Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Committee on Appropriations, Volume 90, Part 1

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Page 672 - Army that they will : (1) provide, without cost to the United States, all lands, easements, and rights-of-way necessary for the construction of the project...
Page 801 - That penstocks or other similar facilities adapted to possible future use in the development of hydroelectric power shall be installed in any dam herein authorized when approved by the Secretary of War upon the recommendation of the Chief of Engineers and of the Federal Power Commission.
Page 638 - System or a public land area, which, although it is part of a larger area, is commonly used by the public as a means of travel between two places, either or both of which are outside the area...
Page 221 - Credits (illustrated at 101-2.4901-1081) , in accordance with the General Accounting Office Policy and Procedures Manual for Guidance of Federal Agencies, title 7, chapter 2, section 8.
Page 222 - Miscellaneous receipts"; 50 per centum of the charges arising from licenses hereunder for the occupancy and use of public lands, national monuments, national forests, and national parks shall be paid into, reserved, and appropriated as a part of the reclamation fund created by the Act of Congress known as the Reclamation Act...
Page 232 - ARTICLE 3 Powers and Duties of the Commission Section 3.1. PURPOSE AND POLICY. The commission shall develop and effectuate plans, policies and projects relating to the water resources of the basin.
Page 826 - Act shall be expended on the construction of any project until States, political subdivisions thereof, or other responsible local agencies have given assurances satisfactory to the Secretary of War that they will (a) provide without cost to the United States all lands, easements, and rights-of-way necessary for the construction of the project...
Page 235 - New York, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Federal Government. The purpose of the Compact is to enable the signatory parties to participate jointly in the conservation, utilization, development and control of water and related resources of the Delaware River Basin.
Page 763 - USCS 702d]; (c) provide without cost to the United States, all rights-of-way for levee foundations and levees on the main stem of the Mississippi River between Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and the Head of Passes.
Page 222 - That all proceeds from any Indian reservation shall be placed to the credit of the Indians of such reservation. All other charges arising from licenses hereunder...

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