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esq. 84.

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Died.) At Sudbrook Holme, near Lincoln, At Market Bosworth, Mr. John Swinfen, Hannah, wife of Lieut. Col. Ellisun, M.P. 79. for that city.

At Gumley, the infant daughter of the
At Little Ponton, near Grantham, aged Rev. Mr. Apthorpe, rector of that place.
So, Mrs. Dorothy Pennyman, relict of Wil- At Nuneaton, Mrs Wm. Taylor, second
liam P. esq. of chat place; who left two sons, daughter of the late John C. esq. oi Castle
boch of whom being dead, the estate now Donington
descends to General Dowdswell.

Ac Countessthorpe; Mrs Gillam.
At Hornsea, Mr. Thomas Allan, 84. At Mountsorrel, Mrs. Doughty, wife of
At Lincoln, Miss Hayward, only daughter

D. geni. 78.
of Mr. Alderman H. 26.-Charles White,


Mærried.) At Weston, William W Whic.
At Louth, Mr. Samuel May, 35.--Mr. more, esq. of Dudmaston, Shropshire, to the
Trout, 85.-Mr. Robert Pearson, 78; and the Hon. Miss Bridgman, only daughter of Lord
same day, his sister, Mrs. Westerby, 77.-

Mrs. C. Tusford, 86.

At Woolstanton, Richard Rawson, esq. of
At Buston, Mrs. Mompesson, 80.—Mr. Rose Hill, near Liverpool, to Anne, eldest
Win. Blaydwin.-Ms. W. Robinson, 24. daughter of Dr. Bent, of Basford, near

At Ashby Puerurum, Mrs. Craik, 87. Newcastle.
As Salcfleet, Mrs. Sarah Blenkarn, wife of Ac Barlaston, Wm. Orange, esq. of Went.
Mr. Wm. B. surgeon, 30.

worth House, Suffolk, to Mrs. Yates, of At Alford, Mr. Wm. Brown.

Barlaston House
AC West Deeping, Mrs. Green, 76.

Died.] At Spring Hill, John, eldest son At Spalding, Fullwood Sanderson, esq. of Mr. Startin, banker, Birmingham, 17. formerly an eminent attorney of that place, At West Bromwich, Mr. B. Hunt, 23. 70.- Mr. Abraham Phillips, 83.

At Walsall, Mrs. Middlemore, in consen At Troston, Mr. Richard Walkden, 93. quence of her clothes taking fire,

At Langton, Mrs. Bartholomew, wife of At Rickerscote, Mrs. Perkins, sister of
Thomas B. esq.

T. B. Perkins, esq.
Ac Morton, Mr. Joseph Mills, 68.--Ms. At Branscot, Mrs. Bentley, 95.
Abraham Simpson, 92.

At Haywood, Mrs. Suftolk, 97.
At Gainsbro', Mr. John Clixly, 71.-Mrs. Ac Hanley, Mr. George Crompton, 61.
Froggett, 75.- Mrs. Thompson, 85.

At Armitage, near Lichfield, Mrs. Smith.
At Spilsby, Mrs. Jane Atkinson, wife of At Wolverhampton, Mr. Joseph Wain.
Mr. Edward A. sen.-Mrs.'Anne Martin. wrighti--Mr. Samuel Craddock, of the Little

At Stamford, Mrs. Thompson, widow of Swan Inn.
Kerchever T. esq. 76.

At Lane End, Mr. Wm. Johnson.

At Tamworth, Mrs. Harper, relict of
A meeting lately took place at Leicester Alderman H.-Mr. Harding.
of a great number of respectable persons, de- At Uttoxeter, Mrs. Eliz. Grove, relict of
sirous of promoting a society in that town, Henry Jermyn G, esq. late of Pool Hall,
auxiliary to the Bible Society of London Worcestershire, 77.
established for extending the circulation of At Stafford; Mrs. Wilkinson,
the holy scriptures. A number of resolutions At Newcastle, Mr Joseph Harrison.
were entered into in furtherance of the


Married.) At Birmingham, Mr. J. Fartor, Married.) At Aslry de la Zouch, John to Miss Brewer, eldest daughter of the Rev. Simpson, esq. to Mrs. Lamb.

Jehoiada B. At South Kilworth, J. H. Holmes, esq. Died.) At Wroxhall uge, Mrs. Vaughie only son of the Rev. Wm. H. rector of ton, wife of Thomas Hall V. esq 21. Normarton on Suar, to Maria, eldest daugh. At Warwick, the lady of s Eokins, esq. ter of the Rev. Charles Chambers, rector of During a painful illness of four years and a South Kilworth,

half she discovered truly Christian patience; At Medbourn, Wm. Sinkin, gent. of and is most sincerely lamented by those who Hallaton, to Miss Meadows.

were best acquainted with her. At Leicester, Mr. Oldershaw, to Miss At Birmingham, Mrs. Vickers, of the Apringthorp.

Castle IND.-Mr. Winfield Mr. John Sum. Died.] At Orton, Mrs. Phillimore; wife of ner.-Mr. J. Haywoud, 28.—Mrs. Palmer the Rev. J. P.

wife of Mt. Chatles P. 24; and the same day,
Ac Melton Mowbray, Mr. Jobo Clement their infant soo.
son, stationer, 41.

At Ratcliff, near Atherstone, Mr. Thomas
Jolin Edwards, esq. maternal uncle to the Slater, of Ashby de la Zouch.
Rev. J. Pigoti; vicar of Wigston.

At Coleshill, Mrs. Watford, relict of
At Leicester, Mrs. Brewin, wife of Jokin the Rev. Charles W. vicar of Shustock.
B. gent. Mrs. Tomlin, 45.

At Little Kineton, Mr. John llett, 98.
At Ashley de la Zouch Mill, Mrs. Eliz. At Coventry, Mr. Henry Lester.~Mr.
Timms, 61.

At Ullesthorpe, Mrs. Mary Atkins, 90. At Park House, Hall, Mrs. Jee.



180 Shropshire.--Worcester. Hereford.--Gloucester, Sc. [March 1,

Died.] At North Cerney, Mrs. Holder, Alarried.] At Fitz, the Rev. Wm. Hope wife of T. H. H. esq. 21. kins, jun. to Jemima, youngest daughter of At Dursley, Mrs: Tippetts, wife of Thothe late Bold Oliver, esq.

mas T. esq.-Mr. Isaac Jones, one of the Died.] At Berrington, Mr. Wigley, 80. aldermen of that town. At Wellington. Mr. Wm. Harper.

At Cheltenham, Lovisa, youngest daughAt Edgmond, Mr. Moses Sillitoe.

ter of the late John Lewis, esq. of Harpton Ac Shrewsbury, Mrs. Martha Moore.- Court, Radnorshire.- Mr. William BuckingMrs. Sarah Thomas, relict of Wm. Thomas, ham, an eminent musician. esq. a captain in his majesty's navy, 89.- At Tewkesbury, Mrs. Cole, 101.-Wm. Mr. John Bather. - John Barber, esq. 89,- Martin, esq. of the firm of Vernone and Mr. Ford. He was, surveying some premises Martins', distillers.--Mrs. Anne Clarke, 66. near Kingsland, where he was building a At Glocester, James Sadler, esq. one of house, to which he intended to retire, when the aldermen of the corporation. He had his foot slipped and he was precipitated into twice served the office of mayor. a well, and instantly killed. ---Mr. Owen At St. Briavell's, Thomas Ball, esq. son Mr. Davies.--Mr. Harries, of the White of the late Peregrine B. many years vicar of Horse Inn.-The youngest daughter of the Newland. Rev. C. Powlett.

At verbury, James Martin, esq. many At Cross Brook, near Durrington, Mts. years the upright and truly independent Priscilla Bromley, 97.

Representative in Parliament for the borough At Ellesmere, Mr. Wm. Briscoe.

of Tewkesbury. He was born on the same WORCESTERSHIRE.

day a3 our venerable and revered Sove Died.) At Bevere Green, near Worcester, reign. Colonel Passingham. While situing at At Stroud, Mrs. Grazebrook. 95; and table, he fell from his chair, and died without a few days afterwards, her husband, B. G. a groan.

esg. banker, 80. At Worcester, Mrs. Wigley, relict of the In her 13th year, Eliza, only child of Rev. Henry W. 73.

the Rev. T. Thomas, minister of Colford Ac Kidderminster, Mr. Wm. Cooke, 71. Chapel. HEREFORDSHIRE.

At Berkeley, Mr. Edward Jenner, eldest A new school is established in Hereford, son of Dr. J. 21. for the excellent purpose of affording gratui

OXFORD. tous education to fifty children or relations of A new carriage-road is in contemplation such freemen as may be unable to pay for from Botley, near Oxford, to the towit of their instruction. It is under the immediate Ensham, avoiding the present hill, and patronage of the Duke of Norfolk.

going through a country not only level; but Died.] At Whitechurch, near Ross, Colonel picturesque and delightful. The Earl of Anderson.

Abingdon, to whom the ground to be used At Hereford, Mrs. Smith.The Rev. W. belongs, lias libcrally given the trustees per. H. Barry, vicar of All Saints,

mission to go in whatever direction is most At Ruckhall Mill, Dear Hereford, Mr. beneficial to the pubfic. John Davis, of Upton on Severn.

Married.) At Witney, Mr. A. A. GillinAt Leominster, Mrs. Mary Waring, 73. ship, of London, to Miss Sheppard, daughter GLOUCESTERSHIRL.

of Joseph S. esq. i The fuundations for the eight houses At Banbury, Robert Caleott, gent, of required to compleat the Crescent, ni Chel- Neithrop, to Miss Eliz. Baker. tenham, are now lazing, and the New Road At Chipping Norton, Thomas Matthews, from thence to the Colonnade is also begun. esq. to Miss Ann Brooks, of Churchill. The proprietors of the Crescen: bave pur- Died.] At Chadlington, Mr. Joseph Pari, chased the meadow ground in front, which is 70. to be inclosed with iron palisades and At Oxford, Mr. John Fausbury, 95.planted. These embellishments and addi- Mrs. Tollett.-Mr. Buller.-Mrs. Clarke. tions will render that elegant pile of build. -Mr. Anthony Gilkes. Mrs. Wood, relict ing, one of the first ornaments of the town. of the Rev. Mr. W. chaplain of Magdalen

The new public Assembly.rooms at the college. same place, are in a state of great forward- On his relurn home from London, the bess. Some adjoining houses in the street Rev. Geurge Wates, vicar of Uffington, are levelled with the ground, to make room Berks, a Prebendary of the Cathedrals of for the extended plan of these buildings; and Salisbury and St. Asaph, and a Magistrate the additions in the garden are rapidly rising. of Berks and Wilts: The new proprietors are proceeding with At Bicester, Mrs. Mary Fletcher, wife of great spirit; the expense will be enornious; the Rev. Mr. F. dissenting minister. but it is supposed that the whole plan, when At Banbury, Mrs. Clarke, relict of Mr. C. conspleted, will be unrivalled in splendor, many years master of the White Horse Inn, elegance, convenience, comfort, and extent. 81.




esq. 19.


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demy in that town, which he had conducted Died.] At Wollaston House, Frances for many years, with much credit to himself, Diana, youngest daughter of Francis Dickens, and, benefit to others. In justice to the

memory of this worthy man, and to the hoAt Gretton, Mrs. Satchell.

nour of this academy, we mention, that those At Middleton Cheney, Mrs. Gardiner. two highly-distinguished characters, the Rev. At Duston, Mr. Robert Blewitt, 36. Professor Vince, of the University of Cama At Stoke Bruerne, Mr. John Skears. bridge, and the Rev. Dr. Brinkley, AstroAt Daventry, Mrs. Wadsworth, 74. nomer Royal at the University of Dublin, At Wilby, Mrs. Knight, 15.

| receivců che ru liments of their mathematical At Cransley, Catharine, wife of John knowledge at this well-known seminary, Capel Rose, esq. and eldest daughter of the

Mi Tilney's great watchfulness over the conlate Wm. Symonds, esq. of Bury, 28. duct of his numerous pupils, and scrupulous

At Peterborough, Mr. Francis Money. attention to their improvement, will occasion

At Northampton, Mr. Juhn Mather, 45. his mémory to be long remen ered by them -Mrs. Tibbites, relict of Richard T. esqu with gratitude, and his death to be lamented banker, of London, 77.

with much sorro:.-Harriett, daughter of

Captain Hicks, of the second castern regi, Died.] At Wratting Park, aged 83, Ge. ment of Norfólk local miitia. neral Hall, colonel of the old butts, a brother At Wymondham, Mrs. Wigy, relict of Ro. of the late John Hall Stevenson, esq. of bert W. esq. many years captain and adjutant Skelton Castle, Yorkshire, and grand nephew of the Fast Norfolk militii. of the first Lord Lowther, Viscount Lons. At Sax!ingham, Mr. Robert Dawson, 77. dale. He was one of the oldest ofhcers in

At Long Stretton, Mrs. D'Urban, mother his Majesty's service, and aid-de-camp to the of Lieutenant-colonel D'U. Mr. William Marquis of Granby, at the battle of winden.

Mocre, 98. At Cambridge, Miss Lyon.--Mr. Matthew At Lynn, Mr. Watson.--Mr. James How Underwood. --Mr. Hallack, jun.

Lett.-Nr. Gressenthwaite, drugģist. At March, Mr. Nathaniel Goodman, 56. At Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen, Mr. At Horningsca, Mr. Moore.

John Whistler, 46. At Willingham, Mr. B. D. Cabread, 29. Ac Downham Market, Mr. William Man.

At Chesterford, near Cambridge, Mrs. by. Fynes, wife of Henry F. esq. M.P. and At Geldestone, in his 62d year, Thomas eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Wylde, rector Herrich, esq. He was an acting magistrate of St. Nicholas, Norringham.

and deputy lieutenant for this county, and At Eiy, Mr. Paul Gotsbed, 82.

serves the othce of high sheriff during the AC Whittiesea, Mr. James Aveling, 54. memorable years of 1788 and 1789.

SUFFOLK. A petition is about to be presented to par. Married.] The Rev. C. Brooke, of Ufford, Jiament, for leave to erect a new bridge at to Miss C. Capper, daughter of the Rev. Mr: the Foundery, Norwich. This measure, when C. rector of Earl Soham. effected will bring into the centre of the At Nayland, Mr. Norton, to Miss Sarah town, all passengers to and from Yarmouth, Porter.-M. W. Thurston, of Westhorp, and olier parts of the county.

to Miss Sarah Simpson, of Walsham-le. Wil. Married.] At Norwich, John Brown, esq. lows, Mrs A. Pars, jun. of Newniarket, to of Mattishall, to Mrs. Surah Hudson,

Miss Rigby, of Islington, Suffolk.--Mr. ThoAt Yarmouth, the Rev. Mr. Benyon, mas Dowty, of High Wycomb, to Miss R. dissenring 'minister, to Miss Mary Steward. Golding, of Hadleigh.-Mr. Richard Haynes,

Robert Emerson, esq. of Titchwell, to of Gazely, tu Miss Normal, of Kentfurd. Elizabetli, daughter of Matthew Nelson, es4. Mr. John Langham, to Miss Wendley, both of of Iloime by the Sea.

Cockfield.--Mr. William Fairweather, to Ac Erpingham, Capt. Cubitt, to Miss Miss Stocking, both of Walshan-le-Wil. Churchill.

lows. At Norwich, Starling Day, esq. alderman, At Bradfield Combust, Lieutenant Erraght, to Mrs. Rodwell. --The Rev. Dr. Turner, of the 43d regiment of foot, to Annabella dean of Norwich, to Miss Taylor, niece of Raymond, widow of the late Rev. Philip the Rev. Ms. Peele.

Horeywood R. and daughter of J. B. Edwards, At Lynn, Mr. Baly, to Miss F. Goodwin, esq. of Bradfield Lodge. daughter of Mr. G. architect.

Died.] At Sudbury, Charles Hurrell, esq. Thomas Wythe, esq. of Eye, Suffolk, to late of Brunden Hall, Essex, and one of the Miss Case, of Middleton.

justices of the peace for that county, 69. Henry Harvey, esq. of Catton, to Miss

At Cheveley, Mrs. Folkes, eldest daughDalton, eldest daughter of the late Francis D. ter of the late M. F, esq. esq. of Swattham.

At Ipswich, Lieutenant J. Bucke, late Died.) At Harleston, aged 72, Mr. Hen- commander of the Acute gun-brig. --Mrs. sy Tilney, master of the Mathematical Aca. Abboti, wife of S. A, esej --- Juhn Lloyd, esq.



ley, 58.




[March 1, collector of the customs.--Mr. Robert Bat- tain Fraser, of the same regiment.--The Rev.

Richard Osborn Tylden, vicar of Chilham, At Bungay, Mr. James Chapman, impro- to Miss Frances Fairman, of Millars Lynsted, priator of the rectory of Ilketshall St. Liwa At Loddiswell, John George Children, esg

of Tunbridge, to Caroline, eldest daughter of AcOusden, Mr. Bumstead Moore.

George Furlong Wise, esq. of Woolstone, At Miidenhail, Air. Pettit.

near King's Bridge, Devon. At Letheringham, Miss Cooper.

At Chatham, Mr. Bagster, deputy com At Denston, the Rev. Beriah Brook, per- missary to the forces in Portugal, to Miss petual curale of that place.

Shirley. At Shadbrook, Mr. James Peterson, 61. At Stroud, Mr. Edwards, surgeon, to Miss

At Newmarket, Mr. Bradley.--Mrs. Al Farthing: chin.

Died] At Ashford, Mr. Holliday.--Mr. At Bildeston-hall, Miss Chaplin, 32. Oliver. At Bury, Mrs. Jaques.

At Deal, Mrs. Brooksby.--Mrs. Larkins, At Melton, while on a visit to Sir Jacob At Lea, Mr. C. Brown, of Muscovy.court, Astley, George Wyndham, esq. of Cromer, London, 26. Norfolk, 46.

At Sheerness, Mrs. Coveney. At Woodbridge, Mr. Robert Baldwin, of At Mount Ephraim, io Boughton Bleang Ketcieburgb.

Thomas Dawes, esq. 91.

At Rochester, in consequence of wounds Died.] At Faulkbourne-hall, in the 78th which he received from three unknown rufe year of his age, John Bullock, esq. one of the fars, on the New Road, near Chatban, Mr. Tepresentatives in parliament for that county, Boucher, sen. and colenel of the eastern regiment of its At Chatham, Mr. Peter Paddon. He was, militia. He was first elected to serve in par- a man of uncommon stature, his coffin mea. liament in 1754, and curitinued to represent suring seven feet long.-Mr. Baker, late mi, Maldon and Steyning (with a very short in- nister of the General Baptist Meeting-house. terruption) until the general election, in At Tenterden, Mr. G. Pearce, 71. 1784, whin, not withstanding the peculiar Ac, Jane, wife of Wile circumstances of the times, he was elected liam Henry Douce, esq. without opposition one of the members for the At Da:tford, Mr. Thomas Pudgen. county of Essex, and to which situation he At Sandwichi, Mr. William Trelignan, the was ive times re elecied. He was an officer oldest freeman o chat town, 95. in the militia for this county from its first At Whitstable, Mr. John Paker, 25. institution, in 1759, and commanded the At Bromley, Thomas Soane, esq. eastern regiment as colonel for nearly thiriy At Ronney, in his 41st year, Thomas years. He lived and died universally es. Trevillon, esq. first lieutenant in Captain teemed and respected by all who knew him. Honeywood's troop of yeonan cavalry. His

Ar Purleigh, Mary, daughter of Mr. merits as an officer were justly appreciated by Jonathan Powell.

the truly respectable corps to which he be. At Great Dunmow, Mi. Edward Harridge. longed." In the domestic circle of private

At Springfield, Mr. Thomas Clarke, of the life, his many amiable qualities ranked high Duke's Head inn.

in the esteem of his numerous friends, and At Horndon on the Hill, Mr. Thomas his loss will long be deplored with the keenesc Bauley, 73.

regret. At Danbury, Mr. Thomas Turner, who Ac Canterbury, Mrs. Maxwell. - Mrs, has for ewenty-two years been supported by Mead.-Mís. Lodge. -Mr. Thomas Parnell, the Union B nefit Society of that town, 91. 51.--Mrs. Fry.-Mrs. Anne Igglesden.At Coggeshall, Mr Juhn Harrison. Mrs. Anne Burbridge, 58. KENT.

At Feversham, John Shepherd, esq. 80.In the progress of excavating the basin for Mr. Thomas Bonner, 75.- Mrs. Mano. the canal, which is to connect the Thames At Margate, Mrs. Gooden, wife of Mr. G. and Medway, a stratum of pea. has been dis- schoolmaster, covered, ir iw nich large trees are found, ap- At Ash, Mr. John Price, 21. parenly oak and yew, some standing, others At Brompton, Mr. John Tracy, yang horizontally, and some in all directions. At Maidstone, Mr. Hacon.-Miss Allen, The work toes on rapidly at the end towards 27. the Thames, and it will not be long before At Hythe, Mrs. Broadbridge. the foundation-stone is laid down.

At Whitstable, Mrs. Ward, 80.-Mr. Married.] At Leybourne, Sir Brook W. Thomas Gregory, 70. Bridges, Bart. of Goodnestone, to Dorothy At Faversham, Miss Pratt. Elizabeth, cldest daughter of Sir H. Hawley, At Lydd, Mr. T. Gilbert, 82. Bart. of Leybourne Grange.

At Buckland, Mr. William Fox, 43. At Ospringe, Lieutenant Innis, of the 42d At Chatham, Mrs. Lewis, wife of Colone! regiment, to Miss Fraser, daughter of Cap. L. of the Royal Marines,





At Danny, aged seven years, Henry Died.) At Croydon, Edmund Ferrers, esq. Francis Campion, eldest son of William john of Peltdown, Sussex, 87.

Campion, esq. of Danny, in this county. He At Waverby Abbey, Mrs. White, sister of was a child of the greatest promise, and the the Rev. Mr. Jacob, of Shillingstone, Dorset. circumstances of his death were particularly

At Streatham, Henry Thomas, esq. of melancholy. A spark from the fire, which Llwynmadock, Breconshire, 77.

had just heen lighted, cominunicating to liis At Guilford, Mrs. Smallpiece, wife of Mr. night-dress, it instantly burst into dames, by John s. esq. solicitor.

which the child was so much burnt, that he

only survived the accident two days. A fight of sea eagles have lately visited At Stoke, near Arundel, after a few hours the coast near Hastings. The very uncom- illness, the Rev. William Wilton, rector of nion appearance of these birds on the south.. that place, in the 40th year of his age. He ern coast has excited very great curiosity. was a mar of truly evangelical principles, and Many of the genciemen in the neighbouro nf exemplary purity of life and conduct.' By hood have endeavoured to shoot them, from the above awful event, he has left to the an apprehension of danger to their lambs in kindness of his friends, and the care of Provispring, if they should remain there; hut hic dence, a desticute widow, seven months adtherto without success. They have already vanced in pregnancy, and seven fatherless trade great destruction among the rabbits on children, wholly unprovided for. To the the warren, near the signal station,

honour of the neighbourhood, a subscription The Charity Schools lately established at is already commenced, which it is to be Lewes, upon the Lancaster plan, go on very devoutly wished, inay a:ford some relief, successfully, and promise to be of great ad. vaniage to the poor, as they are, also, an Married.] Ác jersey, Captain Irwin, of honour to the town.

The number of poor the 74th regiment of foot, to Miss Smith, boys and girls taught in them, approach niece of General Leighton, commanding officer near to two hundied and fifty; and what is in that island. calculated to have an abiding effect on them, At St. Hilier's, in Jersey, Dr. Carnegie, to is the strict observance of the sabbath, and Miss Mary Hemery. the extreme order and regularity which is In Guernsey, R. Mounsill, esq. of the royal observed with them.

African corps, to Miss Sophia, daughter of Married.] Ac Brighton, the Rev. John the late Rev. Peter Paul Secretan, of the Pollard, of Hurstperpoint, Sussex, to Lucy island of Sark. Sophia, only surviving daughter of General At Southampton, John Mills Jackson, esco Morgan, late of the Coldstream guards, and to Miss Little, grand-daughter of Bennet, third earl of Has. Died.) At Highfield Park, General Sir borough.-Charles Tottill, esq. of Exeter, to William Augustus Pitt, K. B. a general in Miss Eliza Perkins.

the army, colonel of the 1st regiment of ora. Mr. Charles Phillips, of the Stegne hotel, goon guards, and governor of Portsmouth, 8%a Worthing, to Miss Hemsley.

At Winchester, John Littlehale, M.D. At East Grinstead, Mr. James Campbell, At Hursley, Mr. Blundell, surgeon and of Leigh, Kent, to Miss Susannah Terry. apothecary.

Died.] At Brighton, Mrs. Rennel, wife At Norman Court, Ann Elizabeth, daugh. of Major James R. 71. William Halstone, ter of Captain Sober. esq. ot Bermondsey, Surry, 63.-Mrs. Mary At Portsmouth, Mise Payne.--Mr. Andrew Christmas, of Falmer, 78.

White. At Winchelsca, Miss Dyne, daughter of At Overton, Eliza Frances, youngest daughthe late William D. esq. of Milton, Kent. ter of Dr. Ludlow, late of Ringwood. At Newhaven, Miss Smith.

At Kingston, near Ringwood, Mr. George At Wesmeston, Mr. W. A. Hudson. Early.

At Lewes, Mrs. Naish 80.--Mrs. Figg, At Lymington, Miss Butcher. 62.-Mr. John Curteis, 70.-Mrs. Lambert. At Amoort Farm, near Andover, Mr. JoMr. Richard Neeve.

shua Webb. At Hollingly, Mr. Thomas Akehurst, 49.

Married.] Ai Malmesbury, Mr. Mayer, of At Wivelsfield, Mr. William Tanner. Gloucester, to Miss H. Walbank, second At Falmer, Miss Pierce, youngest daughter daughter of the late S.W. esq. of the late Mr. P. of the Swaninn,

At Corsham, Mr. Bradley, surgeon, of At Chilgrove, the eldest son of John Nailsworth, Glocestershire, Lo Miss Collett, Woods, a promising young man, 20. of Jag gard's House.

At Wiston, Miss Rook, 19; and on the At Poulton, Mr. Barton, to Miss Lediard. day on wbich she was buried, her brother, At Chippenham, Mr. Poole, to Miss MaMr. William R.

ria Smith. At Alfriston, Mr. Springate Brooker, 35., At broadchalke, Mr. Joel Douty, master Ac Chiddingly, Mr. Edward Carpenter, of the academy there, to Diiss Hazell, of Bow.




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