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bear. The lower part, or cradle, is inade 160 of red lead,-60 of sand, -60 of in the shape of a common pen, with a siit borax. up the nib: the cradle has a plate sol The third is–70 parts of red lead, dered on the front of it: the lower end -224 of sand, -40 of calcined borax. of the plate is fitted nearly close to the When these are subjected to such a inner part, or bollow of the nib, but left heat, as to be thereby completely fused, louse, and in a slanting direction towards he takes equal parts of each mixture, the point, and below the top of the slic and grinds them to an impalpable pow. up the nib, so that in writing, the nib der, for the purpose of being mixed with bending, it lets the ink pass freely, but a menstruuin proper for coating the not too copiously, to the point.

glass, Mr. F. claims; as part of his invention, The menstruin consists of one part of the method of cuiring and tiling the double-refined loaf-sugar, dissolved in socket of the pen, hollow in shape like two parts of pure water; to wliich is adthe nib of a pen, and making a small ded, at the time of mixing the powder, groove at the point, instead of the slit. about one-third part of common writing.

ink; the effect, we are toid, produced by MR. JOHN DAVENPORT's, (BARRIEM,) for this addition, is similar to that produced

a Method of ornamenting all kinds of by the addition of oxyd of manganese, Gluss, in Imitation of Engraving, 3c. used in a smail quantity by the glassby Means of which any Designs, how- makers, in making their best fiint-glass, ever elaborate, muy be executed in a because without such an addition the Style of Elegance hitherto unknown. specimens would be of a cloudy or

The method heretofore known for milky appearance. A quantity of this engraving on glass, has been by means of menstruuin is used sufficient to render a machine with wheels, of different sub- the ground-mixture of a proper constances, which have been employed with sistence, for laying on with a thin synooth sand, &c. to grind 'off some parts of the surface. When the coating or mixture surface of the glass which is to be ene is thus prepared, the glass is to be coated graved on, and then by means of grind. by means of a camel's hair brushi, or ing and polishing different parts on the squirrel's foot, &c., it is then to be exrough surface, the different figures are posed to a heat sufficient to produce a formed according to the designs given. semivitrification of the coated surface, By this invention, instead of grinding or and to incorporate it with the substanca taking off any part of the surface of the or body of glass, so coated. But the glass, the patentee, lays on an additional heat must not be carried higher than this, surface or coating of glass, prepared for because in that case, a complete vitrithe purpose, which when subjected to a fication would ensue, and the desired proper degree of heat, will incorporate effect of having a surface in imitation of with the glass to be operated upon, so as the rough surface produced by grinding, to produce an effect similar to that which would not be obtained: the article must, has hitherto been obtained by means of under such circumstances, be recoated, grinding. When it is required to or and submitted again to the fire. If after vament glass, then, previously to the the coating has been applied, any borheat being applied, with an etching or ders, cyphers, or other ornaments, are engraving tool such parts are to be wanted to be executed thereon, then, taken out as will produce the required previously to the heat being applied, with effect, and that in a much superior way an etching or engraving tool, sich parts to the etiect produced by the usual mode of the coated surface must be chased out, of grinding, polishing, &c. The mate as will produce the desired ctirct, after rials used are to be melted in a crucible, which the requisiic degree of heat is to or other pot, and they are to be inade up be applied. in the same manner, as if used for the This invention is not only applicable to making of the best flint glass, broken - all kinds of useful and ornamental articles glass, or as it is usnally denominated,' of glass-ware, on which the common * cullite" being the principal ingredient methods of engraving have been praca in it. Mr. D. gives several mixtures, of tised, but may be applied to windowwhich the first is,—160 parts of cullitt, glass and plate-glass, of every deseription, -10 of pearl ashes,--10 of red lead, in place of grinding, for the purpose (if -10 of arrence.

puking window.blinds. It is also said to The second is—120 parts of cullitt, be peculiarly adapted to produce beari, MONTHLY MAG. No. 195.


tiful specimens of art, for the windows of wearing much cleaner than the work

of altar-pieces, libraries, inusæuins, coachr- ground-glass; the surface of wlnich being windows, and for the glass used in or- fractured by the action of the wheel, &c. namental buildings of all descriptions, is therefore liable to gather dirt on the This invention has another advantage rough unpolished parts of the bor. over the cominon method, by the work ders, &c.


* As the List of New Publications, contained in the Monthly Naguzine, is the ONLY COMPLETE LIST PUBLISHET), and consequently the only one that cun be useful to the Public for Purposes of general Riference, it is requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their llo, (Post paid,) and they will always be faithfully inserted, FREE OF EXPENSE.


ANTIQUITIES. HERCULANENSIA, or Archeological The Plays of William Shakspeare, printed

and Philological Dissertations, contain- from the text of Johnson, Stevens, and ing a Manuscript found among the Ruins of Reed; embellished with vignette Engravings, Herculaneum, 4to. 11. 11s. 60.

from paintings by Howard, Smirke, Srothard, ARTS, FINE.

Thomson, Westall, &c. 12 vols. 8vo. 61. 6s. The Works of William Hogarth, elucidated royal paper 101. 10s. by Descriptions, critical, moral, and histori.

EDUCATION. cal. By Thomas Clerk, Part I. (to be com. Little Dramas for young People, on Subpleted in six mionthly parts), royal 8vo. 12s. jects taken from English History. By Mrø.

A Full Length Portrait of the late Right Hovie. 19mo. 3s. Rev. Beilboy Porteus, D.D. bishop of London, The English 'Tutor or Juvenile Assistant. "engraved bv Picart, from a drawing by By IV. C. Oulton. os. -Edridge. 11. 1s. Proofs 11. 11s. od.

Il Viro Modo di Piacere in Compagnia ARTS AND SCIENCES.

-(The Art of Pleasing in Company) Di Elements of Geometry, Geometrical Ana. Carlo Monteggia, with a French Translation. lysis, and Plane Trigonometry, with Notes 12ino. 6s. and Illustration. By John Leslie, Proles:or A Vocabulary, Persian, Arabic, and En. of the Mathematics in the University of glish, abridged from Richardson's Dictionary, Edinburgh. 8vo. 1%s.

by David Hopkins, esq. royal 8vo. 11. 165. The Edinburgh Encyclopædia, Vol. II. Vacation Evenings, or Conversations bePart II.

tween a Governess and her Pupils. 105. 61. ASTRONOMY.

The Lost Child. A Christmas Tale. 3s. A System of Astronomy, on the simple L'Histoire des Romains, pas demandes et plan of Geography; the principal Constella- par reponses.. Par Mud. Regnault de la pions being exlibited by separate Maps, with Combe. 55. *jheir Boundaries, Chiet Stars, &c. A Map The Penman's Repository, containing seof the Heavens, a Disk of the Moon, with venty correct Alphabets. By the late Wm. Descriptions, &c. By John Greig. 55, Milns, folio. 11. 1s,

Modern French Conversations, containing The Narrative of the Rev. Joseph Samuel Elementary Phrases, and new Easy Dialogues C. Frey, minister of the gospel to the Jews : in French and English. By W. A. Beilenincluding all the Circumstances which led to his Separation from the Missionary Society and his union with the London Society for pru. The Solicitor's Assistant in the Court of moting Christianity among the Jews. 8vo. 75. Chancery. By Wn. Hands, gen:. 8vo. 9s. BOTANY.

Syphax's Letters on the Trial by Jury, A Calendar of Flora, composed during the illustrated in the Case of Alexander Davison, Fear 1809, at Warrington. By George Crosford, Secretary to the Botanical Society of MEDICINE, SURGERY, ANATOMY. Warrington.

A System of Operative Surgery, founded CHEMISTRY.

on the Basis of Anatomy. By Charles Bell, Rudliments of Chemical Philosophy. By 2 vols. royal 8vo. 11. 145. N. Meredith. 43.

A Genuine Guide to liealth. By T. F. Rudiments of Chemistry, illustrated by Churchill, M.D. 19mo, 4s. Bxperiments. By Samuel Parkes, ja.

Observations and Experiments on the Di.



ger. %.


esq. 2s. 63.


gestive Powers of the Bile. By Eaglesfield The Bravo's Son, or the Chief of St. Maldo. Smith, esq. 35.

2 vols. 7s. A Letter on the Study of Medicice, and on The Priory of St. Mary. By Bridget St. the Medical Character, addressed to a Stu Hilaire. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. dent: Ey Peter Reid, M.D.

The Convent of Grey Penitents. 2 vols, An Essay on the History, Practice, and 9s, Theory, of Electricity. By John By water. Euphronia, or the Captive. By Mrs. Nor

ris. 3 vols. 12mo. 15s. The Journal of a Regimental Oficer, due Cælebs, in search of a Mistress. 2 vols. ring the recent Campaign in Portugal and 12mo. 10s. Spain, under Lord Viscount Wellington. Faulconstein Forest. Post 8vo. 6s. 6d. 4s. 6d.

The Assassin' of St. Glenroy, or the Axis MISCELLANEOUS.

of Lite, 4 vols. By Anthony Frederick An Account of the several Life Assurance Holstein. Companies, established in London, with a Romance Readers and Romance Writers. Comparative View of their respective Jlerics 3 vols. 12mo. 155. and Advantages. By Francis Bailey. Is. The Refusal. By Mss. West, 3 vols,

Tae East India Register and Directory for 12mo. 1819. By John Mathison and Alexander

POETRY. Was Mason. 7s. 6d.

Philemon, or the Progress of Virtue. By The Housekeeper's Domestic Library, or William Laurence Brown, D.D. principal of New Coiversal Famiin nulructor in Pric Marischall College, Aberdeen. 2 vols, fools, tical Economy. By Charles Millington.

cap 8vo. 145. Byo. Os

Il Pastor tidlo, or the Faithful Shepherd, a An Examination and Complete Refutation Pastoral Tragi-comedy, attempted in Engof the Obsei vacions contained in Colonel lish blank verse, from the Icalian of GeoWardle's Letter to Lord Ellenborsugh, on his vanni Baptista Guarini. 12mo. 7s. Charge to the jury, in the case of Wardle

POLITICS. against Mrs. Clarke and the Wrights. 9 Radical Reform ; its Effects on the Abo

The Complese Confectioner and Family lition of Sinecures and Pensions. 2s. Cock. By John Caird. 7s.

Better Late than Never, or Considerations A Scourge for the Adulterers, Duellists, on the War, and the Necessity of Peace. Gamesters, and Self-Murderers. 2.

3s. 60. Th: Hindu Pantheon, By Edward Moor,

RELIGION. F.R.S. Ilustrated with one hundred and live A Sermon preached before his Grace the Plates, royal 4to. bl. 3s,

Archbishop of York, and the Clergy of Mal. The unpublished Correspondence of Ma con, at the Visitation, August, 1809. By dame du Diffind. Translated by Mrs. the Rev. Sydney Sinith, rector of Foston, Merke. . vols. 8vo. 11. 1s.

Yorkshire. 45. The New School, being an Attempt to The History of the Church of Christ, illustrate its Principles, Detail and Advanta Vol. IV. By the Rev. Isaac Milner, D.D. ges. By Thomas Bernard, esq. 2s. 60. E.R.S. 8vo. 16s.

The New Family Receipt Book, a Collec An Enquiry into the Moral Tendency of tion of nearly eight hundred Receipts, fomit- Methodism, and Evangelical Preaching, inting those in Medicine and Cookery) in va. cluding some Remarks on the Hints of a rious branches of Domestic Economy. Foolsc. Barrister. By Wiliam Burns. 4s. Svo. 75. 63.

Lectures on our Lord's Sermon on the Seven Charges given to Grand Juries at the Mount. By James Brewster, minister at General Quarter Sessions of the Peace. Cruig. 8vo. 10s, od. 9. 60.

The Exposition of the Creed. By John Thc High Price of Bullion, a Proof of the Pearson, D.D. Bishop of Chester, abridged by Depreciation of Lank.noles. By David Ric the Rev. C. Burney, of Greenwich, 8s. cardo, 25.

Jesus of Nazareth the Son of Joseph. A

Sermon preached at the Unitarian Chapel, A General Collection of the Anciene Ma. Belper, Derbyshire. By the Rev. D. Dao sic of Ireland, arranged for the Piano-forte. Vies. 8vo. 1s. Vol. I. 11. 6s. large paper 11. 11s. 6d.

Letters on the Miraculous Cunception : a

Vindication of the doctrine maintained in 4 · Arcana, or Museum of Nature, containing Sermun preached at leiper, in Derbysbire; Delineations of the most recent Discoveries in Answer to the Rev, D. Tayior, and the on the Subject of Natural History, wich Rev. R. Alliott. By the Rev. D. Davies, Descriptive Explanations. No. 1. (to be 8vo. 1s. 6d. continued monthly) 28. 6d.

An Oration delivered on Monday, October NOVELS,

16, 1009, on Laying the First Stone of the The Italian Maraulers. By Anna Ma- New Gravel-Pic Mecting-llyuse. By Robere Tilde. 4 vols. ll,

Aspland. 15.




19.00, Ss.

Candour aru Consistency United, or Con. A View of the Ancient and Present Stats siderations on some Important Duties, con. of the Zetland Islands, including their civil, necter with the belief of Evangelical Truth. political, and natural, History, Antiquities,

and an Account of their Agriculture, Fisheries, A Vindication of the Jews, by way of Commerce, and the State of Society and ManReply to the Letter addressed by Perseverans, By Arthur Edmonston, M.D. 2 vuls. to the English Israelite. By Thomas Wị 8vo. 18s. therby. 7s,

A Description of the Feroe Islands, trans

lated from the Danish. By the Rev. G. Topography of London, by Jolin Lockie, Landt. 8vo. 128, inspector of buildings to the Phoenix Fire Qilice. 8vo. 85.




Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign, Authentic Communications for this article will always be ihankfully received. D

R. Scott, late oriental professor at will continue at the same hour on cach

the Royal East-India College, has Friday and Saturday evening. in the press, an edition of the Arabian An interesting volume is in the press Nights Entertainments, to be embellished by the Rev. Dr. WIITAKEP, forned with engravings from designs by Smirke. principally from Letters of Sir George The last edition in four vols. duodeciino, Radcliffe. of the translation from Galland's French Mr. Hutton, of Birmingham, is printversion, received considerable additions ing an account of his Trip to Coathalın, from the pen of Mr. Gough, of Enfield. a watering-place on the Yorkshire coast, This edition Dr. Scott adopts as his The Rev. Mr. Pielps has nicas y coinbasis, carefully revising and occasionally pleted his Botanical Calendar. correcting it from the Arabic original. A new edition is printing of Mr. CumTo this he has added a !iew volume, BERLAND's Poem on the Death of Christ, comprising thirty-five Tales, now first The dried specimens which accom. translated from an Arabic copy of the pany Mr. A mos's Treatise on Grasses, One Thousand and One Nights, brought may now be had without difficulty. into Europe by Edward Wortley Mon Mr. Thomas Haynes, an experienced tagu, and deposited in the Bodleian Li- propagator of trees, shrubs, and plants, is brary; and also an Introduction and about to publish early in the spring, New Notes illustrative of the Religion, Man- and interesting Discoveries in Horticule ners, Customs, and domestic Habits, &c. ture, as an improved systein of propagaof the Mahummedans.

ting fruit-trees, hardy American and other A new and enlarged edition is in the evergreens, and deciduous ornamental press, of Mr. Cummings's Observations trees and shrubs. on the Properties of Cylindrical and Co The Spring Course of Lectures at St. nical Whcels, accompanied by a Sup- Thomas's and Guy's Hospitals, complement clacidatory of the national ad. mence the beginning of February; viz. vantages to be expected from the inves At St. Thomas's, Anatomy and thie rigations of the select Committees of the Operations of Surgery, by Mr. Cline House of Commons.

and Mr. Cooper.—Principles and PracMrs. West's new novel, entitled the tice of Surgery, by Mr. Cooper. Refusal, will be published in a few days. At Guy's Hospital, Practice of Medi

Mr. Cooke, of Brentford, has in the cine, hy Dr. BABINGTON and Dr. Cura press, a practical treatise on Tinea Ca- RY.-Chemistry, by Dr. BABINGTON pitis Contagiosa; together with enqui- Dr. MANGET, and Mr. ALLEN. Expesies into the nature and cure of Fungus, rimental Philosophy, by Mr. Allen.Hæmatodes, and Nævi Materni.

Theory of Medicine, and Materia Media Dr. Jackson's Lectures on Philuso ca, by Dr. Cvery and Dr. CoolMELEY, phical and Experimental Chemistry will - Midwifery, and Diseases of Women commence on Friday evening, Febru- and Children, by Dr. HAIGHTON.-Phyary 9il, at eight o'clock, in the King's siology, or Laws of the Animal Eco. Aims Ifall, 'Change Alley, Cornhill, and nomy, by Dr, HalcutOW.Structure

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and Diseases of the Teeth, by Mr. from the Origin of the Ilindoo GovernFox.

ment of that State, to the Extinction of Early in the month of February, will the Mohammedan Dynasty in 1799. be ready for publication, a new edition, Mr. William Wilkins, author of being the thirty-third, of the Pantheon, the Antiquities of Magna Græcia, proposes by the Rev. Andrew Tooke. For this to publish in the ensuing spring in an impression, a series of beautiful and imperial quarto volume, a Trauslation of biziily-finished plates in outline, are en

the Civil Architecture of Vitruvius, ila graving from original drawings, from an- lustrated by numerous engravings exam tque statues, aic.

cuted by Lowry. A Letter to Sir John Nicholl, on his Dr. Áikin has in the press, in two late decision against a clergyman for re octavo volumes, Memoirs of the Life of fusing to bury the child of a dissenter; Peter Daniel lluet, Bishop of Avranches, with a preface addressed to the Arch- translated from the original, by Huet bishops and Bishops of the church of himselt, with the addition of copious England, by a Cleryyman, is in the press. notes, critical and biographical.

The Rev. THOMAS COmper is com Major SAMUEL DALEs has nearly reapiling from unpublished manuscripts, and dy for publication, an Essay on the Study other authentic sources, the History of of the History of England, in one octavo the Parisian Massacre of St. Bartholo. volume. mew, wherein all the minute circum The Rev. Mr. Hodgson is preparing stances of that sanguinary event are

a collective edition of the works of his faithfully pourtrayed.

venerable relation the late Bishop of ROBERT SIELLE, Esq. of the Royal London; to which will be prefixed a Life Marines, is preparing for the press, a of the author, founded on authentic maTour through the Atlantic, or Recol. terials. lections from Madeira, the Azores, and

Dr. Lawrence is preparing for the Newfoundland, including the period of press, from the papers of his late brother, discovery, produce, manners, and ens.

a volume of Critical Observations on the toms of each, with Memorandums froin New Testament, particularly on the Prothe contents visited in 1809, in his Ma. phecies of the Revelations. jesty's ship Vestal.

Sir Richard Cout Hoare has in the The Rev. D. Davies, of Milford, press, the llistory of Ancient Wiltshire ; Derbyshire, is engayed in writing a new and the first part, illustrated by several Historical and Descriptive View of the plates, will appear early in the spring. Town and County of Derby, in one large

The first volume of the Transactions volume, octavo: he invites communica: of the Wernerian Natural History Socitions respecting the antiquities, natural ety of Edinburgh, will speedily make its history, or recent iinprovements. appearance. Mr. MUDFORD has completed his

Dr. Charles ANDERSON, of Leith, Translation of Bausset's Life of Fenelon, the translator of Werner's classical work

Miss RONDELL, of Percy House, Bath, on Veins, has in the press a Translation has just completed a Grammar of Sa: of the celebrated Von Buch's Dineralo. cred Ilistory, including the Old and New gical Description of the county of LanTestament, with Maps, &c.

den, in Silesia. Mr. JENNINGS's ainusing Poems, con DAUBUISSON, a distinguished pupil of sisting of Retrospective Wanderings, the Werner, some time ago published an exMysteries of Mendip, the Magic Bull

, Sone ceilent Description of the Floetz-trap De's, and other Pieces, are in the press. formation in Bohemia. A translation of

In the ensuing month will be published, this work by a member of the Wernerian a llistory of the Mahrattas, prefaced by Society, will appear early this spring. an historical sketch of the Decan; con The Map of Devonshire, by Colonel tuining a short account of the rise and Munge, is completed, and in another fall of the Moslim sovereignties, prior month, will be given to the public. Ex. to the sia of Mahratta independence, pectation has been much raised by this by EDWAP.D SCOTT WARING, Esq. work, from the high character of the

Lieut. Color MARK Wilks will author, whose allections have gone with publish early next month, in quarto, with his labours, in anxiety to exbibit his maps, the first volume of his Historical native county in the most perfect style ; Sketches of the South of India, in an and we are induced to think, from the Attempt to trace the History of Mysour, representation of those who have seen it

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