Remains, Historical & Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester

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Chetham Society., 1903 - Cheshire (England)

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Page 194 - 5. That every member not in arrear of his annual subscription be entitled to a copy of each of the works published by the Society. 6. That twenty copies of each work shall be allowed to the editor of the same, in addition to the one to which he may be entitled as a member. LIST OF
Page 310 - heretofore had made enacted ordained or provided or any other matter cause or thing whatsoever to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding. In witnes whereof wee have caused these our letters to bee made patent. Witnes our selfe
Page 310 - mention of the true yearly value or certainty of the premises or of any of them, or of any other guifts or grants by us or by any of our progenitors or predecessors made to the
Page 196 - LANGTON: containing The Rights and Jurisdiction of the County Palatine of Chester, the Earls Palatine, the Chamberlain, and other Officers. Edited by JOSEPH BROOKS YATES. The Scottish Field (A Poem on the Battle of Flodden). Edited by JOHN ROBSON. Examynatyons towcheynge Cokeye More, Temp. Hen. VIII. in a dispute between the Lords of the Manors of Middleton and
Page 196 - JOHN BOOKER. Vols. 48, 64 A Catalogue of the Collection of Tracts for and against Popery (published in or about the reign of James II.) in the Manchester Library founded by Humphrey Chetham. Edited by THOMAS JONES. 2 vols. Vols. 49, 50. The Lancashire
Page 195 - RICHARD PARKINSON. Vol. 5. Lancashire Memorials of the Rebellion, 1715. By SAMUEL HIBBERTWARE. Vol. 6. Potts's Discovery of Witches in the county of Lancaster. Edited by JAMES CROSSLEY. Vol. 7. Iter Lancastrense, a Poem written AD 1636, by the Rev. Richard James. Edited by the Rev. THOMAS CORSER.
Page 197 - at various periods. Edited by JOHN HARLAND. 2 vols. Vols. 69, 73, 93, 94. The Admission Register of the Manchester School, with some Notices of the more distinguished Scholars. Edited by the REV. JEREMIAH FINCH SMITH. 3 vols., in 4 parts. Vol. 74. Three Lancashire Documents of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, namely: I. The Great De Lacy Inquisition, Feb.
Page 195 - GEORGE ORMEROD. Calendars of the Names of Families which entered their several Pedigrees in the successive Heraldic Visitations of the County Palatine of Lancaster. Communicated by GEORGE ORMEROD. A Fragment, illustrative of Sir Wm. Dugdale's Visitation of Lancashire. Edited by
Page 195 - The Diary of the Rev. Henry Newcome. Edited by THOMAS HEYWOOD. Vol. 23. A Golden Mirrour, by Richard Robinson of Alton. Edited by REV. THOMAS CORSER. Vol. 24. Chetham Miscellanies. Vol. I. Edited by WILLIAM LANGTON; containing Papers connected with the affairs of Milton and his Family. Edited by J. F. MARSH. Epistolary Reliques of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquaries, 1653—73. Communicated by
Page 196 - RD. PARKINSON. 2 vols. Vol. 28. The Jacobite Trials at Manchester in 1694. Edited by WILLIAM BEAMONT. Vol. 29. The Stanley Papers, Part I. The Earls of Derby and the Verse Writers and Poets of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. By THOMAS HEYWOOD. VoL 30. Documents relating to the Priory of Penwortham, and other possessions in Lancashire of the Abbey of Evesham. Edited by WA

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