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3175. The words "managers of an institution" mean tion of "ma- and include the directors, directresses or managers of the institution." institution, or any one or more of them named or selected from among themselves to represent the institution in acting under any of the provisions of this chapter. 35 V., c. 13, s. 2.

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Managers of

3176. The managers of any certified industrial or reformaindustrial or tory school, without prejudice to the powers and obligations schools may conferred on them by law, may apprentice or place out under indenture to any respectable and trustworthy person, any child and juvenile offender under their control, for any term which shall not extend beyond his majority. 35 V., c. 13, s. 3.

place out children.

Child's receipts for money receiv

ed by it from institution to

be valid.



3177. Managers of an institution may place out to domestic service and indenture, bind or apprentice thereto, or to any healthy trade or business, and may send out to be nursed, supported, educated or adopted, any child being an inmate of the institution, or having the protection or aid thereof, to, by or with such person or persons, and upon such terms as the managers deem proper. 35 V., c. 13, s. 4.

3178. On the payment by any such institution to any child entitled to the same of any moneys received for the use and benefit of such child, by the institution under such indenture, articles of apprenticeship or agreement as aforesaid, a discharge therefor, whether sous seing privé or otherwise, given in favor of the institution by such child being over fourteen years of age, shall be valid without its being necessary for such child to be represented by a tutor. 35 V., c.

13, s. 6.

Managers to

3179. During the term of any placing out or apprenticehave parental ship of any child under this chapter, the rights, power and auauthority over children thority of the parents over and in respect of such child shall placed out. cease and be vested in and exercised by the managers of the industrial or reformatory school, or managers of the institution having charge of such child, as fully and effectually as they might have been held and exercised by such parents. 35 V., c. 13, s. 7.



Parent may

have the

3180. Every parent has the right to apply to any judge child restored of the Superior Court, who may, in his discretion, permit the child to be restored to his or her custody and control,

to him.

and the indenture or agreement for any such placing out or apprenticeship cancelled. 35 V., c. 13 s. 7.

3181. The judge, after notice to and hearing of the managers Power of and satisfactory proof that the parent is a fit and proper person judge for this to take charge of the child, and that the child's condition will purpose. not thereby suffer, may, in his discretion, permit the child to be restored to the parent, but shall not order the cancelling of the indenture or agreement, unless he be satisfied that the same was injudiciously or improperly entered into. 35 V., c. 13, s. 7; 36 V., c. 24, s. 2.





3182. Lunatic Asylums in the Province are under the Control of control and supervision of the Government. 48 V., 34, s. 1.

lunatic asylums.




§ 1-Physicians of such Asylums.


3183. For each of the asylums of Longue Pointe (St. Jean Appointment de Dieu) and Beauport, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council of physicians. appoints:

1. A medical superintendent,

2. A house physician, and

3. An assistant house physician.

The medical superintendent and house physician are paid By whom by the Province.


sistant house

The assistant house physician may be appointed upon the Special provirecommendation of the respective proprietors of the said St. sion as to asJean de Dieu and Beauport asylums subject to the approval of physicians of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, and in that case the salary certain asyof such physician shall be paid by them; and, in case the said proprietors do not think proper to take advantage of this provision, the assistant physician shall then be appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor and paid by the Province.


The salary of the medical superintendent shall not exceed Salary of the sum of eighteen hundred dollars per annum.

dical superintendent.

Salary of

The salary of the house physician shall not exceed the sum house physi- of eighteen hundred dollars per annum.


Salary of as

The salary of the assistant house physician shall not exceed sistant house the sum of twelve hundred dollars per annum. 48 V., c. 34,


s. 2.

Room for meetings of board.

Medical Board constituted.

3184. The medical superintendent, the house physician and his assistant constitute a board called the Medical Board of the (name) Lunatic Asylum.'




The superintendent is chairman of the Board and may and convoca- convene it whenever he deems necessary.

tion of board. Quorum.

Power of su

pervise ad

Board to missions and discharges. To control the medical service.

House physicians to devote whole time to

Clinical lectures on insanity to be given.


3185. In accordance with the provisions of the law, the Medical Board supervises the admission of patients into the asylum and their temporary or final discharge therefrom.

The Board has control over the medical service, the classification of patients and the treatment to be given to them, as mentioned in article 3187.

The house physician and his assistant must devote the whole of their time to the service of the patients and prescribe the treatment, medical or moral, approved by the Board, which their duties. appears to it the most suitable to hasten or ensure their cure.


The medical superintendent and the house physician of the said asylum shall, with the consent of the proprietors, if the Government require it, give, without additional salary, clinical lectures upon mental alienation, the length and number of which shall be determined by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. 48 V., c. 34, s. 4.

Monthly report.

Its contents.


Annual general report.

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The quorum of the Board is two.

2. The proprietors of each asylum are obliged to furnish the Board for its meetings a room in the establishment suitably furnished and as near as possible to the place where the chemists' stores are kept, which they are also obliged to supply. 48 V., c. 34, s. 3.


3186. The medical superintendent shall, in the name of the Medical Board, during the first days of each month, make a report to the Provincial Secretary.

Such report shall indicate the number of patients admitted during the preceding month, their status and condition, the names of those who escaped or died, the state and condition of the patients in general, the names of those who may be discharged; and the report shall further contain all requisite or necessary observations and suggestions touching the improvement and condition of the patients, and the good working of the asylum..

A complete general detailed report is also made each year, in the same manner, by the medical superintendent.

Such general report shall indicate the number of patients Its contents. admitted during the year, the number of those who have been temporarily or finally discharged, the date of the admissions and discharges, the number and names of paying patients, the number of those cured or whose condition has been improved, as well as of those who have died in the asylum or who have escaped; and such report shall mention in general all the improvements adopted or suggested either in the treatment or maintenance of the patients and all the information required by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council. 48 V., c. 34, s. 5.

§2.-Internal Discipline.

Board to make

3187. Rules and regulations may be made by the Medical Power of Board, subject to the approval of the Lieutenant-Governor in Medical Council, for the medical, moral and physical treatment of the rules, &c., patients, which comprises medicines and prescriptions, restraint, for certain classification, ventilation of buildings, regimen, diet, clothing and exercise.


The house physician is bound to reside near the asylum and Residence of the assistant house physician in the asylum itself or in its the house physicians. immediate neighborhood.

They are entrusted with the execution of the rules and regu- Execution of lations made and approved of as aforesaid by the Lieutenant- rules, &c. Governor in Council; the assistant shall help the house physician to carry out the orders given by him and replace him in case of absence or sickness.

The proprietors of asylums, their superintendents, employees Duties of proand servants are bound to carry out the orders of the house prietors, &c., physician or his assistant, respecting everything that concerns orders of the medical treatment as hereinbefore enacted. house physician.

to carry out

The proprietors are further obliged to lodge the assistant Lodgings for house physician in a suitable manner.


The house physician or his assistant may require the pro- Dismissal of keepers. prietors of the asylum to dismiss the keepers, nurses and guardians, for incompetence or insubordination.

In case of disagreement as to such dismissal, the decision Inspector's rests with the inspector of asylums. 48 V., c. 34, s. 6.


§3.-Insane Patients whose Maintenance is at their own Charges.



3188. Proprietors of lunatic asylums in the Province of Admission of Quebec may, if they have been authorized by the Lieutenant- private Governor in Council, receive in their establishment the insane, idiots and imbecile persons who, either by themselves, or their tutor, curator or the persons obliged by law to provide and care for them, are able to pay the expenses of their maintenance, sojourn and treatment.

Province not

The Province is not responsible for the payment of the sums responsible payable for such patients. 48 V., c. 34, s. 7.

for such patients.

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3189. The persons above mentioned cannot be admitted, required for unless the proprietors of the asylum are furnished with an application, according to form A annexed to this section, and a certificate according to form B, signed by two medical men, who are neither partners, brothers, nor in the relation of father and son, and who have each, separately and personally, examined the patient before the application for his entry into the asylum. 48 V., c. 34, s. 8.

Duties of physicians who sign certificate.

Release in

3191. The patient shall be released in the case of a cure cercase of cure, tified by two members of the Medical Board, or when the per


Private pa tients' book and its contents.

3190. The physicians who sign the certificate B shall specify
the facts, from their own personal observation and from infor-
mation obtained from any other person, upon which is based
their opinion that the patient is insane, an idiot or imbecile
48 V., 34, s. 9.

Application of certain articles.

Release of

3192. In the case of the incapacity or absence from the Province of the person who made the application for admission, tain persons. the wife or husband of such person, the father or mother of the

patients, on
order of cer-

patient, or one of the nearest relatives, or the person who made
the last payment on account of the patient, may, subject to the
preceding article, at all times give an order for his release. 48
V., c. 34, s. 11.

son signing the application for his admission requires in writing,
over his signature, that such patient be released, except when
the Medical Board declares that the patient is dangerous to so-
ciety. 48 V., c. 34, s. 10.


3193. In every asylum there shall be kept a book called
"Private Patients' Book," in which shall be entered immedi-

1. The name, profession, age and domicile of the patients;
2. The date of their entry in the asylum;

3. The names and domiciles of the persons who applied for
their admission;

4. The names of the physicians who certified as to their condition:

5. The changes that have arisen in such condition;

6. The date of the escape of the patients, if any have escaped, and that of their discharge or death. 48 V., c. 34, s. 12.


3194. Articles 3201, 3203, 3204, 3205, 3208, 3219, 3221, 3231, 3232, 3233 and 3234, apply to the preceding articles. 48 V., c. 34, s. 13.

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