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The following resolutions, passed by ral struggle is a certain evidence of the little the Ward of Farringdon Without, are

influence the people possess in that honorable inserted as a summary of the reasonings House. That they believe the representation adopted in the popular questions, at issue

of the people in Parliament is unequal, defia between the country and the majority of cient, and now manifestly inadequate to the

security of the subject ; that it appears unthe House of Commons.

contradicted upon their journals, that seats ia 1st. Resolved-Thac in the 29th chapter the honorable the House of Commons are noof Magna Charta it is declared, “that no coriously sold and bartered ; that a majority freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned, or be in that honorable House may be at all times, disseized of his freehold or liberties, or free with perfect facility, procured and purchased, customs, or to be outlawed or exiled, or any by any set of ministers, with the ready means otherwise destroyed; nor will we not pass of places, pensions, sinecures, patronage, and upon him, nor condemn him, buc by lawful jobs; as only 154 powerful individuals, peers, judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land, and others, return 307 members for England

2d. Resolved-That the committal of Mr. and Wales; and the representation of Scotland John Gale Jones, and Sir Francis Burdett, to and Ireland is equally corrupt: that by means prison, during pleasure, by the order of the of the majorities thus obtained, public dehonorable the House of Commons, for sup- faulters have not only been exculpated, but posed libels, appears to this Ward meeting suffered to enjoy the fruits of their nefarious an unreasonable and illegal assumption in conduct, and retain their seats in that honoratheir own cause, of the accumulated offices ble house. and power of accuser, juror, judge, and ex 6ch. Resolved - That this ward meeting ecutioner.

declares its entire approbation of the conduct, 3d. Resolved-That the late assumption resolutions, and petition, of the livery of Lonof undefined privilege by the Honorable the don, in their last Common Hall; that this House of Commons will, in effect, abolish meeting avails itself of this first opportunity that bulwark of our liberties, trial by jury, to express its abhorrence of the seditious atwill supersede the Habeas Corpus act, will tempts of a band of contractors and venal jobannul the Bill of Rights, and the wholescme bers, to decry all public spirit; and to induce provisions of Magna Charta.

the timid and the weak to join in libellous 4th. Resolved-That the exercise of ille declarations against !heir fellow.citizens, and gal power naturally engenders violence, riot, the venerable magistracy of our city. commotion, and ultimately revolution ; that 7th. Resolved-That for those accumulated the introduction of the standing army to en evils and calamities, one only remedy offers force the arbitrary warraot of the speaker of itself; namely, a full, fair, and free, reprethe House of Commons, has already produced sentation of the people in Parliament. the most deplorable calamities ; our sacred 8th. Resolved-That this ward meeting charters have been violater, the blood of do hereby instruct their representatives is peaceable passengers have been spilled, and Common Council to promote and support in our fellow-citizens have been murdered in our that court all legal measures whatever, that streets; and this ward meeting entertain a may be proposed to procure the liberation of fervent hope, that any future attempts to in. Sir Francis Burdett and John Gale Jones; and troduce arbitrary power, to excite violence for that necessary and indispensable object, a and riot, and to goad the people into resistance radical reform in the Commons House of Pare and commotion, may, by the steady, firm, and liament. wise, conduct of our countrymen, be foiled.

9th. Resolved-That the thanks of this 5th. Resolved - That this ward meeting meeting are due to Sir Francis Burdert, for trembles for the consequences probable upon bis manly and constitutional resistanc: to opthis conflict between the people and the pric pression, and for his learned and legal argu. vileges of the House of Commons; and they ment in favor of the unalienable rights of the aver it to be their opinion, that this unnatu- people.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and Dividends, announced betreen

the 20th of April and the 2017 of May, értructed from the London Guzetles,

(The Solicitor's Names are between Parers beses.)
DAMS Churles, Pancras lane, Lordon, mercbant.

(Gale and son, Bedford rect, Bedford row
Adams Edward Geurge, High Areet, St Mary-le bone,

apothecary. (Becket and Weale, Broad itrect, Gol.

den fquare AAbell Juleph, and William Frankum, Reading, woolleadrapers,

(Bike, Reading and Eyre, Gray's ina Fywart

Arnold William, Cranbourn. partage. Leicetter-fields,

linen draper. (Tinfot, Chathain Place Blackfria's Atkinson William. Autin Fjars, merchant. (Palmer,

Tomlinsou and Thumfon, Cuptball court
Auttin Jono Kaptit, Kentish Town, diuerit. (Mat.

thewan Randall, Calle freet. Hulboru
Beft Edward, jun. Birmingham, merchant. (Wrarsley,

mingham, and Swaine, Stevens and Maples, old Jewry Bush wilian, Aliwick, Somerset, dealer. (Bachellor

ang Potts, St jean's inn Bu xron 'i bomas, Derby. Diercer. (Kinderley, Long and luce, Gray's in, and Greaves, Derby




Canolford William, George areet, Oxford ftreet, baker Leach Mary, Preton, Lantafter, dealer in earthenware. (Powball Staples inn

(Troughton, Preton, and Hurd, Temple Chantier Thomas Harford, Chelter. banker. (Leirh and Lee George, Sunninghill, Berks. builder. Malon, New Bridge treet, and Banker, Northwich

Egham Hithe, Surry, and Taylor, fiel court, Gray's Child Francis, Merpeth, urthumberland, Ikinner.

inn (Harvey, Newcale-upun-Tyne, a ud Wortham, Calle Lemare Robert, Nine Eims, Surry, Brewer. rect, Holborn

Southwark Chinery John, Great Mary le bone ftreet, grocer. (Wet. Limbrick Thomas. Hawkesbury, Glocefter, linee draper, tig, Duke Areet, Portland place

Price and Willians, Lincoln's ion, 2nd Acties Clayton Thomas, Bollington, Chelter, vifualler. Browne, Chipping odbury Macclesfield, and Wright and l'ickering, Temple Long James, Grove Areet, Deptford, victualler.

(Peas Cohen Aiher, Manchestr. merchant. (Higfon, Mag. fon, Temple chefer, and Els Chancery lane

Lyon Joha, Richmond, Surry, sadler. (Putz, Srapie Collens Wiliam, Franth a to Suiry, polterer. (Turner, Etwarditreet, Cavendith Ryuare

Macduft Charles, Church Areet, Blackfriars, ferirent. Colwill Charles, Leicester syuaie, cabinet maker. (WII (Beckett, Cleinent's ion liams, Cuiksor treet

Machin John, Tottenham Court Road, au&ioneer. wu. Cooper Edmund, Hendon, Middlesex. carpenter. (Pat. rand and Wood, Caftle court, Budge ro tell, Crufs Atrect, latton Garden

Mahony Dennis, Tottenham Couro Rad, victualet. Court Charles, Cambridge row, Hackney road, merchant. (Whitton, Great James Atreet, Bedford row (Doid, Billiter ane

Martin Rubert, Grave feud, carpenter. (Ware, Black Cux James and John Smith, Mancheter, auctioneers. man aree, Southwark

(Wallis. Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warnford court, and Matthew Abrahain Shaftesbury. Dorfet ironmonger, Hellop. Malheit er

(Srephens, Bristol, and S*iet and stokos, laser Crankthaw i numar late of Charlton Areet, St. Mary.le.

Teinple bine, painter,

but DOW a prisoner in Newgate. Matthews James, Hertford, mcalman, (Band and Fair Morgan, Bedford row

banks, cething lane Davenport James, Gracechurch ftreet. dealer.

(Parton, Mitchell William, Turn wheel lane. London, fugar-fader. Walbrook

(Osbaldefton, Little Tunder Areet Davie Samuel, Lyme, Dorret. vintner. (Fisher, Lyme, Moluy Jofeph, late of Monmouittreet, clothes falcfaan, alid Swale and Heelis Staple inn

but now a prisoner in Gilupur êtreet Cornptur. Coote, Davies Daniel. oid ftreet, victualler. (Parnell and Rufo Autin Friars fes Church freet, Spitalfields

Monrow Jofeph William. Gosport, pork butcher. (Bient Day James, Commercial road, merchant. (Day and H+ dale Alexander and Holine, New lon, and Crick merton, Lime ftreet

Thank, Gorport Dennison William, Winterhourne Steepleton, Dorset. Morris Richard, Lyne, Somerset, dealer ia crde. butcher. (Ru Tell. Beaminster

(oys, Bridgewater, and Millert and Son, Miwile Devey Richard, Stourbriste, Worcester upholsterer. Temple lane (Brettel. Stourbridge

Neve George Laws, Ipswich. linen-draper. (Brade and Durnik william Everhard Marcus Von, Edmund Griffith

Nutcutt, Ipfwich, and Flixney. Chancery lape aud Jeremian Donovan, Well Areet. Wellclore Square, Newman Robert. Uxford ftreet, iiden araper. (Tucker manufacturers of patent foap. (Seymour and Mop. Bartlett's buildinga. triou, Margaret Mreet, Cavendish square

Nicholls James, Gray's inn, (criveneri (Tyrreu ass Douglas William, Ware, Herts, checleitunger. (Parton, Francis, Guildhall Walbrook

Oakley William, Church @reet, Hornsy down, Surry, Duckworth Thomas, Parhold, Lancaster, victualler, wolftapler. (Burrows and Vincent, Balinta Hournbun, Ormskirk, and Windle, John Areet, Bed

treet ford row

Oram John, High ftreet, Southwark. cbeefemoager. Dye Ifaac, Gray's ino lane, victualler. (Hackett, Bear. (willett and Annesley, Finsbury fquare binder lane

Owen Daniel, Red Bank and Heley, Laucafter, chemia. Dyfon Robert Greaves, Rosemary lane, vi&ualler. ( Whit. Crump and Lodge, Liverpool and Baltye, Chaucery ful, Great James itreet, Bedford puw

lane Eccles Henry, Beverley, 'York, curnfactur. (Hall, Parry Thomas Sefton, Charlotte Arect, Portlase place, Beverley

money-fcrivener. (Dixon, Natau areet, Sodo Edwards amuel, Mark lane, merchant. (Palmer, Tom. Pawlett Daniel, Nottingham, tall.w.chandler. Jintins and Thomson, Copthal court

and Bell, Holborn court, Gray'iun, and State Tenwick George, Mary le-bone, veterinary surgeon. Nottingham (Warn, Couk's Cuurl, Carey ftreet

Payne James, Weft square, Southwark, army-contracor. Tewter James, Liverpool, joiner. (Blackstock, London, (Greyfur'and Dixon. Angel court. Throga tus treet ana Murrow, lirerpool

Peacock Gecrre, Skinner ftreet, Bittopfgate. (Beaurain, Totter William, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, merchant. Uhion treet, Bithupfsate

(Brown and Marris, Barton-upun-Humber, and Grey, Pollard John, Ellaod. York, woolfapler. (Hartie, Setties Gray's inn Siuare

York, and Swale and Heelis, Staple's inn Gee William, Hampitead road, tope meron. (Warrand Pook William, jun, Wick and Abfun, Gloceler, paper and wood, Calle court, Bridge row

makers. (stevens, Bristol, ect and S.okes Goodall Thomao, Surry fouare. merchant.


Templo Tumlinions and lowon, Copthall court

Po.ter William Jun. Nottingham,

Alapp and Gorsuch Thomas, Peter Arlet, Cow Cron, cheeremonger, Wells, Nottingham, and Taylor. . Curt, Gras'

(Pullen, Fore ftreet Gouden juleph, souri ftreet, Weft fquare, Lambeth, vice Raitt James, Dartmouth er tualler. (Lucas, Webber ftreet, St. George's Fields

(Thackray Greaves Thomas, Mull, ironmonger. (Edió, Chancery

Reah William, Sunderland,

leather lane, and Anderfun, Hull

(Blakinon, Symond's inn, T. aprove, BjDn Green Benjamin Ailkew, York, cattle jobber, (Janfon,

wearinouth Bedale, aod Loving on, and Hall, 1 emple

Reeve Richard, and William David Jones, Vere areet, Gribble Nelson, Crescent, St George the Martyr, Surry, stationers. (Goode, Howland irect, Totter dealer. (Walker, Oid Jewry

Court Road Hallen William Wolverhampton, woollen-yarn manufac. Reid Thomas Hayward Mark, Red Lion freut, Ho bers, turci. (Jefon, Wolverhampton

thoemaker. (Druce, Billiter luare Harritun Thorns, Camomile areet, Aationer,

(Evitt Reid Juhn, Frith Areet, Soho, grocer. (High DHTE, and Rixon. Maydon square

Ely Place Natheld Joseph, iccles, Lancafter, cotton manufacturer. Remington John), St. Ives, Huntingdur, liyor merchant.

(Bariere and willon, Manchester, and Willis, Fair (Alexander, New fquare, Lincoln's inn thorne and Clarke, warntord court

Roberts John. Welford, Glucerer, baker and miller. Marley Thon's, Waflock, Oxford, hatter.


(Phillips, Evesham, Worcetter. and Boufield, Boutit Alexander and Hulme, New Inu, and Meredith, bire ftreet, London mingham

Rolio fon William, Little Barnberk, Sratford, Heydun John, York ftreet, Covent Garden, tailor. (Dun. (Biddle, Wolverhampton, and smart and Thomas, comes, Lyon's inn

Staple'a ina Hobin Elizabeth, Beverley, York, dealer and chapman. Rooke Thomas, Bengeo, Merts. farmer. (Green asd (Campbell, Heverley

Son, Ware, and Grech, Clifford's ino Hunt Francis Britton, butcher, (Clarke and son, Bris. Rushton John, Manchester, cotton-dealer. (Lugo, Mag tol, and James and Abbott, New Inn

cherter. and Ellis, Chancery lane Hutchinfon John. Lamb's Conduit Areet, Sayer John, Sherson, wi'ts. inen-draper (Stereon (Keene Burrival's in

Bristol, and sweet and stokes, Temple
Jackson Ralph, Millitreet, Hanover square, china and Sherwood Mary, Knottingley, York. hardware-

glats felice (Dixon, Allen, and Reit, Paternotter TOW and Paul Sherwood, Dardwaremas.
Johnton William, and Nevill Bowne, Fit ftreet hit, Pickering, Temple, and Bingley, Snarth, York

Frocer. {Swain, Stevens and Maples, Old Jewiy Silverlock william, Newport, Idle of Wight, Kauttman Chritian Henry, New Loncun freet, Crutched maker. (Griffiths, ewport

Friars, merchant. (Oakley, Martin's iade, Caanan Simpton Richard, Great Bell Alley, merchast. (Antice ftreet

and Cox, Temple Kay 'I bomas, Birmingham, factor. (Webb aud Tyndall, Smith Richard, Liverpool, upholderer. (Mumbe, Li Birmingham

verpool Kenrick jenn, King Areet, Soho, money-scrivener. (Han Stevenfon Thomas, Snow's Fields. Bermondsey. ton, Dorfctitreet, Fleet Artet

wood, Canterbury square, southwark Kirk Ribad, Tartford, vidt u aller. (Ware, Blackman Storey Jofeph and Robert, St. Margaret s hil, Southwark strect, Southwark

lined-diapers. (Parton, Walurook Xrule Adam, Union court, Broad freet, mercbant. Stork Jolin, jun, Hull, grocer. IEEL& ad Son, Lla.

(t'aimer, Tumhafans and Thompfun, Copthall court colo's inn, 400 Haire, Hull



May 19


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Taylor Thomas. City road, vidualer. (Allingham, St. Crean Edward. Margaret Arect, Cavendith Square, care luha's square

penter, Mey 5 Teburt Joha, Nottingham, dealer and chapinan.

Crout William, Charlotte Areet, Rathbone place, linea dlemre a sd Percy, Nottingham, and Macluugal and draper. June Hunter. New Square, Lincoln's inn

CulMax Ralph, Wrightington, Lancaster, coal merchant, TUI wilan, White in freet, Peptonville, merch 206. May 1 !Kourdil ou and Hewitt, little Friday itrict

Cuminins John, Liverpool shoemaker, May 18 Tomkins Samuel, Torcciterflax. fler. (Lon. Wor. Dari s Gorc Cranbuurn truet, Leicester Fields, linea cefter, Aud Williams, Quali'y count Chambots, Chan.


iay 22
cery lane

Penny john, Barbican, atationer, funes
Tooke Ifaac, and Augufus Todd, Str.41!, wine merchants, Dickinson William, Newark, Norts. banker, May re

(Wadefhn, Barlow. and Grove it. ", sustin Friars Pocker Henri Deriiend. Kirmingham, June
Toop Elizabeth, ortmouth, fali maker. (Ware, Diack

Dudfon Gews, Nurchowram, York, horre dealer,
man die Southwark
Turn rniin, Market Railin, Lincoln Brucer. R. Ter Duwland William. Devizes, draper. Juner
and Son, Xarlers's buildings, London, and Dickension,

Doyle James, Covent Garden, cbina and glass man,
Tyndale Jorepb, Circus Areet, St Mi'y la bonne, com Drury James Francis, Clerkenwell Green, brass founder.
miffon broker. Richardfon. New 10

May is
Veickener Juhn Frederis Ankel court, Throgmorton Dutton' Jofeph, Burwardsley, Chelter, cheefefi tor,
#reer, inerchant. I Abbur, OT road free!

June 1a
Wallis john coper, white burie yrit, Coleman #treet, Edgington Richard the elder, Abingdon, Berks. hemp
s and Auples, old jowy

Danufacturer. June 19
Wellings Thomas, Church laae. Whitechapel, partiter.

Elliott George, Liverpool, merchant, May ar
(Fillingham. Vniou treet, Whitechanel

Endin Abrabara Gompert, Ports nuuth, nopkeeper,
Wharton Charles, Norwich. Chcier, liquor merchant. May is
(lieb and Malun, New Bridge Breet, and Barker,

Eoror iliac, Bath, procer, July it

Fola Wihan Cherry Garden Areet, Bermondsey, timber
Wharton George, Northowram. York, calico 1994 merchas May 19

fadurer (Evans, Halton Garden, and Crosby, Ford Paul Luward, Howland Mews Weft, hackneymang

May 16
Why e Neal, and Alexander Graham, Birmingham, mullin Foriter Pexall, Yarmouth, Norf ik, hookseller, May 21

dealers. (Rack ack. Loudun, and Murrow, Liver. Frost James, Gof weil ihreet, brass-founder, May 19

Garrard Samuel, Watling Breer warehousemnan, June 16
Willams Thoma, Denbigh, draper. (Chesthyre and German wiluam. Arift l,'yler, June 15
Walker, Manche

Gilbert William, Chirwell åreet. Kracer. June 9
Williams William, Wett Smithfield, cutier. (Syddall, Ginger job, Pircadilly, book felier. Juus?
Ald rente treet

Greethan Chari.s. Liverpool, merchao: June 13
Wood Jolin White Cross Areet, vi&tualler. (Whitton, Grey Abfalom, Pleat areet, inain's in TC« June 1
Great Jam ftreet, Bedford tow

Harcourt Wiljan, Norwich, linen draper, Sures
Woorward Williain, Fore Areet, carpenter. (Taylor, Harper Gillies Macocia alexinder. Laungwo:d, York,
Fore Atreet

fix dresse:, May 19

Harr willam and Henry Southmier, Denmark treet, DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED.

Ratclinto Highway, lugarrenuers, May 16

Harritun James Parke, St. Bees, Cuinberland, cotton
Ainsworth George, Warrington, Lancaster, copperfinith, Hayes william. Kilburna Middlesex. brickmaker, May 22

, May 15
Aintworth George. Warrington, and John Stepheus, Li-

Hecins Christopher Waison. Plymouth, lipca diaper, verpool, coppersmiths, June 11

June 18
Joho. Paiform, Rotherhithe, coal merchant,

Higfor James and Thomas Talker, Liverpool, linen
June 21

drapers, June 6
Allen Edward and Isaac Hancock, Britol, navy contractors, Hillar itenry, biaymarket, umbrella maker. May 29
June 2

Hi die Joni, scatecliffe within Acerington, Lancaster,
Allfopp John, Winchester, filk weaver, May 19

calicu printer, May 2y Althim William, Tokenho ise yard, bruker, July 2

Hin le wiliam, Statecliffe withio Acerington, calico Annandale John, and Edmund Jacklyo, Dowgate hill,

printer, y 29 ras merchants June :

Hindi Joni ani William, Laurence Kenyon, and Athron Armett Thomas, Ra bow, Cheier, cotton spinner,

stansfield, Statecliffe within Acerington, caico priate Junie

ers, May 29 Amby Richard, Ur'ridge. innkeeper. J'ine 9

Hitchcock James, other wife David James. Jo fue de Prado

and Peter Athley Juhn Gregory, Glocefter Terrace, commercial

Groves, white read merchants. Hull,
Roa Jane 1

May 18
Amon Thomas, Stamford, linen draper. May 17

Holmes Jofeph, Underbank in Woo!dale, York, merchant,
Bailey J feph. Long acro. lace manufa durer. My 19

June 11
Baker Charles, Saville.row, Lambeth, Hour factur,

Hope Peter. Liverpool. merchant, May 27

Mopkins Thomas John. Chigwell, Edex, brewer. June 26
Bailman Margaret, Corse Mullen, Dorset, miller,

Horiey Richard, Epfim. piirk butcher May 19
May is

Hou John, Bridport ironmonger, May 17
Barrett William, Broad freet, London, merchant,

Huwel: Maine, Stratheid says, hants, farme, June 8
June 2

Hudrun joines, Watline aree', morchant, April 24
Baster jor, Strand, tailor May 19

Huttler Jaines, Wetton Colvide, Cambridge, farmer,
Be'l williun, Balaghall kreet, baize factor, May 12

May 29
Berridge William, Maiden lane, Wood Arect, hofier, Infkipp Jaines, jun. Hartle, Suffer, June 2?
June 16

Jackton Henry, Mincing lant, inerchant, May 1s
Plakey George, fen. Stepney, thip owner, May 29

Jenkins Thinas. and Thomas Frederick Wollen, High
Bowles Anthony Thomas, and Thomas Williams, Kent

ftreet. Soith wark, linen drapers May 16 Areet, Southwark, grucers, June 16

Johns Richard, jui. Truro, victuall.r. Mayo

johnson John, Great Baddow, Edex, carpenter, May 16 Brouk s Joseph Liverpool, trewer. June Browa John, Long la e, Bermain dley, tanner, June

Johnson William Catlen, and Joon Hillbire, Huntingdong
Huyan William, White Lion court, Birchin lane, mer.

crapers, June 2
May 19

Jogos Thomas, Glorefter, horfe dealer, ay ng
Buck William, st, Mary at Hill, Londun, merchant, Kerricon Thomis, Allday,

Norwich, banker. June 6

Jonilia !, Yerdley Liverpool. fiour dealer. May 36
May 29
Bulien' william, Bow lane, Cheapfide, warehousemao, King Francis, Eat Sheen, Sury, baker, Nay 26
May 19

Kirton John, Gray's inn fcrivener, June 1
Butler Nathaniel lies, and Benjamin Butler, Painfwick,

Koighe Edward, Horney down la e, likheeran, May 19
Glouceler, cluthiers, May su

Lance William, Grove, serks woniQapler, June 19
Calver James, Brok üreet, Ratcliffe, vidvaller, May 19 Leach w. Hortun, York, Woolf: ap!:r, Jure
Calveri Willian, Liverpool merchant, June 4

Lilley Wetheld, St. John Arect, Clerkenwel, linea
Canning John, kirmingham plater, June 2

craper, June 9 Cart Thornas, Oxford grocer, June 1

Linging Levi Samuel, Green Lettuce lane, merchant,
Carter John, Clapham, malun, May 19

June 2
Chabaur Henry, Pumberee freet, Bloomsbury, Jeweller, Linking Levi Samuel, and Wiliam Henry L.. Green Let.
May 5

tuce lane, merchants. June 2
Champion Foice, Beech Areet, Barbican, boot maker,

Lomnitz Jofeph Benjamin, and Wolff Rilton, Fenchurch
June 7

Arect, merchants, Mayis
Charlton Cornelius, Lill Farleigh, Kent yeoman,

Lurcu Taumas, sittingbourn, Kent, woullen draper,
June 13

May 19
Charnayn Jonn, Heston Norris, Lancaster, check magu Lyan Thomas, Liverpool, mchant, May 15
facturer, May 17

Macdovaugh Owen, Albany Tavern, St. Jafnes's, vi&tualter,
Clark ton John, Mount Row, City Road, coal merchant,

June 5
May is

Martin Henry, Wallingford, Berks. linen draper. Jube :
Clayton William, Dockhead, surry, grocer, May 19

Martja Jono Loath Lincolu thip carpenter. June 15
Conder Joseph Pavement. Muor felds, paper banger,

Mills Jame and Jiha. Wood in Sadolcfworth York. mer.

chants, May 19
May 11
Cooper James, Ep forti Surry, brewer, June 26

Mofs luho. Huit boat builder. May 11
Cotton L. Fenchurch Hreet, merchant, June 1

Myles John. Omful, Cheter. corn factor, Jode 6
Cutton Thomas Grove, Hackney, 'Infurance broker, vakley Francis. Hereford, would apler. May

May 11

Okie John Pickwick, Lancaster, and Wilbam Waltba.
Cowishaw Charles, Athborde, Derby, grocer, May is

Liverpool. inercbant 9. Nay as


May 29

Orme Will'am, Charles ftreet. Middle rexbook reller.

May 31
Pasteur Joho Lewis. $:oney Stratford. Bucks. grocer.

June 2
Payne William. Great Carter Jane. Dator's Commons.

June a
Pearto William. Old Painthaw. Durham. xrocer. May 16
Pocklington Roner, Winthorpe Notts. baker, May 12
Pocklington Roger Winthorpe. and William Dickinson.

Newark basikers. May 12
Pope Willian Weltbury-upon-Severn. Glocefer, dealer in

pies. June 2
Poulpit Richard, Brook Laft lane. Bermondsey. coal

merchant. June : 1
Powell Edwin, ismingham. japanner. June 1
Raiftrick Samnel Idle. York, clothier. June 11
Ranfon Lobbcus. Cannou Cofice house. Charing Cross.

tavern ketper. Ju 30
Rarell Richard. Shoreham Kent, thopkeeper. June 30
*CES Hannah Weath Glamorgan, mercer "tayo
Rees D vid Llanel y, Carmarther, shopkeeper June 18
Khudes join, and Jin Juttamond. Manchetter. Cutron

manufacturers. June 19
Roberts fonn, Liverpooi, merchant. May 28
Roberts Joseph. Garden Row, St. George's Fields, baker.

May 19
Robinson Whiam. Manchester. cotton spinner. June 20
Route Richard Mintter. Kent. carpenter. Juneo
Roylands Thomas Jono Prince's street. Lambeth. barge.

builder. June o
Rylance Jonah Pilkington. Lancaster. cotton manufac.

turer. May 19
Sayer Joseph. Upper North place Gray's inn lane. and John

Jeffery. Tischfeld Areet, coach makers, June 16
Scott Johı. Gumcenter. Huntingdon, farrier. June
Silverwood 7himas settle. York. jankeeper Junes
Sinipron John Wait ford. Glocefrer carrier. June 17
Sifon John. Lombard street banker. Twoe 9
Slater Gill, Liverpool, merchant. June 8

Smith John. Leeds. York, procer. May 25
Spickeroell R. en Oaks Kepi. Funzeeper, May 11
Tathan William Orkirk, innkeeper. 113
Taylor Thomas. racuare Ro a 24 printer. May 1:
Thackray Richard, Burton Leonard. Yo ar drefter
Thom u viiam Leeds, cloth merchart. James
Thumpion Antony, Birmingham merchat. May 19
Thorpe Joha. Vine ttrett, Chand ,

Aret. victusler.
May 26
Tiomarih Joseph. New County Terrace. New Ke*: Rado

builder. May
Titley William and Wrightson Greenwood. Lask.ffert.

mercers. May il
Tubb William and James Henry jexander Scos King's

ruud. Pimlico. nurserymen. May
Twyford Robert, Marchrit , merchant, June 6
Wade Scarics Albiati piace Blackfriars, brewer. Jude
Wagner Frederic. Uxbridge clathier. June
Waldo Jofeph. Briftoi merchant June 14
Walter John jup. Shad Thames, anchorinita. May is
Warrington John, c wate. At fội d, ay 11
Whitmarih David. Brokenhura. Hauts. Dopkeepety

June 19
Whittingham John. Liverpool grocer. Nay 16
Wierin kichaid Bilbon. Stafford drukt May 9
Wilkie John Howard treet. Strand. navy agent. Mar 19
Withams Henry Chipow. Mu muuth, merchant. Varis
Willmott Nathaniel Wyrardisbury Bucks wher

Widdle Edward Whitmore. Rotherhithe Rreet, irodnocet.

June 26
Wood James. Lindfield. Sufiex victualler. May 19
Yates John. Shelton, Stafford, Chind.macu facture.

May ?!
Yates William. late of Sherrand street, podes-fa33".

army accoutrement traker. but now a prisoner is the

King's Rench. May 76
Young T. Machen. Mounouth. Jealer. May 31


With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased,



By special licence, in Bloomsbury.square, AT St. George's, Bloomsbury, Mr. Lowe, Sir Robert Graham, bart. of Esk, Cumber

of Handsworth, Staffordshire, to Miss land, to Elizabeth, only daughter of joaa Wyatt, eldest daughter of Charles W. esg. Young, esq. of Battle, in Sussex. of Bedford-row.

At St. George's, Hanover-square, William At Richmond, Major P. T. Robertor, of Frere, esq. serjeant-at-law, to Mary, only the 8th regiment of Foot, to Miss Parker, daughter of Brompton Gurdon Dillingham, sixth daughter of the late Vice-admiral Sir of Grunder burgh, Suffolk.-Heory Weste William P.

macott, esq. of Mount Street, Grosvenor-square, At Chelsea, Stutte ville Isaacson, of Mil. to Miss Eliza Brodie Stewart, of Montree. den-hall, Suffolk, to Miss St. Quintin, of At Mary-le-bone Church, C. J. Mills, esą. Hans-place.

esq. of Downhouse, Gloucesier, to Miss At St. Michael's at Plea, Capt. Alexander Hatch, daughter of the late James H. ese Campbell, of the Royal Artillery, to Con Claybury Hall, Essex. stantia, daughter of the late Francis Gostling, At St. Pancras Church, Captain W.C. esq. of Coulsea-wood, Suffolk.

Lewis Bird, of the Bengal army, to Miss At Hampton, Colonel Hawker, of the 14th Aldous, of Upper Fitzroy-street. Light Dragoons, to Miss Jordon, of Syden At Kensington, Captain Fanshawe, of the ham, Kent.

Royal Navy, eldest son of General F. to Aí Mary-le-bone Church, Captain James Anne Maria Jenkinson, second daughter ef Dacres, R. N. to Miss A. B. Dalryinple, Colonel Jenkinson, of the Board of Greea third daughter of Lieutenant-general Sir Cloth. Hew D.

At St. Alphage Church, Samuel Miller George Gipps, esq. M.P. to Jane, young. Adams, esq. Only surviving son of the late est daughter of John Bowdler, esq. of Hayes, J. Adams, esq. of Welton, Northamptonshire, Kent.

io Miss H. Thornton, of Giucescer-streci, By special licence, the Marquis of Douglas Queen-square. and Chinesdale, son and heir apparent of the At Camberwell, Charles Chitty, 63 of Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, to Susan Gower-street, to Miss S. E. Jourdan, daughter Euphemia, youngest daughier of William of John J. esq. of Peckham Rye. Beckford, esq. of Fonthill.

DIED. At Greenwich, Benjamin Boyes, esq. of Mr. Daniel Walker, well known for bis Great Coram street, to Mary, second daugh taste in music and musical instruments, and ter of the late William Foster, esq. of Spring- particularly for his exquisite performance ca head, near Hulle

ihe clestina. The simple wonesty of his



character, and his modest independent spirit, On the 7th of March, on board his Aage endeared him to the few who knew bim; for ship, the Ville de Paris, Admiral Lord Collinghe suugnt no fame, but lived and died in a wood, Commander in chief of the British dusty chuos of litter and siterature, of fiddles ficet in the Mediterranean. Further particulars and tossiis, machines and microscopes, the will be given in our next. friend of all, and the enemy of none.

In South Lambeth, in the 76th year of his In a. James's Palace, Madame Branden.

age, William flavard, esq. one of the partners burgh, laundress her majesty, - Mrs. in the city and county Bank of Hereford, Bartolli, niany years keeper of the bail-room, a gentleman whose industry, benevolence, a dot. er apartments

integrity, and worth, entitle his memory to In Goue street, Jane, third daughter of more thaa ordivary notice. Mr. Havard was the Rev. Jonathan Boucher, 0: Epsom, 14. 4orn in St. Owen’s-street, Hereford, where

At Shelleld-house, Kensington, Tbomas, his parents kepe a small shop; and their cir Rubinson, 19. 83.

cumstances were so remote from affluence, in Dordre steet, Manchester-square, the that when (like his countryman Wbittington) Her Robert Wapale, turmeriy envoy extra

he left his native place to pursue his fortunes Oralj apd umnister plenipotentiary at the in the metropolis, he had not sixpence in his courto: www.b, for thirty years, and brother pocket on his arrival in London. From this to the late Horatio tarl o. Oxford.

period, such was the perseverance, ability, The kev. 11shew Pugb, rear 50 years and success with which he applied himself to: curat ol 6. j* :$'s, Westoninster, and one of business, that he gradually rose, with enthe consuct rcllums of i rinity College, Cam- creasing honour and esteem, from clerk to: brnos, 0.4. difs, M.A. 1761.

partner, in the house of Mr. Jones, M.P. tor Pin Sevillauw, the Hon. Mrs. Gunning, Devizes, in Mansion-house.street. Thus bec" wife on Goose G. esq. and sister to Lord coming enrolled in the first class of British mer.' Bradtou.

chants, Mr. Havard was frequently consulied in Lincoln's inn-fields, Henry Maddock, esq. in the most dithcult and important adjusta'

In St. Joni's square, Mr. Edward Wrigbi, ments of mercantile accounts; and has now: prince., 12.

bequeathed to five daughters more than In

Louet Grosvenor-place, Marianna, 10,000). each, the fruits of his own exertions : second a wynier oi Captain Stackpoole, R. N. and personal industry. His house and the

ni Lepsupti, Henry, the third son of John hospitalities of his table were not only open Scott Wmns, esq.

to his countrymen in general, but many of At la uborweli, Sbovel Blackwood, esg. 81. his younger friends, from Hereford, will

In Lulcen-square, Elizabetb, eldest daugh- gratefully acknowledge how materially they ter un jo.. Wallace, esq.

have been aided by his powerful Interest, and. in Yorkestreet, St. James's, Isabella Anne, valuable advice. Nor were these the only third daughter of Henry Huyn Hoare, esq. 15. prominent features of ability and worth in Ac diton, Robert Tubus, esq. 77.

the character of Mr. Havaró : Banks of In Southampton-street, Bloomsbury, Lady the Lug, and other similar effusions, acknowTulbor, relici u Sir Charles T. bart. 79. ledge kım as no despicable poct; but perhaps.

At Himmersmith, Mr. Alexander Palmer, it is less known, that be not only aided Mr. many years cutier to the Royal Fanily, St. Dibuin, in his work called The Bye-Stander, James's-street.

but also contributed some of those popular In Clarges.street, Ann, youngest daughter productions wbich are so happily calculated of Joseph Brundish, esq.

to excite the daring of our gallant tars. Of in Leicester-square, Mrs. Lloyd, relict of these the well-known words of " My Poll and Thomas Bullock Lloyd, esq. and one of the my Partner Joe,” were written by Mr. Havard; sisters of the lace John Webb, esų. M. P. for and it is said that 20,000 copies of chat balGloucester.

lad were sold within a very short period after In Alsopp-place, Paddington, William its publication. In a word, Mr. Havard has. Brown, esq. M.P.

done honor to the place of his birth; his meIn China-terrace, Lambeth, Mrs. Mary mory will ever be held in respect, and his Fletcher, daughter of the late Francis F. exaniple is worthy the imitation of all.

In Clarendon-square, Somer's Town, aged At, the Rev. William 80, Thomas Mortimer, esg. a gentleman well Parry, D.D. a distinguished pulpit orator, known in the literary world, as author of and sume years since much the subject of con many useful and interesting works, and fore versation, from the circumstance of his endea. merly his majesty's vice-consul at Ostend. vou!ing to enlorce his discourse by producing In Great Ormond-street, aged 53, of a pul. a human scull to the congregation.

monary consumption, Thomas Finch, esq. Gustavus telomphus Throughion, youngest F.R.S. only son of the Rev. Robert Pool son ut Richard T. esq. of the Custom-house, Finch, D.D. Furiber particulars will be given London, 22. His death was occasioned by a in our nexi, Llow he received against a post.


esg. 84.

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