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Slate of Public Affairs in April. [May 1, rived on the 22d, in St. Olalla, and that the constitutional principle in France, that the dispersed enemy retreated partiy to Seville, Thelweg of the Rhine forms the houndary of and partly to the Sierra.

the French empire; and as the duck yards of HOLLAND

Antwerp are, by the present state of the On the 31st of March were exchanged, boundaries between the cwo countries, uneroat Paris, the ratifications of the follow. Holland cede: co his majesty the emperor of

tected and exposed, his majesty the king of ing treaty, there concluded, on the 10th, the French, king of Italy, &c. Dutch Fra. between the respective plenipotentiaries bant, the whole of Z-aland, including thereof the king, and his illustrious brother, in the Isle of Schouwen, that part of Guelthe emperor of the l'rench, king of derland which is situate ou the left side of Italy, &c.

the Maal; so that henceforth the boundary His majesty the emperor of the French, between France and Holland shall be the king of Italy, protector of the league of the Thalweg of the Wash, from the fort of ScbenRhine, and mediator of the Swiss confederacy, kens, leaving on the leit bank Nymeguen, and his majesty the king of Holland, being Bom nel, and Wandrichem, then the princi desirous of terminating the differences that pal stream of the Merwe which runs into the have arisen between them, and of making the Blesboch, through which, and also through independence of Holland harmonize with the the Hollandsch Diep, and the Walkerak, the new circumstances wherein the English orders line of demarcacion shall be continued, unril in Council, of 1807, have placed all !he nari. it reach the sea at Bieningen or Gravelingen, time powers, have agreed to come to a mutual leaving on the left the Isle of Schouwen. understand...g thereon, and to that end, have 7. Each of the cede provinces shall be nominated as their plenipotentiaries, viz. his released from all debts not incurred for its owa majesty the emperor of France, &c. the interests, sanctioned by its particular governsieur John Baptiste Nompere, count de Ch !.. ment, and funded upon its territory. pagny, duke of Cadore, grand eagle of the 8. His majesty che king of Holland, ia, legion of honor, &c. his majesty's minister for order to co-operate wiih the force of the foreign affairs, &c. And his majesty the French ēmpire, shall have a float a squadroa king of Holland, Charles Henry Verheuil, of nine sail of the line, and six frigates, asm. admiral of Hollanıl, grand eagle of the legioned, and provided with six month's stores, and or honor, grand cross of the Dutch order of ready to put to sea by the 1st day of June, union, his majesty's ambassador to the empe- next ensuing ; and also a flotilla of 100 gungor and king: who, after exchanging their full boats, or other armed veisels. This force powers, have agrced upon the following ar, shall, during the whole period of the war, de ticles :

maintained and kepe in constant readiness, ART. 1. Uniil the English government 9. The revenues of the ceded provinces shall have solemnly abrogated the restrictions shall belong to Holland until the day of the contained in its orders in council of 1807, exchange of the ratiñcation of the present all conimerce whatsoever is prohibited be- treaty. Until the same day the king of Hol. tween the port of England and the ports of land shall defray all charges of their adminis. Holland. Should there be reasons for grant- trajion. ing licences, those only shall be valid which 10. All the merchandize imported by are delivered in the name of the emperor. American vessels that have arrived in the

2. A corps of 18,000 men, of which 3,000 ports of Holland since the 1st of February, shall be cavalry, and consisting of 6,000 1809, shall be put under sequestration, and French and 12,000 Duich, shall be placed at made over to France, in order to her disposing ail the mouths of the rivers, together with thercot according to the circumstances, and officers of the French customs, to see that the the state of her political relations wich the contents of the foregoing article are carried United States. into complete effect.

11. All merchandise of English manufac. 3. The troops shall be paid, sed, and cloth- ture are prohibited in Holland. ed, by the Dutch government.

1.2. Measures of police shall be adopted for 4. All vessels violacing the first article, the purpose of strictly watching and taking that may be taken on the Dutch coasts, by into custody all insurers of prohibited iratis, French men of war or privateers shall be de all smugglers, their abetcors, &c. In a word, riared good prizes, and in case of any doubt the Dutch government pledges itself to extir. arising, such difficulty can alone be desided pate the contraband trade. upon by his majesty, the emperor.

13. No depot of goods prohibited in Fraace, 5. The restriccions contained in the above and that may give colour to contraband traf. articles shall be revoked as soon as England fic, can be established within a distance of shall have solemnly revoked her orders in four leagues from the line or the French cus Council of 1807 ; and from that instant the com-houses; and in case of crespass, all sub French troops stall evacuate Holland, and re. de pots shali be subject to seizure, though store to her the full enjoyment of her inde- upon the Dutch territory. gendence.

14. With the reserve of these restrictions, 6. Inasmuch as it has been adopted as a and so long as they shall be in operation, bis


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majesty, the emperor, shall suspend the pro. which was rejected by a majority of 38. The hibitory decree which shuts the frontier bar. mution for committal to the Tower was then riers between Holland and France.

carried. 15. Fully confiding in the manner in This was in the morning of Friday, April which the engagements resulting from the the 6th, and the speaker issued his warrant present treaty shall be executed, his majesty for the commitment of sir Francis immedia the emperor and king guarantees the integrity ately; but as the principles, in the support of the Duteh possessions, such as they shall of which the baronet had thus engaged, led be pursuant to this treaty.

him of course to consider that instrument as 16. The present treaty shall be rarified, illegal, he determined not to obey ir ; and and the ratitications exchanged at Paris, after having refused to comply with the per. within the period of fifteen days, or sooner, sonal requisition of the scrjeant at arms to if possible.

surrender himself as a prisoner, he in the Done at Paris, this 16th of March, 1810. cour:e of Saturday addressed the following (Signed) CHAMPAGNY, Duke of Cadore. letter to the speaker : The Admiral VERHEUIL.

SIR.- When I was returned, in due form,

by the electors of Westminster, they ima. GREAT BRITAIN. The debate in the House of Conmons, on

gined they had ch'sen me as their trustee in the expedicion to Flushing, after having con

the House of Cummons, to maintain the laws tinued during several nights, terminated by that trust, I never will betray it.

and liberties of the land. flaving accepted four separate divisions, which took place at seven o'clock in the morning of Saturday the

I have also, as a dutiful subject, taken an 31st of March ; in which a greater number

oath of allegiance to the king, to obey his of members voted than had ever been known laws; and I never will consent, by any act on any former occasion ; there being counted,

of mine, to obey any set of men, who, con. on one divi ion, 50. The first division was

trary to those laws, shail, under any preon the resolutions of lord Porchesier, con

tence whatsoever, assume the power of the

veying a censure on ministers on the ground
of che expedition being impolitic : upon this

Power and privilege are not the same division there was a majority of 48 in favour things, and ought not, at any time, to be of ministers. The secrid division was upon

confounded together. Privilege is an exempthe amendment, approving of the conduct of

tion from power, and was, by law, secured to ministers on the policy of the expedition:

the third branch of the legislature, in order ministers had a majority of 40. The third

to protect then, that they might safely prodivision was upon the resolution of censure, destroy the people.

tect the people not to give them power to as to the policy of retaining Walcheren so long: ministers had a majority of 51. Upon be illegal --I know it to be so.

Your warrant, sir, I believe you know to

To superior the fourth division, approving of the conduct of ministers in the retention of Walcheren :

force 1 must submit: I will not, and dare ministers had a majority or 23.

not, incur the danger of continuing volun. From this melancholy subject the public tarily to make one of any association, or set attention was contrived to be immediately of men, who shall assume illegally the whole called off by the proceedings of the House of power of the realm, and who have no more Commons against sir Francis Burdett, in con.

right to take myself, or any one of my con. sequence of a pamphlet published by him, stituents, by force, than i or they possess to addressed to his constituents the electors of take any of those who are now guilty of this Westminster, in which he denies the power

usurpation ; and I would condescend to accept of commitment for libel, recently assumed by

the meanest office that would vacate my seat, that horse in the case of Mr. "Gale Jones being more desirous of getting out of my preFor this Mr. Lethbridge moved that sir Fran.

sent association, than otiser nien may be de. sis Burdett's letter was is scandalous and li. sirous of getting profitably into it. bellous paper, reflecting upon the just privin of thanks ; it is an answer to a vote of a very

Sir, this is not a letter in answer to a vote leges of the house ; and after a debare which lasted till eight o'clock in the morning, the different kind. I know not whut to call it'; house divided on an amendment moved by with me, I must beg you to read this my an

but since you have begun this correspondence lord Folkstone, for getting rid of the quescion by proceeding to the other orders of the day.

swer to those under whose orders you have

I remain, sir,
This amendinent was lost by a majority of commenced it.
191. Mr. Lethbridge's resc!utions were then

Your most obedienc humble servant,

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agreed to without a division. Sir Robert
Salusbury then moved that sir Francis Burdett Piccadilly, April 6, 1810.
should be committed to the Tower. Mr. Those who had taken up this business,
Adam mored, as an amendinent, that sir were employed on Saturday and Sunday in
Francis should be reprimanded in his place. concerting the most advisable means of case
A division took place upon the amendment, rying the warrant into execution; as sir

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State of Public Affairs in April.

[May 1, Francis had expressed hvis determination not made for public delinquents, that the stmat co surrender himself except to actual force : rigour is ex-rcised against him who pleads for and during the whole of these two days and the ancient and constitutional rights of the nights the people were constantly assembling people. You nobly stept forward in derence sound sir Francis's house, and giving bim of a fellow subject unjustly imprisoned, and cokens of their attachment, though the streets you questioned with great ability and knowwere paraded by dragoons. At length, on ledge of the laws, the warrant issued upon Monday inorning, an immense military force that occasion ; the House of Commons have was drawn up before and near the house, and answered your argument by breaking into the warrant was carried into execution by your house with a military force, seizing your Bow-street officers with almost theatrical person, and conveying you by a large body of management and effect.

troops to the Tower. Your dislinction beA little before eleven the serjeint at arms, tween privilege and power remains unaltered; accompanied by messengers, police officers, the privileges of the House of Commons are and a large military force, broke uiolently for the protection, not for the destruction, of into the house. Sir Francis was sitting with the people. We have resolved to repon. his family, and on the appearance of the ser- strate with the House of Commons on cbe jeant, asked by what authority he broke outrages committed under their orders; and into his house ? The scrjeant produced the to call upon them to restore you to your seat speaker's warrant, which sir Francis refused in parliament, which the present state of the to obey, and demanded if it was intended to country renders more than ever necessary for be executed by a military force? The an- the furtherance of your and our object-areswer was in the affirmative: whereupon sir form of the representation in that louse. Francis commanded them to desist in the While so many members are collected togeking's name, and called upon the sheriff for ther by means which it is not nesessary for his aid. It was answered that the sherift was us to describe,' we cannot but entertain the not there ; and sir Francis then said, that greatest apprehensions for the remainder of they should not take him but by force, which our liberties; and the employment of a mili. they accordingly did, and hurried him through tary force against one of their own body, is a double file of soldiers drawn up in his own but a sad presage of what may be expected house, to a glass coach, which they had in by those who like you have the courage to waiting for the purpose, and conveyed bim stand forward in defence of the rights of the to the Tower, escorted by a large body of people." horse.

Sir Francis, in his answer, speaking of the In the return of the troops from the Tower, present state of the representation of the peothey fired repeatedly on the people, and some ple, says: “ From this foul and traiturous lives were lost. Concerning some of the traffic our borough-monger sovereigns drive eases, the coroner's juries have very properly an immense revenue, cruelly wrung from the gelurned verdicts of silful merder.

hard hand of honest labour. I do, however, In consequence of these abominable pro- now enteriain an ardent hope, that this deceedings, a very numesous meeting of the graded and degrading system, to which all electors of Westminster was held in Palace- our difficulties, grievances, and dangers, are yard, on the 17th of April; at which it was owing, will at length give way to the inoresolved, to present to the House of Com- derate but determined perseverance of a whois mons a " petition and remonstrance,"stating, united people. Magna Charta, and the old among other things, that “ the committal law of the land, will then resume their eine of sir Francis Burdett to prison, coforced by pire--freedom will reviveche caterpillara military power, are circumstances which of the state, coiling themselves up in their Tender evident che imperious necessity of an own naturally narrow sphere, will fall off and immediate reform in the representation of the perish-property and political power, which people :" and concluding with most earnestly the law never separates, will be re unitedcalling opon the house “co restore to we uur the king, replaced in the happy and dignitied sepresentative, and according to the notice he station allotted him by the constitutivn-che has given, to take the state of the represen. p-ople, relieved from the bitterest of all tation of the people into your serious consi. curses, the curse of Canaan, that of being deration, a reform in which is, in our opi. the servants of servants, and restored to nion, tbe only means of preserving the couo. their just and indisputable rights. To effect try from military despotism." It was deter. tbesc great, important, and necessary purpomined also to send a letter to sir Francis in ses, no exertions of mine shall ever be wante the Tower, expressing their full approbation ing-without their attainment, no efforts of of his general conduct; and speaking of the mine cap avail. The people of England must particular instance in question, in the follow. spiak out they must do more-ibey must ing terms :-"We feel the indignity that act : and if, following the example of the has beco offered you, but we are not sure electors of Westminster, tbey do act in a fira prised to find, that when cvery excuse is and regular manner, upou a corrested plan,

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ever keeping the law and constitution in view, The House of Commons, after a very long they must finally succeed in recovering that and adjourned debate, retermined to pass over to which they are legally entitled-the ap- sir Francis's letter to the Speaker, without pointment of their own guardians and trustees any particular notice ; and allowed the petifor the protection of their own liberty and tion from the electors of Westminster to be property. They must either do this, or they received, after some attempt at opposing it. must inevitably fall a sacrifice to one or the Notice has been served on the Speaker, other of the most contemptible factions that and his officers, by sir Francis Burdett's sotiever disgraced this or any other country. The citor, that he has instructions to bring an question is now at issue; it must now be ul. action against them, at the suit of the honourtimately determined whether we are hence. able baronet. This will bring the important forth to be slaves, or be free. Hold to the question of the breaking open his house, laws.this great country may recover; for- fairly to issue ; and it will be solemnly assake them and it will certainly perish." gued in a court of law.

A1.PHABETICAL List of° BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between

the 20th of March and the 2014 of April, extracted fruin the London Gazettes,


BANKRUPTCIES. (The Solicieor's Names are between Parentbesis.) ADDIS. Charles New Bofwell court, Huney scrivenero Anderfoo George and George Harrison Eades. Bridge-yard

Wharf, Toley freet, merchants. (Palmer, Tum

Pistons and Thomson, Copthall court Ayrton Edwin William, New Cut, Lambeth Marth,

Felton James, Wet Thurrock, Efex, baker. (Aubrey,

Touk's court, Cursitor freet, and Staoley, Billericay.

Efex Fildes Benjamin, Upton on Severn, Worcefter, boat builderg

( Whitcoinbe, Griffich, and Philpotes, Glocefter Fleming Henry. Manway yard, Oxford freet, jeweller.

Hodgron, Clement's inn Forrest James, Chester, cottou dealer. (Avison, Liver

pool Foulkes Joseph,, Hackney ruad, builder. Rutfon,

Well clure fquare Foy Walter, Beech treet, linen draper.. (Mind, Throg.

morton Areet Gough William, Cranbourne freet. mercer. (Turner,

Edward frec, Cavendit fquare Griffiths William, wek wood, wiits. dyer. (Williers,

Red Lion Square, and Williams and Buch, Trow

bridge, wiits. Hain Jouathan, Hampton, vixualler. (Vincent, Bedford

êtreet, Bedford square Hamilton John, Bristol, merchant. (Tarrant, Chancery

lane, and Smith, Bristol Hammond Johu. Macclesfeld, taoner. (Cooke, Maccles.

field. and Kent, Clifford's inn Harrifon George Manchezer, merchant. • (Burkett,

kond court, Walbrook, and Pearfoo. Carlife Hartley Junn. Manchefer, grocer. ' (Xay and Rcythay,

Manchetter Henzell Geurge, Little East Cheap, underwriter. (Sher.

Wood, Cumhion court, Broad street Hero William, Hinckley, Berks, victualler HIRES John, Liverpool merchant, (Crump and Lodge,

Liverpoul, and Battye, Chancery lane Holt Samuel, Manchetter, grocer. (Par's and Redding

Altrincham, Cherbire, and wilton, Greville itects

Matton Garden Hooker Thoinas, Mary-le-bone-Greet, Portland Place,

grocer (Steyen fun, Chequer court, Chariot

Cross Horwood Jofeph, Woodchefer. Park-hill, Glocefterduire,

miller. (Whitcombe and Kine, Serjea at's inn, Fleet treci, and Bowyer, King's Holna, near Glo.

cefter Iogham Francis, Norland, Halifax, clotbier. (Willis,

Fairtborne and Clarke, Waruford cour:, and Alitoa

Huddersfeld Inman Joseph, Kent road, broker. (Bryaut, Copthalt

court King William, Bream's buildings, Chancery line, cabines.

maker. Wasbroech, Waroford court Knight James. Caine, Wilts, clothier. (Davis and

Poole, Bristol. and James, Gray's inn square Lewis Evan, Cardiff, Glainurgas Crucer. Lewis, Car

ditt, and Gregory, Clement's inn Littlejohn joseph Jaincs, Golport, mercer. (Blessdale,

A cxander and Holine, New ina, and Cruisklarik,

Golport Lloyd William, Cheffer, chair-maker, (Milne aud Party,

Temple and sirecock, Chetter Loma: Duc mus, Watford, corn merchant, (Fairlie and

Francis, New square, Lincoln sion Lucas Jorin Brow (grove, Worceter, dealer in timber.

I Richardfun, New Inn Luke Thomas, Exeter brewer. (Loxley, Cheapfide Maclcao James, Oid Change, victualler. (Howell, Sion

College Garde, Aldermanbury Mace George. Brittui, linen dorper, (Tulsun, Chathama

Place, Blackfriars Marinal Cuthbert, Ratcliffyware, mariner. (Sherwood,

Cuthiou court, Bruad street Markery William, and John Atkin, Whitechapel road,

dealers in glass and carthenware. (Aulice and Cor. Temple, asd Tomlinful, Hanley, StaffordHiire


broker. (Howard, Charing Cross
Baker Jobs, son coal lan, London, carpenter. (Hudson,

Wuik worth withings. City road
Ball Juhu, Adam ftreet, Adelphi, audioneer. (Green•

hill, Gray's inn fquare
Banson Edward Walrau Stafford, radler's ironmonger.

(Turner and Pike, Bloomsbury square, aad Heeley,

Barber William Alnwick, Northumberland, hrewer.

ambert, Alnwick and Ylexney. Chancery lane Bennett Thomas, Liverpool, merchant. (Houghton,

Liverpool, and Winule, John trest, Cedforj ruw
Boyd Thumas, Maida Hill, Edgware road, wapkeeper.

Jeyes Charlotte Areet, Fitzroy filuare
Brandon Isaac, and ainuel Cortistós, Leadenhall Areet,

merchants. (Swain, Stevens, and Maples, old

Brown Robert William, Lambeth road, merchant. (Hill,

Ruod lane
Bryan Thomas, Sloane Areet, Erocer. (Cuppage, Jerinyo

Burt William, Tooley atreet. oil- inerchant, (Sherwood,

Cuthion court, Croad ft eet
Cattle amhrufe, Furnival's inn, inoney fcrivener. (Hill,

Chapman Williain, Beverley, linen draper. (Hall, Beverley
Cloney Nicholas, Liverpul, provision merchant. (Davies,

Liverpul, and Meddowcroft, Gray's inn
Collins letitia, Halfmoon dieet, milliner and dress

Cos Elzabeth, osvefton, Glocelter, thopkeeper. (Guel,

Buttal, suu Meredith, kubbins and Tomkyos, Liu.

coln's Wall Vokey Charles, Mancheher and Nottingham, lace manu.

facturer. (Willis, Fairthorne and Clarke, Wars.

ford court, and Heflip, Manchetter Davies John, Here ford, corp factor. (Browpe and Pin.

siger, Gray's inn fquare, and Bird and Wollafton,

Daries Jaines, Ledbury, Hereford, flaf's man. (Peweriss,

Gray sins, and Recce, Ledbury
Davies William, Cuadley, gun.barrel maker. (StronR

Still and Strong, Lincoln's iun, and Huberts, Wur.

center, Stourbridge Vc Joachim, Louis Rene, Bowling green Buildings, dis.

Killer. (Wadefon, Barluw, and Grosvenor, Angin

De la Hault, Charles, Birmingham, Spanin leather dreffer.

(Roffer and son, Bartlett's Building, and Hill,

Dhon Mark. Borough. High ftreet, hop mercbant. (Day

and famerton, Lime street
Dongworth James. Grove treet, Commercial read, and

Thomas Ainer, Stepicy, builders. (Rution, Wels

close fyllare Drury Willian, Canterbury, naualler, (Pierce and

Sandys, Caureibury, and Wilnoja ana Collett,

Chancery Lane
Edward James, Leiceller, moensaker. (Graves, Lei.

ceffer, and wilton, Temple
Faton Auguftine, Hart Areet, Bluoinsbury, wine.mer

chanit. (Chapmau and Stereos, Sf. Mildred's court, Poultry


Alphabetical List of Bankruptcies and Dividends. (May 1,

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Eestile James, Longtown, Cumberland, dreper April Beoton Henry Gurdy, Gray's son Square, niuney frriver

ner, April Belcher Juni, war b's Conduit Areet, mrrchasi, Max bell Robert. Newcattle upou l yne,

capes, May 11 Be'l Robert and Rober: Hedley, Newcastle upoD-Tyat,

wool n draper, May in Benwell 1

reet, coach maker, :1 Billings sanuel, Live pour numer and face manutaturer,

MAY Bloxamir Matthew, Th mas wiki fand Wilian

Bioxam. Gracchurcafret, bake S. APIT 14 Bloxann. Wan), Gracechuchitreel, baker Ap 1124 Bulilly John Urutus, Percy freel, br. Fancrat, Doney

fcrivenet, ApS Brinckichard, live rol, mert hat, May 1 Briuuw Chanics Neweare trei lunin diaper, May 5 Broner Dhomas, Ilve pool, faris er. Mayo Briton fonn Luxon Kihine marier, April 17 Buy Williain. jun. Piton, Devot, Clotiste MAYO Bucher Rubri Pensil Laurence Ppunide y lasc, wise

merchant, April 2 Chaband Henry, Plumtree arcet, Bloomsbury, jeweiler,

April Chadwick

Ann, Bredbury, Chelter, hat-manura@urer, My 10 Chadwick John, Bredbury, Chelter, hat-manufaturer,

May 10 Chapman Elias Tunbridge Wells, carpenter, April ?! Chapmau Richara, Thatchain, seks, thopkeeper

April 17 Chapman Juhn, Yarmouth, linen traper May Chapple James, Grace • Aley, wellicole fuae, bober,

April 14 Charlton Cornelius, Eat Farleich, Kent, yeoman, May Chatin Francis my john Caleert Clarke, and Chart &

Bown College Hill, merchants April Clarke Abralia, Newport,

IRC of Wight, tasser April 14 Clennell Joha, Newcaftie upon Tyne, pin maker, May. Clitold Benjamin

50th's Repti, si John arcet, öcaler and hapman. April 14 Colombine Francis, i avid, David, jun. and Peter, jue.

Norwich, merchants, May 1 Connop Juleph na coleman Levy Newton, Red Lion

ftreet,sr talelas, dyers. May ! Cotton Thomas, Cornbull,

Rockbroker and banker, April 11 Cramend Arthur, Bridge Areet, Blackfriars, merchant,

April 7 Croft William, Leeds a d James Manks, Hunnet, Yorks

marchants May 30 Danfon Kubert, Gulgite, Lancaster coal merchant. May is Davis i homas Wolverhampton, itoninunge, May 7 Dawsin Elliot, Hinckey, Leicefter hole aprila Dean,oleph, Birmingh in japante Apri 18 De Gruh),

ohn ruiwpond Philip Wavey, London, michthts, May 8 Dinsdale juleph, Scu.coates, York. grocer, April 17 Dich ihm 5 Bath, Chibarran, Dowiany tillsam, Devizes, draper, April 17 Duwie, joun, Gilat janes urett, scator a row, scrivener,

May 26 Dyer Richard, Bath cornfador, April 16 Edwards Jonn, stoneho fe, Devon, araper and fupreller,

May 1 Every samuel, Liverpool, ship-chandler and merchant,

April 16 F.veli Elizabeth and James, Cambridge, painteri,

Aprel 23 Fergut joon. Burr freet, St. George's in the Lat,

ina inet, May 12 Finchan wilsam, Covent garden, earthenware wes,

! Fither wi.diam, Cambridge woollen-draper, May 1 Better Pexsi Giesi Ya Tuorn, book 10.lerMay ! Freehamn Robert. id juicph Wifecia Queen Erect,

C.ccpline, wait boulemen, May Fuller Juni Jancs, Yuxiurd, sufouk, draper and grocer

piil 17 Gardner willsam, Newest, Glocetter, baker and falles,

May 8
Garland Carles, Brackley, Northampton, fakiran,

April 16
German william Brifol, tyler and platerer, Mayi

lman Thomas, Nuruih, linen.drape, Mays
Gay James. Et mit A4d, baker, piil 17
Giccu Wam, Xoflaad road, acuits and chapman,
Hall Ceu be, Queen trees, fik manufacturer. April 14

sui ci and Job Ciarke, word. Wuod streci. Na.

Outrs, Apni 20 Hawkins Miniani sirmingham, button maker, April 14 Naib wulan. Chippennann, Wits, Cibler, ay is htuert John woorbe, Graabe ruaj.

Suiswarko tanneis, May 5 Hedby Trumas, ubey Place, Bethnal Green dad, car

penter and tuilucr, April 24 Hey Matthew, cureatus toel, warehouse man, May 5 HAAB do nasles and Kubet, Walbrook, loca's meieen Holchbuie Ann, Union freet, Shadwell, fuvar reúner,

May Horner juan, Framwellgate, Durbam, taboer. May : Hughes Themas, Nostolk suruct, strand, Winc cichapte

pril 4 Hurdes Mark, Bury court, Love lase, wool merchant, ADIJI 28


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Mayhew Robert, Stutton. Suffolk, miller, 'Bunn, for

wich and Tayior, Southampton buildings, Chancery

lae Mellor raduei Leking, Liverpool, cotton dealer. (Avi.

fon), ! Ive pas Moore Henry, Ratciiff Highway, victualler. (Fothergill,

Cliffords an Maris John Marple, Chefer, boat builder. (Willis,

Fairthorne and Clarke, Waryford court, aod Hellop,

Maicheiter Moseley Daniel, Wake held, innkeepee. Clarkson,

Eltex Atree', Strant. and Clarkfon, Wakefield Nott John, komford nocer and cheese monger. (Shear man, Hart Areet.

loomsbury Page James Hornsey butcher. Platt. Temple Palmer James. Aldermanbury, mer.hant. (Dennetts

2nd Greaves, Coleman ftret Palmer as, Bristol, working goldsmith. (Gabell,

Lincoln's jan, and Hartier, Bridos Parkin John. Shffield, i nie per. (Chambre, Chapel

Orert Bedford row, and oatson, hefheld Pearson John, ah, horier. (5 he whard and Adlington,

Bedford row, and heppard Bath Perkins braham Sta.nford, Lincoin, grocer, (Thomp

1on, Sain for a Phillips Frederick, Shaftesbury, mopkeeper.

(Pearf n, Temple, and Durmferd, Pensbury Houfe, near

Shaftesbury Prance Georgswansea, tipen draper. (Clarke and

Son, Britol, and Jenkins, James and Abbutt, New

Inn Raby John, Great St. Helen's Chambers, merchant.

(Druce, Billiter square Baby George Geat St. Helen's Chambers, merchant.

(Druce, Billiter quare Reynold William, Cheliun, dealer. (Coppard, Baptit

Chambers, Chancer, lane Riddi forá William, Uiey, Glucciter, clothier. (Blox

rome, Duilley, and Price and williams Lincoln's inn Rippon Theophilus, Monitun, confectioner. (Rippon,

London Road, Sou'h wark Robertton Robert Sioui bridge, Worcester, druerint,

Strong, srill, and strong, Lincoln's inn, aod RO.

beits, tuu: bridge Roose Jonathan Liverpool. merchant (stanjareer and

Ecen, Liverpool and Windit, Juhn Itreet, Redford row Scott Alexander, and Thomas Purves. $t Mary Axe,

mechans (Hackett. Chancery lane Serres John Thomas. Reinftreet, Gulo square, picture

fiame maker. Wartand and Woud, Calle court,

Bridge row Shufe Jong, Shoe lane, copper-plate-maker. (Pullen,

Forefrect Skinnet David, Newington Causeway cabinet maker.

Harry, Thaive's inn Emythe Robit, Tottenham money fcrivener. (Wimbolt,

Boerert, Cripplerute Epence Willier Fer el Gulrot. mercer. (Collins

and newson, Gufport and Dyne, Serjeaut's inu,

fleet ftreet Stafford 2ror, Staley Bridge lancafer, thop keeper,

farke and Richard, cery ane, and Herin.

Dom. thton u dirlirt Stevens Jenn, an Foward Baker Whicon be treet,

btw $. (Reynolds Cail firet. Facun forate Stunley Thomas, Swatham, Nuifolk, upboiser

swcet and Stoic: 1 emne Taylor William, Lix pao! me:chant. (A kinion,

Chancery are, a raful, livrrpool Taylor Dave Grit Totham, LT.x, crucer. (Carter,

Stap einn Taylor David Mitr end road cabinet maker. (Weft, Be

ion threer. Wanne Tud), juh 11€ <for hop wealer. (Evans, Hereford, and P

tril, Gray's in Vaught wrau01:42y. Daventry, merchant.

(la 10 Newin! Wagner Fituere, Uxhab, wuthier. (Gale, Bedford

Arect, De Turdi) Wall Thomas, Ca Crury Place, Lambeth, tallow

( Charlie (Meymot!, Euriuws builuings, Black

ftar's mad Wan Sit)

puter Dess, Manchester Warehouseman. Pairer Mancheter 2.d Wulis, Fairthorue and

Clark, war to court Wet Robert, Oxfuo fiei, draper. (Mafon, Foster

lart Write auruto Weltmoreland place, City road, merchant,

Hug and Chapman, Tmple Whitebeau ! horas. les anju. Filworth. I ancaster,

cotton mufacturer, Barretin Manchee, and

Willis Fairtherne arr Clarkt, Warnets de court Wood Robert Margate, Brucer. (Cluitud, outwark

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Abbor Jofeph. Pirscut, Lancarer, procer, pril 16 Alles in Chiado Hitti, haker, Myr Alvey Vincen, Spain Lincoln, brewer and inn keeper, jureph. P.;:03. Salon, milles, May 7 myces john, Sun üret, Bilhopigate, tal chandler,

May 22 Baker Charles, Place, Lambeth, four factor, Banks Richard, Lithan, Kent, vituuler. March 31 Pattayames, ut ftreet hectant, April 24 Be Thera, Marcelled, draper. May Bayicy lates, in freet, shadwell, hip breaker and

nushadt, April 14

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