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J. REID. death at another,

Grenville-street, Brunsa ick-squere.




Containing officiul Pupers and authentic Documents.

discovered equal to the supply of three time THE three departments inio which Hano. the number of the present inbabita.ats

ver is to be divided, are to be called General Massena was lately at Valladi; those of the Aller, the Ilmenau, and that of before he lett Salamanca, he published a pro the mouths of the Elbe and Weser.

clamation, styling himself king of Partup'.

and promising on his royal word to drive all The Haerlam Courant of the Ich inst. months, and declaring that lze vil ha

the English into the sea in less than the .contained a decree, which appears to be every British officer found in the Pertugas intended to place additional felters on com

service. A large body of French treen merce, extending the limits within which all appeared a few days since before Ciudad Rstmagazines, depots, or warellouses of colonial rigo, but they retired on the appearance of 23 produce and English manufactures, are prohia bited, from 2000 rods to the distance of

English forces

Massena is to command the 98, erb, and 5000 rods from the sea coast.

8th, corps. The first is that which is 60€

the orders of Regnies, and has wasies The city of Paris gave a grand fete to wime in Estremadura without Sitems Buonaparte and his consort on the 10th inst. any useful operation; the second is Nepa on returning from their late tour. It was corps, from 3 to 10,000 of which are sick a nearly an exact counterpart of the fete which the hospitals ; and the last, is Joset', cook place on the 2d of April. Horse-races, which, alchough originally comprisiaz 15 e lotteries, concerts, balls, and fire-works, 19,000 men, is now greatly reduced, having were again the leading spectacles and amuse- lust more than 4000 men before Aktorja, ments of the day. The decoration which sc. screened the apparatus of the grand fire

GREAT BRITAIN. works on the Quay Napoleon, evinced much The prorogation of Parliament took plaze ingenuity. Il represented a mountain, the on the 21st, and it was universally expected base of which was skirted with rocks, and that Sir Francis Burdett and Mr. Gale fasci armed with two bastions, to exhibit the were to be drawn home from their respecter: aspect of military work. Higher up was the prisons in popular cavalcade, as a means umple of glory, shaded by Oaks and laurels; proving the sentiment of the nation sa ste and on the top, amidst a bower of myrties power assunged by the House of Conno and rose-crees, was the temple of Hymen, Extensive preparations had been made is the paths leading to which were strewed with this purpose ; and the following order flowers. A ship, the old emblem of the procession announced on Tuesday. city of Paris, also formed a part of these Trumpeters on horseback.-Band of Ness decorations.

six abreast Gentlemen on foot,

abreast.Band of music, six abreast.-Le Dispatches have been received from Por- dark blue streamer: motto “* Hold to the tugal to the 31st ult. at which date no en Laws."-Fifty-two gentlemen on borseback, gagement had taken place between the four abreast. Sir Francis Burdett, in a Anylo-Portuguese and French armies. The elevated carriage, drawn by four horson lacrer occupied a right line extending from supported by six gentlemen on horseback, a Salamanca to Truxilio, and the former con each side, bearing white wands; followed at tinue within the Portuguese frontier. gentlemen on horseback, foar abreast

The British force in Cadiz amounts to Carriages to close, to fall in at the end of 2000 men, the Portuguese to 1500), and the John.street, Minories. Procession to form Spaniards to 15,000, making the whole on Tower-bill, to proceed up Cooper 5-7*** 23,500. All apprehensions from the scarcity John street, America-square, Maories, Akto os *ates had subsided, a spring baving been gase, Lcadeuhall-sercet, Cornbill, Paalay


" Magga

Cbcapside, St. Paul's Church-yard, Ludgate- o'clock, the procession reached the Baronet's hill, `Fleet-street, through Picket-street, house, and filed off by Berkeley-street. The Strand, Cockspur-street, Haymarket, Picca- houses in Piccadilly, Haymarket, and the dilly. The only distinguishing mark to be Strand, were illuminated at night; a party, worn, is a dark blue favour. Members of parading the streets, and calling out for the Common Councilmen and Livery, of lights, and windows were broked where ne London will join tlic procession on Towere lights were put up. The exhortations of the hill. -A numerous body of Westminster sheriffs, whose activity was unwearied, were electors will also proceed from the parish at length attended with proper effect, and as of St. Ann's, Solo, with their band of twelve the crowd dispersed. music, and with the following banners : On the 21st, the session of Parliament. Sky-blue bapner, mottos, “The

was prorogued, by the following speech tion.” Dark-blụe ditto, “ Magna Charta." froin the Throne: Ditco, “Trial by Jury." Dark-blue streamer, " Burdett and Freedom." They will fall into has commanded us to acquaint you, that, as

My Lords and Gentlemen.--His Majesty the procession on Tower-hill-The Bene. volent Society, called the Hope, will join the thinks it proper to put an end to the present

the public business is now concluded, he procession on Tower-hill, with a band of session of Parliament. We are commandede in usic and banner: mottos, Charta," on one side; on the other, “ Lex, he derived from the reduction of the island

by luis Majesty to express the satisfaction Justitia, et Libertas." The day bad scarcely of Guadaloupe by his Majesty's arms, an dawned, when the people were in motion when music was heard in every direction. At of the wars of Great Britain, has wrested

event which, for the first time in the history the different appointed rendezvous in the seve. ral parishes of Westminster, the people began ter of the world; and which, together with

from France all her possessions in that quar. to assemble about ten o'clock, and from thence the subsequeat capture of the only colonies proceeded to the Tower. Before one o'clock, in the West Indies which remained in the

Tower-bil) and all the avenues approaching possession of the Dutch, has deprived his it were literally throng d. By half-after {wo the whole of the procession was in readi- Majesty's enemies of every port in those seas,

from which the interests of his Majesty, ness to more, and from that moment the

or the commerce of his subjects, can be most eager expectation prevailed, but which

molested. in the end was totally disappointed; for Sir Francis, we understand, yielding to the Majesty has commanded as to thank you for

Gentlemen of the House of Commons. His intreaties of lady Burdett and some friends, the liberal and ample supplies which you was no sauner liberated, than he took a boat, have granted for the services of the present crossed the river, and joining lady Burdett,

His Majesty decply regrets the who was waiting for sim, proceeded in his year. carriage to Wimbledon. Lord Moira was

necessary extent of the demands which those the first who announced this disappointment services have created; but we are commanded to the leaders of the procession, by whom it has derived from ubserving that the resources

to express to you the consolation which he was communicated to the assemblage on Tower-hill; but there was a general indispo..

of the country, manifesting themselves by sition to believe it. Mr. Sheriff Wood' every mark of prosperity, by a revenue having, however, confirmed the intelligence, increasing in almost all its branches; and by

a commerce extending itself in new channels, mingled expressions of surprise and indigna. tion burst from many of the crowd; but the and with an increased vigour in proportion as larter sentiment vas short-lived ; the people the enemy has in vain attempted to destroy feeling that thoy oughe to suspend their it, bave enabled you to provide for the exjudgment until an opportunity was afforded pences of the year without imposing the for explanation. At five o'clock, the proces. burden of any new taxation in Great Britain i sion moved from Tower-hill. The phæton, and that, while the taxes which have been with four horses, provided for Sir Francis necessarily resorted to for Ireland, have been Burdett, was empty; and the effect of a pro. imposed upon articles which will not incere cession may be readily conceived where the fere with the growing prosperity of that hero is absent. At the head of the first country, you have found it consistent with party of horsemen were the Sheriffs Wood a due regard to its finances to diminish some and Atkins, with their followers, mounted, of those burdens, and relax some of those dressed in black. Major Cartwright and regulations of revenue' which had been felt Col. Hanger, led other bodies. Colonels the most inconvenient in that part of the Wardle and Bosville, Messrs. Waithman, United Kingdom. His Majesty further com Quin, Langley, Walker, &c, were also in the mands us to return, you his thanks for the pro. procession. The streets through which it vision which you have enabled him to make moved, were crowded to an excess, and the for the establishment of his Serene Highness windows of all the houses were occupied by the duke of Brunswick. elegant and well-dressed people. At cighs

" My Lords and Gentlemen. -His Majesty


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has directed us to acquaint you, that Portu- fortress of St. Maura, to the troops employed
gal, rescued from the oppression of the against it, under the command of Brig-Gen.
enemy by the powerful assistance of his Oswald. The batteries had been opened
Majesty's arms, has exerted herself with against the fortress nine days before its sur.
vigour and energy in making every prepara. render, The French garison consisted of 714
tion for repelling, with ske continued aid men, who have been made prisoners of war.
of his Majesty's forces, any renewed attack on Major Clarke, of the 35th, was killed, toge-
the part of the enemy; and that in Spain, ther with one subaltern and twenty-two rank
notwithstanding the reverses which have been and file; and two field officers, seven captains,
experienced, the spirit of resistance against two subalterns, and about 133 men wounded
France still continues unsubdued and unaba.
ted; and his Majesty commands us to assure Letters and papers from Bostont, were re-
you of his firm and unaltered conviction, that ceived on Wednesday. The John Adams
not only the honour of his throne, but the had not arrived at that date. The intelligence
best interests of his dominions, require his of the seizure of American ships by the French,
most strenuous and persevering assistance to had produced a strong sensation, and occasion-
the glorious efforts of those loyal nations. ed a difference between Mr. Secretary Smith
His Majesty has commanded us to recommend and Mr. Gallatin, on which, it is said, the
to you, upon your return to your respective president had signified bis approbation of the
counties, to use your best exertions to pro- conduct of the latter; and, it was rumoured,
mote that spirit of order and obedience to the that the former would resign, and be succeeded
laws, and that general concord amongst all by his opponent.
classes of his Majesty's subjects, which can Government have received dispatches by
alone give full effect to his Majesty's pater. the Musquito sloop of war from Curacoa, as-
nal care for the welfare and happiness of his nouncing that a revolucion has been effected
people. His Majesty has the fullest reliance in South America, extending from the settle.
upon the affections of his subjects, whose . ment of Vera Cruz, along the adjacent isth.
loyalty and attachment have hitherto sup mus, to the southern extremity of the Can
ported him through that long and eventful This important event is said to have
period, during which it has plensed Divine been effected by an irrregular force of between
Providence to commit the interests of these 30 and 40,000 men, which, on the 19th of
dominions to his charge. His Majesty feels April last, seized all the public functionaries
that the preservation of domestic peace and in the capitul, and with the utmost secrecy
tranquillity, under the proteccion of the law, and expedition, but without bloodshed, forced
and in obedience to its authority, is among.. them on board ship, and it was supposed that
the most important duties which he owes to their destination was for the island of Cuba
his people. His Majesty commands us to A provisional government was next formed,
assure you that he will not be wanting in the and a proclamation issued, in which the whole
discharge of that duty; and his Majesty will of the inhabitants of the Caracas declare
always rely with confidence on the continued their independence, and invite the other co
support of his loyal subjects, to enable him to lonist in energetic terms, to seek protectica
sesist with success the designs of foreign under the new government. The recent
enemies, and to transmic unimpaired to pos. events in Old Spain which induced a belief
terity the blessings of the British Consti- that the cause of Ferdinand VII. was hopeless,

is stated to have led to this revolution, as alto Dispatches have been received from Sir J. a desire to establish a more intimate commer. Stuart, in Sicily, communicating intelligence cial intercourse with Great Britain chaa che of the complete reduction of the island and policy of the mother country permitted.



the 2014 of Muy and the 20th of June, ertructed from the London Guzelles.

BANKRUPTCIES. (The Solicitors' names are between Paren: beses.) ACKERLEY somulei, Liverpool, wouller-draper. (Cooper

aru Lowe, Southamptoa buildings, aed Orred, Live puni Altridze Joseph. Nelfon square, Blackfriar's road, fura

Arrowsmith, Dt vorhare Itreet, Queen fuare Allen i Lamheid, corn-chandker. (Tucker, Bartlete's

buylting Artowiuti eorge, Bell Savase yard, money ferivener.

(MUH 2 @ Powdalls. Kvicht kider #rcer. Doctor's

Bairbridx- ta mar. Mancheiter, mulin manufacturer,

C. chefer. 400 Miing tudi Parry la er

Baker Juan, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, innkreper.

(shephare aod Adlington, Bedford row, and shepherd
Barrat Samuel, Roll's buildings, Fetter lane, jevelet.

(Burgets, Great Portland @reet
Bott John, Birmingham fpuffer maker. (Bodécit

Hinde court. Flert treet, and Madifey, Sirmingtass
Bowler William, fen, Cafie kreet, Sourt wark hat me

nufacturer. (Beunet, Deut's court, Dolse's Cost

Breaney w. Birmingham. money-feriveber.

Fetter lane
Bruokes Thomas Banwell. Sumerset, tailor. • (Barrit

jun, Bricol
Browse John, Crosby fouare, Bithopfgate, money krive.

ner. (Kearsey and Sparr, Bithopticate
Burford Joan. Whitechapel road. Riefs and earthes rare
leiler (Sweet and stokes. I copie


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Burnett William, North Petherton, Somerset, baker.

Parrons, Hridgewater. and Blake Cook's court Caithefiri New Bond Atreet, wa chinaker. (Mason,

Futter lare, Cheide Canning Henry. Broad treet. merchant. (Shawes, Le

Blanı ant Shawe. Tuor treet Blackfriari Carter . Stockton Durham, dealer, (Sloper and Heath.

Montague ftreet Christie David. Gradheli, Berks thopkeeper. Saunders.

Reaving, and Holmes, Gicat ftreet, Ecuford Colman John, Silver Areet, Golden Ruare, allow

chandler. (Gale and son, Bedford itrect. Bedford

row Colrett Thomas, Uxbridge, grocer, (Gale and Son, Bed.

furditreet, Bedford row Cuok Richard, Little James's Areet, vichua!ler,

Cowburn, Temple Cooper Valentine. Ni w Bond freet, milliner. (Chas.

bers, Furnival's inn Critchley James. Nottingham, draper. (Ruffel, Lant

Oreet. Southwark Davies R. Rermondsey, leather drefier. (Humphries

and Dunter, Southwark Douran T. Mread Areet warehouseman (Palmer,

Tomlinsons and Thompson. Cophalt cor, Thrug.

mo tonitreet Dove Richard, Monmouth ftreet, v tuntler. (Whilton,

Great James Atreet, Herford row Duckworth Herry. Liverpool, merchant. (Pritt, Liver

pool, and Wilton, Temple Duncan W. and A. Liverpiol, drapers. (Hurd, Temple Dullin J. Hilfley, Glocciter, thupkeeper. (James,

Gray's inu fluare Emmert Henry, James and James, Gerard treet. soho,

tailors. (Jones and Roche, Covent Garden Evaos Evan. Neath, Glamurgan, thopkeeper. ( Whit

coinbe and King, Sergeant's inn, Flest ítreet. and

Francis. Bristol Evered Ambrote, Lower Grosvenor kreet. wine-merchaut,

(Tunceyrst Martin's lane Farrel c.' Gorport. flopseller. (Dyne, Serjeant's inn,

Fleet ftreet Fea Thomas Crown court, Threadueedle itreet, and

Hill, merchant. Poft, Hull Fea Magnus. Crown court Threadneedle ftreet, and Hull,

merchant. (Frut, Hall Fea william. Crown court, 1 hreadneedle itreet, and Hull, merchant

(Fros, iluli Fro George, Gateshead, Durham. victualler. (Bell

and Brodrick, Bow lane. and Willis, Gaieshead Fulford John Hafeler, Warwick, milier. (Tismas,

Warwick Tuller Richard, Deal, Mupkeeper. (Rusell, Lant treet,

Southwark Gaerlach Goriliel Henry, London Areet, Fenchurch street, merchant

(Paliner, Tomliofons and Thomion, Copthall court. Thrormorton street Grahain Archibald John, Liverpool. mafter mariner.

(Crump and Lodge, Liverpool, and Battye, Chancery

jane Gray Darie', Loug Melford, Sunoik, frucer. (Sewell,

Chatteris, and Leich and Malon, Bridge Atreet, BlackGrayson Charles, Liverpool, ship-builder. (Blackstock,

Teinple, and Bardfwell aud Steplier son, Liverpool Hackine y sa muet, Dowgate hill, rag-merchant. (Saiver,

Aldersgate ftreet Harrison Edward, Clifford's inn, merchaot. (Jacobs,

Holborn court. Gray's inn Herrou George, Bermondsey Atreet. fellmonger. (Sher

wood, Cution court, Broad treet Hewitt D. Siuke Newingtou, carpenter. (Harvey,

Curritor ftreet Hoyland Charles, Warrington druggit. (Blackfuck

London, and Pritt, Liverynol Hunter Andrew, Little Portiand Areet, coachmaker.

(A'Recker and Weale, Broauftreet, Gulden ware Jackon Samuel. Bermondsey ítreet, woulitupler. (Wright,

Dawate hill Kinnear J. Liverpool, merchant. (Cooper and Lowe,

Southmptou buildings Kun George, Coventry ftreet, tailor. (Jones and

.che. Covent Gardens Linford Thomas, Cheapfide, filverlinith. (1aylor, Old

treet rrad Lovett J. Colchefer, grocer. (Naylor. Great Newport

Areet Lowe Richard, Great St. Helen's, broker. (Malon, For

cer lave, Cheapade Math Jofeph, Rett Lion Paitare, Holborn, potatoe mer.

chant. Crofie. Providence row, Finsbury Meaniey J. Rochdale, Lacaller, ironmonger. (Refier

and son, Bartlett s buildings Moore Joan. St. John's fare, brandy merchant.

( Buvill, Bridge Areet. Blackfriars M'Taygart Peter. London, bruker. (Wasbrough, Warn.

ford court, Thromurton arcet Nelfon James, Liverpool tailur. (Davies, Liverpocl, and

Mcd dow croft , (iay in 1 Newman W. Southwark, and Poole. Dorset, merchant.

Richardfans, Newinn Nixon Rubert, Sanderbuih, Cumberla horle dealer.

! Birkeit, Bond court. Walbrook, and Blow. Carlisle Okiny J. sc. Juhu atect, bedite u maker. (Atkinson,

Chancery Jane Oakley William William Orerend, and William Sinith

uskley. Church ftrect, Southwark, woole apiers,

(Dakley, Martin's lube, Cano, a crear MONTHLY MAC, No. 00,

Osborne William, Dalby's Terrace, City road, builder,

(Annelley and Bennett, Angel Court, Throgmortoa

Atreet Parker j. Gunthorpe, Norfolk, merchant. (Ballachey,

Capel coure, London l'arker Michael, Ripon, York, thopkeeper, 1 Exley and

Stucker, Furnivale inn, and Poweil Konresborough Parnell William, vark, common brewer. (Hall 4:'d Dav, *

.r, Jial, Canon (trc có Perlar Sanucl,

Nhun. Ghcefcr.linen draper. (Chil tot, incoln ini, and Wud. (noter Perks muel, wait Ji, Stafford, for Swaine Stevens,

and Maples. 01 Jewry, an eley, Birmingham Picksid William, ' Lirele Murielas, breeches

maker. 1 Youne, Vine Areet, Piccadilly Polley John, New Fund freet, furniture printer. (Sweet

and Stokes, Teinple Poit Walter Brifted carver, tilder, and Kafs.feller.

Jams, Gray's inn fyware, and Cornill, Britto! Poulter William Upper Thames ftreet, whol tale ftationer,

(Blartufort, Temple Pownall w Bristol, dealer. (Gabell, Lincoln's inn Pratt Charles, Long acre, money scrivener. (Popkin,

Dean street, Soho Rawfon Epworth, Ciement's lane, carpenter. (Noy ant

Pope, Mincing lane Richaru fon Thoma, Waterfide, Halifax, dyer. (Wipler.

worth. Gray's ion, and Wigler worth and Thorpion,

Halifax Roberts william Edward, Liverpool, woollen-draper.

(Law, Johu freet, Bedford trw, and Philips, Livtre Roblin George. Lancaster, linen draper. (Windle, John

ftreet, Bedford row, and Smith, Preton Rogers John, Strand. merchant. (Bourdillon and Hew.

itt. Little Friday treet Rore James, fen, and jus. Tooley AreetSouthwark, pro

vition inerchants, (Bourdillun and Hewitt, Little

Friday Areet, Chrapide Rofs H. Hull, merchant. (Sykes and Knowles, New Routledge E. pen. and jun. Burrockfide, Cumberlanda

drovers. Mouniey, Staple's inn Rufiel Philip, Sheerness, nopreller. (Ifaacs, Bury @reet,

St. Mary Axe Saitor Rozer. Barnealon, Somerset. baker. (Highmore,

Huh lane, Cannon ítrect, aut Wingate. Bath Say Charles, Fitmouth. Cornwall, merchant. Young,

Falmoutlig and Reardon and Davis. Corbett court,

Gr10urch treet Scott I. P. Newcale upon Tyne, grocer. (Bell and

lrodrick, Bow lane, Cheapride Simpin J. and w. G. Fairmail, Old Chine. factors,

Tulien, Fore frect Simptun Joh), Rofs Hereford, innhold. (Meredith,

Robbins, and Tomkyns, Lincaio's inn, and Harvey,

Ross Smith J. St. John Areet, lath render. (Lamb, Alder

Rare ftreer Smith William and Joilla, Stapleford, Herts. and Whet

stone Micalefex, timber inerchants. (Giles, Great

Share lane. and Pa, Bury St. Edmunds Sparks W Castle ftreet, Leiceirer felis, currier. (Bower,

Cliftid's 11:11 Stonebridge William

Colchester, Brucer. (Tilson, Chhamn place, Blackfriats Storey Richard, Ciement's lane, tailor. (Bartlett, Lau.

rence, Pounentylane Sutton Edwin, Houndigitch, butcher. (Wilde, Warwick

futare Swain John. Raminte, bricklayer. (Wightwick, Ramf

cate, and Bo, Marton Garden Sweet John, Ron 1 ftrect, tailor. (Bourdillon and

Hewitt. Little Friday freet Tanart Penjumir, Bund' treet, bookfeller. (Handair,

Covent Garden Taylor William, Clifron, Lancafter. innkeeper. (Chethyre

and walker, Mancheiter, and Ellis Charcery lane Thon plou Johr, Philpat line, provision-broker: (Bor

Wich, St. Michal's a loy, Crnhill. Tippi George Bew, Wormwood f:ect, merchant.

Lamb, Aldersgate itrcer Tripp John, Britisa woollen-draper. James and Abe

bott. New Inn, en Charned sun. Arifto! Trol Dionyl 1 *, Gia C3 11% calico printer. (Wildc, jun.

att treet Falcon fluare Waid willinin lutrup. Maketare, St. James's, victuallee Watkins I honas, Plymuiath dock, taverti keyir.

li tins and Dark, Prince's freet, Seori row. and

Bozer, "iyinouth Wells Thomas, and GueOwen Tuke, bankride, South

wark, timber merkt. surman, Golden iguale Wan I. Vark: **rec, Newpire market, pialue.

merchan:. Chaus, Crispin fiert. Spitainelus Whil hin Viyon Norfisik. printer. (Vordercon

a Custyn. Eih lanc, Cannon ireet Wichrunanj. Ceurge lireet, F. ter lane, haberdasher,

(Hartley, Reiun fquard Woodward Tupa. Jun. Bij Sufolk, lupkaeper,

(Giles, Great Shire lage and Pare, Bury . binuous Wyllie tuleph. Cupthall court, merchant. (Barron, Threadlecdle Arce:

Abney R., Leiceter, brick-maker,

Apsrm. City Chambers. Mip-owner, June 13



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Anderson Alexander, and David Robert Son, Coleman freet, Hulded Joren. end J. Silfurd, Lanche, dren. Juda
merchants, June 26

Holland' P. i eftwich, Chethire, taure: 1.***
Bacon James, Deptford, viaualler, June 23

Ho ton W. Kniglesindke. coachnaker, feat*
Ball J. Adam Atreet, Adelphi, au aioneer, June 9

Horley Richard, Epsom. pork butcher, jy
Bannister w. Xom for 1, baker, July 14

Hounfom J. Fleet Areet, tinen craper. Jeg
Barrett W. Bros 1 street, merchanti Jvue ?

Huggins A. Bristol, cabinet-maker, frecat
Bateman J. Red Cross ftreet, Southwark; J: Baterain, Jones Humphrey Richard, Type freet, Tiestora

Wike, Yorkshire, and w. Bateral, North Bierley, Itationer, Juse aj
York, wouilcu-manufacturers, June 18

Jones J. Whitechapel road. Come ricer, Jon
Beatrin Weory Grundy, Gray's Ino syuare, merchant, Kitching J. Leed, dyer. July 16
June 30

Kuigte John, Lower apron, corn Chseder. Jose ay
Relcher J. Lamb's Conduit treet, merchant, June 2 Lautie G. W. Hatton freer, merkast. Jux
Buli Charles, Peorith, Cumberland, liuen and woollen Lee W. A. Sunderland, Erocef, Juro
drapce, July 5

Leedharn J. Derby. innkeeper, Jude 17
Billing J. Ravensthorpe, woolcomber. Ju'y 13

Leo Joseph. Maocheter, merchant. Jone 26
bithop S. Cheltenham, haberdasher, Ju y iu

Levien S. Jan. Barnes, broker. Jane 36
Blooin Daniel, Norwich, mercbant, July 7

Lewis W. New Band freet, wailes-draper, Jex
Bond Thoinas, New Sarum, Wilts. clochier. Julys

Little R. and w. Craskun, Hythe ad Ats,
Bottomley Samuel, Salford. Lancader, siquor nerchapt, drapers, June jo
July 11

Makeham James. Upper Thames forced, che non
Bowman J. Water lade, brandy merchant, June 30

Tuly 3
Eruddun Willian, Polperru, Cornwall, thopkeeper, Maxted J. Stoney Stratford, victualler. Jały w
July 2

Meiryweather Edward, Maucheper,
Bride . Fashion reet, victualier, June 30

July 4
Drown Joseph and Jane, Newcale-upon-Tync, sadlers, Mills J. and J. Saddleworth, York, merchants. Ju

Mordcy R. Sitopwtarmouta, ftp avser. Juss 2
Bucks G. cock spur Areet, tailor, June 12

MofDavid, Ratclifte ikhway, treset per ty?
Burgess George, Whiteer is itreet, brewer, July 3

Nicholson ). High årect st. Gider's Dexter
Lurland T. Muligerford, draper, June 30

Nightingale' william and George, Lomburi de
Care T, Liverpoo, inerchant, July 3

ers, June 30
Chipchase Charles, Bread areet, fik mercer. June 30 Oakley Francis, Hereford, wool apker, July
Coais E. T. Masicy, and J. Hall, Horningluw, Stafford, Page john, Bith pigate åreet, haberdadei. juT)
brewers, July 1

Paiteur J. L. Stonry Stratford, truser)**;
Coldwell T. Wakeneld, York, dealer. July 11

Peel C. King Areet. warebouseman, June 26
Cook J. Brifol, looking-glars manufacturer, June 23 Pierce Thomas, Canterbury, bra 2ver June gu
Cooke John, Liverpool, filversmith, July a

Platt Thomas Dierice, Saddleworti, Yerin de
Coulthard J. Bucklersbury, warchouleman, June 30

June 27
Cowles T. Finch lane, Cornhill, painter, July 17

Price J. Finsbury Sqaure. merchant, Joy3
Crea L. Margaret Areet, carpenter June 30

Raby G. Grearst. Helen's Chambers next,
Crois w. Ainsworth, coton manufacturer. July 12

Xandell). Birmingham, cotton Dipsfaite, je
Cuthbert A. and Co. Cutter lane. merchants, Auguf 4 Rayner John, Thirik, Yurk, druckitt, Juy
Darley Ann, Holborn, victualier, June 13

Reynell Henry, Brittol. lusen ciaper y ly 6
Davenport M, she teld. cutler. July 9

Kichards w. Penderer aft, Pembroke, bop keeper, June 3
Davics A. and N. Little Carter lane, warehousemen, Route R. Minfter, Keot, carpenter. Juh 13
June 26

Rye w. Oxford treet, linco-daper, June 19
Dean Joresh, Birmingham. Japanper. July 3

Sampfon Samuel, Bread Preet, fik-neret
Devenith Ann, and Heory Newport, Vilier's Arect, Strand, Sain pron Samuel and Charles Claupchait, arra te
uphollterers, July 7

dik inercers, June 30
Dixon william and Heury, Rotherhithe. timber merchants, Sampton William, tiverpool, flosr-dealer. Joly
July 17

Schneider John Henry, Bow lane, mercban, josta
Dowlink jonathan, Harwich, grocer, July 14,

Seager George Wetbrunswich, Scafiur, tube-
Ikins Joteph, Oxford Areet, cheeiemonger, June 26

July 13
Evans E. Biiitol, carpenter, June 18

Sherwood John William, Newgate Artct, chceszansa
Jarbridge R. Paragon place, timber merchant, June 30

July 3
Fenton John aud George Moore, Rotherhithe, ironmone Simpluo C. Masbrough, York, boat-builder. ut
Bers, June 30

Sinclair A. Birchin lanc, mercbaet, July 14
Folo w. Cheriygarden freet, Bermondsey, timber mere Sifion John, Lombard treet, banker. June 16
chant, May 26

Skaite Richard, Liverpool, isdatuor ger, jwig :
Ford Paul Edward, Howland Mews Weft, hackneyman, SJade Thomas Moore, Old Bond Iruct. Putat em
June 32

June 30
Ford S. Birmingham, merchant, June 15

Smallwuud G. Beech freet, Barbicas, bras to
brancis Thomas, Goodsnan and Thomas, jun, Cambridge, July 7
merchants, June 2y

Smith William, Portfea, linep draper, Jain 7 French M. George Areet, Portman square, wine merchant, Spackman J. ana ). Jewry ftreet, pewterers. Jely July 10

Swaine T. Birmingham, common cartier, Jus:3 Fry R. Lullington, Somerset, banker, June 19

Tayiur P. Sheffield, fcrew manufacturer 23 Garland Charles Erackley, Northampton falesman, humpron A. Birmingham, merchaut. jun 11 June 28

Thorson J. Lawrence Puurtney bae, xicles, bet Gilbert W. Chifwell areet, grocer, July 6

Pite T. Daventry, Northampton avtreet jumea Gall201 T. 200 W Weaver, Bedwardine, drapers, 'Tupper George, Linton, Kent, thor keeper,

· Turnet Henry, št. Martin's-le-Grand, W Banas Glenton W. Jermye ftreet, tailor, July ?

June 10
Gott E. Wellclfe Tyuare, coal merchant, June 30

Vilick walter, Midhert, Suflex, draper, wly 7
Goldsmith T. Shoreditch, dealer, June 30

Votrer G. Charing Cross, habercather, Juka
Goudwin Wiliam, Gulport, krocer, July 1

Walker W. F. Chatham, lonen Graper ju
Hale H. and H. Haggard, Birchin lane, ilman, Auguft Wallbatt C. Petworth, Suffex, miner, Jucu
Halton T. Colford, Glucefter, merchant. June 18

Waters B. Finch Jane, broker, June 26
Bamber J. New Road, Baiciite Highway, victualler, Watmough Robert, and Robert Whitamius. Clarken

June 30
Harritun ). southwick, Durham, Mipotner, June 14 Watfus J. jun. and J, Presva. Lancaêer, C4
Stetheringtun D. Crosby, Cumberland, drover. June 25

facturers. June 20
Hipde J. C.P. Wyatt and T. Keyfe, Horsleydow, lead Watts W. Briftol, hoher, June 70
inaoufacturers, July 3

Wheatley J. Mark lane cu factor, Aura 4
Windle Juha and Windair, Lawrence Kenyon, and Athton, White Thomas, southw arh, haberdather,
stansheld, Statecliste-within. Accrington, calico print.

Whire T. Chefterheld, luvalerkt. Julyin ers, July 2

Wilby David, offeri, York, cioch masutaturer.
Hockley Arthur Machin, Wickwar, Glocefter, cheef:. Wilfun Richard, Wett Smithne'd, tu cua *
faktor, July 3

Wood Thomas, Here fora, fraruary baser, wing
Hoon williani, Manchewer, cotton mabufa&urer, Wood Thomas, Rochdale, Lancaiter, stano.
July s

Wrigne John, Oldham, Lanca@er, inerce, Jul

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July 16

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With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Charucters recently decenas LARLY in the morning of Thutsday, May ment, and cut his throat with a rares. I

31st, a diabolical attempt was made to as. circunstances were fully investigated by Sassinate the Duke of Cumberland, while in privy Council on Thursday; ani a crert bed in his apartments in St. James's Palace, inquest was held on Friday, wbea theks by one of his valets or pages, an Italian, named tions of the witnesses taken before Mr. !

Joseph Sellis; but not succeeding in his pur Read were read, and the witnesses weer prose, the wretch seturned to his own apart wards called before, and quaisi used by elkera

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