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WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South.

Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly are thenticuted, and sent free of Postage, are ulaays thankfully received. Those ere more particulurly aceeptuble which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any kind, or which contuin Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relasive to eminent or remarkuble Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Chester le-Street, Mr. John Starforth A self-acting plane, of a highly ingenious an aldorman of Durham, 78.

construction, for the purpose of conveying At Sunderland, Mrs Oswald, 39. coals fiom Bewick Main colliery to the Tyor, At Cockerton, near Darlington, Joho was lately put in motion. It was constructed Garin, esq. aged 88; well known as a musical by Samuel Cooke, esg. one of ihe owners of

composer; and particularly for the publication that colliery. The length of the rope on (in conjunction with the late Mr. Avison, o this plane is 1,600 yards ; and it is made to Newcastle) of Marcello's Psalms, adspeed te convey 50 waggons of coals (each waggon English words. contains 52 cwt.) at the astonishing speed of At Darling!on, Mary, wife of Mr. W. 10 miles in the hour.

Hanson. Married.) At Sinnington, Lieul William

At Whitburn, near Sunderland, sir Hede Picrson, of the sixth North York local milicia, worth Williamson, bart. hereditary high to Miss Grayson, eldest daughter of Mr. G. sheriff of the county of Durham. This office of Pickering

has been beld 87 years successively by the At Darlington, Mr. Porter Kirk, to Miss

grandfather, son, and grandson, of the WilliIsabella Appleton, youngest daughter of Mr. amson family ; Sir W. Williamson, bari, A. bookseller.

having been appointed 7th September, 1793. At Sunderland, George Fergurson, esq. son It is a patent office in the appointment of the of William F. esq. of Bishopwearmouth, ta Bishop. Miss Lowe, only daughter of Mr. L. of Bis. mingham.

CUMBLI LAND AND WESTMORILAND. Died.] Ac Monkwearmouth, Mrs. Happer,


At Egremont, Mr. Join wife of Mr. Thomas H. surgeon. 32.-Mr. Nicholson, to Miss Brown, youngest daughter William Todd, 69.-Mrs. Laing, 25.

of the rev. Mr B. Ar Berwick, Mr. Robert Kerr. 75-Miss At Wigton, capt. Carlyle, of Workington, Eliz. Johnston, 49.- Mr. Juhn Lisle, 26. to Miss Mary Pearson. Mr. Aaron Jeffrey, 88.-Mrs. Jameson, wife Ac Cuckermouth, Mr. Russel, officer of of Mr. Mark J. solicitor, 58.

excise, Whitehaven, co Miss Jane Dickenson, At Coldstream, Mr. Peter Dow, 28. youngest daughter of Mr. Robert D.

At Durhain, Barbara, wife of Mr. William At New Hutton, near Kendal, Mr. Joseph Shotton, 67.-Mr. William Jaques, 55 —Mrs. Slater, surgeon, to Miss Guy. Davison. - Mr. W. Robison. --Mss. Hall, re. Died ] At Baldmire, aged 99, Mrs Maro lict of Anthony H. esq. 73.

garet Postlethwaite, who retained lier hearing At Alnwick, Mr. John Gallon,

and eye-sight to the last. At Briery Hole, by Hawick, Mr. John At Carlisle, Mr. Richard Lowthian, attorPark, 77.

ney.--Mr. John Barwise, 72.-Mr. Duncas At Warkworth, Mrs. Clutterbuck, wife of Cameron, 77.-Mr. David Rroom, 90. John C. esq Mrs. Stuart.

At, Kendal, Mr. John Grave, 74.-Mrs. At Newcastle, Mr. Roliert Rutherford, 68. Ann Newby, 84.--Mrs. Elizabeth Stephenson. --Mr. John Finlay, many years sherift's ser. Ac Whitehaven, Mrs. Buntze, 63.-M. jeant of the corporation, 73.-Mr. Alexander William Hales, 84.- Sarah Bell, 78.-M. Mitchel, 67. Mrs. Elizabeth Gordon, 68.— Thomas Wilkinson - Mr. Thomas Cannell. Mrs. Lindsay, 99.--Mr. Robson. - Mrs. An- - Mr. Henry Stockdale, 24.-Mrs Asa drew. Mrs. Elizabeth Park. Mr. J. D. Dodd, 49 - Mr. Thomas Moore, master of Dotchen, 87. Mr. John Temperton, of Hull. the Mally of this port. He was unfortunately

At Hexham, Mr. Thomas Lambert, 84. drowned in the harbour.-Mrs. Mary Laycock, Mrs. Margaret Ridley, 78.—Mis. Margaret, widow of Mr William L. tobacco manufacRomsay, 74.-Mrs. Morton.– Mr. Dodd, 88. tuier, 100. Though, for some time post, in an

Ac Hodbank, near Wark, Mr. Robert infirm state, she retained all her fucuities to Veitch, 70.

the last.-- Mrs. Atkinson, of Broughton, At High Favondale, near Darlington, Mrs. near Cockermouth, Thompsort

At Addingham, Mr. Thomas Wade, 101. At Whitehill, near Whielpington,' Ms. At Lamesley, Mrs. Mary Potter, 100. Thonias Fenwick, 77.

At Egreniont, Sirs. Elizabeth Hartley, 60.




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Mis. Mary Steele, 33. Mrs. Mossop, wife Towards this end, he has obtained the shell of of the rev. Mr. M.

the building lately used as harracks for the At Kingsmeaburn, Westmorland, Tamar, officer and soldiers, stationed there before wife of Mathew Dent, 90. They were the the batteries were dismantled. This build. oldest couple in that vicinity, having been ing Mr. Constable proposes ro fit up for the married near sixty-three years; and so equal residence of the master of the boat, with a in age, that one of them was born on St. suitable apartment for receiving and lodging Thomas's day, and the other on St. John's, the sailors who may be brought on shore. He in the same year.

will also provide and fit up all necessary outAt Crosscrake, near Kendal, Mrs. Jackson, buildings for this establishment, including 42.

stabling for any horses necessary to keep At Workington, Mr. Atkinson, late master there, and will also erect a new and suitable of the Robinson of that purt.

building for the life-boat and her carriage, as At Riggfoot, Elizabeth, and the following soon as he is informed of the dimensions ne. day, her father, Mr.John Calvert.

cessary for the purpose. Mr. Constable will

further engage cwelve able men, to be always At a meeting of gentlemen, convened, ready, as a boat's crew, and provide the means at York, on Monday, April 9th; to take of a livelihood for the master of the boat, and the situation of Foss Bridge into conside. if any assistant, as a mare, be thought neration ; a statement, to the following efo cessary provision may be made for him also. fect, was read and approved : The bridge Mr. Constable having no immediate interest jiseli, and the adjacent parts of Fossgate and in shipping, or mercantile concerns, and being Walmgate, have been very carefully surveyed influenced solely by motives of humanity, by Mr. P. Atkinson, who has made a plan for it must be admitted that the expence he chus improving them, and an estimate of the ex- engages to sustain, and che effore

he has made, pence of carrying that plan into execution. and proposes to continue, for the maintenance The proposed line of improvement extends to of this establishment, are ample on his part. about 150 feet each way, from the crown of For the rest, he looks to the commercial and the bridge ; of this length of sireet, the shipping interests at Hull. When the wealth breadth now varies in a most irregular and and number of persons to be interesced in chis abrupt manner, from 16 to 23 feet, with undertaking are considered, the expence of the this exception, that the street is for a few boat and carriage seems to be a very criting yards at the east end of the bridge 27 feet in object. breadth. Mr. Atkinson proposes che ereccion Married.] Ac Halifax, Joshua Scanfield, of a bridge of one arch, which shall be 34 esg. of Montreal, North America, to Miss feet wide, and 11 high, above the ordinary Barns, of Manchester. level of the river. Mr. Atkinson's new bridge At Hull, Ms. John Marshall, of London, is 35 feet wide within the battlements ; on to Miss Featherstone, eldest daughier of Mr. the west he gradually narrows the street from F-Captain Pearson, of the Minerva of that chat width, till it becomes nearly opposite to port, to Miss Scull. Captain Burton, tu Miss the Merchants' Hall passa e, so feet wide. Harried Jackson, daughter of Mr. J. surgeon. To the east of the bridge, the streer, on Mr. At Brotherton, Jona Perfect, esy. banker, Atkinson's plan, grows gradually wider, being, of Pontefract, to Miss Crowdct, daughier of ac what would be the corner of the public John C esq. house, called the Three Cups, the eastern extre- Mr. George Paley, of Leeds, to Sarah, mity of the improvement, nearly 10 feet wide: eldest daughter of the late rev. Henry Nicholo by which means the south side of the improve son, sector of Addle. ed street will form a continued line with the Ac Howden, John Whitaker, exq. to Mrs. south-side of Walm-gate, beyond the line of Ion. iniprovement. The general result of the above At Cawthorn, near Barn ley, Timothy plan, would be to make the whole line of street Brammah, esq. of London, to Miss Wesio comprised within it, at least equally spacious daughter of Thomas W. esq. with the parts adjoining, thus converting a nar- Hienry Glover, esq. of Leeds, to Miss row andinconvenient passage, at all times much Townent, daughter of Mr. James T. of frequented, and peculiarly so on the days of Theaksione, near Bedale. market and fairs, periectly convenient to the At Rotherham, J. Sesutt, esq. of Belper, public.-The estimate of expence made by Derbyshire, to Susan, only daughter of Mr. Atkinson, including purchases, and all Joshua Walker, esq. of Clifton, near Rotherother incidental matters, such as raising the hain. street, paving it, forming drains, &c. is 4000). Died.] At York, Mr. Lister, junior, of of which to 40651. is already subscubed. Sca: borough, solicitor. He actended the per

The frequent distresss which happen to formance at the York Theatre, where he Navigation off the coast of Holoerness, and was suddenly taken ill, and on being removed particularly near the mouth of she Humber, to an adjoining house, expired before medical and the total shipwrecks which too oflen en- assistance could be procured. He had nuo que, have induced Mr. Constable to attempt complained of any previous iliness.malrs. the establishing of a lide-boat at the Spurn. Bradley.-Airs, Gent, 70.-Sarah, daughter

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392 Lancashire,

[May 1, of Mr. John Armitage, 29.-Mr. Herbert cach of the motley succession of rulers by Camm.- Mrs. Ploughman, 71.--Mrs. Davis, whom that unfortunate country has been 78.- Mr. John Palmer, many years one of governed. The sweeping influence of Gallic the choristers of the cathedral, and parish politics las necessarily involved the ruin of clerk of St. Michael's le Belfrey, 56. --- Mrs. similar places of education established in the S.aife, wiie of Mr. George S. of the Black other nations of Europe, which in their Bull Inn.

turns, have fallen under the dominion of At Heslington, Mr. William Umpleby, 40. France. The evil thus produced is not con At Hickleton, Mr. John Tyas.

fined in its operation to a few individuals, At Kirkbymoor-side the sev. William but must, in its consequence, affect the inCoomber, who had been 5.5 years vicar of that, terest of the na'ion; as thereby a very nuoplace, 84 - Mrs. Ann Kitchen, 95.

merous class of the inhabitants of this isiana At Acomb, Harriet Isabella, second daugh. is deprived of teachers in the most important ter of the rev. Charles Percival.

of sciences, that by which they are instructo At Wakefield, Mr. George Broom head. ed, that their business in life is to render

Ai Welton, Margaret, third daughter of themselves useful to their fellow sojourners John Richardson, esq.

upon earth, that by so doing they may ensure At Hull, Mrs. Wharton, wife of Mr. the future favour of Heaven. A jew memThomas W. merchant.- Mr. John Taylor, bers of some of these institucions, encouraged 30.- Mr. Edward Jackson, 75. Mr. Robert by the softened temper of the laws, have Hawkins, of the George-inn, 16, and three associated themselves for the purpose of days afterwards his wife, Mrs. H. 45 - Wilforming at Ampleforth, in Yorkshire, an liam, son of Mr. James Berry, 17.-Mr. John establishment, where a British education Wray, 65.- Mr. Jacob Capes, 55.- Mr. Wil- may be given to those, whose future business liam Waring, pust: master, 49.-Míajor Cæsar in life it will be to impart instruction to that Christopher Colclough, of the 82nd 'regiment cunsiderable portion of the British Empire of foot, 25.

which professes the Roman Catholic Religion. At Monk-end, Edward Robinson, esq. 53, But the efforts of indiviúvals must, of

At Harewoud, Mrs. Barrett, wife of Mr, necessity, be confined, and they feel then Abraham B. of the Black Bull-inn.

selves conipelled tv appeal to the benevolence At Malton, Mr. Robert Revis, 59. of the public. Had their object been any At Patrington, Mr. Sawyer.

personal emolument, delicacy would have At West Burton, Mr. J. Lodge, 85. prevented the application. They venture to Ac Ripon, William Reynard, esq. 84. extend their appeal beyond the limits of their

At Hathersage, John Cooper, near 90 years own religious persuasion, because they are of age, known by the name of Blind jack, convinced, that though the spheres of ortho. He lost his sight when a child. His abilities doxy claimed by the professors uf various Isiths were very extraordinary; he excelled in run- in this country cannot be made concentric, ning, wrestling, hare-hanging, trout catching, there is not a nation upua the face of the &c. &c. and bis ingenuity does not appear to earth where, individually, each nian is so 50!i. have been surpassed even by the noted Met- citous to do the gooj work by which man is calf, or Blind Jack of Knaresborough. proved to be the brother of man. To the

inhabitants of this wealthy town whose cha The following address, to the gentlemen, ritable institutions rise pre-eipinent in a natioa Boerchants, and other inhabitants of Liverpool, famed for its aitention to the wants of the soliciting subscriptions for the establishment indigent and distressed, they have been inof a seminary in this country for the education duced to appeal, by the persuasion of some of of Roman Catholics, has been published.- its most respected characters. The delicacy “ From the operation of laws which origina. they felt in laying their case before geatle. ted in difference of religious opinion, the men to whon, they are in some measure Catholics of this country were, during the strangers, and differing from themselves in last and the preceding century, compelled beliet, has been removed by the suggestion, to seek in foreiza countries an education that minds truly charitable feel satisfaction which they were not allowed to receive at in the discovery of new objects for the exercise home, from professors or their own religious of their benevolence. That the jodulgence belief. Much money was necessarily expend. of such feelings is accompanied by temporal ed in forming estabiishments, where those, advantage, is evinced by the flourishing state who were afterwards destined to become leach. of this favoured lown; and that a liberal ers of others, might pass the earlier years of extension of charity has the approbation of their lives in the retirement necessary for the heaven we have high authority for believing acquisition of religious and scientific informa. when the Jews interfered in behalf of the tion. These establishments were most nume. Centurion, who had besought Jesus to come yous in France, and, as belonging to'natives and heal his servant, they insured suceess to of this country, they sunk beneath the spirit their interference, by saying, "he is worthy of antipathy to every thing British ; which, for whom thou shouldst do this, for he loveth since the third year of the revolution, has our nation, and he hath built us a Synagogue" been a leading feature in the chasacter of Luke vii. 5. Subscriptions will be received


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at the different Banks in Liverpool; and by chearful companion, and he was what Pope
the rev. D. Brewer, Woolion; rev, A. calls, the noblest work of God, “ An honest
M.Donald, Seel-street; and the rev. E. Sla- man."

Married.] At Liverpool, Capt. Thomas Married.] At Stockport, John Backhouse,
Mudge, of the ship Trio, to Miss Crossland. junior, esg. of Lundon, to Catherine, second

At Lillesliall, J. Ogle, esq. of Preston, to daughter of the late T. Nicholson, esg.
Miss Taylor, youngest daughter of Mr. T. At Chester, H. Hughes, esq. of Alhre,
Jate of Dunnington Grove.

Flintshire, to Miss Bentley, of Merton-ball,
At Farnworth, Mr. Buller, surgeon, of near Oswestry:
Runcorn, to Miss Challenor.

Died.] At Nantwich, Mrs. Holland. De.
Ac Runcorn, Thomas Sleight, esq. of Wickstead.
Prestatyo Hall, to Mrs. Dampe, widow of Ac Chester, Miss Read, 15.-Joha Duke,
Hans D. esq. formerly his Danish Majesty's esq. 76. Mr. Joseph Leigh.- Mrs. Robinson
ponşul for Liverpool.

Mrs. Feidden, wife o: Robert F. esy.
Died.] At Lancaster, William Badsworth, Ms. Edward Roberts, 24.
esq. a justice of the peace and depucy lieu- The rev. George Taylor, minister of Wres-
tenant for Cumberland and Westmoreland. bury and rector of Hiastock, Shropshire.
-Mr. J. A, Brathwaite, surgeon.Mrs. Aic Stockport, Mss. Lioyd, witc of Al. Le

solicitor, 4%.
At Scorforth, Mr. Jonathan Patchett, 91.

At Manchester, Mrs. Bridgford - Mr. Married,) Ac Heanor, John Ray, esq. of
Johnson. Mr. Anthony Welch, many years Nottingham, to Miss Sutton lo man, niece of
principal carrier between Manchester, Leeds, Mrs. Sutton, of Heanur-bull.
London, and Newcastle.

At Iikeston, Mr. W. Parkinson, surgeon,
At Birch-house, Mr. Bernard Holland, to Miss A. Jones
attorney, of Manchester.

Died.] at Chesterfield, Mrs. Rogers, relict
At Liverpool, Mr. Terence McConnel.- of John R. M. D. of Bolton, Lancashire.
Mr. Charles Yates, attorney, 23.-Mr. George Mrs. Parker.
Edwards, 33.-Mr. William Roscoe.-Mrs. As Normanton, Mrs. Ford.
Bonsal, relict of Captain B. -Mrs. Glasing. Ac Bradborne, George Buckston, esq. 89.
Mrs. Mary Dyke, 07.-Mrs. Ann Pierce, Ac Derby, Mrs. Simpson, 77.--- Mr. Joha
St.-Mr. Crofi, 51.--Mrs. McLean.-Mr. Rotheram,a great antiquarian, and well known
Ciewe. Mrs. Butlery, 56.Mrs. Elizabeth for his eccentricity of character, 73.-Mrse
Glover, 21 - John Meacock, esq. an aldes. Gadsey, wife of Mr. Eiward G. junior, 33.
man of Chester.

Ac Edensor, Thomas Ashly, esq. 82.
at Wigan, John, son of Mr. Thomas
Critchley, 19.

Married.] At Nottingham, Lieutenant Ware
At Oldham, Mr. Thomas Henshaw, late ren Bower, of the 3och regiment of foot, to
in the firm of Henshaw, Barkers,and Hadfield, Miss Taylor.
hat-manufacturers. He nas wille 20,0001. Died.) At Nottingham, Mr. Joseph Lowć,
to Mr. John Atkinson, a hat-manufacturer, alderman of the corporation, 72.-Mrs.
(no relation); 20,0001. to the Trustees of Moor, relict of William M. gent. - Miss Rör
the Blind Hospital at Liverpool ; 20,0001. biison, second daughter of the late Mr. Tho.
for the foueding of a Charity school on the mas R. 23.-Mr. James Glover, 66. Mrs.
plan of Christ's Hospital; many legacies to Froggat, 76.-Mr. John King, sen.--Mt.
his relations and friends from 2001. to 20001. Frederic Hall, 41. Mrs. Camm, 81.-Mr.
each, in all about 135,0001. The trustees John Wells, 47.
of the two charicies are residuary legatees, At Buston Joyce, Ann Frances, daughter
and will be entiiled to many thousand pounds of Mr. William Jamson.
more, as his property is supposed to amount Ac Car Colscon, near Bingham, Mr. Sae
to 160 or 180,0001.

muel Matthews, 66. Ac Manchester, Adam Brundretc Royle, Ac Norinanton, Mr. Thomas Holines, 59. the youngest son of Mr. John R. of Byrom. At Farndon, Miss Rippon. street, and on Monday following, much res. At Suuchwell, Mr. Lamb, sen.-Mr. Wid. pected, Mr. Jeremian Royle, sen. of lower dowson Byrom-street, aged 69, grandfather to the Ar Newark, Mrs. Rippingale.Mrs. Ro. above; and on Monday 12in in cant Mr, binson. John Royle, of Byrom street, aged 37, father At Bleasby Hall, the seat of his grandfa. of the toriner, and son to the latter, he fore. ther, aged 20, Lieutenant Gladwin Colclougha Lold the time of his death, and died in hopes of the 26ch regiment of foot; the death or of a glorious resurrection; he was universaliy whuse bruther at Hull, is recorded ajuve. Þespected, and his loss is much lamented by

LINCOLNSHIRE. * large circle of friends and a disconsolate Married.] At Aswarby, H. G. Hibbert, widow and family; he had received a most esg. of London, co Diana, eldest daughter of liberal education, that combined with his sir Thomas Whiclicoce, bart. of Aswarby great urbanity of madness made him a most House.




994 Leicester-Stafford Warwick-Shropshire. (May 1,

At Lincoln, Mr. Wilson, attorney, of cashire, to Miss Hordern, daughter of Jana Manchester, to Miss Bell. - At Hacconoy, Mr Francis Welby, aged At Stoke upon. Trent, William Voss, esq. 81, to Miss Mary Fletcher, aged 10.

of Orchard, Dyrsetshire, ro Miss Cacharisc At Louth, Mr. Preston, to Mrs. Huglsson, Warburton, youngest daughter of Jacob W. Belice of Samuel H. esq.

esq. of Corbridge. At Boston, Mr. Webb, of Leicester, to Miss At Walsall, the rev. Mr. Pratt, to Miss Reynolds.

Caroline Adams, third daughter of James A. Died.) At Lincoln, Mre. Rippon. - Mr. esq. William Porter, only son of aidernian P. 31. At Cannock, Mr. J. C. Morris, of Willey, -Mrs. Taylor, -Mss. Andrew, wife of Mr. Shropsbire, to Miss Callpin, cidest daughter John A. The rev. Wiltiam Cuppa, curate os of Mr. G. of Wedges Milis, near Cannock. $c Mary's, 27.

-P. Wood, csg. of Cates, in this courty, to At Brigg, Mrs. Nicholson, wife of Richard Miss Buttertow, only daughter of William B. N. esq. 54.-.-Mrs. Quipp, 67.-Mrs. What. esq. of Sowdiex, Salop. பர்,12.

At Whittington, John Adcock, esq. of At Louth, Mrs. Aun Dunn, 84.--Mr. Misterton, Leicestershire, to Miss Wright William Kiichen, 70. Mrs. Lydia Pearson. Died.] At Lichfield, Mrs. Barnes, 88.

Ai Mumby, Mrs. Mary Buttery, furineriy At Lane End, Mr. R. Barker.-Mr. S. mistress of the Cross Keys Inn, Horncastle, Cope.

Ac Cobshurst, Mrs. Proctor. At Gainshoro', the rev. Jacob Brettel, mi.. At Haniey, Miss E. Simpson, 30. Dister to the congregation of protestani dis- At Newcastle, Mrs. Mayer.Mrs. Beech. senters at that place, 7.-Mrs. Francis, 78. At Wednesbury, Mr. A.M. M‘Michael.Dir. G. Ashforth, of the Marquis of Granby Mrs Elizabeth Edney, 91. Ion, 53,--Mr. W Maltby, 78.

A: Upper Sapey, Mrs. S. Perks, 105. All Boston, Mrs. True. Mr. Thomas At Scafford, Mrs. Leigh.-Mr. Charles Cheyney, an alderman of that corporation. Clewes, 63.-Mr. John Smith, 21.

At Stamford, Mis Simpson, wife of Mr. At Dunstone, Mrs. Godwin, 93. alderman S. 37.

At West Bromwich, Mr. William Goest. AL Gautby, Robert Vyner, esq. 48. In Ac Tamworth, Mrs. Laverick, wife of Mr. 1786, ke married lady Theodosia, daughter Henry L. schoolmaster, 69. of the earl of Ashburnham, hy whom he has Jeft nine children. Mr. Vyner was twice Married.) At Warwick, Mr. John Moniy chusen member of parliament for this county; Pontin, of London, to Miss Moody, only and retired from the representation, on ac. daughter of the rev. Mr. M. count of declining health, whea sir Gilbert At Birmingham, Mr. Thomas Heygate, of Heathcote was chosen.

Hollowell, Northamptonshire, to Mary,

daughter of Mr. Joseph Townsend. Died.) At Theddington, the rer. sir Al Coyentry, Mr. George Twigg, to Miss Charles Cave, bart. 63.

Mary Bent. At Leicester, Mr. Samuel Long, surgeon. Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. $. Laugher, Miss E. Wilson.-Mrs. Spence.

78.--Mr. Isaac Dell -Mr. 'Tbomas Baugh. At Syston, Mrs. Smith, of the house of Mrs. Pemberton - Mrs. Richards. Mrs. Shutt and Son, cea dealers, London, 36.- Brunner.-Mr. j. Whitmore, 57. -Mr. Isaa Mrs. Hunt, 87.

Whitebouse, 35.-Mre. Hinchliffs. -Mr. J. At Ashby-de-la-Zcuch, Mrs. Beavington, Hopkins, 38. 26.

At Rugby, Miss Ewbank. At Kegworth, Mr. Caulton, 82.

Ar Warwick, George Arthur, youngest At Snareston, Mr. John Gadry.

son of the sev. Mr. Innis, 12. At Donington Park, Mr. Charles Best, 51.

At Aldridge, the rey. John Wild, rector of He was one of the oldest domestics in lord that place. Moira's service, having altended him in the

At Moseley, near Birmingham, Miss Eliz. American war, and been taken prisoner with Villers - Mr. Henry Parker, attorney, of him by count de Grasse, when on their return. Birmingham. At Blaby, John Freer, gent. 72.

At keresley, near Coventry, Mr. Oldhun. At Stretton, Mrs. Iliffe, 65.

SHROPSHIRL. Ac Shilton, Mrs. Eliz. Cooper, relict of The rev. Mr. Charles Lloyd, seeing the Thomas C. gent.

beneficial effects of Mr. Lancaster's school at At Prestwould, Mr. Cooper, 92.

Cambridge, has built school-rooms, and esta.

blished one school for boys, and another ter Mr. Josiah Wedgwood has established a girls, at Whittington, near Oswestry. school on the Lancastrian system of education, Married.] At Edstaston Chapel, Mr.Joues, Dear his seat at Etruria.

printer and bookseller, of Whitchurch, to Married.] At Wolverhampton, the rev. Miss Ann Mason, of Wem. T. Thrusby Whittaker, of Wailey, Lana Al Shrewsbury, Thomas Sutton, esq. sur•




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