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mitted by the Secretary of State hiinself, in tant objects of reinforcing laer armies on the bis letter of the 19th of October, viz. that Danube, and of controuling the spirit of 1%. the three condicions forming the substance of sistance in the north of Germany. These Mr. Erskine's original instructions were sub consideruions determined his Majesty to einmited to him by that gentleman. The ploy his forces in an expedition to the other, viz. that the itistruction is the only Scheldt. one in which the conditions were prescribed " Although the principal ends of this exto Mr. Erskine, for the conclusion of an ar, pedition have not been attained, his Diajesty rangement o the matter to which is related, confidendy hopes that 'advantages, iraterially is known to me liy the instructions which I affecting the security of his Majesty's domihave myseif receives.

njons in the further prosecution of the war, In stating these facts, and in adhering to will be found to result from the demolition of them, wh oh my duty-imperiously enjoined the docks and arsenals at Flushing. This me to do, in order to iepel ibe frequent important object his Majesty was enabled to changes of ill faith which have been made accomplish, in consequence of the reduction a anst his Majesty's government, I could not of the Island of Walcheren, by the 'valour of in...;ine that ofience would be taken at it by his fleets and armies. the ainerican government, as most certainly His Majesty has given directions that none comid be intended un my part; and this sucha documents and papers should be laid be. view of iho subject has been made known to fore you, as he trusts will afford satisfactory Lir. Smith.

information upon the subject of this expe“ But as I am infurmed by him, that no dition. farther communication will be received from “ We have it in command to state to you me, I conceive that I have no alternative that his Majesty had uniformly notified to leit, which is consistent with the King's Sweden his Majesty's decided wish, that in dignity, but to withsraw altogether from this determining upon the question of peace or city, and to a wait elsewhere the arrival of his war with France, and other Continental Riajesty's commands, upon the unlooked for Powers, she should be guided by consideraturn which has been given to his affairs in tions resulting from her own situation and in: this ceuntry.

terests ; while his Majesty therefore laments “ ] mean, in the interval, to make New that Sweden should have found it necessary York the place of my residence, where you to purchase peace by considerable sacrifices, will henceforward please direct your commu. his Majesty cannot complain that she has nications to me, as I shall be accompanied by concluded it without his Majesty's participa. every member of his Majesty's mission, tion. It is his Majesty's earnest wish that no

“I am, with great cruch and respect, Sir, event may occur to occasion the interruption your most obedient humble servant,

of those relations of amity which it is the des "1. Jackson." sire of his Majesty, and tbe interests of boch GREAT BRITAIN.

countries, to preserve. The Imperial Parliament of Great 6 We have it further in command to comBritain commenced its Session on thie municate to you, that the efforts of his 250 of Jawuary, with the following Majesty for the protection of Portugal have

been powerfully aided by the confidence Speech fron tlie Throne, read by the Lord Chance hor, owing to ins Majesty's Majesty, and by the co-operation as the local

which the Prince Regent has reposed in his concued blindness.

Government, and of the people, of that .6 My Lords and Gentlemen,

couarry. The expulsion of the French from " His Majesty Connonds as to express to

Portugal, by his Majesty's forces under Lieut. you huis deep regret that the exertions of the

General Lord Viscount Wellington, and the Enpe: or of Austria against che ambition and giorious victory obtained by him at Talavera, violence of France have proved unavailing, coutributed to check the progress of the and that his Imperial Majesty has been con

French arms in the Peninsula during the date peiled to abandon the contest, and to conclude

campaign. a disajvanta.eous peace. Although the war was undertaken by that monarch isithouten- Spanish Government, in the name and by

His Majesty directs us to state that the couragement on the past vi his Majesty, every the authority of King Ferdinand ibe Seventh, sitort was made for the assistance of Autria which iris Majesty derned consistent with extraordinary cortes of the nation.

has determined to assemble the general and

His the due support of his allies, and with the

Majesiy trusts that this measure will give weifde and interest of his own dominions.

fresh animation and vigour to the councils " An attack upon the naval armaments and

and the arms of Spain, and successfully direcc establi:hmenis in the scheidt ailordeu at once

the energies and spirit of the Spanish people the pruspect of destroying a growing force,

to the maintenances of cheir legitimate mo. which was daily becoming more torpidanle narchy, and to the ultimate deliverance of to the security of this coun ry, and of divert- their country. is.g the exertiors w: France from the inipos

* The must important considerations of


poliey and of good faith require, that as long most effectuil support, under the continued es this great cause can be acaintained with a blessing of Divine Providence, from the wisProspect of success, it should be supported, dom of his Parliament, the valour of his according to the sature and circumstances of forces, and the spirit and determination of his the contest, by the strenuous and continued people.” Assistance of the power and resources of his

In the Lords an amend nent of the Ad. Majesty's dominions; and his Majesty relies dress was moved by Lord Grenville, and on the aid of his Purlinquent in bis anxious on a divison there appeared, for it 92; endeavours to frustr te sie attempts of France against it 144. ágziest the independence of Spain and Portis

in the House of Cormons an amendgal, and against ih- happiness and freedom of those loyJaid returns nations.

ment was moved by Lord Gower, and "His Maj-sty commands us in acquaint there divided for it 107, and for the Ad

dress 203. you, that the intercourse b. tween his Ma. jesty's Ministei cu America and the Govern.

In the present alarming state of the ment of the United States has been suddeniy country, the City of London has done and unexpectedly interrupted. His Majesty great honour to itself by its spirited sincerely regrets this evenç: he has, however, proceedings. The following is a copy received the strongest assurances from the ot the late Resolutions wd Petition of American Minister resident at this Court, the Livery in Common Ball. that the United States are desirous of main

SAITH, MAYOR. taining täiendly relations between the two In a Meeting or Assembly of the Mayor, Countries. This desire will be met by a cor Aldermin, and Liverymen, of the several JESFORJİLE is position on the part of his Companies of the City of London, in Majesty.

Common Hall assembled, at ta:Guildhall « Gerilemen of rbe House of Cormons, of the said City, on Tuesday, the 9th " His Majesty has directed us to inform of January, 1810. you, that he has ordered the estimates for the e solved unanimously, current year to be laid belore you: his Ma 1. That it is the undoubted right of the jesty has directed them to be 'ormed wi all Lord Mavor, Aldermen, and Liv ry, or the the a tention to economy which the support City of London, to present their Ptitions to of his ailies and the security of his dominions the King sitting upon his Throne; that out will permit. And his Majesty relies upon personal feelings towards their Sovereign your zal and loyalty to afford biin such sipthey did at the last Coar mon Hall ware plies as may be necessary for huse essential the exercise of this right. objects.

2. Resoived unanimously, That it appears, He commands us to express how deeply thai the Secretary of State informed the be regrets the pressure upon his subjects, Sheritt's, that the Petition of the Livery which the protracted continuance or the war could be received only through his Office, renders inevitable.

that they have been denied not only the " My Lords ord Gentlemen,

usual access to his Majesty, by a personal au* We are commanded by his Majesty to dience; but the undoubted right of presenting express bis hope that you will resume, the the same when they had actual acress to his Cossideration of the state of the interior Majesty at the Levee, where they attended clergy, and adopt such further measures upon to present, and did present, a petition from this interesting subject, as may appear to you the Court of Coumon Council. to be proper.

5. Resolved unanimously, That suci de" We have it further in conimand to state nial is not only subversive of the Rights of to you, that the accounts which will be laid the Livery, but a fingrant violation of the before you of the trade and revenue of the Right of Petitioning, claimed, demanded, country, will be found highly sa isfactory. and insisted upon, and confirmed to them by

“Whatever temporary and partial incon- the Bill of Rights. venience may have resulted from the measures 4. Resolved unani'rously, That all tom. which were directed by France against those plaints of the misco.wuct and incapacity of great sourees of our prosperity and strength, his Majesty's Servants are most likely to be those measures have wholly failed of produ- nugatory, if such complaints must past cing any permanen:'or general effect. through the hands of chose very servants,

c. The inveterate hostility of our enemy and the People can have no security that continues to be directed against this country, their complaints are heard. with unabated animosity and violence. To 5. Resulved, That whoever advised his guard the security of his Majesty's dominions, Majesty not to receive the petition of the and to defeat the designs which are medicated Livery in the accustomed and established against us and our allies, will require the ut. mode, have committed a scandolous breach most efforts of vigilance, fortitude, and pere of their duty, violated one of the first prin.

ciples of the Constitution, and abused clie . " In every difficulty and danger his Majes. confidence of their Sovereign. ty confidently trusts that he shall derive the 6. Resolved unanimously, That this Com

MexIHLY MAG. No. 195.


mon Hall, disregarding all attempts and de --the correction of public abures--the abosigns of interested and corrupt hirelings, who lition of all unnecessary places and pensions derivé emoluments from the national bur -the shortening of the duration of Parliathens, to impute unworthy and disloyal mo. ments, and restoring them to their constitutives to those who resist unprincipled and cionai purity and independence, as the only dangerous encroachments upon their establish- means of retrieving our public affairs, and cd rights, are determined, to the utmost of enabling this country succestuily to contend their power, tu maintain them against those against surrounding nations. evil Counsellers, who have thus raised a bar. 8. Resolved unanimously, That the Sherier between the King and the People, and riffs, attended by Mr. Remembrancer, do thereby prevent:d their just complaints from forthwith wait upon his Majesty, anu deliver 'Teaching the Royal ear.

into his Majesty's hand, in the name of the 7. Resolved, That the following instructions Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Livery of Lonbe given to our Representatives in Parliament: don, a fuir copy of the foregoing Resolutions, Gentlemen, You are hereby instructed to signed by the Town Clerk move in the House of Commons (or support 9. Reolved unanimously, That the Thanks such motion if moved) for an lumble Ad of this Meeting be given to the Right Hon. dress to his Majesty, praying for an imme. the Lord Mayor, for his independent behavi. diate and rigid inquiry into the course of the our upon all occasions, and particularly for unexampled failures and disasters which have his conduct this day. attended our late Expeditions to Spain, Por 10. Resolved unanimously, That the tugal, and Holland, whereby the blood and Thanks of this Meeting be given to Sheriff trasure of the country have been shameful. Wood, for his general conducí, and for his ly sacrificed, without rendering any effectual having requested an audience of his Majesty, assistance to our allies, checking the progress agrceable to the instructions of this Rall. of the enemy, or tending to the glory or see Resolved unanimously, 'Tha: the Resolu. curity of his Majesty's crown and dominions. tions of this day, together with the Petition You are also instructed to support all notions agreed upon on the lefth day of Deceüber which have for their object inquiry into the last, be signed by the Town Clerk, and pubviolation of the right of pecitioning-into lished in the Morning papers. the wasteful expenditure of the public money



the 2011 of December, and the 20th of January, extracted from the London Guzelles,


Criche'cy, Edmond Richard, Thington, lint manufaurer.

(le, Chifford's in it

Curtis Wiriam, Bayisator, dealer and chapu,an. (Bower. (The ScLeitor's Names are between Parèntbesis.) Citiro'sing

Derley A. Holbort, viavaller. (Whitton, Great James AL LNER George Perkins, Weymouth, fador. (Spencer, nrcet, Bedford row Dorchefer, and Person and sun, Teinple.

Davis Merry, Walworth, cap maker. (Ifascy, Buty Athly R. Uxbridge, inakoper. (Riches, Uxbridge, and ficet. St. Mary axe Gale, kedata-treer. Seuford-row

Daw [

camuti, riadleford, Dorset. (Score, Sherborne, Aline Edward and James Cutper, late of Berrondry, Dorfer but now pritunere iu the King's Bench, merchants.

Dibidale James. Bedrord ftreet, Bedford row, doemaker. Harman, Wine office court

(keinot, Tharies in Atkiofu Williain, Newcate ftreet, boot and Morinaker. Didier Peter and william Tobbett, st. James's treet, took. (Alten Carlin itreet, Soho

fellers. (Wilkinton and Young Cavenih rywart Baily J. Hull, merchapt. (Lumunds and son, Lincoln's

Dyer R. Dudley, Worcester, procer. (Robinson, Dualey. In, and Haite, til!

200 Artice and Cox. Temple Sarker J. Sunderland, Durham, erorer. (Donkin, New Pircter Manilan, Leeds, merchant (Upron, Nichol faftia wpon Tyne, aud Thibifon and sun, Hatton

ton, and Mein iugway, Leeus, aad Lainbrit, Matra Garden

K 2100 Barlow James, Nesport, the of Wight, mercer. Pulicy William, Brandon, Suffolk, ciorke and sewell, Newport


(Bremrinke, Terple Seli'jonn Brownie, anu yon De Camp. Catherine ftreet, GilkeTunis, Manner, coach maker. (Partington,

sund, printers. (Swain, Stevens, and Maples, Manicheker. and Paulkre and Lorraill, Gris oid Jewry

Graves R. O1, Othe wite Greavsny folio Rofmary lane, Sennett, 14). Colchester ftreet, Crutched Frists,

vietnalier. Whittina, Great Janes tree, bedard dry fulier. Dixong Ailen, and Sett, Patternutter.


Humser James. New road, Ratc!life highway. (Whitron Benzion Juke William Holbeach, Lincoln, furzcon.

Great joins Creer. Bedford row (Hites, Lockett, and Finer, Giay's long and James, Hanbury Casel, Seething line, corn fador. Vauderom ... Wisbeach

alid Cyn, Guth line Bishopfzate freet, Atraw hat manufacturer.

Harrington Thomas, Crow Ghett, Soho. trunk maker. (Hudson, City Road

(Hiks. St. Albans dret Bifs Wilton, Priit coal merchant. (Cox, ristol, aud

Kedd: n ), grifol, merchait. (Stri: land, Brizol, and Ja lucido Gry's imp que

Prics and Wuns, i colo's run Bland boot, Milton, Licin, blastn'th. (Ruth won, Hestiin hoina, Great $t. Icu, Bihorfate treet,, agd Woofi'urth ind Adriafur', taples In Puhen Furet eet Sowser W111 Chachan iron mandiacturer (Muw. Hitchcox Broordtun. Oxford, miller. biay. Bunde. Southwark

(Apun, bag. Erown Witt, Kepieri, Durdam. mitler.

(Ward, Job'itinn J. Liverpool callow chandler. Windie, Joha Durnani, and jupkom, Caftle itreet, Holtsord

rect Bedtulu Tow", ad Gith and Hinde, Lirer. Capreol humas, linu? Star isurde mosney-fcrivener. Dames, Dordare hill

Jones Wiliam Yerddiy, Liverpool, four dealer (CleChandles Th1072, Betal Green, greast melter. 'W004

ments, Liverpool, Aud kicauck, Lindor waru, cilin dod dolere, and Gilmas. Bunhill row

Jowity Williain, juni Northaiton, York, Cetron Horace bal bury, Cucked, Sureux, febvolmaster,


Firenai), Yarin, York, ud F.XACY, Chancej bat. (Bulkley, Newviau-tract, Oxford cuart


Bigg T.


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Jopa con Joreon, Stourport, Worcefter, hop merchant. Pailey Thomas, Birmingham, vidvaller. Jan. 16
Cache asa Pirda, Bę wdles

Bakur George, ity roag coich maker, Jan. 37 Keasorty Witam, pinalitan, Lanca hire, Joiner. (Hew. Banks Richard, Elthair, Kent victualier, March 24 itt, antar 200 Huru. Temple

Barber Mil s. Lothbury, merchant, Feb. 3 Kits Richard Warnect, York, horre dealer. (Picard Batterbee Baruabas, ynn, Nortiik, haberdasher. Jan. and Bredey, Hull, and Farlov and Roberts, Gray's Beck Widian, Anhopigate treet, dealer and chapman,

Jan. 10 Lee Andrew William, Sunderland, Durham grocer. Bell Jofeph, Fleur de lis freet, Spiralfelds, faap- manuBakito. Sond's in, and Shants, Sunderland

facturer, Jan, jo Lindsay Jufin, Sexcatle upi Tya?, cheese munget. (Tell Dennel John, Coulcitone freet, Whitechapel, builder, 26 Brod ick. Bove lase, Cheapáde, and 5cmour,

Fen. Nescafe

Derry Christopher, ren, and Robes Rochester, Norwich, Little Robert and williain, Cranston, Mythe and Alford, boulevers, Jan. 26

El bncu drafers sind, Throkmorton street Bith Sanuel, Chelte ham, haberdashe, Jan. 10 Loscritte Robert ad George Priorle, P4.1.iber. Turn , Blundell James, Llwya's lufce-louk, infárance broker; coliery. unde trkere. (Belio tarodrick, Bow laud,

Feb. 3 81100, Nestale upon Tyne

Bowles Anthony Thomas, and Thomas Williams, Kent Marriott Richard, Northampton, bakeri (Abbey and treet, Southwark, grocers. Feb. 10 Marian, Northampion, and Mallyard and King, Coo.

Bradfla w Wilam, Shifteld, grocer, Jan. 26 thall court

Brandin Joseph Haines. Birmingham, factor, Jan 19
Marih Aichel, Rayleign Effex, linen draper. (Pice. B 8: Richd, Lick vol, 1 rc to 3n, Feb,
Hatica varden, sad Bathurn. Rochford

Broome 3 Robert, High Holborn, haberracher. Jan. 24° Mal John. Brad'ord. Wilts. lineu draper. Sheps Briwn Ifaac, Maryport Cumberland, brewer. Feb. & bard and Addington, Benfurt row, and Sheppard, Beowa Jameson jun. S:eep, Hanrs, fel!monger, feb. 8

Sryoner Jaines. Kingfireet, Soho, tantos, F. 13 Morris Whamn, Birmingham, timber merchant. Eger. Cainsbe Janies, shakfpeare tavéto, Covent Garden, viac.

16.8. Gray Ann Suare, and purrier and Logleby, otr, Feb, 3 Ermitt IT

Charlton Cornelius, Ea Faileigh, Kent, yeoman, Feh. 2. Neck la sous, Witecrofs Dreer, butcher, (Vegaer, Ciectliani james, Failworth, Lancaiter, manufacturer, Wariet tiet, Fitarany feware

Jan 27 Parker Thanas and John Judge, Sraken church, Oxford, Chippindask Thomas, St. Martin's dans, upholsterer, unter dealers. Parton, Walbrook

March 13
Parker Klimat, Gray's on, money icrivener. (Pafmort, Ciofe William, Leeds, wyer, Jan. 17
Werutos d court

Che Witiam a:id Mathew, Leeds, Jan. 27
Pimm John Richard and Williams Francis P. Mark lane, Colegio William and John, Coventry, grators, Feb. 3
cora. (Hackett, Chancery lane

Curiett Thom.5, Friday Atrect, warelwerwin, Feb. 3 Porter William, Hammerfinith, brewer. (Willis, Great

Cotun Lawrence, Fenchurch ftreel, merchant, Jan. 10 Rderect

Cowpar Rubert, Cafeatou dieet, warehousemao, Jar30 Pilme Jaxe. and Jeremiah Sunith, Birmingham, de ilers

Crane Thomas, Proton, Lancaster, ironmonger ) 3.0 iglace, and Skinder treet, London, hosiers. (Davies,

Crean Envad, Margaret Areet, Cavendin fquare; car Laury

ponter, March Bailey Thunes, and James Huor. Null, brewers. (Fruit, Crisp uwiliam. Cockfour Aret, perfumer, Jan. 30 Hull, and Rurier, Bartlett's buid1135

Cutting Satuallhomas, Bitbupriate trees,plover.Feb. 24 Rich Wita, Charlotte Street, Whitechapel, tallow. Band wil, Whitehaven, my win inanufacturer, Feb. (Wilfa, Temple

Davidfon Euward Aitkine, Newcale upon Tyne, grocery doper in Hotrod fitch timber mehant. (Leigh and Jal. 21 41n, New Bridge freet, Backtrars

Davies David, Carmarthen, ironmonger, Jan. 19 Ibercy Jatres, Bow line, Cheapade, warebou seman. Pavios samuel and Peter, Drayton in Hales, Salop, backFull Fort fret

ers, Jan. 16 Sevin Jofeph, Green lane, Saddleworth, York, cotton

Davies Peter, Magchefter, liquor merchant, Feb. s
Dufacturer. (Cardwell, Manchester

Drakiu Jibo. Manchester. manufacturer, Feb. 70
Sbor! Wiliam and John Hupper, Ciapham, carpentere.

Deal will arn, Kenton Areet, Rullela fquare, Mopkeeper, sre, Suuthwark

Jan, 2 Simpton Gcorge. Manchefer, victuailer. (Elis, Chan. De whirit John, Halifax, erocer, Feh. 7. cery lanc, And Wine, Manchener

Dcdds Jof-ph, Alderigate street, goldmith, Jan. 37 Single:ou J. A. Manchefer, watchmaker. (Edge, Mab. Drewry William, jud. Balkingham, Lincolu, carpenter, Center

Feb. 1 Slocumbe Joseph, Brittol. hatter. Sheppard, Bars, Dudley Charles Stokes, Gracechurch Arect, merchant, Lornan, Brittol, and Stephard and Adlington, Bedford Jan. 6

Edin George, Bermondfey Areet, leather dreffer, Feb. Soals #od George, Beech @reet. Barbican, brass founder. LIIS Charles Robert muddle New 'Arcet, jeweller, (Harris and son, Cant: Areet, Houndfitch

Feb Spencer Abraham, Hifinball erect, woollen draper. (old Ellis Joha, Horbline, Lincoln, grocer, Feb. 8 ham, St. Shin's hanc

Eplom Edwaró, Bowing frees, Weatininiter, victuallet, Swallow Richaru, Seiny. York, tnoney scrivener. (Sykes and Kowles, Newinn

Eichke Christian Augustus, Sherborne lave, merchant, Tanner Joel Joan, and Joel, Ehley, Glucefer, black. Jan, 23

finitas. Contable, Symoda's Inn, and Newman Evans John, Cardigan, linen draper Jan, 22 und Ciarze, Stroud

Fether one Philip and john fiodefon, jun, Chri&cburch, Tayor Thrinas, Edgware road, carpenter. (Hamil Surty, difillers, Jan. 27 Core Rerwick areet, Scho

Filby harles and Richard Crout, Ludgate Arcet, haberThorton walaam and John, New Malton, York, cual

dathe. Jau 17 De laats (Lambert, Gray's inn fyuare, aud Walker,

Fuller John Lewes, butcher, Jan. 20 Nav Malin

Galloway John, Froot difst, Hoiborn, engineer, Jan. 30 Troueheck wulian Kenry, Miro ies. (Hail and Drake,

Gibbontonas, Deritemid, Warwick. Srucer, Feb. 9 $21.ts' Hail C36 non freet

Gidion i tanklas, High ftreet, Mary le bonne, ironmongers, Brines Piter, Calc Arect, Leiceftre fquare, builder. Fet. Sunda, Charlotte ftreet, Rathbone place

Gore William, Aldgate, Manchetter warehouseman, Feh. 3 Vallacct Winn. Berinordfey, builder. (We brought

Gof, Thoiras, Hackney road, Middletex, apothecary, War ford court

Jan, 7 Ver man itär. 3. Towcenter, Northampton, grocer (1.0. Greengrais Christopher, Burleigh, Eff-x, Mopkeeper,

cil. Towcetter, and Foulke #ld Lungill, Gra; sin Wallis Jambes, Yleet treet, jeweller. (Junts and Reynal,

Ball william, Crosby f;uare, merchant, Feb. 17 Auta! Lucbang

Hand Jotaph, Worin Wittrect, warehuse man, Feb. 13 Wardman 7 sumas, Horton, Yarm, calico innycurer. Halliplam, Shadurook, sufolk, taniner, Teb 6

(Catonina Brumell, Alderfgate krest, and, Harris Thomas, àud John Price, Brittol, merchant. Keissy

Jan -7 Waters Benjamin, Finch lant, broker. (Richards, Ely Harvey fonii, Springheld, Edex, brirklayer, Jan. 37 piace

Mukarrieorge, son poud, 6 loceiter. ciointer, Emnia wart in C Manchester. grocer. (Cooper and Lowe,

H., William. Kuburn, Middl-tex, brickniaker, Jan 23 southampton buildings, 2. Jepun, Manchester Higiran & chard, Fulkbune, Kent, engine maker, Jan. 20 Welzsunan 'Wiilias, Birmingham draper. Greena Hoston Jcreph, Waver, merchant Jan. 16 way. Attleborough håll, Warwickmire, Aud Barker,

Hounds Francis, Amor Derby, in order, J*). 22 Temple

holnies John Edward. Crosb) fquart, me chant, Feh. 17 Wo Enerfon. Buny Lancaner, conton ranufacturer. Howard Jalues and joint, Burmiey, Lancalier, cutwa ipin. cock Bury, and Blakelock and Makinton, Zim

Tan. 25 CU", Temple

Huat şimuel John, Norwich, dufheld manufa-kurer, Wright Roer, whkam Malcom, and Charles Wright,

2 *a18 Areet, Warehou icmeu. (Barritun, Craven Hurry inis, Richard Powles, and James Hurry, Nag's free!, Strand

Head uuri, Gracechurch ercet inerchus Feb. 27 W: wwab. Sonckport, Chetter, hair dreffer. (Edgar, Ihhetfren Samuel, Luopate hill, tik merrer, Jan. 30 Temple, and Harrop, Stockport

Ireland Daniel, Porttea, tallaw ibang er: *6.13 York y, Cartz fant, roiter lanc, Cheapfide, filk Jackfin Jin. Yarnouth, Nori' lk, chcritt, fan, cases. (3attye, Chatjctty.ane

Jackton John Faritham, Surry, turycon, Jan 30

Jaxfin Keiry, mincinzlaue, morcho, March?

Folhaun Peter, Manchester, imali warc manuiaaurer,
Anderfas Alexander and David Robertson), Coleman Jeres William, Swansea, thonkeeper. F«b. 2
Ajeet, MT3915. Marchi

Jepton George, Pierroc,' Lacater, grocer, Jall. 26 Armitage joto, Leos, ctn merchant. Vehs

Jes Abrahaa, Portia. He feller, Jan 27 Ay és Janses, Strattend, cei merchait Feb. 27

krale Henry, Liverpool, nesibant co1 Bacun williars. She died, Nerbis

Ks. William, Wypso Buft. diciBerinundfry, tanier, Bacoe Jois, s, Mary ai Hiti, Lyroon, Rachant, Feb. 10 JPI, i


Knight George, Holloway, Thirkant, builder. Jan. 13.
Lanes Jobr, Thomas Fraler and Thomas Royllton, Ni.

cheas lane, merchants Feb. 3.
Lawre ce John Stainground, Hustine don, tanner, Jan 30
Layeru Michael, Kentin ton, itone malva, Feb 3
Leash William, dorton, York, wenda; lt. Feb. 7
Lewis Lewis, and Frances. Newcattle upon Tyne, milli-

ners, Jan. 11
Lider Paul, Heptanfall; William Lifter. Morton and

John Longbutton, steeton, Yurk, cottua fpinners,

Livermore Thomas, ren. Chelmsford, grocer, Yeb.13
Iloyd Thomas Huhes, Poultry, and Walworth Common,

Date merchant Jan. 6
Loat Richard, Lons Acte, ironmonrer. Jan. 27
Lucas WLIST Cheapfire, Wilruufuman, jan. 57
Luxion jono. Exeter, linen draper. Feb. 13
Maine wara, St. Switnin's iai, merchant, Feb. 6
Marriott James, Burphy, Lancaster, cotton fpinger,

Matthews William, Brown's lane, Spitalfelcs, carpenter,

Jan 17
N'Leod William, Upper Crown frect, Westminer,

army arent, Jan. 30
Merrick John, Mark jane merchant, Feb. 3
Mernick jona endamuel Moskill, Mark faue. merchants,

Feb. s
Midleron Thomas, Maiden lan'e, Bartie bridge, blue

Ianufacturer Jan. 20
Middleton Thomas Liverpool, cotton manufacturer,

Jan 27
Mile Charles, Bermondsey Areet, Southwark feilmouger,

Jan. "S
Mill. James, Wood within Saddleworth York, clothict,

Feb 7
Mitchei Thomas Hatton court, Threadneedle street,

mechan. 17
Mottart Thumnas, and Jobs Erown, Golwell Areet,

Feb. 17
Morie Thomas, Wood Aree', Chesslide, factor, Jan, 27
Mould leary, wiocheuer, cabinet maker,
Munn Henry, Knishesbridge, paper fainer, Jer. 37
Newcomb over, holle. fticet, Cavendith square, uphol.

fuir. Jan. ;0
Nirheincalé Thoinar. Newstury, York, mercer, Jan. at
Oeuen John, O.dham, Lanraiter, hatter. Jan :0
Deitvy W liam, un, and John Changes, jeftry's square,

mercbants, Feb. 3

Palke Richard, Little Kempäon, Devon, coal merchanta

Feb. 15
Parf.18 onn, fen. and jun. Ludgate hill, booksellersa

Feb. 3
Parfons confen. I udgate . bookseller Feb. 3
Perro joo, Pusriy, york clothes, Feh. 3
Puikincion william Ceesaw'), York, isoh der, Ferro
Flumbe 'Thonias, Oirkirka Lancatter, manifatture!,

Jan. 17
Plume Tbomas and John Woods, Ormskirk, manufadu.
Potack Berjamin, Sheffield, watchmaker. Jan. 31
Porter Jol and unlin Monkman, silver #reet, Wood

Artit, warchoufemen. March 3
Potts Janch. While Rear yard. Backnin, Middlesex

Toukins-glars frame maker, Jan. 13
Price Jeten, Fiustury fusre, merchant, March 3
Reifenbeck John Godfrey scary, Sherborne laue, mer.

chant, Jan. 23
Richardshel, Oxford @rcer, linen-draper Jan 13
Ridoeittostře: George Adolphus, Whitechapeí, haberdatter

Jan. .
Roff William, Kenfigton, brewer, Feb. 10
Bols Carid Alcock, Glechurch matet, hofer, Jan. 23
Shaw ohn, Newgate Firect linen draper, Jan 6
Sherratt William Sirmingham. cartier, Jan. 14
Sly George, Wanitead, Etex, fuck broker Jar. go
'Taylor John Brown's lane, pitaitelis, ball. Jan. 30
Thompion kilia 1, Woodford Efex, apothecary, Jan, 13
Toulmin Oliver, Eflex aree!, Stanu, nary axent, Jan. 13
Tyrrel John Valditove, rurmonger, March 10
Waller William, Exeter. iron morger, Jan. 27
Ward ?hmas, Oxfira market, tailow Chandler, Jan. 13
Warne. Bowl., ju. Little New Areet, Shoe lane, lamp

1.Anufiurer, Feh. 3
Wilton John, Cataton Boret, woallon d'oser, Feb. 10
Wir zell Thomas, J.wry treet, witte necant, Feb.
Wids James, Manchester, common brewer. Jas, 12
Wikiaton Thomas, Cateaton ftrett, woolles draper,

es 10
Wilo Charles, Birmingham, fa:ioner, Jan. 17
Wilton Jolin, Seak atreet, Guiden (quare, men's more

C. Jan. 27
Woodrofíe Edmund, Wcolafton, Glocefter, iron manufae

turer, Feo. 10
Younk, Alexander, St. Mary at Hill, London, wo er hann

Teb. 10

{ Hales

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With Biographical Memoirs of listinguished Characters recently dicceased. THIE following is a general bill of all the of mud and soil have been taken oùt of that

christenings and burials in London, pro f the river, within the last ten months, from Dec. 13, 1808, to Dec. 12, 18.19 : no relief has been affurded to the ships at the Christened S Males .... 99/17


moorings. Females 9031 s

The following is a statement of the strong

&0361 Buried

beer brewed by the twelve first houses, from Females


July 5, 1809, 10 January 5, 1810:-
Whereof have died,


Barrels. Under two years of age

4937 1, *Meux, Reids, and Co. .. 100,212 Between two and five

.... 1916 2. B::cluy, Perkins, and Co. 86,5 17 Five and ten 75+ 3. Hanyury and Co.

56,033 ! Ten and twenty

4. Whitbread and Co.

47,669 Twenty and thirty

11-15 5. Heory Meux ani Co. 49,395 Thirty and torty 1.72 6. Brown and Party

$9,573 Forty and fity

1748 7. Felix Calvert and Co. 30,743 Fifty and sixty 1419 8. Combe and Co.

3+,173 Sixty and seventy

.: 1233
9. Goodwyn and Co.

28,330 Seventy and eighty 1063 10. Eliott and Co.....

21,155 Eighty and ninety 369 11. Taylor anri Co.

20,923 Ninety and a hundred 54 12. Clowes and Co.

16,295 A hundred


The number o: fires, exclusive of chine Decieased in the burials this year, 3974.

neys, in London, from January 1, to Dasema There have be-n executed in the city of ber 31, 1309, is as followy :London and county of Surry, 16; of which

In quarter ending March 31 .... 73 nurper six only have been reported to be

June SO

77 buried (as such) within the bills of morta.

Sept. 39 ... 58 Jity.

Dec, 31 ..85 Within a few years the bed of the River Thames has altered so much at Woolwich,

993 that where a line-of-battle ship formerly The new renters of Drury-lane Theatre Poated, with many of her stores on board, a frigate, with nothing in her, will now · This is the greatest quantity ever brewed ground; and, potwithstanding 120,000 tons within the above period in any one brewery.


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