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geon, of that town; to Emma, youngest
daughter of Edward Page, esq. of Belmont.-- Married ) At Pembridge, Mr. Jones, sur:
Mr. John Hewitt, surgeon and apothecary, to geon of Kington, to Wilhelmina, second
Miss Bullock.

daughter of T. Wollaston, esq. of Moorcat. At High Ercall, Lieutenant W. Lawley, of Died.) Ac Leominster, Mr. Thomas Simpo the Wrekin focal milicia, to Ming Dixon, son, one of the body corporate of that borough eldest daughter of Mr. D. of the Marsh, near At Ross, Mrs. Hardwick, 78.- Mi. Joha Wellington.

Prosser, 88.
At Ellesmere, the rev. Henry S. Broome, At Hereford, Mrs. Baskerville. Mr.Frere.
to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Edward Ky. Mrs. Monnington, 56.
niston, esq.

At Kington, Mr. John Griffiths.
At Dawley, Mr. William Pirmistone, of At Munnington, Mr. Thomas Webb, 74.
Highfield's iron works, Staffordshire, to Miss
S Onioas, second daughter of the late John The gaieties of Cheltenhain have been

unusual during the present season, and the Died.) At Plus Yollen. Philip, one of the place is becoming a winter as well as sum TCR younger sons of Charles Vorrali, esq 15.

The buildings, which a year or two A: Beckbury, near Shiffnal, the res. Tho. age were supposed to be rising too fast, are mas Harriso:1, baptist minister, 61.

now proceeding to an incalculable extent, Ac Pirchford, Mr. Snaxton, of the form of and the demand for houses seems to increase. Snaxion and Pritchard, grocers, Shrewsbury. The great variety, and of late, profusion of Ac Westley, Mr. Inions, sen

the waters; the improved state of the roads; At Church Stretton, Mr. Dolphin. the formation of new ones, in varioiss direca At Oswestry, Mr. S Jones.

tions; the addition of rail-roads; and above At Groton, Mrs. Roberts, rel.ct of Mr. all, a degree of public taste and spirit that Tim R.

seems to influence the persons principaliy Ac Ellerdine, Mr. John Green, 91. holding property there, indicate a still greates

At Whitchurch, Mr. N. Groom.-Mrs. extension of the influence and importance of
Bayler.- John Brookes, esq. 58.

that beautiful vicinity. A newspaper too has At Lower Aston, Mr. Jos. Cuoke.

lately been established hore under ihe citle of At Grafton, Mr. Poole.

the Chelsenham Chronicle, which possessm At Shrewsbury, on Monday, April 2, Tho- considerable merit. mas Ball, 85. It is remarkable, chat che Married.] Charlos Weaver, esq. of Glou. preceding Saturday he gave orders and was cester, to Maria, eldest daughacer of Thomas Measered for his coffin, desiring that it might Palia, esq. of Wotton Villa. be ready at the beginning of the week.

Mr. Sweeting, surgeon, of Stroud, to Misa
Ac Luppington, M. F. Williami, 90, -Window, daughier of late of Painiko

At the house of his son Willian Baker, of wick Lodge.
Market Drayton, very far advanced in years, Mr. Thomas Ponting, of Bedininster, to
Mr. William Baker, lace of Oldingion, in Miss Sarah Jones, second daughter of Joho jo
the parish of Worfield. He was descended

esq. of Hill, near Berkeley.
from the Bromleys or Bromley in that parish, Ae Chipping Sudbury, F. Brooke, esq. to
and from paternal ancestors who resided there Miss Anstey.
16 Hen. VI. and enjoyed landed possessions Died.] At Brockthorp, Mrs. Smith.
at shat place handed down from them.

Ac Downfield, near Stroud, Mr. Richard WORCESTERSHIRE.

Playne. Married.) Ac Worcester, Philip Barneby, Ac Newent, Mary, wife of Benjamin Ayo esq. receiver-general for Herefordshire, co crigg, esq. Miss Lilly, daughter of the late William L. Ac Chipping Sodbury, Mrs. Mason, relict esq. of Hereford.

of Mr. M. of Wotton-under-Edge, 76. Ac Peopleton, John Dineley, esq. to Miss As Miserden Castle, the seat of sir Edwin Saran Haynes.

B. Sandys, bart. in her 73d vear, Mrs. Sandysg
Died.) Near Tenbury, Mrs. Joan Per- a maiden lady, and near relative of that genta
kins, who had attained within one month, tleman.
the age of 105 yeaf3.

Ac Gloucester, Mrs. Barnes, 71.
Ac Dudley, Mr Abbiss. -Mrs. Bridgewa. Ar rolldown House, Mr. P. Beale.
ter. Miss Sarah Caddick.

At Frogmill Inn. Mr. W Lewis. 37.
Ac Evesham, Mrs. Hickman, 79.

A: Dry Leas, Mrs. Wood.
At Hadley, near Ombersley, Mr. I. Ac Tewkesbury, Mr. Warner, 48.
Boughcor, 61.

At Cirencester, Mr. Willian Stevens, ate
At Worcester, Mr. Wainwright.-Mrs.' torrey.-Mr. Evans.
Hickmos, 79.--Mr. George Knight.
At Yardley, Mrs. Chambers.

Married | Ai'lisley, Peter Bellenger Brce
At Bewuley, Mrs. Ginn, 60.

die, esq. of the Inner Temple, to Elizabuih
Ac Altrick, Mr. Williain (awrence, 26. Mary, daughter of S. T. Wuod, esq.
Ac Alvechurch, Mi, Samuel llersetan, 26. Ac Burford, Mr. W. Thorp, of Wxford, to
At Norton, near Evesham, M:. Morris. Lydiu, eidest daughter of J. Puillips, esq.


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596 Breckinghamshire--Bedfordsltirea-- Huntingdon, Lc. [May 1,

Died] At Bradenham House, Frances; rev. Henry Key Bor #y, A.M. rector of daughter of the late Major.general Smith. that parish, and of Greasfori, near Stamford,

At Mapledurliam House, the rev. Henry vicar of Nassington, and prebendary of Corlo Tichborne Blount, 87.

ton cum Thury in the cathedral church of Ar Oxford, at the Observatory, the rev. Lincoln, and for inany years one of his ma. Thomas Hornsby, D.D. F.R.$. Savilian pro. jesty's justices of ihpeace for the county of fessor of astronomy, professor of natural phi. Northampton. Mr. Bonney was of Worces. Losophy, and librarian of the Radciitte Libra- ter college, Oxford; M. A. 1770 - The Earl ry. -Mr. Bradhury, broker.-Mr. Peter West, of Westmoreland is patron of King's Clifies 66.-Mr. Price Morris, servant at jesus Col. Greatford is a crown living. lege. Mr. Jose Jaques, of At Ecton, Mrs. Elizabeth Orlebar, daughs. E. Day, 76-Mrs. Booch.C. Yeats, esq. ter of the late J. O. esg. of Hinwick House, one of the aldermen of the city, 68.

Beds. At Blagrove Farm, Mr. Thomas Parrot, 63. At Peterborough, Mrs. Ellington, 94. At Watercaton, Mrs. Salmon, 80.,

At Daventry, Mrs. Murriott, 39.-M. At Garsington, Mrs. Turrell, 79.

Lamb, attorney. At Oddington, Mary Ann, eldest daugh. At Norihampton, Mrs. Barbara Whalley, ter of the rev. Mr. Owen, 20.

relict of the late iev. Eyre W. rector of too BUCKINGHAMSHIRI.

ton.-Mr. Perrin, 43. Married.] Ac Olney, Mr. John Rogers, At Whiscon, Miss Elizabeth Higgins. to Miss Sarah Davison.

At Towcester, Mr. William Drayson, 47. Died.} At. High Wycombe, Adey Bella- At Hardingston, Mrs. Payne. my, many years distinguished as a public

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. speaker among the quakers,

Married.) At Godmanchester, Mr. Theo At Aylesbury, Mr. Wiliam Eagles, 64. mas Onion, of tbe Bull Inn, Lo Miss Mary HLRTYORDSHIRE.

Whitney, of Hitchen, Herts. Died.) At Hertford, Mrs. Cherry, relict of Died.] At St. Neots, Mr. John Ekins, of Benjamin C. late an alderman of that bo- the Eaton-ford, near that place, cornfactor. Tough, 80.

He was looking at a sample of corn, he sud. At the Grove, near Watford, lady Char- denly dropped down and expired immediately. fotte Barbara Villiers, sister to the earl of At Eynesbury, Mr. R. II. Needham, . Clarendon.

At Allington, Mr. Haddell, 76. At Beeches, Thomas Woodley, esq. He

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. was found dead in his bed.

The subscription for a school-room at CamAt Lit:le Muoden, Mrs. Larkin, 80. bridge, on the royal Lancastrian system of

At Markgate Cell, Mrs. Coppin, widow of education is filling very fast ; and the gene the rev. Mr. C:

tlemen of that university have distinguished

themselves by their liberality. A short time ago, Mr. Whitbread opened Morried.] Ai Westley, T.A. Mellhuish, a school on Mr. Lancaster's plan at Shefford, esg of Fulvorn Valley, to Miss Mary Wedge, for the benefit of bis neighbourhood. itis daughter of Charles W. esq. of Westley Boimaster was trained by Mr. Lancaster, at the Royal Free School, Southwark. This school Died.) At Cambridge, Mr. Cole, 76.proving useful, fogether with that established Mrs. Phillips.-Mrs. Broadbelt.-Mrs. Woofby ibe Duke of Bedford, at Wobourn, has given rise to several others.

A! Barton Mills, Mary, wife of Mr. John The Marquis of Bute has established a Sparke. school on a liberal principle at Luton, and AC Littleport, Mrs. Cutlack, 55. - Mr. Wiltshire has instituted another at At Ely, Mr. John Piggott, one of the lay Hitchen, so that it is very probable, all the clerks of that cathedral. poor of Bedfordshire will speedily be in a very happy train of instruction : a school also is Mr. Joseph Lancaster has been lecturing - likely to be soon opened at Nenport Pagnell. through nearly the whole of this county, These schools are intended to embrace the at Swaffsim, Dereham, Norwich, Yar. whole population not provided for in existing mouth, for idon, Diss, &g. He was generally cbarities.

seceived with che highest degree of public li. A school has been established at Fenny berality and approbation. He lectured in Stratford, on Mr. Lancaster's plan, and is at. the theatre, Yarmouth, to a thousand per. tended with good success. A few benevo- SCIS ; in the theatre royal, Norwich, to two lent and active individuals with whom it ori. thousand persons; and in the theatre, Bus & nated, are now the happy means of extend- gay, to three hundred. A school is, in coo. ing the blessings of education to all the per sequence, to be established at Norwich for children of the vicinity, after erecting a pub. boys. house has been taken, and near one lic school-room for that purpose.

thousand boys ascertained to be destirute of NORTHAMPTONSKIR E.

any instruction whatever; exclusive of a mouc Died.] At King's Ciifte, aged 84, the five hundred, partly receiving education is




ton, 8+.


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charity schools, and partly taught in Sunday cently delivered two lectures, in the Guild. schools; where, froni the shortness of time, hall. Both were very respectably attendeds they can make but little progress.

After the second lecture a proposition was The fire insurance office, established at made for the establishment of a school, in Norwich, in 1797, has been so extremely that town and gratefully received by the comprosperous as to have enabled its directors pany assembled. The clergy of the town, jately to return 501. per cent. on the pre- and the company assembled, unanimously miums deposited.

Within the last twelve called Thos. Clarkson, esq., the philanthropie months, five thousand new members had been advocate for the abolition of the slave trade, admitted, whose aggregate insurances amount

to the chair. As the organ of that assembly, ed to nearly four millions sterling.

he put and passed several resolutions for the Married.] The Rev. J. Day, late fellow establishment of schools there, on the royal of Magdalen College, Cambridge,. to Miss Lancastrian system of education. There is to Marianne Marcon, second daughter of John be a school for boys and another for girls, at M. esq. of Swaffham.

At Honing, the Rev. John Taylor, rector

On the ad of April, Mr. Lancaster lectured of Postwick, to Marianne, eldest daughter of in the Town-hall of Ipswich to which place Thomas Cubict, esq. of Honing Hall.

he came by invitation. At Ipswich, as at At Downham Market, Mr. J. Blackburne, Bury, the audience was numerous and respecte veterinary surgeon, to Miss King.

able, and Mr. Lancaster's lecture was receive Died.) At Blo Norton, Mr. G. Baldry.

ed with the most marked attention. The Ac Hockwood Wilton, Mrs. Ann Miller, clergy of the place, seconded by the dissen73.

ters, called the chief magistrate to the chair, At Hedenham, Mr. Robert Smith. and with the most cordial good will men of all At Aylsham, Mrs. Elizabeth Drake, 70. professions and parties were seen to unite in

At Catton, Ann, wife of Lieutenant War. promoting the establishment of schools there. ner Spalding, of the 16t royal veteran bat. Subscriptions were begun, and a committee talion.

formed for the purpose of carrying the plan At Horstcad, Mr. Watts, relict of coun. into effect for boys and girls. sellor W.

Married.] Thomas Harding Newman, esgol
At Stow Beadon, Mr. Thomas Eldred, 74. of Nelmes, Essex, to Harriet, youngest
At Carlton Rode, Mr. Benjamin Barnard, daughter of the inte John Cartwright, esq. of

Ixworth, in this county.
At Litcham, Mr. John Bunn, 75.

At Newmarket, Mr. Cullington, to Mrs.
At South Pickenham, Mrs. Dixon, 36.

Poulter, of the coach and horses.
At Banningham, Mr. Wiiliam Elden. At Ipswich, Mr. Charles Batley, printer,
At Wheacacre Burgh, Harriet, wife of Mr.

to Miss Gent.
Willianı Tuttell, 23.

The rev. R. Field, vicar of Sutton, to Miss At Holkham, aged 21, Mr. Henry Savage. Chilton, daughter of the Rov. Jacob C. rector This unfortunate young man was bitten in of Eyke. the fore-finger by a mad dog, about fifteen At Bury, Joshua Gossack, to Mrs. Lofts, weeks ago, and had the part cut out by a

widow, both of Bury St. Edmunds. The surgeon iwo hours after. The finger had ap. bride, in order to exonerate her swain from parently healed, and he felt no farther incon. all the demands of unfeeling creditors, venience till the Saturday previous to his absolutely crossed the highway in a state death, when he was suddenly taken ill, ac- of perfect nudity previous to her going to companied with all the dreadful symptoms of church. hydrophobia.

Died.] At Ipswich, from the effects of the At Lynn, the Rev. John Temple, rector of Walcheren fever, ensigo Hector Monro, of Asbwicken with Leziate, and of Bagthorpe, the second regiment of foot.-Mr. Frederic all in this county, and formerly of Caius Cole Coe, 33,-Mr. Samuel Payne, 72.--The dege, Cambridge, B. A. 1787, M. A. 1790. Rev. George Hall, 35 years pastor of the

At Norwich, Mr. Joseph Scott. He served Baptist Meeting, 64.-William Beeston the office of sheriff in 1807, and was a csp. Coyte, M. D, and F.L.S.-Mr. John Savage, tain in the Norwich rillemen.-Mr. Robert 87.-Mr John Barney, 47. Ellinett, of London, 51.--Mr. Smith, 51.- At Stadbrook, Mrs. Davy, 29. Mrs. Margaret Meen, 50.- Mr. D. Kinne. At Fressingfield, Mrs. Priscilla Chandler, brook, a respectable schoolmaster and emi- a maiden lady, 85. bent teacher of the mathematics.-Mrs. Dig- At Great Saxham, Mrs. Kezia Dawson, by, relict of Mr. D. formerly of the Greysister of the late William D. esq. 71. hound Inn. -Mr. N. Eastaugh, 57.-Mrs. At Cransford, Mrs. Bird, 52. Whaff, 24.-Mrs. Baas, wife of Mr. B. mer. At Rattlesden, Mrs. Mary Groome, chant, and only daughter of John Beales, esq. maiden lady, 93. of Chediston Hall, Suffolki-Daniel Gan. At Kelsale, Miss S. May. qing, esq. 64.

At Stow market, Mrs. Reynold, relict of

John R. gent. 87.
At Bury, St. Edmunds, Mr. Lancaster re.

At Bury, Mr. Robert Betts, many years

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one of the town serjeants, 90.--M:. Monk. At Ingatestone, Miss Pettitt. house, 28-Mr. Robert Ward, 22.- Mr. At Witham, Mr. Isaac, 79. George Lease.

KENI. At Meliori, Mrs. Lungley, 93.

Married.] At West Malling, Richard De. At Bactun, Mr. Durton, of the Bull Inn.

bary, esq. of the Temple, London, to Eloisa, At Brotesdale, Mrs Lambert.

second daughter of Lieut. Col. Downman. At Baidwell, Mrs. Stady mers, 69.

Ac Canterbury, Charles Tudor, esq. to At Great Cornard, Mss. L. Guyon, sister Miss Moore. of C. P. Guyon, esq.

At Chelsfield, James Noah, esq. of Bath, At Sudbury, Alexander Jameson, M.D.

to Miss Phillips, daughter of Mr. P. of many years deputy inspector of the Military Northstead House, near Bromley. Hospitals, 53.

Died.] At Ingress Park, Mrs. Havelocs,

wife of William H. esg. The steeple of Harwich Church, on a late

At Rochester, the reverend Dr. Nicholas survey, has been pronounced in so ruinous and Brown, 41 years rector of Ingoldsby, nex dangerous a state, as to render it necessary to Folkingham,' in the county of Lincoln, and be taken down and rebuilt. It having been formerly fellow of Christ College, Camfor a great number of years a conspicuous seamark, we mention this circumstance for the the society.

bridge. The rectory is in the patronage of information of mariners. We also mention

At Broadstairs, Mrs. Norwood, 83. it as a caution, that the inhabitants of chose

At Margate, Mrs. Miles, relict of Joha Y. parishes in all parts of the kingdom, who may

esq. have towers or steeples to their churches,

At Headcorn, at the house of her son in. may cause an immediate inspection as to their

law the rev. David Evans, Mrs. Ann Broek, being in a secure state. The late unfortu.

78. nate falling of the tower at St. Nicholas

At Maidstone, Mrs. Mitchell, 77.- Mr. Church, at Liverpool, forcibly requires this Joshua Lane.- Mr. George Wilkins, whose attention.

humour and eccentricities at elections and Married.] At Colchester, Mr. J. Lancas. other similar occasions, had rendered his ter, surgeon, tu Miss Fisin, only daughter of

name highly popular, 43. Mr. James F.

At Chatham, Mıs. Webb, 90. Died.] At Withm Lodge, Ann, youngest

Ac Eastry Court, Mrs. A. Paige, 93. daugnier of the hon. Francis Talbot.

At Depeford, Miss Jane Robb, younger Ai Colchester, Mrs. Cant.--Mis. Walford, daughter of Charles R. esq. master attendast wife of Mr. W. jun.

of his majesty's dock-yard at that place. At Writtle, Mrs. Moss.

At Folkstone, Mr. Thomas Squire, one of At Little Waichan, Mrs. Lucas, formerly the common council, 71. – Mr. William of the Bell Inn.

Pope, 21. At Dedham, Daniel Cock, esq. 56.

Ac Canterbury, Mr. Cranbrook. - Mrs. At Sible Hedingham, Henry Villiers, eld. Elizabeth Betts, 78. --Mrs. Rouse, 25. est son of Captain George Fowke, of the royal

At Wool wich, Mrs. Adye, relict of Major

Stephen Payne A. of the royal artillery.
At Chelmsford, Mrs. Mary Ashley, 91.

Ac Sleden, Mrs Payler, wife of Thomas Ac Purleigh, the rev. Roger Hayne, curate Watkinson P. esq. of that place. This curacy is in the gift of

At Chartham Peanery, William Gilbee, Oriel Colicge, Oxforit, and the provost of that

esg. college, at the time of a vacancy, generally

At Petham, Mr. John Daniels, 80. gucceeds to it. Mr. Hayne was inuch re

At Wickham, Mr. Thomas Henson, 88. spected amongst his parishioners; and preach

At Dartford Workhouse, in his 100th year, ed a seimun in the afternoon of the day pre- James Gibson. He retained his intellects ceding his ueath; but a glandular complaint, almust to the hour of bis death, and smoked which he had long endured, it is supposedly his pipe, which was his constant companion, caused the sudden te mination of his exist only half an hour beiore. He was a native of ence - In her 67th year, Mademoiselle Ge- Dover, in Kent. nevieve Gaucoin, upward of forty years sua

At Ivychurch, Mr. Joseph Sacree, 75. He perintendant at the late boaruiny-school of

was parish clerk of Ivychurch 52 years, and Mrs. Pugh, at Great Baddow.

never omitted his duty during that time, but At Stanford- le Hope, Viro jos. Eastwood.

on the Sunday preceding his death.
At Bulphan, Mr. Jos. Martin.
At Sattron Walden, Mr. John Nichols, 75.
At Springfield, Mr, Jos. Marriage, 38. Married. At Carshalton, John Plummer,

At Stoke-by-Nayland, Mr. Daniel Mann, esg. of Camberwell, to Miss Taylos, daughter $1.

of John T. esq. of Tunbridge Wells. At Great Ho ksley, Mr. Burrell, 81. Ar Banstead, Captain Piatt, of the South At Kelvedon, Mr. James Sparks 72. Lincoln militia, to Mrs. Bourchier, relict of

At Riyinhall, Mrs. Masy Standish, a mai. Captain B. of the royal navy. den lady, 75.

Died.] At Dorking, Ms. James Coosta.


navy, 11.




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ble, who never experienced any illness, till commiseration; and we sincerely hope and within a few days of his death, 98.

trust the purses of the benevolent will be

freely opened for their support. A petition from the merchants, ship.own. At Brighthams, Mrs. Stanford. Mr. ers, and underwriters, of Lloyd's Coffee. Thorns. house, and others, has been presented to the At Ashurst, Mr. Blake. House of Coinmons, for aid to improve and At West Grinsted, Miss Nailard, 19. enlarge che harbour of Shoreham, in such a At Rudgwick, the rev. Mr. Mitchell. manner, as to render it a safe resort for vessels of considerable burthen; and little doubt Married.] In Jersey, Captain Philip Paa is entertained but that a measure of such great triarche, of the royal marines, to Miss Elizaimportance, will, with all convenient speed, beth Patriarche, second daughter of William be carried into effect. By such improvement, this town will, from its vicinity, be particu

At Titchfield, Mr. Srephen Sherlock, surlarly convenienced,

than if geon in the royal navy, to Miss Cox. the jetty some time since projected, At Kingston Church, Lieutenant-colonel had been effecteil, as it will, in this White, of the 80ih regiment of foot, to Miss case, have all the advantages of commerce, Greig, only daughter of the late William G. without any of the inconveniences which, it esq. of the island of St. Vincent. was alledged woulj have attended Mr. Dudd's Died.] At Sutton, near Alresford, Mrs. plan, to the great annoyance of v.sitors.

Among other projected improvements in At Southampton, Mr. Jos. Street, 88.--
Shoreham harbour, it is intended to cut a ca- Richard Vernon S.adleir, esq. father of the
nal from the docks there to Worthing; and corporation, and a justice of the peace for the
also to make a canal, or iron rail-way, which county, 93.- Mr. James Irish, 77.
will extend to the eastward, as far as Lewes. At Fralton, Mrs. Lowes, 75.

A Bill is now passing through the House Ac Fordingbridge, Mr. Robert Budd, 90.
of Commons, for reviving the ancient Roman At Christchurch, Mis. Spicer, niother of
road leading to Arundel, Bognor, and Chi. Samuel S. esq. mayor of Portsmouth.
chester, from near Dorking. This great pub- At Portsmouth, Mrs. Case, wife of Captain
lic improvement, effected by the spirit and C. late in the revenue service.- Miss Bea.
exertions of some gentlemen in Surry and sant.--Mr. R. Wilkes.-Mr. Singer.--Mrs.
Sussex, will shorten the distance to Bognor Jerram.-Mrs. Norris, 81. Mrs. Moulding,
and Arundel seven miles, and to Chichester 90.
two miles, besides passing through a level At La Moye, Jersey, Mrs. Ivie, wife of
and fine part of the country.

Lieutenant I. of the royal navy.
In consequence of the success of the school At Hale, in his 74th year, Mr. James
on Lancaster's plan at Lewes, one is to be

Duell, who, during the space of forty years, established at Brighton.

had faithfully and diligently exerted himself Murried.) At Lewes, Mr. Frederic Lee, in the service of Henry Archer, esq. the right to Miss Wheeler.

honourable lady Elizabeth Archer, the late Died.) At Chichester, Captain Cracraft, of Joseph May, esq. and Mrs. May, the four last the royal navy, com nander of the sea fenci. possessors in succession of that parish. bles on the coast of Sussex, He was first lieutenant of the Brunswick, on the 1st of Married.] At Wily, Mr. J. Daughty, to June, 1794, and gallantly fought that ship Miss H. Harding. alter Captain Harvey was wounded. - Miss At Fisherton Anger, Mr. Jos. Hall, of Lacey, sister-in law to W. Rede, esq. banker. Stockton, to Miss A. Hayward.

At Lewes, Mrs. Durrant, wife of Mr. D. At Wilcon, Mc. John Duling, to Miss banker.

Hannah Galpin, of Marnhull, Dorset.
At Hastings, Mr. John Thring, organist, Died.] At Batcombe, Mrs. Coombs.
of Battle.

At Tilshead, Mr. James Slade, 70.
At Piddinghoe, near Lewes, Mrs. Ann At Bishopstrow, Mrs. Mills.
Back, widow, 97. She had five sons and At Maddington, Mrs. Roles, 45.
daughters, and left grand children, great

Ac Market Lavington, Mrs. Legge, relict
grand children, and great great grand chil- of Richard L. geni.
dren, amounting, in number, to 113.

At Salisbury, Mrs. Susannah Young.Ac l'ckfield, Mr. H. Richardson, 81.-- Mrs. Brown, wite of Mr. Aiderman B. Mrs. Wilton, relict of the late rev. Mr. W. At Tisbury, Robert Obern, 103. He was rector of South Stoke, Mr. W.'s greatly employed the whole of his long life at Fonte lamented death took piace on the 23ch of hill House. November, after only one day's illness, and At Trowbridge, the rev. Daniel Jones, for his family of seven infant children, a num- pastor of the general baptist church there. ber of gentlernen in the neighbourhood of At Stoke Park, near Devizes, Mrs Smith, Arundel, humanely set ou fuot a subscription. the lady of Joshua Smith, esq. one of the rea The pour orphans are, by this second alicts presentatives in parliament for that borougha ing loss become more than ever objects of Sue was the daughter, by a second wife, of


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