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Stealing from mines, fel. pun. the same as for

simple larceny, (by this act, sect. 3.) 7 &

8 Geo. 4. c. 29. s. 37. See Larceny, post. COIN. .

. .; Offences agt. Having counterfeit coin (a) in

possession, with intent to utter it as good is no offence, for there is no criminal act done.

Rex v. Stewart, R. & Ry. C. Č. K. 288. Procuring it with intent to utter it as good, is a

misd.; having a large quantity of it, is evidence that it was procured with that intent, unless there be circumstances to show that the deft. was the maker of it. Rex v. Fuller, Id. 308.

(a) Inconvenience having arisen in the law department of his majesty's mint, from the neglect of immediate communication on the commitment of persons charged with offences relating to the coin, against whom it is wished the mint should adopt prosecutions, it is recommended that in all cases the commiting magistrate or his clerk do, without delay, transmit copies of the informations of such witnesses as are taken, together with every other particular in explanation of the evidenee; to the office of the solicitor, that the same may be submitted to the Board of Mint Officers for their determination and directions, and in due course the result will be communicated..

And also in all cases where advice or assistance is required, if the same be applied for, the solicitor will afford every facility, and in many instances previous to intended commitments, such reference would save considerable additional trouble and expence to all parties concerned, but more particularly to the witnesses, who can obtain no' allowance from the county.

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tificers, p. 11, ante. COMMISSION OF THE JUDGES. When the judge's commissions (on the circuit) 3 G. 4.

cannot be opened in time, a quorum commis-
sion may open them the next day, and the re-
cords are to be drawn up as if the commission
was opened on the proper day; and the cause
of delay to be certified to the lord chancellor.

3 Geo. 4. c. 10. s. 1, 2.
COMMITMENTS. (Summary Conviction.)
Where one J. may commit. See Bail, p. 16,

ante. When remand. Id. When two Js. may commit. Id.

When remand. Id. In exclusive juris., Js. P. may commit for trial at 60 G.3.

the assizes for capital offs., 60 Geo. 3. c. 14. C.

s. 1.

And bind over the parties to prosecute, s. 2.

and give evidence there. Id. s. 2. The expences allowed by the Judge, are to s. 3.

be paid by the local jurisdiction. Id. s. 3.

But see Expences, p. 50, post. For offences at sea. The Coms. of O. and T. for 76. 4.

trying offs. comm. at sea, or one or more Js. C. 38. P. may take exams. relative to offs. that is, treason, piracy, felony, robbery, murder, conspiracy, or other offs. of what nature or kind

COMMITMENT—continued. 76.4. soever comm. within the juris. of the Admic. 38.

ralty, and commit persons charged to remain in custody until discharged hy due course of law, or until bailed, in cases in which bail

may by law be taken. 7 Geo. 4. c. 38. 7 & 8 G.4. Punishments--all indictable offs. prosecuted in c. 28.

the High Court of Admiralty of England shall, upon every first and subsequent conv., be subject to the same pun. whether of D. or otherwise, as if such offs, had been comm. on

land. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 28. s. 12. 9G. 4. All indictable offs. mentioned in the act 9 Geo. 4. c. 31,

(Injuries to the Person Act) comm. within the juris. of the Admiralty of England, shall be deemed offs. of the same nature, and liable to the same pun. as if comm. on land in England, and may be dealt with, tried, and determined in the same manner as any other offs. comm. within the juris. of the Ad

miralty of England. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 32. For murders and manslaughters committed on

land abroad. British subjects may be tried in England, for murders and manslaughters comm. abroad, and any J. P. of the place where the person charged shall be, may take cognizance of the off., and proceed therein as if the same had


been comm. within the limits of his ordinary 96.4. juris. Id. s. 7.

c. 31. COMPETENCY OF WITNESSES. The affirmation of Quakers and Moravians ad- c. 34.

missible evidence. 9 Geo. 4. c. 32. s. 1. The party whose name is forged is a competent s. 2.

witness in prosecutions for forgery. Id. s. 2. Every pun. for felony, after it has been endured, s. 3.

shall have the effect of a pardon under the

great seal. Id. s. 3. No misd. except perjury shall render a party an in- s. 4.

competent witness, after he has undergone

the pun. Id. s. 4.
Of the birth of dead bastard children.
A woman delivered of a child, and shall by secret 9G. 4.

burying, or otherwise disposing of the dead C.
body, endeavouring to conceal the birth,
misd. pun. Impr. with or without H. L. not
ex. 2 yrs. in the com. g. or h. c. It is not ne-
cessary to prove whether the child died be-
fore or after its birth. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31.

s. 14.
If any woman tried for the murder of her

child shall be acquitted, the jury who ac-
quitted her, may find, in case it shall appear
in evidence that she was delivered of a child,
and that she did by secret burying, or other-

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wise disposing of the dead body, endeavour to conceal its birth ; and in that case the Ct. may pass such sentence as if she had been convicted upon an indictment for concealing the birth. Id.

If a woman is tried for the misd. of concealment, the Ct. has no power of or

dering the expences of the prosecution, &c. CONFESSION. The confession of a prisoner is sufficient, though

there is no other proof of his having comm. the offence, or of the offence having been comm., if that confession was in consequence of a charge against him. Rex v. Eldridge,

R. & R. C. C. R. 400.
A confession obtained without threat or pro-
mise is admissible. Rex v. Thompson, R. &

M. C. C. R. 27.
Unless a confession is obtained by telling a pri-

soner it would be better for him to confess,
or worse for him if he did not, and unless it
came within the broad rule of threat or pro-
mise, it ought to be received. Oxford Sp.

Ass. 1828. By Park, J.
To keep witnesses out of the way, is an indictable

offence. See Rex v. Smith, M. S. T. T.

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