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BANKS-continued. 7&8G. 4.

not less than 7 yrs. or Impr, not ex. 4 yrs. e, 30,

at disc. of the Ct. ; if a male once, twice, or thrice pub. or priv. W. in add. to the Impr.

7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 30. s. 12. Cutting away, &c. piles or obstructing navigation,

fel. pun. Tr. 7 yrs. or Impr. not ex. 2 yrs.

and W. as above. Id. BANKERS. . Embezzling property entrusted to them for special

purposes, misd. pun. Tr. not ex. 14 nor less than 7 yrs. or Fine, or Impr. or both. See

Agents, p. 8. ante.

BANKRUPT. 1& 26.4. Persons disturbing the commissioners may be

apprehended and taken before a magistrate to be dealt with according to law. 1 & 2

Geo. 4. c. 115. s. 21. (a) 6 G. 4. False swearing, pun. the same as for perjury. e. 16.

6 Geo. 4. c. 16. s. 99. .. 112. Not surrendering, not discovering their property,

nor delivering up papers, &c. concealing books, &c. and secreting property to the amount of £10 fel. pun. Tr. for life, or not less than 7 yrs. or Impr. with H. L. not ex. 7 yrs. Id. s. 112.

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(a) This act is not repealed.

c. 114.

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Keeping any such house, pun. Impr. with H. L. 36. 4.'

at the disc. of the Ct. 3 Geo. 4. c. 114. BEASTS. Summary Jurisdiction. Stealing dogs, beasts or birds, pun. on conv. and 7 & 8 G. 4.

before a Js. of the P. Ist off. to forfeit and C. *
pay above the value of the dog, &c. not ex.
£20. Pen. for subsequent off comm. to H. L.
not ex. 12 cal. m. if such subsequent conv.
is before 2 Js. they may order the off to
be once or twice pub, or priv. W. at the end
of 4 days from the time of conv. 7 & 8

Geo. 4. c. 30. s. 31.
Persons found in possession of any such dog, &c. 7&8G.4.

or the skin or plumage, and under a search
warrant (s. 63. See Search Warrant, post.)
the same to be restored to the owner, pen. on
conv. before a J. P. Ist off. and every sub-
sequent off. forfeiture and conv. as above.

7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. 8. 32. BEDFORD LEVEL. Destroying banks, &c. and other off. therein, pen. 46. 4.

Tr. life, or not less than 7 yrs. or Impr. with c. 46.

H. L. not ex. 7 yrs. 4 Geo. 4. C. 46. BENEFIT OF CLERGY, As to persons conv. of fel. is abolished. 7 G.4. 76 4. 0. 28. $.6.

c. 28. BIGAMY. Every person guilty of bigamy, and every person

BIGAMY—continued. 9 G.4.

counselling, aiding or abetting therein, fel. c. 31.

pun. Tr. 7 yrs. or Impr. with or without H. L.
not ex. 2 yrs. The off. may be tried, &c. in
the co. where the party is apprehended, or

is in custody. 9 Geo. 4. C. 31. s. 22.
BIRDS. Summary Jurisdiction. -- -
Stealing. See Beasts, p. 19. ante. ",'
Concealment of the birth of bastard children. See

title Concealment, p. 31. post.'.


Persons conv. once, and off. a second time, 'pun. c. 3.

as in cases of high misd. or bánishment for such time as the Ct. shall order. 60 Geo. 3.

c. 3. BODIES. Stealing a dead body is an indictable off. Rex v.

Gilles, Russ. and Ry. C.C.R. 366. n. BRAWLING IN CHURCHES AND CHURCH

YARDS. 5&6 Ed.6. Punishable by ecclesiastical censures. 5 & 6

Edw. 6. 4. s. 1 & 2.

BRIDGES. 7&8G.4. Destroying or injuring public bridges, fel. pun. (at c. 30.

the disc. of the Ct.) Tr. for life, or not less than 7 yrs. or Impr. not ex. 4 yrs. and if a male, once, twice or thrice pub. or priv,

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W. in add. to the Impr. 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 30. 7 & 86.4. { $. 13. . BROKERS, Embezzling property entrusted to their care for

special purposes, misd. pun. Tr. for 14 or · not less than 7 yrs. or Fine or Impr. or both.

See Agents, p. 8. ante.
This offence is not punishable under the stat. for

preventing cruelty to cattle, bulls not being

included in the act of 3 Geo. 4. c. 71. See : exparte Hill, 3 C. & P. 225. BUOYS.. Cutting away buoys, ropes, marks, &c. belonging 1& 2 G.4.

to ships, whether in distress or otherwise, fel. C. 75.
pun. Tr. not ex. 7 yrs. or Impr. in mitigation,
for any number of yrs. at the disc. of the Ct.

1 & 2 Geo. 4. c. 75. s. ll.
Obstructing a clergyman in reading the service of

the burial of the dead is an indictable off.

Rex v. Cheere, 7 D. & R. 461.
Persons conv. of, pun. D. entering a dwelling 7 & 8 G.4.

house with intent to commit fel. or breaking
out of a dwelling in the night, it is burglary:

7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 29. s. 11.
No building, altho' within the same curtilage with

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the dwelling house and occupied therewith,
shall be deemed to be part of such dwelling
house for the purpose of burglary or for any
of the purposes aforesaid, unless there shall
be a communication between the building
and dwelling house, either immediate or by
means of a covered and inclosed passage
leading from the one to the other. Id.

s. 13.
BURNING. See Arson, p. 10. ante.

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Destroying banks, locks, &c. See Banks, p. 17.

The venue may be laid and offences tried and

pun. in any co. thro' any part of which the canal shall run ; or where the side, centre or any part of a canal or navigation, shall constitute the boundary of any two cos., the offence may be tried and pun. in either co.

7 & 8 Geo.4. c. 64. s. 13. CARNAL KNOWLEDGE Of children under ten yrs. of age, fel. pun. D.

9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 17. Of girls above ten, and under twelve yrs. of age,

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