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ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between the 2011 of February and the 20th of March, extracted from the London Gazettes,

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BANKRUPTCIES. (Tbe Soliciter's Names are between Pareni besis.) ALDRIDGE John, Bowling treet, Wellminter, tailor,

Fuyett, Milbank Areet Allen Joha, Great Sutton Areet, Clerkenwell, surveyor,

(Cocoed, Bridge freet, Blackfriars Baker Jaraes

Tokeahouse yard, Lothbury, merchant. (Tilfun, Chathamn place, Blackfriars Ballard Joha, Bermingham, coal and corp-dealer. (Rut

fung Wellclore quare Zarb Thoras, Strand, mercer. (Beetham, Bouverie

Barnes James, New Malton, York.

lived draper, (Lambert, Gray's ing. and Walker, Malton Earron tomas, Great St. Thomas Apoule. warehouse.

man, Foulkes, Longdill, and Beckitt, Hoibora

court, Gray s inn Bear Joho, Sudbury, Suffolk, butcher, (Froa, Suubury,

and Faitbank, Ely place Bendy Simon, Bow Common, Middlesex, soap-maker.

(soith And Henderson, Leman treet, Goudman's

Acids Beboet William, Ludworth, Derby, victualler. (Bad.

deby, Stockport, and miine, and Parry, Teipple Jirch Joan, and Luer Luertoo, Hoxton, color-manufactu.

rers. (Bufion and son, Crowd court, aldersgaie

Artet Bifos Joseph, jun. Shadwell, victualler. (Hill, Shad. Broukes John, Whitchurch, Salop, moemaker, (Slack

Aucki St. Mildred's court, Poultry, and Waifon,

Whitchurch Bo*. Thomas, Shoreditch, Blackman ftret, Southwark,

Percer. (Kibblewhite, Rowland, and Robiulon,

Gray's inn Burton John, Manchefer, inn keeper. (Hewitt and

Kirk, Manchester, and Ellis, Chancery lane Butcher Wilham, Brighton, plumber,

(Goede, Howland Grect. Fitzroy Square Chumas Richard, 1 harcham, Berks, shop-kecper. (Bigas,

Reading, and Eyre, Gray's ido square C'uton Jeremiah, jun. Leeds, wooittapler Chrba William Lawrence lane wine and spirit mer.

chart. (Allingham, St. John's square Ctre Theophilus, and annuel Richardton Tokeshouse

yard, merchants. (Palmer, Tomlinfun, and Thomp.

lon, 1 krogmorton Atreet Cee John, Shicre, near Guilford, tanner. (Booth, Feo

Church buildings, London Cooper Joseph, Chciter, wheelwright. (Orrod, Liver.

pool, and cooper and Lowe, Chancery lane Cowgill Joieph, Henry Sandiford, and Jotun Barlow, Man.

cheker, calicu printers. (Swale and ficelis, Staple's

ian, aod Nabb. Manchester Cex William Charles, Nether Knutsford, Chetter. inn keep

umvite, Knutsford, and Wright and Picker. ing, Temple Creudace Juha Hull, cheefefactor. (Anderson, Hull,

and Ellis, Curftor ftreet Certis Mary Eaft Coker, Somerfer, twine spinner.

(Wart, Yeovil, and King, Bedford row, London Daniels Jofeph, Manchetter, and John. iiverpool, dealers

is tarthen ware. (Davies, Liverpool, and Meadow.

croft, Gray's ius Davey, Edward william, Rotherhithe, hip joiner.

Shepherd, southwark Davies Thomas, Tarvin, Chethire, corn factor, (Gar

aer, fcn. Chester, and Huxley, Temple Davies Thuras, Chester, glover. (Garner, Jun. Cheker,

and Huxley, Temple Datis jubin, Church lane, St. George's in the East, horse

dealer. (Davieling Lothbury Davis Joho Merthyr Tydvi', Glamorgan, Drucritt. (Mey.

rick, Merthyr Tydvil, and Jenkins, James and Abbori,

New ino Darifos john, New Brentford, linen draper, (Tillon,

Chatham place, Blackfriars Deewid argaret, late of Lla nabar, Merioneth, but now

in Lancafter cattle, mercbant. (Humphryus, Cher.

ter, und Backrock, London Dere James, Wexharo Noute, Bucks, and Blandford Greet,

London, money fcrivener and brick maker. (Mayhew,

Chancery lane Dowling Jonstban. Harwich, gro:er. (Reeve, Eury,

and Taylor, Southan prop tuidings, Chancery lane Draketorg Arthur, Culeshill, Warwick, butcher, Kin

derley, LUDB and Ime, Gray's inn, or Palmer,

Coleshill Edvards George, Wotton under Edge, Glocefter, hoe

maker Jannes, Gray's inn fare Tleming John, Blackburn, ascathire, cotton-manufactu.

rere Milne, Screeant, and Mune, Manclcfter, and

Milne ao Parry, Temple Foder Robert, Eden Cottage, King and road, Alkman.

Gregory, Wax chandler's Hall, Maiden lane, incap

hde Yowler Thomas. Tiverton, thopkeeper. (Reudel,

Tivertoa, and Lys Teoke's courts Chancery lane Franco Mole's, Spicai lyvare, infuiance brokcr. (Biving

tor, i enchurch bui dings Garney Michael, Liverpool Cotion merchante (Avison,


Garnett John, and Christian Frederic Speyer, Hudders.

held, merchants (Battye, Chancery lane, and

Lattye, Hudcersheid Gayleard John Richtunnd, Surrey, smith and farrier.

(Empfon, Great surtolk Arect, southwark Grove janes, Great May's buildings St. Martin's lane,

dairyoran, (Cunningham, New North tiett, Red

L10 fquare Hall Richard, Liverpool, grocer. (Wouds. Liverpool,

aud BLACK hock. St Mildreds court, Poultry Harrifinn John, Stoke upon Trent. potter. (Willis,

Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warntord couit, and Vernon,

Halk Willian, Hampstead, baberdasher.

(Cuppage, Jermyn itreet Heaver hom 45, St. James's market, poulterer. (Kayll,

Newingtun Butts Herbert Wilham, jun. Llanidloes, Montgomerythire, dra.

per. : Tayor Manchester Herve Henry, Cheaphide, jeweller. (Kebblewhite, Row

land. and Robinion, Grays ilin Hewitt Gideon, Southniolion treet, tailor. (Newcomb,

l'iccadilly Hewson Rubert, Robert Higgin, and Joseph Ilett, I fleworth,

Calco-printers. (Holmes and Luwden, Clement's

inn Hills Odborn, Shoreditch, cheesemonger. (Adams,

Great Rufel üreet, xloomsbury Hinde 'oan, charles Pratt yait, and Thomas Keyfe,

Horlyduwn, lead mabufacturers. Nind, Thraga

mortu. Atreet Hobbes Thoma Raphael, Mary Ic bone park, music seller.

(Tatham, Craven treet Hole William, Idiostou, a pothecary. (Edwards, Sy

mund's inn Houlden Thomas, Spitsby, Lincoln, maltster. (Wale

ker, Spilsby, aad Amici, Sion College Gardens, Alder

manbury Howel l'arry, London road, Southwark, haberdader.

(Willis, Fairthorne, and Cla: ke, Thruemartens Areet Hudlun Jono Earnifter, Hackney, Grove, and Old City

Chambers, mei chant. Karfey. Bithaipigate Areet Idbetron George, len, and jun, huddersfield feedimenz

(Willis, Fairthorne, and Clarke, Warnford court, and

Wadiworth, Mii Rridge, near Leeds Jackson William, Clayton went, Yurkihire, money fcri.

(scholey, Horbury, and Sykes, and Kliowies, New in Jackfun Jono Hards, Selby, York, master mariner.

(Prickett's, Hole, and Watkins, Lincoln's inn John fon Thomas. Macclesfield, vi&tualler. (Cooper and

Lowe, Southampton buildings, Chancery lane, and

Chetham. Srockport Jones Taigo Charles. New Tothil ftreet, Weftminster,

victwailer. (Phillipfon and crewer, Staples inn Keyfe 7 homas and Charles Pratt Wyat, Langbouro e

Ward Chambers, inerchauts. (Hoctub, Surry Areet,

Strand Lamb John, Shepton Aiallet, dyer. (Blandford, Temple,

and Miller, Shepton Malit Leeds Solomon, Grea: Mafingham, Norfolk, miller.

(Trepchard, swafinam Lifiord William, Shadwell high treet, rope maker. (Nias,

Throgmurton street Lindsay Alexander, and Janies Irvine, Mauchetter, dea

lers in cotton Rouds. (Clutch, Manthicker, and

Lake, King's Bench Walks, Teinpie Lye Gcorge. and Edmund Lengt Litan con mon carriers.

Salmon, Devizes and Blake and White, Eilex Arcer,

Strand Martali Charles, Vinegar yard, Bermondsey, worked inha.

nytacturer. (Murtor, Gray's inn iquare Martha Chriftopher, ittle Heim take street, rail rzaker.

(Wilde. jun. Caitle treet, lyuare Maxted Juhii, Littie Earl freet, nctuailer. (Whittom,

Great Jarres Orcet
M'Kenzie William, Covent garden, in:erciant.

(Vorbe & and Pocock, Ely place Muuutford John, Weiter, woollen draper. (God foo

Terbury and Dadot y Senle street, Lincoln's inn Nockold James, Coichuat so bat manufacturer (Deacon

Norwich, and Windeis, son, and tollaway, Chaucery

lane Pagett William, Alderham Wood Farm, Herts, cyder mer

chaat. ILOR. Terple Pajot Charles, Birmingham, pork butcher. (Barker and

Uneit, Birmingham, and Devon and Tooke, Gray s Parker Henry, Halifax merchant. (Palmer, Tomlin

fon, and Themptin, Copthall court Payne James, surinam, kex, clothes salesman, (Coote,

Auitin friars Phillips William, Brighton, carpentes and builder. (Brooker

and Colbatcla, Brigion, and Latter, Chancerylane Philips Jobi, Ett sis nchoule, Devon, malon. (bout

flower, Devonshire ftreet Loudut Plimpton Jons), William Goddard, and Jaines Plimptoni,

Wood Atreet, Cheapace, wartlufemen. (Parton,

Walbrook Pocock William, North Petherton, Somerset, horfa

dealer. (Boys, Bridgewater, and wlaney Couk'a

court, Corey Greet Pcwlts Thonial, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire, flax drefer.

(Chilton, Liicuin's inn, and Okey, Glocener Pric Rice, and William Crol, brinuh, merciants.

cak dey, Cannon freet


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Trince Philip, Brewer treet, Golden square, jeweller. Gihren J. Newcastle upon Tync. wollen draper. Apes (Clarke and Richards, Chancery lane

Gleditanes George, Salisbury Rreet, Strand, wide areiutanty Kam fay Samuel, and Peter Aldrick, Bishop's Stortford, March 24 Herts, upholfterers. Agains, old Jewry

Hall Henry, Gutter lane, warehouseman, May 26 Recd John, bail, confectioner. (Tarrant, chancery lane, Harker Matthew, Oakham Rutland merter. March or Crurwell, wath

Harris Jahn, Eduard Lowe, Thomas Gaikis, aná netry Richardson James, and John Sanderson, Tunbridge, far. Lowe, Cannon ftreet, May 3

mers. (stune, Tunbridge Wells, or Tourle and Horn Nicholas, St. Martin's lane, merchant, March 17 Palmer, Doughty ftreet

Horton Richard, ewpor!, Salop. imter mercha, April 6 Righy Richard, Manchester, vidvaller. (Ellis, Chancery Hudson Jame, Watling ftreet, mrchaut, april 17 lane, and John fon and Bailey, Manchester

Humphrey James, Wardour treet, dout and froe maker, Roberts John Tottenham Court road, baker. (Aubery,

March 24 Curfitur ftreet, and Swanuell, Rickersmouth, Herts. Humphreys Thomas, St. George's fields, horse dealer, Sandrs Richard, Croydon, cowkeeper. Gly, Croydon

April 3 Beabrook Samuel, Bowling alley, Red Cross litreet, inill. Nußler J. Weton Colville, Cambride, farmer, April ; wright. (Partun, Walbrook

Hutchintin John Hay', Poland three, March 17 Seager George, Wet Bromwich, Stafford, timber dealer. James Charles, Cateaton Arett, riobus manutacturer, (Johnatone, Inner Temple

April 14 Shaw Williain, Long Acre, chceremonger. (Patten, Jardine John, Maryport, Cumberland, dealer and chapman, Hatton Garden

March 17 Sheppard Treadway, and John Black. Bafing lane, mer. Joel Mofes, 'High ftreet, Shoreditch, dealer in glass and chant (Scott, St. Mildred's court, foultry

carthen wre, March 31 *Shill samuel, Britol, j:weller. (Vizard aud Hutchinson, Jones jane, Dolydubyrrion, Carnarvon, tanner, April 7 Lincoln sinn. and Weeks, Bristol

King jureph, King üreet, Covent Garuen, fik m scer, Siminonds Daniel, High Areet, Southwark, builder.

March 27 (Clutton, Southwark

Knight E. Horflydowa lane, lighterman, Apilas Sweet George, Jun. Wolverhampton, cordwainer,


Knowles James, Gwyndu Bodwro, Angelca innkeeper, dle, Wolverhampton, and Williams, Stapesian

April 7 Tatham William, Oronskirk, in kreper. (Blakclock and Landbeck George Wycherly, old Bethlema, broker, Makinion, Temple, and Atkinson, Lancalier

March 17 Tetley James, Horton, York, clico manufacturer. (Hig. Lane John, Thomas Frazer, and Thomas Boyitione, Niron Mancheuer, and Elis, Chancery lane

cholas lane, merchants, Marchi Tetita! James Chaddeley Corbet, Worceilor, cailor. (Par. Lloyd Thilhas Huehe, Poultry and Walworth Common. ker, Worcefter

fate mercliant, March 3 Thorniey Erward. Hinckley, money, fcrivener. (Green Luciam Joseph, Stuke Bruern, Northampton, victualler

Way, Attleborough Hall, Warwickshire, and Barker, ana cual me chant, March 31

Mackenzi Roderick, King's Arms yard, merchant, Tucker Mary, Tiverton, milirer. (Rondell, Tiverton, Maribio and Lys, Tookes Cuuri, Chancery lane

Manley William, Chesterfieid, Derby, money scrivener, Turner Jaro! s, Muncherer, victualier. (Hurd, Temple, March 25 2nd Cardwell. Nanchester

Mark Williams, Piymurih dock, linen draper, April7 Tyler Richard George, Parton's Green, Pulhim, Oaker. Martin William, Honierton, bruker, prila (Nelson, King's road, Chelsea

Matthew's Thomas Brydges dicet, curent carden, llne Waidron James, Chemunt, Herts, tailor, (Railton, clif. draper, March 10 ford's in

M Carthy George Packer, and Robert Walter Vaughan, Walker Rover, Hull, grocer. (Exley an 4 Stocker, Purri Brutol, tailors, March 2: val's inn, and Codd and Garland, Hull

M'Cicllen John Law, Hy mouth, waper maker, April 2 Walth Richard, King's road. Che fea, India rubher manu. M.Donald W. York Areel, Covent Garden, tocmakes, tacturer, JUPP, Carpenter's hall, London Wall

April 8
Wardle Geurge, Newcastle upon Tyne, grucer. (Mil Miller Jeremiah, Brighton, bricklayer, March 33

ton and lowhail, Kight ryder iticet, Ductor's Conn. Mills James, and Juha Wood, Saddleworth, York, mer Dons

chan s ang dyers, April 6 Welchman John, Crewkerne, Somerfer, linen-draper. Miluard C.), Bromley, Middlesex, miller, April 10 James, Gray's inn square, and Cooke, Bristol

Murtimer W. Wivenhoe, Effex, maititer, April 3 Whitehead James and Charles, Hanley, carthen ware Munt John, Leadenhallitrect, hatter, March zi

manufacturers. (Birch Fofter, anu Bithon, Hanley Newby J. Aldgate, draper. May 12

and Wills, Fairtherne and Clarke, Warnfurd court Newill John and Sainpioa, Stokes, Stafford, carriers, WHron William, Richmond, Surrey, bricklayer.


March 31 wards, l'atle ftreet, Holborn

Pain Joho, Peckham, bricklayer, March 17. Winniett, Benjamin, Margaret freer, Carentin fquare, Pe my ). Ange!

court, Throkmorton ftreet, broker April ftockbroker. (Jacobs, Holborn court, Gra;'s inn Phillip William, Wragby, Lincoln, shopkeeper, April Wood Henry, Dragoti yard, Holburn, coachmita. (Shear Pope William, Wcbury upon Severn, Gloceder, dealer ma mall, Hart Arect. Bloomsbury

pips. April 21 Young Richard Willis, Walcot. Somerset, nnpreller. Powley William, Penrith, Cumberland. Ironmonger, Aprile

Sieppard and Adlington, Bedford row, London, and Purne 1 Cyrus Lympham, Suiner fet, coal merchau: Airain Sheppard, Bath

Raymond John, Powey, Cornwall, fail maker, March is

Robereton David. Finsbury square. wine merchant May 11 DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED.

Robinton Rubert, Maschetter, cotton twill and wette ceaici, Adell F. vlc Ford, Middlesex, builder. April 10

March 27 Age Motes, City Chambers, thip owner and merchant,

Roscoe Jonn, Liverpool, grocer, April 11

Role William, kenninntun, brever, March 3 Althard William, Tokenhouse yard, broker, May 8

Nurter Richaro, Biackburn), Lancashire, currier, Marca a Baxter John, Strade fair, April 21

SATB Edward, yun. Minories, nopieller, March 27 & Richard East Rrent, Somerici, mercer, Apalio

a terthwaite Thomas, Kendal, tanner, March 14 51. Chley George. Reading, ironnonktt, April

Schneider Jolin Henry, bow lane. meriliant. May 12 Bloxam. sir natihew. Thomas Wilkinfon, and william Sibbald A Wappinkitert, llup-seller, Aprilg Bloxam Gracechurch atreet, bankers, va ch 17

sinton Jolin, jun. Wale upon Tyne, miller. Mare Boulton George, late of Charing Cross, coach-proprietor, Smith john, North Warnborough, Hants, lack maker, May is

Marcb 22
Bowes william, Newport, Ille of Wight, ironinonger, Smith. John, Liverpool, merchant, April 13
March 23

Southconhe George, Briuoi, cheese and butter factot, Bowles Anthony Thomas and Thomas Williams, Kent March :3 et. Sunthwark, grocers. May is

Stephens Juhn, Yeovil, Come fet, gardener, April, Brooke Robert Vaughall, Kiddermuiner, Worcester, paper Stuart Chailes, Rotherhinde, Apothecary, May 13 manufacturer. March 2*

Stuart Charles, Berwick Hreet, tailor, April 3 Carter Thomas, and Evan Gwilliam, Brown's buildings, Tabranam Leonard, Back lant, Middiefex, wheelwright, St. Mary AXL, mert hauts, priis

March 4 Chadwick Charles Xobert, Groficnor Mews, Bond Areet, Teague James. Wombridge, Salop, huckiter, April 6 tron.late worker, April

Thomas Geurge, Pembroke, Mopkalper, Aprilia Chapa John Yarmouit, linen draper, April 10

Towell Jolin, Tetuey, Lincoln victuailer, March 3 Caricon Corneliue, Eat Farleigh, Kent, yeonun, April 3 'l owne Jolli, Oxford market, carsale bat ber. March 17 Chivers William. Slepney Causeway, mariner, Marchi Tucker William, jun. Exeter, ferne manufacturer. Nay as Clarks Jobi, Hoxt in lint manufacturer. May 9

Turer J. 20, late ot Blackheath, Keni, uriculayer, Cymát. $uth Shield , Durham htien draper, Ma con March 27 Cunud j. Parement, Moorfields, papei hanger, April 14 Wade Searles, Albion place, brewer. May 8 Lapor Klchard, Paradiic fireet, mary le nune. piaferer,

Wakeling Edward, Clare, Sufick, brewer. March 27 A17

Walker David, Hobora, bouk seller. April 10 Cros Leeds, York, and James Manks, Hunslet, Wells W. Buton. Lincoln, grocer. April3 sendit. M... !

Webinaceat Richard, sem. Mount it feet. fcrlpos. Marth of tro Wiliari, Torbard ftree, hanker, March 6

While Thomas, southwark, haberdasher, Nay Eins SamuelThema, Bitliopivate treci, sluver, Marchio Wickoj. wandbil. Kel. Brucer. April enny J Harbican, ftatione, Atil 10,

Wilians H. Chtpllow'. Monmouth. dealer. April 10 Dingic Willian Exete. Pour inerchant, March 76

Wilton William, Shadwell, merchant. Aprli jo Donathan Thunas, Liverpool, buckmaker, Aprilis Woodman Charles. Chesham. Sucks. wine merchant Pumelox John, Hinckley, Leicefer. grocer, AP E14

March 74 Liljoni, karnbore place. butcher. We

Woodruffe E. Woollafton. Glocefter. irun masuratorer. L'um Richard Church row, Newidgion Butts, carpenter, Aprilio MAT" ??

Woudward P. King Aree Cheapfide. warehou temning Fither Wilma, Cantabridge, woollen draper, M3rch 7

April 3 FUS A. ans T. Cantreli, Manchester, cotton nanufactu. Wright Genl. Birmingham. factor. April 13 rers, April,

Young William. Ardwick, Manchester, dealer and enape Gardner william, Nexent, Cloceæer, baker and maltter, mag April 9 April

Young James. Queen freete merchant, May 13



Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.



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On the occasion of Hanover . being much difficulty and distress, but, at the same occupied by the troops of bis majesty of the imposts, so considerable an augmenta

time with so much resignation, the doubling the king of Westphalia, the following tion of the public debt, and armaments sa proclamation was issued in his majesty's great and so disproportionale to the popula

riun and means of the kingdom; we titide HANOVERIANS! The emperor, my ex- thought that we should have been accused of alted brother, has transferred to me by a con having violated our engagements, and of riot vention concluded at Paris on the 14th Janu. having done enough, at a moment when the ary of this year, all his rights and claimis on state of maritime affairs operates upon us wità your country, and incorporated it with my

a greater pressure than upon all other coun. kingdom. His deputies have delivered it to tries collectively, and when, to complete our me, and I this day take possession of it. You misfortunes, we are besides compelled to are henceforth to enjoy the invaluable advan- Sustain a blockade upon the continent. tage of being relieved from the painful state It is the beartfelt consciousness of these of uncertainty in which you have hitherto considerations, gentlemen, which should lead lingered, and for ever united with a state, us to the exercise of pacience, until the mowhich for the future will secure you against ment when the justice of his majesty the enall attacks of continental powers, and which peror, my brother, shall make reparation for will also know how to protect you from in a charge which we have so little deserved. sults which might be attempted in the course I cannot ascertain how long I may yet be of a maritime war; the misery and wretched. prevented from gratisying the first and most ness to which you have hitherto been exposed, anxious of my wishes, namely, that of returo. cannot but render you more thankful for the ing to my capital, and seeing myself in the happinees and tranquillity which you are now midst of you at this ditficult and critical to enjoy. Your loyalty and your good senti. juncture. ments are known. I depend on your attach But however distant that period may be, be ment; the esteem and regard which your assured that nothing can alter my affectioa king will ever entertain for you, are the surest for the nation, and my attachment to her is. pledges of his anwearied solicitude to promote terests, nor lessen you in my esteem and conyour prosperity and welfare, by every means fidence.

Louis which he has in liis power. I ontertain the Paris, February 1, 1810. pleasing hope, that you, on your part, will ne. In a letter froin the duke de Cadore ver frustrate the confidence which I place in (Champagny), the French ininister for you, nor destroy the brilliant prospect which foreigh atlairs, to the Dutch minister, now opens to your view. Given in our Royal Palace, in Cassel, the

nouncing the resolutions of Buonaparte 1st March, 1310.

concerning the annexation of Holland to JEROME NAPOLEON,

France, the writer observes:

If these determinations are contrary to the Letter from the King to she Legislative Body.

views of the people of Holland, the emperor GENTLEMEN.- I have been disappointed is certainly sorry for it, and has adopted this in my expectation of being enabled to return

course with great regret. But the unrelenting before the 1st of January. From the annexed destiny which presides over the affairs of this documents, contained the Moniteur of yes. world, and which chooses that men should be terday (the 31st of January), you will per.

governed by events, obliges his majesty to ceive that the result of our affairs is connected

foil w up with firmness those measures of with the conduct of the English govern.

which the necessity has been demonstrated to

him, without suffering himself to be turned The regret which I have felt has been con.

aside by secondary considerations. siderably increased upon reading the unjust

The duke then takes a review of the public accusacion made agullist us, of having be.

events of the last two years; excuses the contrayed the cause of the Continent, that is, of duct of his master, in issuing the Berlin aud having been unfaithful to our engagements;

Milan decrees, as having been called for by the and I write this letter to you, to diminish the tranny of England on the seas; observes, that impression which so unjust and astonishing this measure, which compelled the shulling an accusation must make upon your hearts, as

of the Dutch pores against English cominerce, well as upon the heart of every true Hole

was so contrary to the ancient habits of the lander.

people, as to create an opposition between Whilst, during the four years that have Holland and France. During the subsequent elapsed sis.ce the commencement of my reign, period, all the measures adopted by the emade the nation, and you in particular, called to

peror, the success of which depended muie watch over her interests, have borge with so

upon their execution is bultand thus in any





other country, were rendered nugatory by the number of votes prescribed in article lvi. of clandestine intercourse carried on between the constitutional act of the 4th of August Holland and this country. That his master's 1802, it is decreed as foliows:determination has been quickened by reflect Title First. Of the Union of the Roman ing, that she is without marine, without the States to ibe Empire. means for carrying on offensive or defensive Art. 1. The state of Rome is united to the warfare; that during the late expedition, the French empire, and forms an integral part important position of Veere, and che fort of thereof. Bathz, had been abandoned before the enemy 2. It shall be divided into two departments : appeared : and that in fine, “ without army, the department of Rome, and the department without revenue, it might almost be said with. of Trasimene. out friends and without allies, the Dutch are a 3. The department of Rome shall send society animated only by a regard to their seven deputies to the legislative body. The com niercial interests, and forming a rich, use. department of Trasimene shall send four. ful, and respectable company, but not a na 4. The department of Rome shall be classed tion.” The duke then declares, that he is in the first series-the department of Tracharged to make known to the Dutch ministry simene in the second. and nation, that the present situation of 5. A senatory shall be established in the Holland is incompatible with the circumstan- departments of Rome and Trasimene. ces or the situation in which the new princi 6. The city of Rome is the second city of ples adopted by England have placed the af. the empire. The mayor of Rome is to be fairs of the empire and the continent. In present when the emperor takes the oaths on consequence his imperial majesty proposes- his accession. He is to rank, as are also all

1. To rccal home the prince of his blood deputations from the city of Rome, on all whom he had placed on the throne of Hole occasions, immediately after the mayors or land. The first duty of a French prince deputations of the city of Paris. placed in the line of heraditary succession to 7. The prince imperial is to assume the the imperial throne is towards that throne, title, and receive the honours, of king of When in opposition to that, all others must Rome. give way; the first duty of every Frenchman, 8. A prince of the blood, or a grand digin whatever situation desciny may place him, nitary of the empire, shall reside at Rome, is towards his country.

who shall hold the emperor's court. 2. To occupy all the mouths of the rivers in 9. The property which composes the enHolland, and all its ports, by French troups, dowments of the imperial crown shall be reas they were from the conquest made by gulated by a special senatus consultum. France in 1794 to the moment when his im. 10. After having been crownes in the perial majesty hoped to conciliate every one

church of Notre Dame at Paris, the emperors by establishing the throne of Holland. shall, previous to che tenth year of their

3. To employ every means, and without reign, be crowned in the church of St. Peter. being stopped by any consideration, to make 11. The city of Rome shall enjoy parti. Hoiland enter into the continental system, cular privileges and immunities, which shall and to wrest definitivciy its ports and coasts be determined by the emperor Napoleon. from the administration which has rendered TITưe II.-0f the Independance of the Inthe ports of Holland the principal entreports, perial Tbrone of ail au bority on Earth. and the great part of the Dutch merchants 12. Every foreign sovereign is incompa. the brokers, and the commercial agents, oftible with the exercise of any spiritual auEngland.

thority within the territory of the empire. PRANCE,

13. The popes shall, at their clevation, Paris, Fcb. 17.-At two o'clock this take an oath never to act contrary to the four day, the senate assembleil, under the propositions of the Gallician church, adopted

in an assembly of the clergy in 1082. presidency of the Prince Arch-chancellor of the empire, and adopted the following church are declared common to all the Ca

14. The four propositions of the Catholic senatus-consultum:

tholic churches of the empire. Extract from the records of the Conservative Title 111.-Of the ten paral Existence of Serate of Feb. 17.

the Popes. The Conservative Senate, assembled in 15. Palaces shall be prepared for the pope the number of members prescribed by arti- in the different paris of che empire in which cle xc. of the constitutional act of the 13th he may wish to reside. He shall necessarily Dec. 1799, has considered the project of the have one at Paris and another at Rome. Organic Senatus Consultum, drawn up in the 16. Two millions in rurai property,

free of form prescribed by article ivi. the consti- all on positions, and lying in disterent parts of tucional act of the 4th of August, 1802, after the empire, shall be assigned to the pope. having heard the orators of the council of 17. The expenses of the sacred college, state, and the report of the special commis and of the propaganda, shall be declared imsion appointed in the sitting of the 14ch of perial. this month, the adoption being yoted by the 18., The present organic senatus consul,



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tum shall be transmitted by a message to his mised, in answer to two Aags of truce, that majesty the emperor and king.

the inhabitants should be protected; that (Signed) CAMBACERES,

those in arms should be allowed to serve ia Prince Arch-chancellor of the Empire, the troops of king Joseph, or retire, and live FRANCOIS, JANCOURT, CORNET, peaceably on delivering up their arms. The

Secretaries. inhabitants then submitted, and the French
COUNT LAPLACE, entered the city, where they found 263 pieces

Chancellor of the Senate of cannon, and a large quantity of arms, an-
The senate met on the 2715 of Fe- munition, and provisions.
bruary at half-past one o'clock. The Letter to Major-General tbe Prince of Neufchatel.
Prince Arch-chancellor, who presided on

In my last dispatch, I had the honour to the occasion, read the following message bastiani was on his mareh to Malaga. That

inform your serene highness that general Sefrom bis majesty: SENATORS. - We have dispatched to Vi.

general has reported, that while at Grenada, enna, as our ambassador extraordinary, our

he was informed that after a fresh commotion cousin the prince of Neufchatel, to solicit

at Malaga, a man of the name of Abeillo, the hand of the archduchess Maria Louisa, chief authority; that he had put under arrest,



à colonel, had assume daughter of the emperor of Austria.

We have given orders to our minister of and sent off by sea, the old civil and military foreign relations to lay before you the arti- administration, general Cuesta, and the princles of the treaty of marriage between us and cipal inhabitants; and that, supported by a the archduchess Maria Louisa, which has number of priests and monks, who were preachbeen concluded, signed, and ratified.

ing up a crusade against us, he had succeeded "We have been desirous of eminently con

in arming the inhabitants of the mountains tributing to the happiness of the present ge

and the city. A capuchin had been appointed neration The enemies of the continent have

lieutenant general; two others, Geld-marshals; founded their prosperity upon its dissentions this new insurrection already puton an alarm

monks were colonels and officers; in a word, and divisions. They can no longer nourish war, ly imputing to us projects incompatible advanced to the defile of the mountains, and

ing appearance.

A corps of 6000 men had with the ties and duties of affinity, which we have just cotracted with the imperial house prepared to defend the passage of the Cot

Bosche de Lasno. The inhabitants of Alhareigning in Austria. The brilliant qualities which distinguish

ma had risen in arms, and it was necessary to the archduchess viaria Louisa, have acquired English, who were at Malaga, were exciting

storm that city to obtain possession of it. The her the love of the people of Austria. They have fixed our regards. Our people will love

the people to anarchy, at the sanie time that this princess from their love for us, until, they were preparing to take themselves to their being witnesses of all che virtues which have

vessels on the approach of danger. given her so high a place in ouf thoughts, march upon Malaga. Being intormed of

General Sebastiani had received orders to they shall love her for herself, Given at our palace of the Thuilleries, his movement.

what was going on in that city, he accelerated

On the 5th ke marched from this 27th of February, 1810.


Antequera with his advanced guard, drove in After the message was read, the duke

without difficulty the enemy's posts that de

fended the passes, though the road was broke de Cadore communicated to the senate

up in several places, and foilowed them up, the articles of the marriage treaty, which fighting all the way, as far as in front of Maare in the usual form.

Jaga, where they rallied, and joined an immense

mass of insurgents, having with them a nuOn the 6th instant the French made their merous train of artillery, and a detachment appearance on that part of the coast opposite of cavalry. It was now four o'clock in the Cadiz, and immediately summoned the city afternoon; the infantry were still at a disto surrender.

A fag of ruce, with the sum tance, and general Sebastiani, anxious to mons, was sent from Port St. Mary, and re spare those wretched people, sent them three

ceived by the junta on the afternoon of the flags of truce to sumir on them to lay down oth It expresses Joseph Bonaparte’s wil their arms; but instead of making a proper Jingness to forget and forgive all provocation, return to his generous proceeding, their mass and requests that persons may be deputed put itself in mo:ion, and advanced to attack from Cadiz to treat for the security of the the column, at the same time that they comsquadron and arsenal. The junta imme- menced a very brisk fire of artillery and musdiarely returned for answer, that the city of ketry. General Sebastiani seized this critical Cadiz, faithful to its principles, tenounced nument, and ordered a charge of cavalry, every other king excepe don Ferdinand VII.

which carried every thing before it; 1500 A letter from the duke of Dalmatia, dated insurgents, including a number of priests and from Seville, Feb. 2, gives an official account monki, were killed on the spot, and the of the entrance of the French into that city, troops entered the city interming cd with the The Duke of Beiluno had previously pro- fugitives. The firing was kepe up in the city


- for

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