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May 1, Nathaniel Gilbert, of the island of Antigua, vels in Greece and Asia Minor, Ionian Aasi. sequire, a gentleman of large landed property quities, and other literary works. there, and chief legal magistrate of the island, At Shaw, Mr. John Tapner. the maternal sister of the late lady Cole- At Mortimer, Mrs. Dawes. brooke, and mother of the present lady At Down End, Mr. Roger Knight, 79. Northampton. Through life, this lady was At Reading, Mrs. Deane, 85.-Mrs. Day. conspicuous not only for great good sense and son, 87.-Mrs. Calverley, 75. very amiable manners, but also for the great At Sedgecross Farm, Mr. John Horne. sincerity of her attachments ; a sincerity At Bradfield, Mr. Tull. which was the result of affection, principle, and benevolence, alone. In an age in which the

30MERSETSHIRE. woman of fashion too frequently affects the

Monday the 19th of March being fixed most extravagaot degree of moral sentiment, upon for laying the foundation-stone of the the purity of her conduct expressed the innate

Commercial Coffee Rooms at Bristol, the worth and value of her mind; and while her the mayor and sherifs, and a numerous party

treasurer, Mr. George Dyer, accompanied by charitable heart was ever ready to mitigate dise of the subscribers, proceeded front the Coun. éress, the delicacy of her pecuniary favours cil House to the place of the intended buildnever wounded the feelings of thuse, whom her ing, which was decorated with flags, in the bounty so liberally relieved. Though handsome in her youth, she was totally free from following order :-Royal Bristol Volunteer vanity and affectation; her charity, though cushion a Plate, with the following inscrip.

The Mason, carrying on a velvet exerted on the precepts of the divine word, tion: “ Bristol Commercial Coffee Roonis. in secrecy and silence, was not confined merely This building was erected by the subscrip to alms, but manifested by a liberal and charitable opinion of the conduct of all. So far habitants of the city of Bristol, and the

tions of the inost eminent merchants and inwas she from uttering scandal of any one that foundation stone was laid on the 19th day of she did not even think it; and as to pride, if it resided in ter, it was of that decent kiná March, 1810, in the fiftieth year of the reign which preserved her within the bounds of Third, by the hands of George Dyer, esą;

of our beloved sovereign, king George the virtue and propriety. Thus beloved and revered for three generations, in consequence of chairman and treasurer, in the presence of a debility of body produced by an arthritic the right worshipful John Hilhouse Wilcox, complaint, she expired at the end of her mayor; (here follow the names of the second year, when threatened with a total committee) Mr. W. L. Clarke, Secretary; loss of sight, leaving to her inconsolable hus.

C. A. Busby, Architect, London." (On the band, children, and other connections, the plate were a silver trowel, mallet, and coins

and medals of the reign of his present maexample of a woman, illustrious in every social department of life. Her remains were

jesty.) The Cierk of Works, with the plans conveyed for interment to the family vault at

of the intended building. Mr. Busby, the

Architect. Mayor's officers, with the mace, Lambeth.

sword, &c. Mr. Dyer, and the Mayor. The Mr. Lancas! er, on his return frona Bath Sheriffs. The Committee and Subscribers and Bristol, lectured in the Town Hall of The crowd being excessive, it was a consi. Newbury; afterwards Colonel Page took the

derable time before the procession reached chair, and resolutions were passed, a com

the spot, when Mr. Dyer deposited the coins mittee formed, subscriptions opened, and all in which he was assisted by the mayor and

' and medals, and placed the inscription plate, the preparatory steps taken to establish a

sheriffs. The foundation-stone, of two tons school, which, it is said, will shortly be open- weight, was then lowered, while the band ed by one of Mr. Lancaster's young men.

A school on a larger scale is to be establishe played “ God save the King.” Mi. Dyer, at Reading, Mr. Edward Simeon, merchant, standing on the stone, addressed the comps. of London, having given 500l. for chat pur

ny in a neat and appropriate speech. The pose. Mr. Lancaster some time ago lectured pressure was very great, but happily no ac. in the Town Hall of that place, and was

cident occurred. An elegant dinner was most handsomely received by the inhabitants afterwards served at the Montague, to a nuof as liberal and generous a town as any in

merous company of subscribers; Mı. Dyer the British dominions.

in the chair, supported by the mayor and sheMarried.] At Reading, Mr. Edmund riffs. On placing the dessert, the following Phillips, to Miss Elizabeth Sophia Elkens.

lines, written by Dr. Busby, were distributed At Wantage, Mr. Jackson, of Bagshot, to

to the company, and recited by the rev. Mr. Miss M. M. Tripp, fou:th daughter of Mr. Bedford, with the greatest applause : William T.

Commerce, the social blessing of mankind, At Hurley, Mr. Philips Havell, of Read. Great league of nations! bounteous hearca ing, to Miss Johnstone, of Knowle Hill. design'd

Died ] At Tilehurst house, aged 7), the To Wike our energies, the heart expand, rev. Bichard Chandler, D. D. author of Trae And spread the produce of each fertile land.



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In Asia's, Afric's climes of yore she reign'd, Ac Bath, W. Norcrot, esq. of Cork, to
In Europe next a golden empire gaind; Miss Crofton, daughter of sir James C. bart.
In Albion's fair domains then fix'd her throne, of Longford House, county otisligo.
And claim'd th’imperial island for her own. Died.] Ac Bath, Mrs. Parry ukeden, wife
Cherish'd, enriched by every wind that blew, of D. O. Parry o. esq. of Moore Crutaclia
Proud London, queen of cities ! mightier grew. Dorset.-The rev: John Ruse, rector of Ly.
Wide ocean groan'd beneath her freighted mingion, and a justice of the peace, 63.-

Mrs. Blundell, wife of Phitip B. esq. of 11-
And foreign wealth adorn'd hercrowded streets. verton, Devon..Miss Constabie, only child
To Avon's banks the soul of commerce spread, of Francis C. esq of Buiton Constable, York
Aspiring Briscol rcar'd her civic head,

shire, 16.-Mrs. Dickanson. --Thomas Tour Nor unregarded by the goddess, strove any, esq. of Hythe.- Mrs. Sheppard, widlow Her active sons to win her fostering love. of C. S. esq.-Mr. Joseph Fisher, 91..-G. S Pleas'd, she be held them with a cheering smile, Crook, esq. a member of the body corporate, And hail'd her second city of her isle. and one of the sheriffs of the city -Mrs. This day new honors her deserts await ; Salmon, relict of R. Salmon, esq. of Briston, Honors prophetic of her future state. 73.- Mrs. Gilbert, relict of Thomas G. esą. A structure rises, founded by her zeal,

of Cotion Hall, Staffordshire, many years Sacred to commerce and the public weal.

M. P. for Lichfield.-Mary, daughter of the Thy spirit, London! in her bosom lives. late lieut.-colonel G. Crawfurd. Venanzia Thi example she receives she nobly gives, Rauzzini, esq. 62, one of the most celebrates As emulous of thee she rose to tame.

musicians, as a composer and performer, of From her shail others catch th' exalting flame, the age : he was a native of Rome, but have While all ascend in due proportion's scale,

been in England 36 years.
O'er all but one her greatness shall prevail ; At Broadway, Mr. Pike, 87.
And still shall Commerce, with exulting smile, At Clifton, Mrs. Coates, 82.
Hail, Bristol, second city of her iste.

At Bristol, Mr. John Osborne, attorneyAt a very numerous and respectable meeting No one more intimately blended the man or lately held at Guildhall, Bach, it was resolved honour with great protessional abilities, or che that a Free school should be established in man of business with the real gentleman.that city, on the plan of Mr. Joseph Lancas. Lieut. ) S. Bayley, R. N. 24.-- Mr. Thomas

A subscription was immediately en- Barrett, 71; nearly thirty years charister tered into, and a committee chosen to carry and verger of the cathedral church in chis the Resolutions of the day into effect. The city, and father of the Mr. Barrett, whose committee have evinced a spirit of liberality case as prosecutor of Miss Latham for perworthy of imitation, by opening a subscrip- jury, has engaged so much public interest. tion among themselves, for purchasing a plot Mrs. Frances Pelly, wite of the rev. Mr. Pof ground, as well as for ereciing the intended rector of Siston, Glocestershire, 24. building, which will be accomplished by a Ai Taunton, Capt. Hyde Curtis, R. N. 84. tontine, consisting of shares of twenty-five This ollicer was present at the execution of pounds each.

Admiral Byng. Ac a very respectable meeting lately held At Wells, Mr. Fussell, an eminent engiat the Guildhall, Bristol, at which the mayor presided, it was resolved, to establish in that At Midsomer Norton, Joha Purnell Wait, city, a society under the title of " The eldest son of Dan. W. esq. of Beltoa. Bristol Auxiliary Bible Society," of which At Chipping Sodbury, Mr. John Bailey, 81 the bishop of Bristol was elected president ; At Yeovil, Robert Dunn, esq. and the mayor for the time being, the dean At Milverton, Mr. Chas. Holman, $250 of Bristol, and the members of Parliament geon. His death was occasioned by a cis. for that city, vice-presidents. Donations and cumstance as remarkable as the result has annual subscriptions were put down, the for- proved a ficting. A few days before he was mer to the amount of 6871. 18s. the latter to taking some refreshment at the house of one the amount of 1701. 2s. The first have been of his patients, when a greyhound editered sir.ce augmented to 20021. 15. od. and up

the room,

to which the deceased offered a 1 wards, and the later to 6151.13s and upwards. piece of bread; 'in taking it, the animal

Married. 1 At Bristol, Mr. Fargus, to snapped at what was offered bim so eagerly,
Mary, youngest daughter of the late Robert that his teeth violently pressed the deceased's
Dyer, esq.- Mr. Alfred Anstie, of London, to fingers, but did not penetrate them. Iafica-
Elizabeth Esther, third daughter of Joseph mation shortly after ensued, to which a more
Bmith, esq.--Mr. John Daniel, solicitor, to tification succeeded, and terminated in his
Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Mr. death,
Sweetings of Taunton.

At Clifton, George Brock, esq. captain in Married.] A. Bridport, George Atkins, the 57th regiment, io Miss Schreiber, younge esq. paymaster of the 20 Somersetshire Mia est daughter of W. S. esq. of Brouk House, divia, to Miss Eliza Downe, daughter and coo Essex.

heiress of William D. esq. of Downe Hulle



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[May 1, At Dorchester, Lieut. Oldfield, of the on his way to join his ship at Plymouth. Royal Engineers, to Miss Arden, daughter of According to letters found in the pocket of Mr. A. sur eon.

the deceased, love, and a quarrei with his Died.) At Upwood, Edward Buckley Bat. rival, whom he had refused to fight, added to son, esq. 83.

the dread of being deemed guilty of cowardice, At Witchampton, at the ret. Roe King's, induced him to che rash act. The Coroner's Mrs Sarah Nicholls.

jury, pronounced a verdict of feio de se, and At Blandford, Harriot Jane, youngest on the following day his body was interred daughter of the rev. Thomas Diggle, rector according to the form of law in such cases. of Tarrant Hinton.

He bore a very tair character, and was veldia Ac Lyme, Ms. Richard Underdown, of the highest esteem by his broilier officers, Colyton, Devon.

some of whom, immediately on hearing of

the fatal disaster, went express from Plyo Married.] At Totnes, Wm. Marshall, esq. moutli, to Exeter; but unfortunately the assistant paymaster-general at the Cape of verdict had passed before their arrival, other. Good Hope, to Louisa, second daughter of wise, we may reasonably suppose, their cri. Wm. Bengal, esq.

dence wou.d have occasioned a material George Drake, esq. captain in the 1st alteration in the opinion of the jurors; for Devon regiment of militia, to Maria, eldest they testified in the most positive terms, that daughter of the late John Moore Knighton, the deceased had for a long time pase been of Greenosen.

much disordered in his mind, in consequence At Tiverton, the rev. John Browne, late of sone private troubles. of Sidney College, Cambridge, tu Miss Walker, eldest daughter of the rev. Wm. Wal- There is a prospect of Polgooth mine going ker, rector of Swainswick, near this city. to work again. She is certainly rich, and tin

The rev. Ambrose Stapleton, vicar of is in demand. The copper lode lately disEast Budleigh, to Miss Jackson, daughter of covered near Padscow, ranks among the most the late William J esq. of Salterton.

extraordinary ever known in Corowall. The At Kenton, Leighton, esq. to Miss ore lies within a yard of the surface, and is Aitchesen, daughter of the late Captain A. very fine. in the service of the Hon. East India A case has commenced in the court ef Company .

chancery--the prince of Wales v. sir Jaba At Exeter, Lieut. Lloyd Down, of the St. Aubyn, which has sprung from a ciain Royal Artillery, to Miss Anne Winter. made by his royal highness, as duke of

At Stonehouse, Dr. Prynn, of Plymouth, Cornwall, to the lands below high-water to Miss Tatlock, daughter of the late wil mark in the whole of the river Tamer, which liam'T esq. of Chatham dock-yard.

embraces the whole of Hamoaze and che Died.) At Dawlish, Mrs. Shuttleworth, port ot Plymouth. These, belonging to the wife of fames


honour and manor of Trematon, one of the Ac Lympstone, Lady Charles Fitzroy, greatest royalties in the country, constituie eldest daughter to the Earl of Londonderry, the most prominent feature of the ducal dig. and sister to Lord Castlereagh.

nity. They were granted by Edward III. in At Plymouth, Sarab, wie of Mr. E. Hox- parliament, to the Black Prince, the first land, bookseller.--Lieut. Ribouleau, of the duke of Cornwall; in whose grant ail the Brave, French prison ship, in Hamoaze. — properties of the duchy of Cornwall are de. Mrs. Hov.

clared to be inalienable, indissoluble, and in. At Cornwood, George Crawley, esq. cap- separable, from the duke, at any time, or in tain in the Royal Navy, and son of sir T. C. any shape, or manner, by the crown, or any Boevey, bart. of Flaxley Abbey.

other power whatsoever. It is the object of At Tiverton, Mrs. Blundell, wife of Philip his royal highness to rescue his duchy from

all usurpations by which it may have been At Heavitree, Mr. Ellis. -The rev. Dr. impaired, and to preserve it inviolate for the Henry Manning, late rector of Stokeinteign. benefit of himself and successors. The case head and Diewsteignton, in the county of is one of greater importance, from the value Devon; the former of which he bad enjoyed of the property disputed, than was, perhaps, fitry-two years with great honour and repu- ever discussed in a court of justice. tation to himself, and much to the edification Married.) At Helston, The Rev. Edward of b. s parishioners, by all of whom he was Rogers, Prebendary of Sarum, and fellow of sincerely respected and beloved.

Magdalen college, Cambndge, to Miss Sophia At Parker's Well House, Miss Rebecca Plumer, youngest daugliter of the late Mr. Jape Spioule, 19.

Plomer, attorney At Exeter, Mr. John Bansill. --Miss Died.] Suitdenly, the rev. Arthur Wade, Chaluner.-Mrs. Land.--Lieutenant Darby, vicar of Tintagell, near Cameliord, Corse o his Majesty's ship Impetueux. He put an wall. It is remarkable that this man made end to his existence, by strooting himselt in his will above fourteen years since, buc it the lead with a pistol, in his bed-roon), at was not executed till about four hours prethe new London ion, where he had arrived vious to his death, as his wife was conscious


B. esq.


(she said,) that whenever he should do it, he to Miss Mostyn, daughter of the late Joka
would depart this lite; and so it came to pass M. esq. of Lleweney.
about four hours after the solemn document Died.] At Langhorne, Carmarthenshire,
was signed.

Mrs. Mary Foxton, relict of Mr. John F. esg.
Near Penzance, Richard John, esq. com.

81. mander of the Dolphin revenue cutter, 42. At Llwyndern, David Jones, esq. a justice

At Bodmin, Mr. Davey, innkeeper, and of the peace for the county of Brecon, 62. about a week afterwards in chilobed, his wife, At Hay, the rev. John Thomas, a prebend Mrs. D.-Miss Peggy Every.

of Brecon, Vicar uf Llowis, Radnorshire, and In the parish of St. Breward, Mr William of Lanwarn, Herefordshire. Harris, and three days afterwards his daugh

NORTH BRITAIN. ter, Miss Philippa H. 21.

Robert Owen, esq. of New Lanark, is turn. Ac St. Columb, aged 75, Mr. John Rouse, ing his attention very closely to the Lancasan opulent farmer, under whose bed were trian system of education, by establishing a found 1500 guineas, besides bills, &c. school on chat plan for the benefit of poor At Penzance, John Batten, sen. esq.

children. We perceive, too, with great plea. The rev. Digory Jose, vicar uf Poogbill. sure, that schools are about to be established

in Glasyow. Petitions have been presented to Parlia- Died.] At Belhaven, near Dunbar, Lieut.. ment, praying for leave to bring in bills to colonel William Stiels, formerly of the 60th effect the following undertakings, viz.-To regimeňt of foot, at the advanced age of 104. complete the bridge over the river Rumney, Ac Canaan House, the rev. Dr. Henry Dear Cardift-To inclose the commonable and Grieve, 74; senior minister of the Old Church waste lands in the manor ur lordship and pa. of Edinburgh, one of the deans of the Chapel rish of Manachlogddu, in the county of Pem. Royal, and one of his majesty's chaplains in broke, and in the parishes of Llangunnor and ordinary for Scotland. Llandarog, in the county of Carmarthen

DEATH ABROAD. And to amend and keep in repair certain In October last, at Calcutta, in the 8614 roads in Carnarvonshire.

year of his age, Cudbert Thornhili, esq. lace Married.) Captain Brigstocke, of the N. ma:ter attendant of the port there, and one Gloucester militia, son of w. o Brigstocke, of the oldest European inhabitants of Bengal: esq. of Blaenpant, Cardiganshire, to Miss he was resident there before the taking of the Harriet Mansel, sister of sir William Mansel, place by Surajah Do vlah in 1750, and was bart. of Iscoed, Carmarthenshire.

present during the siege, but escaped one John Salisbury, esq of Galt Vaynan, Den. hurrors of the black hole, by getting on board bigbshire, licut.-col. of the Denbigh Militia, the shipping at Fulta.

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Amsterdam, 2 Us.
Ditto, Sight
Rotterdam, .

Paris, 1 day date..
Ditto, 2 Us.

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Rio Janeiro.

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WM. TURQUAND, Exchange and Stock Broker, No. 9, St. Michaei's Alley, Cornbild.


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NONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. EAST INDTIS.-The following is an account of the cargoes of the Gen. Stuart, from Bengal

and Fort St. George; the Boyne, Providence, Ocean, Warren Hastings, and Union, arrived en account of the United Company of merehants of England, trading to the East Indies, viz. Gempany's. Satı-petre, 11,050 bags. Sugar, 11,937 ditto. Ingevan hemp, 4 bales. Sunn or Lemp, (on account of government,) 3,344 dirio. Salem steel, 18 bags. - Privilege. Indigo, 9,285 chrests. Cotton wool, 3,873 bales. Raw silk, 161 ditto. Pepper, 12,338 bans. Kaclake, 62 ditto. Sal-almoniac, 109 chests. Scain stichluck, 38 ditto. Gum Tragacaith, i ditto. Gum-copal, 11 ditto. Gall-nuts, 452 bas. Seetlack, 155 ditto. Safitower, 51 di tro. Shellack, 9 ditto. Ginger, 150 ditto. Piece goes, 155 bales. Bengal mata, 4 etto. Madeira wine, s pipes. Elephant's teeth, 2.-The market prices of the principal Last India commodities are, as follow: Tea-Bohea, 18. to ?s. 5d.; singlo, 3s. 70. to 3s. 110.; congau, Ss. 3d. to 3s. 10d. ; pekoe, 4s. 2d. to 45. 6d.; fine hyson, 5s. 93. Indigo of different colours, from 2s. 6d. 10 12s.6d. per 1b. Sugar, (an indifferent article.) from 31. 195. to 11. 155. Saltpetre (rough), 31. 185. to 31. 19s. per cwt. Cotton-wool, is. 31. to 13. od Ray China silk, from 388. to 42s. 3d. ; Bengal ditto, 22. to 42s. per lb ; and elephant's teeth, from 141, to 991. per cwt. At the Company's sale, which took place on the 9th of April, 67+ Bales of Bourbon' cottun-woo), sold at prices from 29. to 25. 1111. ; 25 bales ditto, at 1s. 6;d. to fs. 91d.; and 31 bales dicto (daruaged), 44.60 84 per lb. 870 bales Surat cotton-wool, Jl. to 91d. ; 75 bales ditro (damaged and interior), d. to 8%d. per lb.

WIST INDIES.There have been many fresh arrivals from the islands within the current wonilt, but the cargoes, we are sorry to state, came to a very indifferent market. Sugars conrinue dull in the London market, and at Liverpool they have fallen considerably within the course of a few weeks. Our present prices are: Jamaica and St. Lucia, 31 156. 10 41. 55. ; Barbadoes, 31. 15s. to 't guineas ; Montserrat, Sl. 17s. to 41. 6s.; and Barbadoes (clayed), 5i. co 51. 12s. per cwt. The demand for Jamaica rum is pretty regular. Leeward Island is also Jeolied for, in order to the supply of the navy contract. The former fetches from 45. 4d. to os. 1d. per gallon; and the latter from Ss. 8d. 10 4s. 4d. Little business has been done in the London cotton market of late, bui at Liverpool the sales are tolerably brisk, owing to the pinners purchasing rather freely. Jamaica cotton wool sells at 1s. 50.10 15. 60.; Barbadoes, 33. d. to is. 840.; Tubago, 1s. 61. to 1s. 9d. ; and Grenada, 15. 9. tu 25. per lb. Logwood in much in den and for exportation, its present prices are : for Honduras (chipe), 401. to 31.; and for Jamaica ditto, 371. to 381. 105. per ton; ihe price of the unchipt is uncertain. Fus. ock is dull of sale, it fetches from 221. to 231. 10s per ton. Jamaica white ginger, brings frum ; guineas to 91.; and the black, from 31. 185. to 41. 6s. ; that of Barbadoes, trum 41. 11s. to 11. 13$. per cwt.

NORTH AMERICA. It gives us pleasure to find that the American government seems disinclined to adopt those harsh measures which it so lately contemplated. Mr. Macon's long threatened prohibitory bill it appears was, after a long delay in the Senate, returned to the House of Representatives, with which it originated, with amendments: these amead. ments were refused, and so the measure is again to go through the usual stages. Several American merchants are of opinion, that the bill will rot, in its present form, ultimately Be suffered to pass into a law; a supposition which is, in some sort, supported by the late symptons of disagreement which have appeared between the court of France and the Ame. skan legislature. The arrivals from North America within the last month, have not been izse kequent than in the preceding. Generally speaking, the commodities of North Ame. sica sell well in our markets. Tallow has been sold a little lower, but there now appears a greuty genesal expectation that this article will ere long improve. The demand for tobacco is suspended. Maryland, of different qualities, is quoted from 5d. co 16d. the former being che price of scrubs, and the latter that of fine yellow ; Virginia, from 9d. tu 11d. per Ib. Wax, ferches from 13). 153. to 141. 10s. per cwt. New Orleans cotton wool, 15. 544. to 19- 7d. per Ib. Ashes are rather dull both in the London and in the Liverpool narkets. Porushes sell frum 21. 105. to 31. 195.; Pearl ditto from 21. 143. to 31. 10s. per cut. Wheat and four, are dull and low. Tar, 11. 185. to 21. per barrel. Pitch, 15s. to 165. per cwt. Ok, 14. to 181. 105.; ditro plank, from 111 10s. to 15l per last.

SOUTH AMERICA.-by a private letter from Buenos Ayres, we learn that that port is waly partially opened to the British. The viceroy has adopted the measure with the con. Currence of the Junta ; and it is said that it will merely be of a temporary nature. The per mission to enter the part extende only to the ships now there. Trade is very bad at Buenos Ayres, and the Spaniards are wonderfully alert in looking after smugglers. Our Euplespondent states that a gentleman lately lost 100,000 dollars by a seizure. Buenos Ayres tailow is considered a tolerably saleable article in the London market; it fecches from 31.78. to 3). 85. per cwt. Brazil roll-tobacco, sells well at 9d. and 100.; and leaf ditto, ditto, at 3. and Bd. per 1b. Buenos Ayres hides, 7.d to 1s. per lb. Brazil. wood, 1481. to 1501. and


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