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Wow, this book was a complete waste of money and it also has caused tremendous issues in actually getting benefits for children. The information on Veterans Benefits is completely off. If you follow his legal processes you'll never get the kids their benefits, it actually makes them ineligible for them.
His reliance on the Rose v Rose case is the core of his flaws. The case was about the Veterans Administration failing to make payments. It was about 38 USC 211 for the authoritative statement. Then for enforcement it was based on 42 USC 659 and 662. Both 38 USC 211 and 42 USC 662 have been repealed. The Veterans Administration was basically terminated because of this case and the Department of Veteran Affairs authoritative statement at 38 USC 511 was specifically changed and addressed 3 different statements by the court.
If you follow his process and get the court to include the money under Title 38 as income, the VA will refuse to send it. You are supposed to file an application for apportionment to get the kids the money. If the state uses it for income the VA said they can not use it a second time and makes the kids ineligible. If you send them a garnishment they send you a letter saying they threw it in the trash. I called the Office of General Council and they said this book has caused so many problems in this area the letter they sent me is actually a standardized letter they send multiple times a day. Oh and if you use the money for income in a spousal support award it disqualifies them for all kinds of programs including public assistance and school grants.
Don’t waste your money!

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This book has been a great help! I have been able to access pertinent sections related to former-spouse claims on retirement benefits awarded during divorce proceedings. Thank you, Mark E. Sullivan, for your expertise and for allowing access without the steep purchase price for people whose Ex's have already taken most of their money. God bless you and the work you do! 

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The use of calculation for child support is incorrect in this book, it's good for other information but certainly NOT for this.
under CFR 581.101-105, a FEDERAL REGULATION, it clearly states that
BAH and BAS cannot be used for child support calculation, along with the following (summarized):
All ALLOWANCES cannot be used for the usage of child support.
All PAY can. For the average Service Member, it's only your base pay that is taken into effect.
Clothing allowance is to replace your uniforms.
BAS is given to feed the SM not the family.
BAH is given to house the Soldier NOT the family. The reason you moved out of gov't quarters is because your family can't live in your damn barracks room and you aren't living in a furnished contract owned home that the gov't is paying for. if you're an E-6 or above, you are receiving BAH without dependent, married or not, this is for YOU, not your family. Good example of why: If you move to a HIGH cost of living area and a portion of your BAH is taken for child support, you may not be able to support yourself living in the area now causing undue hardship.
here's numbers for people who need to see them: E-6 with 2 children
El Paso, TX, BAH with dependents, 1164.. if 25% is taken for 2 children, that's 291 dollars. no biggie, right? but you have to make up the difference with your base pay remaining...
Northern Jersery, NJ, BAH with dependents, 2718... if 25 is taken for 2 children, that's 680 dollars. Can you imagine trying to fill that gap with your base pay? remember, it's not like a civilian job where you get "paid" more for doing the same job at another location with a higher cost of living.
This is child support, NOT family support. This is Uncle Sam's system, don't let a judge screw you by ordering the WRONG amount of support causing you undue hardship. You work for Uncle Sam, he's not going to screw you if you know your stuff.
Source?: E-6, divorced in Texas with 2 children, child support amount = $497
Remember, it's your base pay AFTER taxes, and after your TSP... strongly recommend having the child support court ordered into a joint account where you can see the money but can't touch it. so you know your ex-spouse isn't using the money for things other than your children

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