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Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South.

Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly atithenticated, and sent free of Postage, ure alwuys thankfully received. These ere more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceused.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. of workmanship, any thing of the kind ver MARRIED.) At Baneburgh, Captain produced in that part of the kingdon. It is

George Brown, to Misss Helen Blackett, four yards and a half in length, and ihre daughter of Mr. Janies B. of North Sunder. yards and a quarter in breadth; she ceaire land.

exhibits, in the most spirited and correct At Newcastle, Mr. Charles Magnay, to maduer, the family arms, with a bo der of Miss Sarah King, of Pelton.The Rev, Sa. the most exquisite fancy. The buds of roses muel Pollock, of the Low Meeting House, are such as would appear to “breathe ra. North Shields, ro Miss Johnson, daughter of grance all around," were it possible for the the late Captain J.

artist to exalt them with the tints of parure. At Lanchester, Mr. C. M. White, to Miss In short, the loom itself, the beauty, the 'zWhite, daughter of Thomas W. esq. of bric, and the amplitude of the table cloth, Woodlands, Durham.

• exceeds every thing that can be shown ia the At Stockton, Mr. Robert Shortcliff, to north of Eagland. Miss Porrett, daughter of Mr. John P. of Alarriet!.) At St. Bees, the Rer. Dr. Hart Warren, tocar Hartlepool.

Fisher, of Whitehaven, to Miss Watson. At Sunderland, Mr. John Bailey, second At Brigham, Mr. James Cunnion, schoolson of Mr. B. attorney, to Miss Fisher. jpaster, of Pardshaw Hall, to Miss Rebecca

Died.) At Harrowgate House, near Dar- Lancaster, of Dean Scales.
lington, Mr. George Maxson.

At Carlisle, John Edmond Sutton, esq. of
At Durham, Mary, widow of Anthony the parish of Greystock, to Miss M Wila
Grey, 88.-Mrs. Ann Pearson, 84. -The liams, daughter of Mr. William M Williams,
Rev. James Deason, curate or Edmondbyers of the city of Carlisle.
and Pittington, minor Ganoo, sacristan, and At Viswick, Mr. Robert Boardman, of
Jibrarian of the cathedral, 85.

Liverpool, to Misa Heywood, daughter of the
At Newcastle, Mr. Graham.-Mary, wi- late Robert H. esq. of Gelnchrutcherry, Isic
dow of Mr. Jonathan Kidd, 82, Clara, of Mann.
daughter of Mr. Joseph Pollard.-Mrs. Jane At Workington, Mr. A. Johnson, stationet,
Henzell, 91.-Mrs. Esther Swinbank, 89. of Liverpool, to Miss Eliza Kiog.

At Belford, the Rev. Robert M.Eune, 69. Died.) At Todrole, Mrs. Hannah Dixon.
At Hamburn Hall, near Hexham, Mrs. At Eunerdale Bridge, Mrs. Hannan Wil.
At Witton Gilbert, Mrs. Dunn.

At Rischow, near Maryport, Sarah, wilę
At Kingshaw Green, near Hexham, Mrs. of Mr. John Braithwaite.
Cowing, wife of Mr. John C. 76.

Frederic William, third son of the late Sir At Kexham, James, youngest son of the John Brisco, of Crofton Hall. late Mr. Edward Parker.

Ac Morresby, after a long illness, con.
At Sunderland, in her 101st year, Mrs. tracted by bathing when heated, Mr. Chris
Douglass.-Mr. Gardner.

topher Hall, 24.
At Blyth, the Rev. John Thompson, A.M. At Wincham, Mr. Robert Pickshall.

At Douglas, Isle of Mann, Mrs. Brew, 93
At Mr. Pybus's, sen. Chester-le-street, At Upperby, aged 89, Mrs. Ann Simpson,
aged 70, Sir Thomas Conyers, bart. who, af auni to Thomas Simpson, esq. an esiaent
ter a life of much vicissitude, hid lately, by merchant in London, who, greatly to his hou
the kindness of his friends, been placed in a nour, supported her for the last forty years,
situation of comfort and respectability, which she was born and died in the same house.
he lived but a s1101t time to enjoy. Leaving At Stainton, Mr. Thomas Sander, well
no male issue, the ritle becomes extinct. known for several years as eminent in the

profession of bone-satung, and successor to Amongst the full rous improvements of the late Benjamin Taylor. His death was the pr si stage, hat or weavily figures on occasioned by his being overtaken by a chick cluch is cert only rot le east. A double fog in passing over the mountains from Bordadariabie cloth bas woven at White- rowdale co Cockermouth, where he was haven, for tie Contess of Lonsdale, which obliged to remain all right, and a heavy rain is tbought by good judoes to surpass, in point falling during the night, he had so far Lost



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the use of his simbs that he was unable co built upon piling in a very strong and subrunt his heise, (which had stood by the stantial miunner, and reflects great credit on

solo lilir), and when day lighit appeared, the abilities of Mr. Mountain, the architect. le Wr5 wlicet the necessity of making his The principal front is to the north, facing way track again a considerable distance upon Humber street. The principal entrance, in his hnus and knees.

Humber-street, leads to the first and second 16 Carisie, Mrs. Lucy Wilson, 73.--Mrs. tiei of cross boxes, up a very good fight of Lahouse, widow of Mr. L, druggist, 46.- stairs, at the first landing place of which is a Mr leier Staig, 45.--Margaret Strong, 92. convenient loby. The entrance to the pit, cire, odughter of Mr. Adam Armstrong, green-boxes, and mladir gallery, is from ihe 2!).- ir. Henny Shaw, one of the partners passage on the east side the throarre; and the in the foundry under the firm of Nicholson, entrance to the upper gallery from the west avid Co. 44. --Mr. Robert Holliday, many side. Opposite to the doors of the pit, which years mayor's serjeant, 80.-Mrs. Catherine is capable of bolding about 400 persons, are Dioses.

outlets both to the east and west. All the At Penrith, Mrs. Yalders, a lady of dis- doors open ou wards. The interior is very tinguished charity.--Mr. John Dalby, 75.- elegantly fitted up. There are cwo tiers of Mrs. Grace Clementson, many years master diess-boxes, sixteen in each tier, capable of of the Mitre Inn.-Mr. Benjamio Thom.p- acconi moduting nearly 800 persons; green son, 53 - Mr. Robert Scott, 81.

boxes above, on a level with the middle galo At Whitehaven, Mrs. Jane Mellican, 35. lery, which together are calculated to contain -Mrs. Mary Battersby, a naiden lady. 700 speciators; and an upper gallery, runMrs. Watson, 82.- Mr. John Wilkinson. ning round the house, of the same aimede Bella, wife of Mr. John Holmes.-Mrs. sious as the dress boxes, and terminated above Wheatly.--Ann, wife of Mr. W. Blackburn. by an elegant done. The different ciers are -Mrs. Winder.

supported by ten light reeded columns of cast At Workington, Henry Gordon, son of iron; to the tops of these gile brackets will Maitland Falcon, esq.-Mr. William Wil- be attixed, from whence glass and gold chan. son, 56.-Mr. William Martindale, 69. deliers are to be supported. The front of

the boxes and galleries is painted of a pink The following is the annual report of the ground, with etruscan borders, the breadth cloin-searchers of the West-Ricing of the of the whole pannel running round each county of York, terminating March 25, 1801: tier. The boxes are lined with scarlet cloth

Narrow Clorb. Yards. to the height of five reet; the remainder of

151,911 pieces; or 5,951,762 the backs of the boxes is painted a light Last year....144,624

5,309,007 French giey, and neatly panneiled. The

box-coors are lined uniformly with the boxes, Increase 7,287

612,755 and the upper part painted while. A hangBroad Cloth.

some corridor, five tect in widen, runs round . 311,239 pieces; or 9,826,048 the outside, from whence there is an enLast year....279,859

9,050,970 trance into each box, in every door of which

is placed a small glass, through which nearly Increase 31,380

775,078 the wkole of the interior of the house may Total increase in yards 1,417,833 be see.. Round the front of the greca buxes, From the above report, which may be con

and the middle and upper galleries, runs a sidered as a barometer of our staple trade, ic light iron railing, calculated to guard against appears that he woollen mac ufacture of this accidents. The proscenium of the stage is riding has experienced a considerable exten- supported by pillars, in iinitation of yellow sion since March 1809, on a comparison with marble, with an arched top, srom the side of the year terminating at that period. The which, next the stage, hang crimson core exports to the depots of Heligoland and Malo tains, festooned, and ornamented with goid ta, to South America, and even to North fringe. Over the middle of the archi is placed America, have been very large ; and it must the royal arms; on the left are placed the be clear to Bonaparte, that however tight he Dock company's, and on the righe the free. may draw his prohibitory decroes, or how. mason's arms; above, in the groined work eves widely may be extended his continental which supports the dome, are painied the system, such is the spirit of British enter. arms of the corporation of the town and prise, and the ardour of conimercial adsen. Trinity-house, with various trophies, &c. fure, that they are not to be subdued. The stage is 54 feet in depth. On a level

The new Theatre Royal, Hull, was opene with the stage is the green-room, and a small ed on the evening of May 1st. The theatie room for the use of the manager. Below occupies nearly the whole breadth of the these are the dressing-rooms i9r che gentle. ground between Humber. street and a new men ; and above, those appropriated for the street paralial chereto; and is situated about use of the ladies. l.pon the whole, the ap. Dalf way between ihe end of Queen-street pearance of the house is nighly elegant, and

and the south end of the Humber Dock. It the proportions excellent; the scenery is all ci is 125 feet in length, and 60 feet in breadth, completely uew, and executed in a superior

This year.

This year..

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(June 1,

style; and if the performers acquit them. At Arkkey, the Rev. John Dockray, co. selves with that ability which there is rea- rate of túlington, 65. son to expect, both the frequenters of the At York, Mrs. Surrande, relict of the Rev. drama, and the manager, will, in all probabi Mr. S. recror of Sutton upon Derxent, and lity, have reason to rejoice in the changes vicar of Bossall.--Mr. Thomas Carin rigire, which have taken place.

Sate of Carlton, near Penrith, 83.-ia the Married.] At York, Micha:1 Anne, esq. 733 year of his age, Thomas Smith, esq so of Burghwailis, ucar Doncaster, to miss Tas- nior alucrinan of this corporation, 204 salset turgh, of Bodney, Norfolk; in consequence of the city. He served the ofice of steriti of which Mr. Anne ralecs the lady's name. in the year 177 and that of lord mayor in

At Whitgift, Mr. Harrison, of Pockling- 1786 and 1795. Mrs. Rouby, superior of ton, to miss Danser, daughter of Joshua D. the Roman Catholic seminary.- Vr. Jola <sq.

Simmons, 33.
At Bilton Church, the Rev. W. Preston, At Doncaster, Mrs. Mosley:

-r. Here vicar of Bulmer, in the North Riding, to ring, of the Black Bull Inn, which he had Miss Frances Plumer, daughter of Hall P. kept ipwards of haif a century, 74. esq. of Bilton Hail.

At Adwick, Mrs. Coward, 80. At Duffield, Richard Stanley, esq. of Bar- At. She iteld, Mr. James Greaves.-Mr. ber Wood, near Rotherham, banker, to Miss Lowe. Mrs. Cadman.-Mrs. Hobson, wife Thacker, daughter of the late Mr. T. of Mr. Charles Il. --Mrs. Taylor.-Mrs. Raj. Wiln Mills, Derbyshire.

ner.-Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Orton, At Hull, Mr. Stephen Dickinson, solicitor, bookseller, 14.--Mr. W. Wa.ker, 80.-M. to Mrs. Etherington.

Aaron Nicholls, and his wife, Mrs. N. At Kirby Hill Church, Humphry Fletcher, Ac Roiherhan, Mr. Favell, 77. esq. of Boroughbridge, to Miss Arabella At Darnall, Mr. William Smith, 78; and a Smith, daughter of the late Jacob S. esq. of few days afterwards, at the same age, his wife, Humburton.

Mrs. S. At Ripon, Mr Thomas Ayrton, to Miss At the Elm, near Sheffield, Joba Parker, Mary Rawson, youngest daughter of Mr. Ale esq. attorney. derman R.

At Huddersfield, Margaret, wife of Mr. Died.) At Garton in Holderness, Mr. George Ibbotson - Mrs. Stocks. In conseJohn Grashy, celebrated for his skill as a quence of a fal, from a gig, Mr. Newhouse. bone-setter, 82.

At Sheffield, J. Browne, M.D. in the 7011 At Hull, Captain Thomas Thompson. year of his age. He was so generally acd William, only sor of Mr. Richard Parke, one deservedly respected, that on the day of his of the proprietors of the London stage wag. interment, the shops in the principal streets gons, 19.-Mr. William Hessey, 81.-Mr. in Sheffield were shut until 11 o'clock in t le Joseph Wardell, 64.

morning At a public meeting incld. Cute Ai Carbrock, Mrs. Elinor Staniforth, 92. ler's Hall, to consider of the best meins of She was carried to Attercliffe chapel by 19 perpetuating his memory, it was reso, ved grandchildren, and followed by 27 great- thai a marble bust of the doctor shoulde grandchildren. She has left two daughters, placed in the General Infirmary; and a sub the one 70 years of age, and the other 60. scription was opened for defraying the cx

Aged 83, Mr. Proctor Holden, formerly pense. master of the free grammar school at West

LANCASHIRE. house, near Ingleton, Yorkshire. He was The inhabitants of Liverpool hive lately brother to the late Rev.G. Holden, calcula- been visited with an infiimmatory disease of tor of the tide table for Liverpool, and futher the eyes, which has in ney instances piejo of that universal scholar, the late Francis duced blindness. A meeting has been heit Holden, of Trinity College, Cambridge. to consider of the means i establis 17

At Pontefract, Dir. Joseph Johnson, 79. chat town an institution sor the ri.cs and

At Oshwell Hall, near Leeds, Benjamin cure withe diseases of Liat tender organ. Fearnley, esq.

A subscription has has beea open:: 17 the At Leeds, Mr. James Berwick.--Mrs. same town, for the purpose o:counsing a sco Clapham.

minary in this country for the education of At Richmond, llenry Blegborough, esq.

British catholics, the senior aldermar. of that place. He had Married.) Ar Liverpool, Captain fr ho served the office of common.councilman nany Kubley, of the strip, tu liss tiaryears, was elected an alderman above thirty riet Piant-Captain James Gunner, 10 taliza. years since, and served the ofice or mayor berii, daughter of juhis time, e-9. - víc. Kao three times, with great credit to himseit, and berc Meliun, cost-waiter and searcher in the benefit to the corporation.

custorrs at silt, t.155 E Cowell. At Knares boro', Mr. Francis Fairbank, at- At Paestun, Mr. E. satu tursnaw, attori torney.

ney, to Miss Mary Tayloi. At Hessell, Samuel Bean, esq.

Ac Prescot, M. Henry Lickburrow, to Miss At Cottingham, Joseph Milburn, esq. one Southern. of the oldest mastors in the Royal Navy, 75. Át Childwali, A. T. Patterson, esq to

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Miss Ward, daughter of Joseph W. esq. of At Breadsall, Mr. Charles Houghton, 36.
Summer Hill.

At Chesterfield, Mr. Joseph Santers.
At Manchester, the Rev. W. Salmon, to At Castleton, Mr. Robert Howe, many
Eliza, third daughter of George Uppleby, esq. years bar-master of the mineral court in the
of Barrow Hall, Lincolnshire.

High Peak, 86.
Near Manchester, Mr. Robere Rippon, of At Ashborne, Mr. Jolin Bailey, 52.
Lanchester, Durham, to Hannah, fourth At Eckington, Mr. Ralph Hodgkinson,
daughter of Mr. Christopher Walton, of formerly an eminent drugzist of Sheffield, 66.
Worsley Old Hall.

At Wirksworth, Mr. John Winson, post-
Died.] At Manchester, Samuel Rawlin.

master, 71.
son, esų. son of the late Abraham R. esq. of
Lancaster. Mr. Makee, 66.

Married.] At Ruddington, Mr. Hadfield,
At Longford, of a mortification (proceed- of Gidding Grove, Huntingdonshire, to Miss
ing from a gathering in the thumb, which Barker.
he had improperly treated) James Lee, aged

At Holm Pierpoint, Robert Warren, esq. 66, a very faithful and trusty servant for licutenant in the 4th or Royal Irish Dragoon thirty years; and on the next day, of a fe- Guards, to Miss Donnithorne, daughter of ver, in consequence of attending her husband, the Rev. Thomas Donnichorne. Eleanor, his wife, 60.

Died.) At Nottingham, Miss Barnett, sisAt Gateacre, Mrs. Ann Turton, 42. ter of Mr. B. bookseller.-Mr. Dixon, 36.

At Garstang, Mrs. Winder, wife of Mr. Mrs. Rose, of the Pheasant public-house, 27. W. of the Royal Oak Inn.

Aged 72, Mr. William Doubleday Crofts, At Preston, Mrs. Maria Bache.

attori ey at law; who, in the year 1778, At Chorley, Mr. John Hawkeshead, eldest completely rung St. Mary's ninth bell 7 hours son of Mr. Robert H. 27.

and 22 minutes, being one of the most Here At Everton, Thomas, son of Thomas Bate- culean tasks in the art; the peal was 10,368 man, esq. 18.

changes of grandsire Crofts, on the peal of tea At Cheetwood Strangeways, Mr. Thomas bells --Mrs. Tillard, widow of the Rev. Lithgow, 72.

Richard T. vicar of Wirksworth, 65.
At Liverpool, Mr. Robert Robinson, of Near Farnsfield, Mr. Wright, 98.
the Crown and Anchor Tavern, 37.-Mrs. At East Retford, Mr. William Brumby, of
Benson, 75.- Mr. G. M*Knight, 60.-Mr. Stockwith, near Gainsboro', 23.
William Tilletson.- Mr. Thomas Maddock,

principal clerk to the proprietors of the Old Married.] At Hornsea, the Rev. James
Quay Company. - Mrs. Ann Ankers.- Mr. Wilson, curate of the perpetual curacy of
Joseph Side --Mrs. Griffiths, 31. - Mrs. Nunkeeling, to Miss Jane Burrell.
Welsby ---Mr. Joseph Lowe.

At Lincoln, Mr. John Smith, of WhiteleAt Great Soughall, Mrs. Webb, eldest sea, near Peterborough, surgeon and apothedaughter of the late alderman Astie, of Ches- cary, to Miss Jane Straw, eldest daughter of ter, 55.

Mr. Alderman S. At Croston, Mrs. Elizabeth Master, daugh- At Horncastle, Aaron Congreve Horne, ter of the late Leigh M. esq of New Hall, 85. gent. of Woolshaw, Warwickshire, to Miss

Berry, of Ryton, in the same county. Married.] The Rev. Mr. Brown, of Presto At Harmston, near Lincoin, Thomas bury, to Frances Ann, daughter of the late Kitchen, esq. of Greetwell, to Susan, daughWilliam Hulton, esq.

ter of the late Charles Clark, esq. of Red Died ] At Stockport, Mrs. Parker, 60. Hall. At Chester, Mr. Robert Newell, mer.

At Stamford, Hamiltoa Fulton, esq. to chant, - joseph Duke, esq.

Miss S C. Martin.
At Over, Mr. Thomas Woollam.

At Boston, Mr. John Mewburn, surgeon,
At Neston, William, second son of Dr. of Whitby, to Miss Moore. -Charles Tun-
Thomson ; and the same night, Mrs. T. wife nard, esq. of Frampton, to Miss Claypon,
of the latter.

daughter of B. C. esq. banker.

Died.) At Lincoln, Mrs. Buckworth, re. Married.] Ac Chesterfield, Mr. Francis lict of the late Rev. Dr. B. of Washingbon Sheldun, printer and bookseller, to Miss Ara- rough. By her death, the Mistresses Buckbella Hardy

wortli, of St. Martin's, Stamford Baron, ac-
At Brampton, near Chesterfield, John quire a property of 60,000). Mrs. Widdow-
Barnes, esq. of Ashgate, to Miss Clay, of sun, wife of Mr. William W. of the Rein

Deer Inn.-Mr. Richardson.—Mr. Robert
At Pentrich, Thomas Pearson, esq. of Squires.--Mr. Mordecai Moses. The intant
Southwingfield, tu Miss Royston, of Codnor chiid of R. Terrewest, esq.

At Sutterton, near Boston, Charlotte, wife
Died.] At Derby, Mr. James Johnson, of the Rev. Dr. Hutton, vicar of the furrass
65.- Mrs. Ann Allkin, 80 - Arthur, young, place, 30.
est son of Mr. Agard, of Borrowash Mills, 14. A Morton, Mr. Thomas Cawks well.
At Wingerworth, Mr. Joseph Hinde. At Louth, Mrs. Aan Richmond, 74.







Leicester-Staford-Warwickshire. [June i, At Waddington, Mrs. James.

Died.] At Darlasron, Mary, wife of the At Gainsbroo, Mr. Luke Williamson.-M. Rev. John Waltham, rector of that parish, John Cox, captain of the brig Gainsbro'packet 75. Newcastle trader, 35.

At Etruria, Mrs. Hopewond. At Stamford, Mrs. Royston. 73.- Mr. At Alrewas, -Mr. Juha Clark, schoolmate Lawrence Redmill, 80.--Mr. Booth, 72. ter. At Syston, Mr. Fridlington, 86.

At Tuinstall, Mr. Samuel Cartledge, At the Retreat, Bag En!c:by, near Horn. At Gnosall, Mr. Peter Lees. castle, 8n, William Elmhirot, esq. He was At Cheddleton, Lieut. William Smith, of of an ancieni 12 mily in Yorkshire, had resided the Salop militia, 19 many years at Stainby, and was very well At Wallsall, Mr. Mary Bolton. known in that part of the country, as a man At Shenstone Mill, near Lichfield, Mr. of strict integrity of character, and possessing Thomas Marshall. much practical agricultural knowledge.

At Burtou on Trent, Mary Baxter, 94At Crantham, Mrs Gailoway, 71. Mary Billington, 85.- John Richards, 89. At Castor, in consequence of the bursting They were all interred on the same day. of a blood vessel, i he Rev. William Harrison, Ac Barlaston, Mr. James Taylor, 67. A.M. son of th Rev. Mr. H. vicar of Win. At Hanley, Mrs. Simpsdo terton, and of Great Limber, 34. He was a At Freeford, Mrs. Dyott, relict of Richard fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and D. esq. 83. an excellent scholar.

At Brockton Grange, Martha, youngest At Holbeach, John Thomas, M.D, many daughter of Thomas York, geot. years an eminent surgeon of that place. At Basford, Mr. Tilsey.

Married.) At Haliaton, the Rev. J. Ows- Married.) At Sutton Coldfield, Mr. Bow. ley, rector of Blascon, to Miss Read.

yer Vaux, of Birmingham, to Miss Browns, At Thenidgworth, Mr. Edward Butlin, of Sutton Park. jun. woolstapler, of Hollowell, Northampton- At Birmingham, Mr. Edward Short, attorshire, to Mary Ann, only daughter of Mr. ney, of Solihull, to Miss James, daughter of John Harris.

the late Rer. John J. master of the free grande Ac Knighton, William Knox, esy. of Carl. mat school, in Birmingham. ton Curlieu, to Christian Ann, eldest daugh- At Salford, John Slatter, esq. to Miss Sater of Henry Coleman, esq. of Scony Gate rah Haywood, eidest daughter of John H. House.

esq. At Lockington, the Rev. Henry Knight. At Hazelor, Mr. W. Butler, sorgeon, to ley, rector of Byfield, Northamptonshire, to Miss Haynes, eldest daughter of John Jordaa Jane Diana, third daughter of the Rev. Phim H. esq. liy Story.

At Coventry, Mr. J. S. Tidmas, of Leeds, Died.] At Leicester, Miss Inglesant, el- to Miss Clarke. dest daughter of Mr I-Mr. Jolin Ireland, Died.] At Birmingham, Miss j mima printer, 63.-Mr. Philips, late of Bellesdon. Smith.-Mr. John Taylor, 77.--Mr. Riche, -Mr. Ball, late of Norton, by Twycross, 93. ard Faves, the first person that love a wago He could read the smallest print without gon and team from this town te Londoa, 83. glasses, and retained his faculties unimpaired -Mr. Henry Ames, 64-M brose Tibo to the last momen:.-Mr. Wallin.

betts, 73. - Mrs. Richards. je zana, daughAt Langton, Miss S. E. Morpott, daughter ter of Mr. George Freer, surgeon.As. of John M. esq. 15.

Eizabeth Porteus, widow of the Rev. Mr. P. At Belgrave, Miss F. Wright, second late of Mineaton, 84.-Mr. Owen, solicitor, daughter of the late Captain W.

of Atherstone. Travelling on the outside At Dunton, Mr. Watts.

of the royal Liverpool coach, the vehicle At Castle Donington, Thomas Fisher, esq. overset, about five miles from that town, by 84.

which accident he was so much hurt that be At Sapcote, Mr. Abrahanı Nurse, 69. expired in two hours.

Ac Rushy Fields, near Woodhouse, Mr. At Sutton Coidfield, Mr. Charles Greate William Whittie.

rex, many years an eminent druggist in Bir.
At Melton Mowbray, Mr. John Dixon. mingham.
Ac Ullesthorpe, near Lutterworth, Mr. Al Coventry, Mr. William Bache.--Mr.
William Simonds.

Mary Carter, 28.

At Lapworth, Eliza, wife of the Rer.
Married.) "At Newport, Mr. Oliver, of James Way, rectos of Adworth, Warwics-
Stafford, to Miss Thompson, eldest daughter shire.
of J. T. esq.

At Edgbaston, Mrs. Jones, 70. "At Taraworth, R. Garnett, esq. of Man- At Hillmorton, agea 74, Mr. Edward Abchester, to Miss Lyon.

bot, farmer; a man of gooj morals, strict At Uttoxeter, Mr. W. Bennett, of Apeton, probity and integrity; much disposed to alle to Caroline Amelia, youngest daughter of viate the distresses of the pour during the the late Mr. Sampsoa Bennett, of the Parks. whole of his litc. He has bequeathed 1301


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