A Narrative

John Murray, 1839 - 526 pages
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Page 44 - Honourable gentlemen of the Legislative Council and gentlemen of the House of Assembly : — I have...
Page 219 - My Lord, — I have the honour to transmit to your lordship the return of the killed and wounded in the action of the 5th inst.
Page 24 - May it please Your Excellency, we, Her Majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects, the Commons of Upper Canada, in Provincial Parliament assembled, humbly...
Page 23 - MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY : We, Her Majesty's dutiful and Loyal subjects, the Commons of...
Page 464 - The bench, the magistracy, the high offices of the episcopal church, and a great part of the legal profession, are tilled by the adherents of this party : by grant or purchase, they have acquired nearly the whole of the waste lands of the province ; they are allpowerful in the chartered banks, and, till lately, shared among themselves almost exclusively, all offices of trust and profit.
Page 460 - In a number of other instances, too, the elections were carried by the unscrupulous exercise of the influence of the Government, and by a display of violence on the part of the Tories, who were emboldened by the countenance afforded to them by the authorities. It was stated, but I believe without any sufficient foundation, that the Government made grants of land to persons who had no title to them, in order to secure their votes. This report...
Page 62 - Upper Canada, the Indians have hitherto been under the exclusive care of His Majesty, the territories they inhabit being tracts of Crown lands devoted to their sole use as ' His allies.' " Over these lands His Majesty has never exercised his paramount right, except at their request, and for their manifest advantage.
Page 123 - The people of Upper Canada detest democracy; they revere their constitutional charter, and are consequently stanch in allegiance to their King. — They are perfectly aware that there exist in the Lower Province one or two individuals who inculcate the idea that this province is about to be disturbed by the interference of FOREIGNERS, whose power and whose numbers will prove INVINCIBLE. — In the name of...
Page 62 - Over these lands His Majesty has never exercised his paramount right, except at their request, and for their manifest advantage. Within their own communities, they have hitherto governed themselves by their own unwritten laws and customs ; their lands and property have never been subject to tax or assessment, or themselves liable to personal service. " As they are not subject to such liabilities, neither do they yet possess the political privileges of His Majesty's subjects generally.
Page 95 - My Lord, — I have the honour to transmit to you a copy of a letter addressed to the Secretary of State at Washington by the Consul of the United States at Kio Janeiro, Mr.

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