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610 Buckingham-llertford-Bedford-Northampton, &c. (July 1,
terbury. -The Rev. T. C. Bailey, curate of Married.] The Rev. Daniel Twining, resa
Chiselhampton, Stadhampton, and Baison, tor of Stilton, to Jane, eldest daughter of
38.–Margaret, wife of Mr. C. Cox, jun. 32. John Wing, esq. of Thorney Abbey.
At Blount's Court, Lady Price, 83.

Died. At Wisbeach, Lady Mary Knollis,

eldest daughter of Charles, presumed) kan An alarming fire broke out, on the night of of Panbury, and aunt to the present claimant May poth, at the house of Captain Smith, at of that title, 80.-Mrs. Guest, wife of Mr. Thorney, which consumed the house, toge. Genrge G. 40. ther with four out-houses and six fine horses. At Cambridge, Miss Raye, eldest daughter The whole loss is estimated at 80001, not of Mr Lucas R. Mrs. Walker - Afr. James one-third of which was insured.

Toakley, 40.--Mrs. Catherine Smith, who Married.] At High Wycombe, W, Rose, had been 11 years a urse in Addinbruole esq. to Miss Baly.

Hospital, 65.
Died.] At Great Hall Barn, Beaconsfield, At Wimblington, Mr. Francis Bavin, 64.
Edmund Waller, esq. a lineal descendant of Mr. Robert Sole, 82.
the poet of that name.

At Grandford House, near March, Natha-
At Bradwell, Mrs. Head, 73.

niel Goodman, esq. 23. At Winslow, Mrs. Yeates, wife of Thomas Y. gent.--Mr. R. Barton.

The Lancastriav School Committee of Nor. At Hagendon, Mr. Thomas Gordson, 71. nich, have purchased a most eligible spot of

At Tingewick, Mr. John Perry, many ground in College-couri, between Tombland years of the Waggon and Horses Inn, Ban- and St. Martin's Palace Plain, where they bury.

purpose erecting a school room. At Milton, Rosetta, only daughter of Mr. i very rare and curious fish, called the Wm. Ratcliffe,

Opah, or King Fish, was found on the 24th

of May, cust on the beach at Murdesley. Dird.] At Hertford, Captain F. 0. G. It is of that genus which Linnæus cistit. Skinner, late commander of his Majesty's guishes by the name of Chætodon, and is said sloop, Trinculo, 25.

to be very comm in on the coast of Gainei. At E-st Barnet, W. Ashhurst Smith, se- Pennant, in his British Zoology, says, that cond son of the lace Dr. H. S. of Trevor Park. there have been only five instances of this

fish being in our seas; four were caught in Märrsed.] At Bedford, Barliam Livius, the north, and a fitch, at Brixham, Devog. esq. of Bartley Louge, Hants, to Lucy, shire, 1792. daughter of John Foster Earham, esq. of Married ] At Lynn, Mr. G Hartwood, Exelet.

of the Custom house at that place, to Miss

Hemington, daughter of J. H. esq.-Thomas Died.] At Laddington, Thomas Palmer, Brig howell, esq. to Miss Wilkin, daughter of esq. eldest son of Sir Thomas P. of Charlton, the late W. W. esq. of Costessey. 39. Mir. P. married Sophia, third daughter At Norwich, Captain Richard Chetham, of of Sir Justinian Isham, bart. who, with three the 47th regiment, to Miss Tomlinson, children, survives him.

daughter of the late Rev. Robert T. of Cly. At Daventry, the Rev. Thomas Robins, - James Hales, esq. to Barbara, youcge:t 75.

daughter of the late J. G Baseley, esq.
At Northampton, Mr. Inwood, 46.

Captain Alexander Campbell, of the royal ar.
At Peterborough Charles Moore, esq. 69. tillery, to Constantia, daughter of the late

At Higham Ferrers, Mr. Charles Malin, Francis Gostling, esq. of Coulsey Wool, Sufo post-master.

folk. John Cobb, esq. of Lynn, to Miss M.
At Walgrave. Mr. Wm. Barker.

G, Mundiord, of East Dereham.
At Dinley, Frances, daughier of the Rev. Died.] Ac Walls, Mr. William Nertie-
Idward Guin, 23.

ton, 77.
At Holcot, Mr. Robert Ekins, 78.

At Happisburgh Hall, Mr. Thomas Carr,

Dod.) At Hemingford, Wm Desborough, At Woodton, Mr. Richard Matthews, 75.
esq. one of the altermen of Huntingdon. At Starston, in her 100th year, Mrs.
At Huntingdon, Mrs. Atkinson.

At Hilton, Mrs. Oakley.

At Brockdish, Mrs. Hastings, 25.
Ar Buckden, Mrs. Gilby, 41.

At Hemsby, Mrs. Hunting on, 70.
At Addersley Hall, near Stuke Gudington, At Lynn, Mr Putterill, 35.
Colonel Skene, formerly an American loyal- At Swaff ham, Miss Charlotte Marcca.
lat, 941,

At Deophan, Mrs. Taylor.

At Shotesham, the Rev. Mr. Ansdell, 97. A navigable canal, to be called the North At Loddon, Mrs. Woodrow, wife or Mr. W. London Canal, is intended to be cut from the schoolmaster. metiopolis into the river Cam, in this county, At Furdham, Mrs. Wright, wife of Joha opening a direct communication with scretul W. gent. jer counties.

At Booton, Thomas Rump, esq. 65.




At Norwich, Susanna, daughter of Mr.

At Duke's Place Layer Marney, Mrs. John Bolingbroke, 30.-William Shanke, Ley, relict of the Rev. Mr. L 86. e59.-Mr. T. Lister, 77.--Mr. Seth Death, sie Pristiewell, Mary Ann, second daugh. 53. Mrs. Atkins, 7. Mr. William Cat. ter of Mr. Lacell, 17 tling, YR - Mr. Nilolns Watson-Mr. At Navestock, Ms. Witham. Thomas Swaine, 76.-Mr. Hoiacs, 72.- At Braintree, Th. mis, son of Mr. Thomas Mr. Charles I ceus, master of the Nag's Head Maxim, of the Beit, 24.-Mr. John Shave, Inn, 52. --Mr. Samuel Philips, 65. liss

23. Rusbrooke, youngest daughier of the late

At Eastwood, Mr. S. Fulford, 76. Barham R. esą of West Stow H-li, Suffolk. At Farmbridge Farm, White Notley, Mr.

At Norton, Elizabeth, wite of Mr. H. Abraham Barnard, one of the chief constables Bumpstead, 49.

of Witham hundred, 68.

At Hadleigh, Mrs. Higgs.
Married.) Mr. Primrose, surgeon, of. At Foxearth, Mr. Giles Austin.
Wrentham, to Miss Pbæbe Crisp, of South- At Totham, Mr. Belsham.

A: Waltham Bury, Mr. George Poole, At Melford, Mr. S. H. Richold, to Miss

KENT A. Hubbard.

Married.] At Astford, Mr. John Elliott, Die!.] At Ipswich, Lieut. Garbut, of the bookseller, to larriete, daughter of Mr. &1th foot, son of Robert G. esq. of Kirby. George Knote. mour-side, Yorkshire.

Ai Chatham, Mr. H. Clarke, to Miss ConAt Lowestoft, the Rev. John Amyes, rec- quest, daughter of George Conquest, M.D. tor of Hemstead.

At Swingfield, Mr. Richard Friend, yevAc Bury, Lieut. H. J. Symonds, of the man, to Misi Sarah Sayer, eldest daughter of Royal Marines, 23.

Henry S. esq. of Sandwich. At Little Stonham, Mrs. Deborah Jenney,

At Upper Deal, the Rev. George Farhrace, 95.

rector of Eythorn, to Miss Poynter, eldest At Whition, near Ipswich, Mr. Joseph deugliter of J. M. Poynter, esq.- Edward Flindell.

Chambers, esq surgeon, of Deal, to Miss At Sujbury, Mrs. M. Ray, 75.- Mr. John Ann Farbrace, of Faversham. James, 61.

At Aylesford, Wm. Bowles, esq. of FitzAt Hintlesbam Hall, Richard Savage harris House, Abingdon, io Elizabeth, Lloyd, esg. 79.

youngest daughter of John Spong, esq. At Stowmarket, Mrs. Burch.

At Gillingham, Thomas Spong, esq. of

Mill Hall, to Mary Elizabeth, only daughter Married.) At Sh ring, the Rev. Thomas

of G. Nash, esq. Mills, vicar of Pumstead Helcon, to Hester, Died ] At Dover, Mrs. Pascall, 64.only daughter of the late G. Párris, esą. of Mrs. Church.-Mrs. Brickel.--Mrs. StredQuickbury,

wick. At Great Yedlham, the Rev. F. Mere- At Smarden, Mr. Isaac Homewood, 77. wether, vicar of Haverhell, Suffolk, to At Ramsgate, Mrs. Swain. Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the At Thannington, Mrs. Fasham. Jate G L. Way, esq. of Spencer Farm, At Deal, Mr. T. Minter, 71.-Mr. Edward Yeldham.-The Rev. Thomas Castley, of Davies, purser of the San Domingo, of 74 Cavendish, Suffolk, to Miss Griggs, of guns. Pention.

At Canterbury, Mrs. Spicer, 76.-Mr. Di:d.) At Harlow, Mrs. Flower, wife of Wm. Norwood. Mr. B. Flower, printer, 39.

At Whitstable, Mrs. Graves, 25. At Colchester, in the 88th year of her age, At Winchcheap, Mrs. Mary Green, 71. Mrs. Thompson, relict of the late William At Folkestone, Mr. Robert Marsh, S0. Thompson, of Mile.end,' near Colchester, At Sheerness, Mr. George Slater, of bis who was a grandson of the rector of Kettle. Majesty's dock yard. barston, Suffolk, of the Thompsons near At Maidstone, Mrs. Williams. Kendal, Westmoreland. Mrs. Thompson At Faversham, John Smith, esq. of was the daughter of Samuel Halls, of Col. Throuley. chester, in the profession of the law, who died there in 1725, and mother of Mr. Law- On Wednesday and Thursday, May 2d and rence, the Agricultural wiiter.

3d, a large company of agriculturists and At Witham, Mrs. Fraser, of the White breeders of sheep, from most parts of the Hart Inn. - Aliss Dolenan.

kingdom, assembled on Fair-mile Farm, At Birch.hall, William, third son of near Cobham, the seat of Lord Somerville, Charles Round, esq. of Colchester,

to examine the unparalleled Rock of Merino At Cheimsford,' Mrs. Morgan, wife of sheep of the true Leonesa breed, imported, the Rev. John A. rector of that parish. some years ago by his lordship, since improved

Ac Barking, Mss. Uvedale, relict of the by a caretul seicction under his own imme. Rev. Mr.u.

diate care, and now, for the advantage of the $





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[July !, country at large, offered for sale. The ewes fixed, but the Medway as far as Peashorst, with their lambs, and the rams, were put up is to form a part of it; a ter which it is ta singly, and were purchased with avidity ac communicate with the Ous:, by a branch of wonderful prices. The correct result of the that river near to Worti. two day's sale was as follows:

Married.) At Lieutenant General Leigh124 Merino ewes with their

786 12 6 tou's, in the island of Jersey, Dig?y Th:Tas lambs sold for

Carpenter, esq. Capaia in his Majesty's 10th 30 Merino ewes

99250 regiment of Intantry, to Miss Emma tan40 Merino ewe-hogs (or year

773 17 0

ley, youngest daughter of the late Sir Julia ling ewes)

Thomas Stanley, bart. of Aldericy Paris, 20 Merino rams

851 SO Cheshire. 14 Merino yearling rams

806 8 0 At Willow, the Rev. Thomas Frere Tluus 228 Merinos sold for no 49210 39 county of Hertford, and late. Fillones

Bowerbank, rector of Puttenham, in the less than The distribution of so great a number of Queen's College, Oxford, to Judith Anne, Spanish sheep, of the pure Merino or tra

widow of the late T. Guy, esq. of Cai. velling bieed of that country, (for in Spain chester. Henry Fitzwilliam Bercard, esą. there are various other and inferior kinds of of Richmund, to Frances, youngest daughter sheep, which are stationary like ours, and

of the late John Jarret, esq. of Freensaatle. not annually driven to and from the moun.

At Bisham Church, Lord Bolton, to the tuins for summer-pasture,

as the Merino Hon. Maria Carleta, eldest daughter of the steep are,) by his Majesty's annual sale, and

late Lord Dorchester. former and recent donations, and by this sale

At Southampton, Thomas Mallet, esq. of of Lord Sonierville's, and others among the Jersey, to Miss Saunders, daughter of Mi. most careful, and experienced breeders of James S. Cattle throughout the British island, cannot Died.] At Southampton, Mrs. Edwards, fail of soon producing a beneficial effect on

-Mrs. Crouch.--Wn. Curry, esq. to our staple inanufacture of broad cloch. clerk, and clerk of the peace for the town.

Died.] Ac Mortlake, Mrs. Pitt, relict of At Ryde, Lieut Coleman, R. N. William P. esq. and sister of the late Sir

At Dorwell, Mr. James Cieverly, 87. Brook Watson, bart 77.

At Milford Greeri; Miss Hicks, sister of

W. H. ese, At Minibieron, Catherine, eldest daugh. ter of the late Michael Bray, esq 21.

Ac Caiberinyton, Mr. John Hoan. At Abinger Hall, near Dorking, J. W.

At Portchiestit, Mr. Henry Ralfe, 80. Skardon, esą.

At Portsea, Mr. James Hay, jun. sculpter, At Eghamn, Mrs. Sophia Cater, 43.

28. From his cutest days he was much accustomed to the study of the natural hise

tory and antiquities of his country, in which Married. ] At Bartle, Capt. Swaine, of the he acquired a great proficiency, as well as a 36th regiment of foot, to Miss H. Tilden. - know edge of the learned languages. Being Mr. Hide, of Chichester, to Miss E. Rice, an able craftsman, and possessing exquisie second daughter of John R. esq. of New taste for painting, he was put under Mr. Shoreham.

West, but having a greater inclination te: Died.] At Wir chelsea, Capt. John M. sculpture, he was very soon after pupil ta Jenkins, adjutant of the West Middlesex Flaxman. Under this distinguished master Militia, 57.

two years, he made rapid progress in the art, At Brighton, Katherine, third daughter whilst he likewise studied anatomy and of the late Sir William Foulis, bart, of physiology under Sheldon, Brookes, &c. Ingleby Manor, Yorkshire.--Mr. John Too intense application to the various Ewens.

branches of science, brought on a lingerieg At Lewes,

Mrs. Holman, 38 - Mrs. disease, which terminated, by a premature Gwynne, wife of the Rev. Mr. G. rector of death, the life and latours of a rising genius, St. Ann's.

who would have proved an honour and aa At Arundel, Mr. Ibbetson, merchant, 81. ornament to his country. But, he was as At Chiche ter, Mrs. Heath.

much beloved for the virtues of his mind, as At Robertsbridge, Mr. Browne, of the One he was admired for his superior talents. La Star Inn i and a few days afterwards, Mrs. conversation he never failed being bath B's. mother.

entertaining and instructive, for he possessed At Hailsham Barracks, Robert Thompson, an uncommon portion of general knowledge. esq. paymaster of the 3d regimient.

Never, however, did he assume the superi. Al Mayfield, Mr Thompsett, sen. lious positiveness of a conceited pejant. At Dallington, Mr. Smith, surgeon. Whilse he was firm in his opinions, 20% HAMPSHIRE.

lucid in his representations, he always disA survey is now making for carrying played the mild and amiable features of a into effect a means of inland navigation from mind, that believed and telt the doctrines of the River Thames to Portsmouth. The the religion he professed. He has lest maay exact line of the proposed navigation is not drawings of the most remarkable antiquitis




in Hampshire; and a much greater number daughter of William Friend, dean of Canter. of almost the whole zoology of Great Bri. bury, by Grace Robinson, sister of Richard tsin, particularly a complete arrangement of Lord Rokeby, Lord Primate of Ireland. all the shells, beautifully drawn and coloured Her Ladyship married May 26, 1802, Henry from nature, which were incended for publi- Jeffry Flower, fourth Viscount Ashbrook, cation As they are in possession of his Baron of Castle Durrow, by whom she has respected fat ber, whois an eininent naturalist, left issue. and teilow of the Linnean Society, they may At Newbury, Mr. Benjamin Stroud. yet be given to the public.

At Maidenhead, the Rev Erasmus Lloyd. Ac Westmeon, Mr. John Mason, near 50 At Windi usłu, Mr. Thomas Broad, the last years apreacher among the Westleyan metho- male descendant of a respectable family who dists, 77.

had resided many centuries on their paternal At Gosport, Capt. George Irwin, R.N.and estate in that parish. also his mephew, George Irwin, of Hythe At Reading, Mr. Butler.--Mr. John near Southampton.

Morecock.-Mrs. Simmons, relict of the lato At Old Alrestord, Mrs. Bullpit, 81. Cape. S. of the Essex Fencibles, and daughter At Portsmouth, Mr. George Sarmon, 45. of the late Richard Way, esq. of Thame,

Oxon Married.] At Donhead St. Mary, Charles At Hungerford, Mrs. Westall, 51. Cowper Bennets, esq. of the Royal Navy, to At Faringdon, Thomas Cooper, esq. for. Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Burl- merly an eminent grocer of that place. ton, esq. of Baverstock House.

At Alder maston, Mr. Cooke, 61. Al Freshford, the Rev. James Harrington Evans, fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, to Caroline, danghter of Thomas Joyce, esq. A very fine statue of his Majesty has been of Frestford House.

crected in the centre of Portland-square, At Durrington, Mr. Thomas Lawes, to Bristol, in commemoration of his having Miss Dowling.

attained the 50th year of his reign on the Died.] At Stourton, Mrs. Charlton.

26th October, 1809. On the front of the At Charminster, Mrs Fowler, 86.

pedestal is the following inscription : At Newton Toney, Mrs. Ilayter, widow George III. the Farner of his people, of Wm. H. esq. and daughter of the late having, on the 25th October, 1809, through Scroop Egerton, esq.

the favour of Divine Providence, attained the At Milford, near Salisbury; Mr. Thomas 50th year of his reign, to commemorate Coombs.

that happy event, and in testimony of their At Wilcot, the Rev. Thomas Markes. gratitude for the blessi:gs enjoyed under the The Rev. Dr. Litchfield, rector of Boyton. mild government of the best of Kings, the At Uphaven, Mr. Wm. Rowden.

Loyal Inhabitants of St. Paul's parish erected At Whiteparish, Mrs. Field, 41.

this statue." A. D. 1810. At Salisbury, Mr. George Mackrell, a Married.) At Bath, Jonathan Elford, esq. member of the corporation, and Captain in the only son of Sir William E. bart. to Charlotte, New Sarum volunteers.

only child of the late John Wynne, esq of At Melksham, Mr. Stephen Vesey, at- Abercynlleth, Denbiyshire.-A. Erskine, torney.

esq. of Bathall, N.B. to Eliza, eldest daughAt Freshford, the Rev. Edward Williams, ter of the late Joseph Brissett, esq. of Ja74.

maica. Colonel Cookson, of the Royal At Trowbridge, Mr. White, 84.

Artillery, to Miss Russell, daughter of At Froxfield, Mrs. Elizabeth Mossop, wi. Joseph R. esq. of Kenton, Devon. Benjadow of the Rev. Henry M. curate of St. min Spitta, esq. of Doctor's Commons, to Mrs. Andrew's, Holborn.

Periera, widow of Rinaldo De P. of Naples. At Seven hampton, in the parish of High. -Capt. J. Maughan, of the Royal Marines. worth, Mary Divis, 103. Last summer to Miss M. Payne, youngest daughter of she followed her usual employment in the the late Rev. Samue! P. of Weymouth. fields.

At Bristol, Mr. Richard Baylis, attorney,

to Mrs Hant. Married.] At Thatcham, Mr. Thomas At Bath-hampton, Thomas Foster, esq. Lawrence, to Miss Franklin.

son of Robert F. esq. of Turnham-green, At Henley upon Thames, the Rev. Dr. Middlesex, and Master in the Court of Tyerman, of Newport, Isle of Wight, King's Bench, co Ann, eldest daughter of to Miss Rehecca Fletcher, of Abingdon. Samuel Ward, esq. of Hampton-hill House.

At Aldermaston, John Berke ey Monck, Died] At Yeovil, Mrs. Bright, a inaven esq. of Coley Park, to Miss Stephens, daugh- laty. By her death, a fortune of 30.0001. Etr of William S. esq.

devolves to Mr. Alderman Ikin, of Leeds, Died.] At Beaumont Lodge, Deborah Yorkshire. Susanna, Lady Viscountess Asirbrook. She At Taunton, Mr. Arthur Palmer Acland, was the only child and heiress of the Rev. youngest son of John A. esq. of Fairfield, in Walium Maximilian Friend, and grande inis county, 18.virs Foy, 81.



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At Bath, H. A. C. Pnwer, esq. second on At Souton Rectory, near Exeter, Mr of Colonel P. of the 52d foot. - Major Ge- Moore, wüte of the Rev. George W. neral Barnes, of the Invalid Artillery, 63.- At Tiverton, Mrs. Weech, widow of . Mrs. Cruse. -Mr. F. Luke, of Exeter.

At Bristol, Benjamin Coule, esq. formerly At Dartmouth, Andrew Piosos, esą of an eminent merchant in St. Petersburgh, 89. Wadstray House. Miss Hester Rutter.

At Topsham, Mrs. Margaret Gooirith, A: Long Ashton, Mr. Joel Hazell.

relict of J. G. esq. At Bedminster, Mr. Roger Morgan.

At Saltash, Miss Mallett., At Miiford, Thomas Gibbon Shaw, esq. At Knowle, near Calluinpton, Richard

At Weston, Margaret, relict of Walter Crosse, esq. enamel and miniature painter to Quin, esq. of Adair, Ireland, 76.

bis Majesty, 68. At Wiocombe, Mr. Matthew Hole, 67. At Exeterz. Mr. William Coles, who le At Badstock, Mr. C. Simes, 75.

36 years had been clerk of the parish of Si. At Goathurst, near Bridgewater, ' Mrs. David, 61. Escott, 75,

CORNWALL. At Lands-End, in consequence of a wound Merried.] At Redruth, Mr. T, Michell, received during the attack on Buenos Ayres, of the Royal College of Surgeons, to Miss Capt. John Payne, late of ehe 45th regin.ent Pryce, daughter of S. V. Pryce, esg. both of of toot, 29.

that place.

Ar Helston, Mr. Roberts, attorney, to Married.] Al Shaftesbury, Mr. Edward Miss Rogers, eldest daughter of Edad Humplireys, of Salisbury, to Miss Elizaveth Rogers, esq. Harrison

Died.] At Mawgan, near Helston, Car. At Dorchester, Mr. Palmer, clerk of ord. delia, wise of the Rey. Thomas Treve. mince stores at Dorchester Barracks, to Miss

nen, 18. Legg, daughter of Mr. L. of Portsmouth. At Trelowarren, the seat of V. Fixy33,

Died.] At Durchester, Mr. Thoinas Sulise esq. Mary Williams, who spent the lax 50 bury, solicitor, son of the late Richard S. years of her life in the service of that apcient esq. of Lancaster.

and honorable family, 79. At Blindford, Mrs. Durden.

Al Falmouth, Lieut. John M'Mahon, R.N. At Sherborne, Mrs. Melmoth,

Mr. C Hayges. -Miss Bull, daugbter ef

John B. esq. commander of the Marlborough On the 23d of April, the great work of packet. the grand western canal was coinmenced At S1. Colomb, Mrs. Bazely. on the summit level in the parish of Hole. At Launceston, Mr. Jonn Eastcott. combe, Devon, on land belonging to P. At Camelford, Edward, son of Mr. Robert Bluett, esq. On which occasion the first Pearce. turt was cut, with all due ceremony, At Padstow, Capt. James Richards, master by Sir George Yonge, bart. assisted by the of the Friendship, in the trade from Padster Jady of John Brown, esq. of Cannonsleigh, to Bristol. in the presence of a numerous body of At Harris House, Penzance, Mrs. Harris, spectators, who testified their joy at the relict of Wm. Arundel, H. esq. and aunt. tom commencement of a work which promises Sir John Nichol. the greatest benefit to the whole county.

Married.) Aç Plymouth, Capt. J. W. William Edward Powell, esg. of Nant-eos, Lewes,& the 3d Lancashire militia, to Miss the present high-sheriff of the county of Langmead, daughter of J. C. L. esq. Cardigan, has raised a pohle emulation among

At Maker, George Augustus Hire, esq. his numerous tenantry, by offering twentyR.N. to Harriet, youngest daughter of John seven premiums of as many silver cops, ta James, esq. of Rosemandy, near Truro. such tenants as may carry the three largest

At Southmolton, Mr. James Creswell, quantities of lime for fallow crops; the merchant, of Exeter, lo Anne, only daughter same for the three best crops of tuinigs; the of John Bawden, esq. of Southmolton, three greatest tength of iencing and enclo

John Bickford, exq: of Bickington, to sing ; of draining and watering, for saising Eliza, only daughter of John Salter, gent. of the three greatest quantities of clover seed; Duryard Form, near Exeter.

and for planting the three greatest numbers Died.] At Plymouth, Charles Chamber of well-selected apple-trees, willows, and Jain, esq. admiral of the blue.-Capt. D. white thorns; also for rearing the best draft Wynter, R.N.- Francis St. Aubyn, esq. a colts, bulls, heifers, and cups, of the South. pariner in the Rock Bank, and a magistrale down breed. Such spirited conduct in a for the county

young gentlemen, just come into the posses. Ac Teignmouth, Mrs. Jane Parr, wife of sion of his estates, gives the fairest promise the Rev. Dr. P. of Harton, Warwickshire.- of his becoming a real blessing to his country Thomas Fisher, esq. captain and adjutant in -a patrior in the truest sense of the word. he North Devon militia.

A king's Naval.yard is at length esta.



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