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son of Captain James Mitchell; and about London, to Miss Anna Rust. Richard Gib. a week afterwards, Ann, his daaghter, 19. beson, esq. of Lincoln, to Miss Richardson,

At Workington, Mr. John Adair, 52... neice of Mr. R. of Limber. Mys. Elcott, 84. She laid the foundation of At Long Preston, William Geldard, esq. to the education of a great many distinguished Miss Abbotson, only daughter of the late characters, now scattered abroad in the world; Christopher A. esq. of Wigglesworth Hall. and, in more instances than one, was actually At Hawes, Jolin Hawker, esq. to Miss instructress to three successive generations ! - Pickard. Miss Scrugham.

At York, the Rev. Samuel Hey, youngest At Whitehaven, Edward Stanley, esq. 83. son of William H. esq. of Leeds, to Miss -Mr. James M.Wban, 41.-Mr. Francis Gray, daughter of William G. esq. - William Reed.-Mrs. Grayson.-Mt. Daniel Cotie. Fowler, esq. to Mary Ann, eldest daughter Tal, schoolmaster.

of the late D. Peacock, esq. At Grinsdale, Mr. Thomas Bowman, 99. At Huddersfield, Mr. John Battyé, solici

In a garret at Kirklington, near Carlisle, tor, to Miss Elizabeth Hudson. Jeremiah Grahame, aged 78. Though his Joseph Radcliffe, esq. of Milnes bridge, personal estate amounted to at least 50001. near Huddersfield, to Miss Creswick, dauylhis annual expences during the last years of ter of the late Mr. C. of Sheffield. Luis life, did not exceed five shillings; for his At Beverly, the Rev. Thomas Allanson, victuals were the elemosynary contribution of Market Weighton, to Margaret, second of his relations, and the last coat which he daughter of the late Andrew Reddie, esq. of wore, was cocyal with his beard, being nearly Red House, Fifeshire, Scotland. 50 years old.

At Pontefract, Joseph Smith, esg. of ManAt Nealhouse, near Carlisle, Mr. J. Pear. chester, merchant, captain in the local mi. son. The deceased had been attending his litia, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late labourers in the fields three days preceding Mr. Benjamin Cuttle, of South Hiendley. his death; and being heated by his exertions, At Doncaster, Major-general Disney, to on his return home drank a cup of cold wa

Mrs. Sneyd. ter, which, it is supposed, occasioned his Died.] At Leeds, Thomas Mathewman, death.

esq. late of Wakefield, 74. Mrs. Heacon, YORKSHIRE.

wile of Mr. John H. bookseller.-Mr. Samuel A scoool has lately been established at Spencer.- Mr. Benjamin Smith, 61. Bridlington, on the plan of Dr. Bell and Mr. At Wakefield, Mrs. Peterson, wife of AnLancaster, and contains already between 70

drew P. esq. and 80 boys. Thomas Guy, a boy of the age At York, Mrs. Smith, relict of Mr. George of 12, the principal monitor in the boy's S. apothecary, 75.--Thomas, youngest son school, has completely succeeded," in three of Thomas Norcliffc, esq. 15. Mr. Thomas months, in organizing the above to the satise Wilkinson, 81. He served the office of she. facion of those interested in its success. riff in 1793.- Mr. Peter Bealby, 70. It niay be amusing to the curious in anti

At l'heldrake, the Rev. John Dixon, 41. quity, to be intormed that there was lately At Helperby, John Rowlscon, jun. esq.' found, in digging a grave on the north side of

Ac Doncaster, Mrs Jackson, relice ct james Brotherton church.yard, a mutilated and J. esq. 77.- Thomas Dickinson, esq. of Hatmuch decayed pewter chalice, with the litt, field, 36. which was conjectured, and with some proba- At Todmorden Hall, near Iłalifax, Anthobility, to have been deposited there along 'ny Crosley, esq. with the remains of some person of distinc- At Puntefract, William Hurncastle, est. tion (perhaps of Lord Clifford or fitzwalter) 89. who was slain in the neighbourhood of that At Brockenholme, Richard Waterworth, place, in the civil wars in the year 1461. esq. and at Wressel Castle, his daughter-inThe fields and neighbourhood of Brotherton law, Mrs R. W. afford frequent traces of the events of the above period ; for, a few years ago, the irun The Theatre in Liverpool lias lately exhi. head of an arrow, nearly in a state of rust, bited a scene of riot and confusion, in imita. was found in an old wall near the church, tion of the 0. P. disi urbances at Covent Garwhich unquestionably was struc. there in The contest is between the hall price some of the battles of those turbulent times. audience and the managers. It appears that

Married.] At Acklam, in Cleveland, there has been no half-price in that, as well Thomas Hopper, esq. of Shincuffe Grange, in as in a great number of other provincial therm the county of Durhum, to Evereld, youngest cres, and the H. P's bave not only adopted daughter of the late Thomas Hustler, of Ack the noisy and clamorous proceedings of their latn Hall, Yorkshire.

prototypes the 0. P.'s but have been guilty At Bradlington, George Lloyd, esq. to Miss of destroying the windows, and of various Greame, daughter of John G. esq. oi Sewerby other outrages on different parts of the theatre. House, near Bridlington.

The magis rates very properly interferet, and At Hull, the Rey. Sohn Hawksley, of tranquillity has since been restored. The bun



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606 Cheshire-Derby-Nottingham-Lincoln. [Julys siness however is to be further discussed in pay, 73. He was found drowned in the Dee the court of King's Bench.

Dear Chester, Married.] At Lancaster, Mr. Joseph Pye, At Chester, Mr. Foepell, of the Congo to Miss Agnes l'ye, both of Wyresdale, near cial Tavern, 71.-Mrs. Parry - Wa Lancaster. What was very singular on this liam Thring. --Mr. William Spencer. Chris occasion, there were twenty persuns present topher John Lee Sugh, only son of Mi.Lt who were all of the name of Pye.

S. the celebrated ventriloquist.-Bethia

, Galy John Bateman, esq. of Islington House, daughter of Mason George Fallist, near Munchester, to Eliza, second daughter an American loyalist resideat in this cityof William Holt, esq. of Redeval's Hall, neur William, son of Mr. Charles Wrighet Bury.

Ratcliffe. At Liverpool, Peter Bourne, esq. to Mar. At Neston, Mr. Thompson, surgeon sa garet, only daughter of James Drinkwater, apothecary; the death of whose wife and trie 259.-Mr. J. Fuckley, of Halifax, to Eliza- is mentioned in our last Nuniber. beth, second daughter of Mr. Joseph Bram. ley.-- dvir james Duncan, master of H.M.S. Married.) At Souch Wingfield, Besir Princess, to Miss Betty Keliwick, daughter min Strelly, esq. of Oaker thorpe, to da of Captain Edward K.

Hopkinson, daughter of Mr. H. of the Pa Dicd.] At Preston, Fanny, youngest daugh. cock Inn. ter of the lare jonn Salterthwaite, esq. of Died.] At Clifton, of a decline, Chaco Lancaster, 16.-Mr. "Vinder, solicitor. Inglebury, esq. i7.

At Bolton, Mr. George Rome, surgeon and At Chesterfield, Mrs. Dutton. druggist, 14.

Ac Derby, Mrs. Elizabeth Corbett, &At Ornskirk, 'Mr. Janies Spike, of the Mrs. Etchy, 31. Talbot Inn, a man well known to travellers At Newlands, Arabella, youngest dangte on the north road, and which house he kept ter of the late Mr. Thomas Beard, 21. upwards of twenty years; esteemed by all for At Alfreton, Mr. John Spencer, surgeon. his integrity, mildness of disposition, and his At Wirksworth, Mrs. Tomlinson, nikt si endeavours to please. He was generally known James T. gent. 89. by the appellation of " Honest Jem."

At Prestcliffe, near Tideswell, Mr. Rokers At Ashton-under-Line, Mr. James Ridge Goodie, 73. way, surgeon, of a niortification in the arm, At Warm Wells, near Ripley, Mrs Bar in consequence of opening the body of a.nan lock, 19. who died of che sarue complaint.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE de Lancaster, Mrs. Russel.

Married. ]

At Nottingham, Mr. C E. At Levenshulme, Miss Booth, 29. Proctor, chemise and druggist, to Eliza As,

At Plunginglon, near Preston, William only daughter of Mr. Joshua Mann, of Stra Hardman, esq. 69.

glethorpe. -The Rey. Lewis Andrews, 3 At Bevington Bush, Mr. Richard Lews,73. Miss Alice Adams.

At Everton, Mrs. Statham, wife of Rich. Died.] At East Retford, Me. Essa ard S. esq. 57.

Fisher, 62.-Mrs. Nettleship, 63. At Rochdale, Mrs. Miller, 21.

At Nottingham, Mr. Join Goodburn, 1.At Manchester, Mrs. Biewer.-Mr. Daniel Mr. John Baker, 72.-A1rs. Rose.-4.17 Wolstenholme.- Mrs. Woolfenden, 35.- well.-Mr. J. Bishop, 42; and abuut aa bovi Mr. Edward Whittell, 37.

afterwards, his sister-in-law, Mrs. Da wue. At Ardwick Green, Mr. Thomas Rogers, Near Newark, Mr. John Allwoud. 88.

At Red Hill, Mr. James Sisson, 50. At Liverpool, Mrs. Phæbe Heywood, re- Ac Mansfield, Ms. Robert Saniti, 1Jict of Benjamin H. esq.- Miss Sarah Parks, Mr. Thomas Lancashire. only daugliter of Mr. Peter P. near Oswes- At Sheltord, Mrs. Jallend. try, 24.-Phæbe, youngest daughter of Mr. At Scarrington, ncar Lingham, ia çatat Alien, 15.-Mr. Joseph Lowe, 53.-Mr.

quence of many scyere wounds received a Richard Dobson, 57.-Mr. Patterson, late different actions, Captain James Hall, aut prompter of the theatre, Liverpool.-dir. 34. Julin Jones, 74.- Miss Burrows.-Mrs.Steph. At Tollerton, Mis. Margaret Pacey, 9 ton Mr. William Marsh. Mrs. Nixon, 43. At Bingham, in the 76tn year of his thing Birs. Sorith, 7% --Mrs. Ellen Critchlow, 79. the itev. John Walter, A. M. rectus of tas --Mr. Holliman. Mis, Susannah Brown, 72. parish, and one of his majesty's justaces -Miss Mary Ann Cowley, 16.

the peace for the counties of Nutungan 23

Leicester.-Mrs. Oldfelde Married.] Ai unesitr, ailr, Robert Jones,

LINCOLNSHIR I. tu Miss Jane Joynson.

Married.) At Aswaruby, R. Ker, s. Mr. Sun.ael Holbrook, of 'Tably, near Hull, to Miss Jemima Brackenbury, daha Knutsfo.d, tv Miss Lowe, of Bradwell Cote ter of R. B. esq. of the former place. tase, Sandbuch.

The Rev. Edward Theed, oi guideslim Died.] At Curange, John Procter, esg. 52. Nortolk, to Miss F. Phillips, second day Mr. Samuel Wallis, a licucnant ou balf ter of joseph of Statusford Baros.



Birch, esq.

At Louth, W. Harvey, gent. to Miss White, At Leicester, Mr. John Wilson, son of Mr. * At Spalding, Lieutenant Allenby, of the W. surveyor, of Donighty-street, London se South Lincoln militia, tu Miss Bethan, el- Mr. T. Bellamy, youngest son of the late Mr. desť danghter of the late Mr. B. surgeon.

Alderman B.-Mr. Daniel Dunneley, many Died.] At Grantham, at the house of years a schoolmaster of this town. -Mr. James Dowager Lady Whichcote, Harriet, wife of Collison, 72. Jas. Atty, jun. esq. of Esk Hall, Yorkshire, At Enderby, George Freer, gent. 74. and daughter of Sir Thomas Whichcote, bart. At Sileby. William King, esq. formerly a of Answarby, 21.

captain in the Leicestershire militia, 37. At Alford, Mrs. Ellis, relict of the Rev. William E. 71.

Married.) At Wolverhampton, Mr. John At Lincoln, Miss Colton, daughter of Mr.

Comberbatch, attorney, of Eccleshall, to Alderman C.-Mrs. Martin.--Mrs. Bean, of

Miss Sarah Proud, second daughter of Mr. P. the Bull's Head Tavern.-Thomas Preston,

surgeon, of Bilston. esq. one of the aldermen of this city.- Ro.

At Norbury, Mr. R. Parton, surgeon, of bert Lowrie, esq. 70.

Eccleshall, to Miss Turner. At Willoughton, Mr. John Strawson, 69.

At Shuttington, Richard Henry Crossier, At Askham, Mr. W. Scrimshaw, 65.

M.D. to Lucy Anna, fourth daughter of John At Frieston, Mr. Saywell.

Roby, esq. of Ancole Hall, near Tamworth. At Pinchbeck, Mr. Henry England, 56.

Died.] Ac Lichfield, Mrs. Lloyd, relict of At Gainsborough, Mrs. Cawkwell.-Mrs.

the Rev. John L. formeriy of Paston, Nor. Clough, 57.--Mr. Booth. -Mrs Sawyer, 36. At Boston, Miss M. F. Hodgson, daughi Dugmore, 77.

thamptonshire, 76.--Mr. Hubbard. -Mr. J. ter of the late George Fitzwilliam, H. esq.

At Madeley, Mrs. Edmunds, relict of Mr. of Claybrook Hall, Leicestershire.

E. princer. At Louth, while on a visit to her grand. father, Miss Scott, of Hull, 20.- Mrs. Mary relict of John Furnivalt, esq.

At Maple Hays, near Lichfield, Frances, Sherwood, 82,-Mrs. Mahitabel Carter, a

At Ecruria, Mrs. Birch, wife of E. J. maiden lady 68. Mrs. Greenwood, of Brackhorough, 63.-Mrs. Parker, 84.- Mr. George

At Wolverhampton, Ms. Samuel Vaughanie Maddison, 99, father of Martin M. esq. ban

20.- Mr. John Perks, attorney. ker, of Southampton.

Ac Gnosall, Mr. James Bennett, 36. At Harmston, Mrs. Anson, 91.- Mr.

At Comberford, Mrs. Egleston. Checkley.

At Scone, Mrs. Catherine Hilditch, 76. At Sutterton, Mr. Maltby, of the White

Mr. George Hulme, 78. Swan Inn.

At Litoxeter, Mrs. Symonds, widow of At Waddingham, near Brigg, Mrs. Bow.

Mr. Wm 5. formerly supervisor or excise ar erbank, wile of the Rev. Mr. B.

Derby, 73. At Grimsby, at the advanced age of 103,

A: Brewood, Mrs. Smith, 69. Mr. John Campbell. He had been gardener in the family of George Tennyson, esą nearly

WARWICKSHIR Z. 80 years, a period of service perhaps un- Married.] Ac Birbury, Captain William equalled.

Parker, R. N. to. Frances Anne, youngest At Sleaford, aged 51, Mrs. E. C Brooke, daughter of Sir Theophilus Biddulph, bart. relict of Lieutenanc B. of the Royal Navy.

At Birmingham, the Rev. Wm. Bosworth, Her death was occasioned by her clothes hav. to Miss Smith, daughter of W. Smith, esq. ing caught fire eight days before, during which banker.- Mr. George Richards, to Miss time she languished in the greatest misery. Chippendall, diughter of Mr. C. of Soho. And also, at Sleaford, her sister, Miss Harriet Died.] At Green Bank, near Birmingham, Brooke, 43.

Mr. Wm. Alobis, 63.
Ac Winterton, in the 94th year of his age, Ar Hatron, Miss Madelina Wynne, youn-
William Feanby. He retained all his faculties gest grand-daughter of the Rev. Dr. Parr.
to the last : taught a school; could write the Ac Birmingham, Mrs. Kindon.-Mrs.
Lord's Prayer on a paper the size of a six. Bayley; 86.-Mr. Benjamin Davis. -Ms.
pence; and wrole a hand chat would be taken Hartcop, 81.-Nrs. Mary Echell, 26.
for a boy's of 17. He had engraved his own At Eastington, Evelyn Shirley, esq.
grave-stone, and had his coffin in his own At Lapworth, Elizi, wife of the Rev.
house. He had no one to live with him, and James Way, rector of Adwell, Oxfordshire.
refused to live with his son, who had long At Kingsbury, Mr. John Pemberton, 76.
wished him to let his wife atcend him.

At Harper's Hill, Mrs. Webster.

At Hockley, John Gibbons, gent. 71.
Married.] At Leicester, Mr. Brewin, son At Coventry, Mr. Thomas Eld, 53.
of Robert B. esq. to Miss H. Pagett, daugh- Ac Folesiull, Mr. Joseph Eld, 60.
ter of T. P. esg.

AC Warwick, Mrs. Williams, 75.
Died] At Lutterworth, Mr. Thomas
Hawks, 72.

Married.] The Rev. Edward Stanley,

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Vorcester --Hereforda

(July 1,


rector of Alderley, Cheshire, to Catherine, Neale, when, in company with the Amejia, eljest daughter of the Rev. Oswald Leyces he fought thxe french frigates on the cast ler, sector of Siore, in this county.

of France; but which escaped, in consequence At Wem, George Neville Adams, esq. of of the latter being dismasted, and being close London, to Rebecca, youngest daughter of in with the French ports. In the course of George Walford, €59.-Win. Jones, esq, their service, his captain, whose character banker, of Bridgenorth, to Miss Davies, needs no eulogium, became sincerely attached daughter of Mr. D. of Broseley.

to him, and finding him, in every respect, as Died.) At Whitechurch, the Rev, Coven. admirable officer, in the year 1804, succeed. fry Lichfield, D.D. Jate fellow of Magdalen cd in getting him made a commander. Da College, Oxford, rector of Boyton, Wiles, the breaking out of the present war, which and vicar of Honnington, Warwickshire. succeeded the short peace of Amiens, Captain

At şhrewsbury, Mr. Thomas Hodges, Skinner made perpetual offers of his services, printer, 49.--Mr. Lynn, many years master and was at length, in the beginning of the of the subscription Charity School.

year 1808, appointed to the Hindostan of 4 At West Lulling Seld, Mr. Archerley. guns and 150 men, which was employed as a At Harcourt Park, John Wood, esq. 63. store-ship in victualling Sir Charies Corton's At Walton, Mr. John Shuker, sen. 63. Fleet, at that time blockading Lisbon. le

At Oswestry, Mrs. Windsor, Mrs. Wil. the autumn of the same year, he was appointliams.

ed to the Goldfinch of 10 guns and 74 men, At Wroxeter, Mrs. Upton.

one of a class of vessels built on a plan of At the Argoed, in the parish of Church. General Benthamıs, well calculated for sailing stoke, Wm. Morris, esq.surgeun.

but for no other purpose, and intended for the At Newport, Mrs. Lowe.

destruction of the small French privateers At Oldbury, Mrs. Cutler.

which iutest the straits of Dover ; but use At Hordley, Mrs. Cuietun.

accountably as it may seem, hardly ever coAt Ludlow, Mr. Pryce - Quarter-master ployed upon this service. In this vessel, ca Hodge, of the Sd Dragoon Guards.

The 18th of May last, as he was cruizing of At Shiffnal, Frances Fleming, the infant Bilbaa in che night, he fell ja with a large daugliter of Robert Fisher, esg.

French corvette of 14 guns and 130 mes,

called La Mouch, which be engaged about Married.) At Eastham, Mr. Biggerton, three in the morning, and continued in close druggist, of Worcester, lu Miss Webb, of che action till about eight, when the French Park, near Tenbury.

Caplain took advantage of a breeze of wind to At Bromsgrove, W. Emuss, esq. to Miss make his escape, and the Goldrinch having Sanders.

suffered much in the masts and rigging, vas Died.] At Worcester, Caroline, daughter incapacitated from following him. Captaia of Mr. Barr, of the Royal China works, 11. Skinner had three men killed and twelve -Mr. Wheeler, apoi hecary.--Mr. Samuel wounded. A few days afterwards the core Richards, jun. 20. Mrs. Reynolds -- Wiss yetie was taken off se. Andero by the Amelia, Jane Suinton, grand-daughter of the late Captain liby, who, in his letter to the AdJoseph Severne, esq. of Thunderfield, Here- miralty, made honorable mention of Captain fordshire, 17.-Mr. Stanton.

Shinner's spirited conduct. It appeared troen Ac Stourbridge, Mr. S. Hodgson, 65. the Frencle capruin that in the action with At Bewdiey, Mr. S. Bisboç, 10.

the Golufinch, he lost two men killed and Ac Longbridge, King's Norton, Mr. T. nine wounded. (pon this occasion Captain Cartwright, formerly engineer to the Wor. Skinner roccived the most futtering lecten cester and Birminghain Canal.

from the adiniral of the fiect, and the pow At Henwick, near Worcester, Mr. Joseph admiral, and his conduct was considered such Sonith, 65

as irciiled him to a better ship. Ectore he The Rev. Dr. Jackson, rector of Pendock returned, therefore, from his subsequent yog and vxar of Eidersfield.

me to Cadiz, he received from the Admiralcy

au appointment to the Trinculo, at that time Dird.] At Hereford, of a decline, aged just launched, and one of the finest sloops ta 26,

his mother's house, Fitzowen the service. There was now an opportunaty George Skinner, esq. a commander in opened to him of distinguishing himself, the R. N. and late captain of his Majesty's which was as suddenly closed by one of those sluop of war Trincuio. In him the service unforeseen events which batile all human cal. has suffered a severe loss, and ic is not righe culation, and all bis hopes of fame and honor that such a man should steal unnoticed to his were closed for ever: he had con facted a vig grave, without some briet memorial of his lent cold, on his return from Cadız, in consevirtues and his talents. Captain Skinner was gene: of his keeping open his cabin-window brought up under Sir H. B. Neale, who ac nizbi, for the accomnuodation of a gentiethat cime cominanded the St. Fiorenzo, and man who came home with him as a puscawas with him when he brought his ship with ge!, and who was alllicted with an asthma. so much judgmeni trom amongst the mutinecos By lie time he arrived iff Falmouth, his at the Nore: he was also wish Sir H. B. disorder increased considerably, and in his




esq. R.N,


anxiety to land dispatches from the Marquis Evesham, Worcestershire, to Margaret HudWellesley, then at Seville, he was exposed to son, youngest daughter of the Rev. Wm. a great deal of bad weather, in the latter end Scott, rector of Willersey. of last October; and after making use of the The Rev. George Wasey, rector of White speaking trumpet, when it blew a yale of ington, in this county, to Miss Frodsham, wind, in a fit of coughing he broke a blond eldest daughter of Captain F. of the royal vessel. However, as it was the first wish of navy. his heart to go out in his new slip, he pro. Died.) Arthe Hoggins Farm, St. Briavell's, ceeded to Portsmouth, and had nearlyafitted Mr. William Allen. her for sea, when he broke the ruptured ves. At Cirencester, Mrs. Wilkins, relice of sel a second time. The physician of the Wm. W. esq. 84.--Mr. Charles Wilkins.-fleet then gave it as his opinion, that it Mr. Thomas Gritch. certain death to enter into active service, and At Twigworth, Mrs. Herbert. ordered him home, where he gradually declin- At Gloucester, Mrs. Cooper, of Bath.ed till death put a period to his sufferings. Mrs. Crump, 83. Such is a brief sketch of the life of this ex- At Cheltenham, John Lucas, esq. 53.cellent young man. As an oflicer, his merits Charles Northwood, esq. 55. were of the very bigliest order, and gave pro- At Sevenhampton, Walter Laurence, mise of his one day earring the right to be esq. 81. enrolled in cheannais of his country, ainongst

At Neivent, Elizabeth, youngest daughter those who have done so much honor to it, of Mr. Aycrigg, surgeon. by their courage and capacity. An attension At Tewkesbury, at the house of her uncle, to his duty that was unremitting, a perfect H. W. Harris, esq., Mary Anne, eldest knowled of his profession, an intripidity daughter of C. S. Tim that never failed him when present death was betore his eyes, for then bave we witnessed As some workmen were lately making a him; but above all, a lively regard to the com- cut for a thrashing machine, through the forts of his crew formed oniy a part of those rick yard of Ms. Wood, of Peaconsfield farm, qualities which formed his title as an officer. on the estate of G. Stratton, esq. of Great On board his ship he never allowed the mean- Tew, they came to a subterraneous vault, est cabin boy to be struck, and perhaps there which, when opened, appeared to have been was no other in which there were fewer pu- a burial place, as it was built in a dry ,sand nishments. Those only, who knew him inci. bed, and was as perfect as when first made. mately, can form an adequate idea of the The entrance to the south was 18 feet wide, kindness and rirtues of his noble heart, he with an ante-passage, and the length was the was the delight of his friends, and it may be same, with a half-circle of rough stone at the said o: him, with the greatest cruth, that he end; the other walls were plastered; the was one of the brightest ornaments of the height was 7 feet. The partitions for the arduous and honorable profession which he bodies were made with red tile planks of the had chosen.

following sizes: 8 inches and a half by 8 and At Hereford, Mrs. Preece. ---Mrs. Whittall, a half, 11 and a half by 11 and a half, and 85.- Mr. Joseph Smith.-Mrs. Eliz. Jones, 21 inches by 11 ; every one of which was. sister of the late John J. esq. 65.- Mr. Peter (although a thousand years old) as perfect as Dickins, a member of the body corporate, 70. from the kiln, they were 2 feet and a half -The Rev. Samuel Powell, rector of Priden, high, and about the same length, but no bury, and curate of Bromyard.

collins were to be found; they were covered At Stoke Edith Court, Mr. John Maull, over with large tile planks, 23 inches and a 73, house-steward to the late Hon. Edward half by 23 and a half. The planks were orFoley, in whose family he had lived sixty namented with little squares of stone and years.

pottery-work, stuck in mortar; the orniments Ac Hoarurthy, Mr. Richard Smith, who were a vase, fish, and circular variegated attended the Hereford a-sémblies, near forty lines, sone of which are preserved. It would years, as a barper.

not have been destroyed, but the men, on

account of the buildings, could not alter the Cheltenham will be highry improved by intended water course. The bones were large, the completion of the iron rail-way now ma- and teeb most perfect in the jaw bones. king from Glocescer to chat place, which will There were Hues made of square burnt clay. be eflected in the course of the summer, and It was found in a place that had been pasture enable the inhabitants to procure their coals land, and was about 4 inches under ground to at 173. 6d.; for which they now pay 45s. the first row of planks. The farm is an old

enclosure, the oak trees on which are going Married. At Cirencester, Mr. White, to decay, jun, to Miss Horion.-James Cornock, esq. Died.] At Oxford, the Rev. Wm. Finch, oi Gossington Hall, Slımbridge, to dlargaret, one of the lecturers of this city, rector f youngest daughter of the late Mr. Taylor, Tackley, Oxon and Avington, Berks.--Mr. of Newnham.

Wm. Fielding, scholar of Corpus Christi The Rev. H. Portmore Cooper, vicar of College, and sou of the Rev. Ms. F. of Carna MONTHLY Mag. No. 200.




per ton.

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