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3096. Any number of persons may unite themselves into a Formation of society in this Province, with a view, by means of voluntary charitable associations, contributions, subscriptions, gifts or donations from the members &c. of the society or from the public, of making provision for those afflicted by sickness, accidents, reverses of fortune and death, the widows and orphans, or the lawful representatives of deceased members, for the rescue and reformation of fallen women, for the prevention of cruelty to women and children, and for the purposes of attaining any other analogous object. 45 V., c. 37, s. 1.

3097. The members and officers of such society may, from May establish time to time, establish and maintain any number of branches branches. thereof, to promote the objects herein set forth. C. S. C., c. 71, s. 2.



3098 Each society shall have a common seal, which it may To have a change and alter at pleasure.

seal, &c.

May sue and be sued, &c.

May elect officers and

May make by-laws.

By-laws not to be to

laws of Pro


By whatever name, designation, number or description the society is known, it shall have continued succession, and may contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, in all actions, suits, complaints, matters and causes whatsoever. C. S. C., c. 71, s. 3.

3099. The members of such societies may nominate, choose and appoint proper persons as trustees, treasurers, secretaries, or other officers, for conducting the business, discipline and management of the society.

They may meet together from time to time to make, alter, rescind or frame by-laws, rules or regulations necessary for the government and for conducting the business of the society and of its branches. C. S. C., c. 71, s. 4.

What to be evidence.

3100. Such by-laws, rules and regulations shall not contain any thing in violation of the laws, statutes or customs of this Province, or be directed to the furtherance of any political or seditious object whatsoever. C. S. C., c. 71, s. 5.

May take 3101. Such societies may require the officers, secretaries, security from treasurers and trustees thereof, to give security for such sums

of money or other property of the society, as may from time to time be placed in their hands or under their control in trust for and on behalf of the objects of the society.

All such securities, being in writing, shall be deemed good security and admissible as evidence in any of Her Majesty's courts of civil and criminal jurisdiction. C. S. C., c. 71, s. 6.

May acquire

3102. The members of each of such societies or bodies in property to a its locality, in the name of the society, or in the name of the and alienate presiding or other officer thereof, may acquire and take, by

certain extent

the same.

purchase, donation, devise or otherwise, and hold for the use of the members of the society, and according to the rules and regulations thereof, all kinds of personal and also real property in this Province not exceeding five arpents, and may sell and alienate the same, and may purchase and acquire in the stead and place thereof any real estate, not exceeding the quantity before mentioned. C. S. C., c. 71, s. 7.




3103. No member of any such society shall, in his indiof members. vidual capacity, be liable for any debt or liability of the society.

C. S. C., c. 71, s. 10.

3104. The printed or written rules of such society in force for the time being, and the appointment of any officer, secretary, treasurer, trustee, or enrolment of any member, certified under the hand of the presiding officer and the seal of the society,

and the books, minutes and other documents of the society, relative to any portion of the matter then in question, may be received in evidence in any proceedings in any court of civil or criminal jurisdiction against any of the persons mentioned in section 70 of chapter 164 of the Revised Statutes of Canada. C. S. C., c. 71, s. 9.







3105. The provisions of this chapter shall extend to all This section mechanics' institutes or library associations incorporated since limited in its the thirtieth of August, one thousand eight hundred and fiftyone, but shall not be held in any way to affect or extend to any mechanics' institute or library association incorporated before that day. C. S. C., c. 72, s. 21.


1. The corporate name of the institution; 2. Its purpose;

3106. Any number of persons, not less than ten, having Declaration subscribed, or holding together not less than one hundred for purpose of forming dollars in money or money's worth, for the use of their Mechanics' intended institution, may make and sign a declaration (in Institutes and Library Assoduplicate) of their intention to establish a library association ciations. or a mechanics' institute, or both (as the case may be), at some place to be named in such declaration, in which they shall also


3. The amount of money or money's worth subscribed by them respectively, or held by them for the use thereof;

4. The names of those who are to be the first trustees for managing its affairs; and

5. The mode in which their successors are to be appointed, or new members of the corporation admitted, or in which bylaws are to be made for such appointment or admission, or for any other purpose, or for all purposes; and

6. Generally such other particulars and provisions as they may think necessary, not being contrary to this chapter or to law. C. S. C., c. 72, s. 1.

Contents of

the declaration.

3107. One duplicate of such declaration shall be filed in the office of the registrar for the division or county by one of the subscribing parties, who shall, before such registrar, acknow- registrar.

Duplicate declaration to

be filed with

The registrar

3108. The registrar shall keep the duplicate so filed, and to file one and deliver the other to the person who filed it, with a certificate

deliver the


of the same having been so filed, and of the execution having been attested before him.

ledge the execution thereof by himself, and declare the same to have been executed by the other parties thereto, either in person or by attorney. C. S. C., c. 72, s. 2.

When to


3109. When the formalities aforesaid have been complied become incor- with, the persons who signed such declaration, or the directors, trustees or the office-bearers and committee for the time being, of any such institution or united institutions, and their successors, shall be a body corporate and politic, and shall have the powers, rights and immunities vested in such bodies by the laws of this Province.

May hold lands to the value of $2000 yearly.

Such duplicate or any copy thereof, certified by such registrar, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts alleged in such declaration and certificate. C. S. C., c. 72, s. 3.

Power to


Such corporation shall have power in its corporate name, acquire pro- from time to time, to acquire and hold, to it and to its successors, for the uses of such corporation, any lands, tenements or hereditaments, situate within this Province. C. S. C., c. 72, s. 4.

When limited to $1000 yearly.

What existinstitu

3110. In case of a mechanics' institute or library association tions may do. (or both united) established or in existence, the directors, trustees or the office-bearers and committee thereof, may make and sign a declaration of their wish or determination to become incorporated, according to the provisions of this chapter, stating in such declaration the corporate name to be assumed by such institution or united institutions; and also, with such declaration, file in the manner hereinbefore provided a copy of the constitution and by-laws of such institution or united institutions, together with a general statement of the name and amount of all the property, real or personal, held by or in trust for such institution or united institutions. C. S. Č., c. 72, s. 5.



3111. Any library association or mechanics' institute duly incorporated, and situate in any town or city having three thousand inhabitants or more, may hold real property not exceeding in annual value the sum of two thousand dollars. C. S. C., c. 72, s. 6.

3112. Any library association or mechanics' institute duly incorporated, and situate in any village or town not having three thousand inhabitants, may hold real property not exceeding in annual value the sum of one thousand dollars. C. S. C., c. 72, s. 7.

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