icher, printer and brok- pendent mind, revolted at every thing like seller, a man who, to use the language of a selfisimess and mere worldly wisdom. Hence, very eminent scholar cuncerning him, "shad

as well as for his general character, he ob. diligence, integrity, and the true spirit of a

tained the estetm of the very learned and able Christian." With so much personal merit, person whose testimony to his worth has alit was his least honour to be descended from ready been adduced: hence he is unaficctedly worthy arcestors. His paternal grandiather regretted by all who knew him, wheiher mwas, for many years, minister of a cissenting timately or otherwise ; and, thus dieincongregation at Henly in Arden; and, judg. guished by nabi's of rerig.ous virtue, he has ing from some of his manuscripis which are lete to his family and friends in the hands of the family, he apie 1810 A fair example how to live ar.d die." have been a man of considerable knowledge

At Birminghain, 'Mrs. Crowder. -Mrs. and ybsLvation. Mr. Belch as served his ap. Piercy.-Mr. Samuel Osbourne. -Mr. James prenticeship ai Coveniry, and, at the expira. Roberts, 65.—Mrs. Marreat.-In consequence tion of this service, went to Lichaeld, tu as.

of hu clothes taking fire, Miss Pemberton sist and superinted in the thice of a gentle. Mrs. Martin, 76. Mrs Hoston, relict of Mr. nan, whos, irm that period, he' raoked H. an eminent gun-maker, 80.


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