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U.S. Geological Survey Offices

Headquarters Offices
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive,
National Center, Reston, VA 22092

Office Name

Office Of The Director

Director Dallas L. Peck

Associate Director Doyle G. Frederick

Special Assistant (Washington Liaison)
and Deputy Ethics Counselor Jane H. Wallace

Assistant Director for Research Bruce B. Hanshaw

Assistant Director for Engineering

Geology James F. Devine

Assistant Director for Administration Edmund J. Grant

Assistant Director for Programs Peter F. Bermel

Assistant Director for Intergovernmental

Affairs John J. Dragonetti

Director's Representative—Central

Region Alfred Clebsch, Jr.

Director's Representative—Western
Region George Gryc

Congressional Liaison Officer Talmadge W. Reed

Chief, Public Affairs Office Donovan B. Kelly

Staff Assistant (Special Issues) William G. Wilber

Special Assistant to the
Director for Alaska Max. C. Brewer

Assistant Director for
Information Systems James E. Biesecker

National Mapping Division

Chief Rupert B. Southard

Associate Chief Roy R. Mullen

Assistant Division Chief for Research Lowell E. Starr

Assistant Division Chief for Plans

and Operations William A. Coe

Assistant Division Chief for

Information and Data Services Gary W. North

Geologic Division

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National Center, STOP 101
National Center, STOP 102

Rm. 7343, Interior Bldg.,
Washington, DC 20240
National Center, STOP 104

National Center, STOP 106
National Center, STOP 201
National Center, STOP 105

National Center, STOP 109

Box 25046, STOP 406, Denver
Federal Center, Denver,
CO 80225

345 Middlefield Rd., STOP 87

Menlo Park, CA 94025
National Center, STOP 112
National Center, STOP 119
National Center, STOP 121

Gould Hall—APU Campus
University Drive,
Anchorage, AK 99504

National Center, STOP 801

National Center, STOP 516
National Center, STOP 516
National Center, STOP 519

National Center, STOP 514

National Center, STOP 508

Chief Geologist Robert M. Hamilton

Associate Chief Geologist William C. Prinz

Assistant Chief Geologist

for Program Benjamin A. Morgan

Deputy Chief Geologist for

Scientific Personnel Penelope M. Hanshaw

Policy and Budget Officer Norman E. Gunderson

Office of Scientific Publications,

Chief John M. Aaron

Office of Regional Geology,

Chief Douglas M. Morton

Office of Earthquakes, Volcanoes,

and Engineering, Chief John R. Filson

Office of Energy and

Marine Geology, Chief Terry W. Offield

Office of Mineral Resources,

Chief Glenn H. Allcott

Office of International

Geology, Chief A. Thomas Ovenshine

(703) 860-6531
(703) 860-6532

(703) 860-6584

(703) 860-7429
(703) 860-6544

(703) 860-6575

(703) 860-6411

(703) 860-6471

(703) 860-6431

(703) 860-6561

(703) 860-6418

National Center,
National Center,

STOP 911
STOP 911

National Center, STOP 911

National Center,
National Center,

National Center,

National Center,

National Center,

National Center,

National Center,

National Center,

STOP 911
STOP 910

STOP 904

STOP 908

STOP 905

STOP 915

STOP 913

STOP 917



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Water Resources Division

Chief Hydrologist Philip Cohen

Associate Chief Hydrologist R. Hal Langford

Assistant Chief Hydrologist,

Scientific Publication, and

Data Management, Acting William B. Mann IV

Assistant Chief Hydrologist,

Operations Thomas J. Buchanan

Assistant Chief Hydrologist,

Research and

Technical Coordination Gordon D. Bennett

Deputy Assistant Chief

Hydrologist, Research Roger G. Wolff

Office of National Water

Summary and Long Range

Planning, Chief David W. Moody

Office of Hazardous Waste

Hydrology, Acting Chief George A. Dinwiddie

Branch of Water Information

Transfer, Chief Gary D. Cobb

Branch of Ground Water. Chief Eugene P. Patten, Jr.

Branch of Quality of Water, Chief R. J. Pickering

Branch of Surface Water, Chief Marshall E. Moss

Office of Water Data Coordination, Chief Porter E. Ward

Office of International Hydrology, Chief Delia Laura

Office of Computer Technology, Chief J. Ronald Jones

Office of Scientific Information, Chief John E. Moore

Water Resources Information Center

Program (WRSIC), Chief Raymond A. Jensen

Water Resources Research Institutes

(WRRI), Chief Frank T. Carlson

Information Systems Division

Chief James E. Biesecker

Associate Chief Carl E. Diesen

Office of Systems Policy and Management Richard A. MacDonald

Office of ADP Services James A. Lair

Office of Data Administration Theodore M. Albert

Office of Acquisition Management

and Support Virginia L. Thomas

Office of Program Support Services Rollin F. Nelson


Chief Edmund J. Grant

Administrative Service Officer

Deputy Chief William F. Gossman, Jr.

Administrative Operations Officer Timothy Calkins

Personnel Officer Maxine C. Millard

Contracts Officer Paul A. Denett

Finance Officer Roy Heinbuch

General Services Officer Posey R. Howell


Selected Field Offices
National Mapping Division

Regional Centers

Eastern Roy E. Fordham

Mid-Continent Lawrence H. Borgerding

Rocky Mountain Merle E. Southern

Western John R. Swinnerton

Printing and Distribution Charles D. Kuhler

(703) 800-6352
(314) 341-0880

(303) 236-5825

(415) 323-8111,

ext.2411 (703) 860-6761

National Center, STOP 567 1400 Independence Road,

Rolla, MO 65401 Box 25046, STOP 510,

Federal Center,

Denver. CO 80225 345 Middlefield Road,

Menlo Park, CA 94025 National Center, STOP 580

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Los Angeles Lucy E. Birdsall

Menlo Park Bruce S. Deam

San Francisco Patricia A. Shiffer

Colorado Irene V. Shy

District of Columbia Bruce A. Hubbard

Texas John P. Donnelly

Utah Wendy R. Hassibe

Virginia Margaret E. Counce

Washington lean E. Flechel

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108 Skyline Bldg.,
508 2d Ave.,

Anchorage, AK 99501

E-146 Federal Bldg.,
Box 53, 701 C Street
Anchorage, AK 99513

7638 Fed. Bldg.,

300 N. Los Angeles St.,

Los Angeles, CA 90012 345 Middlefield Rd.,

STOP 553, Bldg. 3.

Menlo Park, CA 94025 504 Customhouse,

555 Battery St.,

San Francisco, CA 94111 169 Fed. Bldg.,

1961 Stout St.,

Denver, CO 80294 1028 GSA Bldg.,

19th and F Sts., NW.,

Washington, DC 20244 1C45 Fed. Bldg.,

1100 Commerce St.,

Dallas, TX 75242 8105 Fed. Bldg.,

125 S. State St.,

Salt Lake City, UT 84138 1C402 National Center,

STOP 503,

12201 Sunrise Valley Dr.,

Reston, VA 22092 678 U.S. Courthouse,

W. 920 Riverside Ave.,

Spokane, WA 99201

Distribution Branch Offices

Alaska Natalie Cornforth

Western Dwight F. Canfield

Eastern George V. DeMeglio

Earth Resources Observation Systems Data Center

South Dakota Allen H. Watkins

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