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Subject matter.


88 Corporate rights, protection and enforcement of....

The whole. 89 Writs of prohibition, certiorari, and scire facias ..

The whole. 90 Foreign judgments and decrees, and proof of official and other documents executed out of Lower Canada..

The whole. 91 Foreign executors, administrators, corporations, &c., right of action by or against...

The whole. 92 Office of Sheriff and Coroner.

The whole. 93 Salaries of certain officers-Fee funds - Publication of decisions... The whole. 94 Commissioners' Courts for the summary decision of small causes...

The whole. 95 Habeas Corpus, in criminal and civil cases, ---Bail, &c.

Secs. 20 to 23. 96 Courts of Oyer and Terminer..

Sec. 1. 97 Courts of Quarter Sessions, and Special Sessions of the Peace..

The whole except

sec. 20. 98 Appeals from summary convictions..

Sec. 3. 99 Justices of the Peace, registers to be kept by..

The whole 100 Justices of the Peace, clerks and bailiffs employed by

The whole. 101 Justices of the Peace, and other officers, protection of.

The whole. 102 Police in towns and villages, &c....

The whole. 104 Clerks of the Peace, unclaimed goods in their hands.

The whole. 106 Recognizances, proceedings on, forfeited.

The whole. 107 Crown witnesses, payment of..

The whole. 108 Limitation of penal actions..

The whole. 109 Gaols and court houses and houses of correction.

The whole. 110 Court houses and gaols in new districts.

The whole 111 Annual returns of judicial matters

The whole


23 VICTORIA.-1860.

24 25 32

Representation of the people in the Legislative Assembly. The whole.
Foreign judgments and decrees.

The whole.
Seizure in satisfaction of debts.

The whole.
Extension to parish and township municipalities of acts authorizing The whole ex.

the establishment of joint stock gas and water companies... 1 cept s. 2.
Extension of act respecting the investigation of accidents by fire, to
the country parts..

The whole.
Lotteries, C. S. C., c. 95.

The whole.
Registration of the articles of law-students.

The whole.


36 65

24 VICTORIA.—1861.

23 Incorporated banks, warehouse receipts..

Secs. 1 and 2. 24 Vaccination.

The whole. 27 Exemption of certain articles from seizure in satisfaction of debts. . The whole. 28 Erection of parishes, and the registration of marriages, baptisms and burials

Sec, 5. 30 Agricultural Act.

The whole.


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11 12 13

Procedure in the Superior and Circuit Courts, and in the Couri ofi

The whole.
Registration of titles to real estate in Lower Canalla.

The whole. Lessors and Lessees..

The whole Inspectors and superintendents of police for the cities of Montreal and Quebec..

The whole, Public exhibitions in Lower Canada,

The whole. Registers of marriages, baptisms and burials.

The whole except

sec, 5.

15 16

27 VICTORIA.-1863.


Erection and division of parishes, and the building and repairing of
churches, &c....

The whole.

27-28 VICTORIA.-1864.

5 Collection, by means of stamps, of fees of office, dues and duties pay

able tu the Crown upon law proceedings and registrations.. The whole. 18 Sale of intoxicating liquors and the issue of licenses therefor. Secs. Ito10,37,38,

50, 51 and 53. 20 Appointment of magistrates in remote parts of the Province, Thewhole except

sec, l. 39 Expense of sales en justice and of confirmations of title and procedure | The whole exbefore the courts in Lower Canada...

1 cept s. 27. 40 Registration of titles to or charges upon real estate.

The whole. 42 Execution of wills in the English form.

The whole. 13 Qui tam actions in Lower Canada...

The whole. 53 Religious societies or congregations of Christians authorized to ap

point successors to trustees of lands held on their behalf... The whole.

28 VICTORIA.--1805.

8 Property in swarms of bees... 11 Appointment of magistrates in remote parts of the Province. 12 Houses of correction, court houses and gaols.. 15 Newspapers and other like publications. 20 Police Magistrates.. 56 Montreal Homæopathic Association, incorporated.

The whole,
The whole
The whole.
The whole.
The whole
The whole




Subject matter.


29 VICTORIA.--1865.

12 Qualification of Justices of the Peace.

Sec. 1. 16 Aliens and transmissions of property.

The whole. 19 l'acilities in commercial transactions.

The whole 22 Companies or co-operative associations, for the purpose of carrying on, in common, any trade or business..

The whole. 42 Court of Queen's Bench in Lower Canada..

The whole 43 Procedure in the Superior and Circuit Courts for Lower Canada. The whole.

Authentication of certificates of discharge, executed before witnesses The whole. 48 Education.

The whole. 52 Building and repairing of churches, parsonage houses and church- (The whole ex

cept secs. 10

and 11. 93 Montreal Homeopathic Association, name changed to the College

of Homeopathic Physicians and Surgeons of Montreal.. Sec. 1.


29-30 VICTORIA.-1566.

22 Egress from public buildings..

The whole, 26 Rendering of judgments in the Court of Queen's Bench and Superior Court for Lower Canada...

The whole. 29 Commissioners' Court for Lower Canada.

The whole. 30 Provisions of the Seigniorial Act extended.

The whole. 31 Education.

The whole, 32 Municipal Act of Lower Canada.

Sec. 1. 33 Abuses prejudicial to agriculture.

The whole. 36 Erection and division of parishes, and the building and repairing of

churches, parsonage-houses and church-yards and fabrique

The hole
37 Joint stock companies for the construction of roads and certain
other works.

The whole


31 VICTORIA.--1867-1868.

8. Organization of the Civil Service...

The whole. 13 Queen's Printer and Official Gazette.

Secs. 3 and 4. 15 Appointment of Justices of the Peace...

The whole. 17 Paying over, in certain cases, of moneys received by sheriffs, prothonotaries and clerks of the Circuit Court..

The whole. 18 Proof of the laws and official publications of the other Provinces of the Dominion....

The whole. 19 Colonization roads.

The whole. 22 Support of schools..

Sec. 6. 23 Inspectors of prisons, hospitals, and other institutions,

The whole. 24 Joint stock companies' general clauses...

'The whole. 23 Incorporation of joint stock companies.

The whole. 28 Erection of parishes..

Sec. 1. 32 Appointment of a fire marshal for the cities of Montreal and Quebec. Sec3. 1 to 13 and


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Subject matter.


32 VICTORIA.--1869.

8 Inquiries concerning public matters....

The whole. 9 Security to be given by public officers

The whole. 10 Authenticity of certain writings.

The whole. 11 Sale and management of public lands...

The whole 12 Public lands.,

The whole 14 Formation and encouragement of colonization societies

The whole. 15 Department of Agriculture and Public Works.....

The whole. 16 Education......

Sece. I to 16, 38

and 39. 17 Industrial schools

The whole 18 Reformatory schools.

The whole 20 Constitution of the Superior Court for Lower Canada and the procedure therein...

The whole 21 Holding of the Circuit Court in the county of Wolfe.

The whole. 23 District Magistrates in this Province..

The whole. 25 Registration and the books kept by registrars..

Secs. I to6 and 10. 26 Authentication and custody of registers of civil status..

The whole 29 Fire marshals for the cities of Montreal and Quebec, and name changed to fire commissioners...

The whole. 30 Cadastres under the Consolidated Seigniorial Act and renewal deeds posterior to the said cadastres..

The whole. 32 Fees due physicians, Civil Code .

The whole. 36 Bazaars and lotteries.....

The whole. 37 Hiring fishermen and the recovery of their wages.

The whole. 49 Holding of burial grounds by religious congregations.

The whole.

33 VICTORIA.- 1869-1870.

6 Department of Agriculture and Public Works .....

The whole. 7 Dispensing with the use of parchment.

The whole. 11 District Magistrates in this Province..

The whole. 12 Appointment of Justices of the Peace with more extensive jurisdiction The whole. 14 Duties of certain judicial officers in cases of vacancy.

The whole. 15 Tariffs of fees of certain officers of justice......

The whole. 16 Re-entry upon abandoned lands in certain cases.

The whole. 17 Code of Civil Procedure of Lower Canada amended..

The whole 18 Evidence in civil cases

The whole. 19 Disposal of property in the hands of administrators

The whole. 24 Police in this Province..

The whole. 25 Education in this Province..

Secs. 0, 7, 8 and 9. 26 Interdiction and cure of habitual drunkards.

The whole. 30 Manufacture of cheese and butter in this Province...

The whole. 31 Cemetery companies' incorporation...

The whole. 32 Joint stock companies for stoning roads.

The whole. 33 Vehicles used for winter roads...

The whole. 34 Ministers of religion exempted from the payment of tolls on bridges and roads

The whole 38 Remuneration of the fire commissioner for the city of Quebec.... The whole

34 VICTORIA.--1870.

3 Department of Agriculture and Public Works. 4 Code of Civil Procedure amended.

The whole.
The whole.




Subject matter.


34 VICTORIA.-1870. -Continued.

6 Police Magistrates. .

The whole. 7 Re-entry upon certain abandoned lands in seigniories.

The whole. 8 Registers of civil status in a certain part of the district of Saguenay, and the civil erection of certain parishes.

Secs. 1 to 4. 9 Transfer of prisoners from one gaol to another.

The whole. 12 Education.

Secs, 6, 7 and 8. 17 Cemetery companies, incorporation..

The whole. 18 Introduction and establishment of new manufactories in this Province. The whole. 19 Clearing of lands and the protection of forests against fires

The whole.

35 VICTORIA.-1871.

Marriage licenses.

The whole.
Judicial and other deposits

The whole.
Code of Civil Procedure, appointment of an additional Judge of the

Superior Court at Montreal ; aulministration of justice... The whole. 7 Application of articles 298 and 299 of the Civil Code, and of the fifth

title of the third part of the Code of Civil Procedure linited. The whole. 8 Municipal Code amended..

The whole. 9 District Magistrates..

The whole. 12 Education in this Province

Secs, 6 to 11. 13 Iwustrial and reformatory schools and charitable institutions... The whole. 14 Education, sale of certain properties in the city of Montreal, and for

the construction of buildings for the Jacques Cartier anı Laval
Normal Schools..

The whole.
15 Civil erection of parishes, with the view to facilitate the making of
the cadastres..

The whole. 16 Cadastral plans and books of reference..

The whole. 21 County of Chicoutimi divided into two registration divisions, and se.

parated from the county of Saguenay for the purposes of agricultu-
ral societies..

Sec. 5.

36 VICTORIA.-1872.



8 9 10 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 24

Department of Agriculture and Public Works and Council of Arts
and Manufactures.

The whole

cept ss. 6 to 9. Crown Lands..

The whole,
Woods and forests.

The whole.
Constitution of the Superior Court.

The whole.
Appointment of Queen's Counsel.

The whole.
Judicial and other deposits..

The whole.
Securities of certain judicial officers.

The whole.
Registers of civil status.

Secs. 1 to 5.
Sale of the property of minors.

The whole.
Sale of the estates of minors,

The whole.
Code of Civil Proceclure of Lower Canada : actions in forma pauperis. The whole.
Municipal Code amended..

The whole.
Industrial and reformatory schools.

The whole.
Joint stock companies.

The whole.
Stoning road companies..

The whole.



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