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YOU NEED an Apiary Register, and should keep it posted up, so as to be able to know all about any colony of bees in your yard at a moment's notice. It devotes two pages to every colony. You can get one large enough for 50 colonies for a dollar, bound in full leather and postage paid. Send for one before you forget it, and put it to a good use. Let it contain all that you will want to know about your bees—including a cash account. We will send you one large enough for 100 colonies for $1.25; or for 200 colonies for $1.50. Order one now.

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Supply Dealers desiring to sell our book, “Bees and Honey,” should write for terms.


We Club the American Bee Journal and the Illustrated Home Journal, one year for $1.35. Both of these and Gleanings in Bee Culture, for one year, for $2.15.

DISCOUNTS: On 10 lines, or more, 4 times, 10%; 8 times,

15%; 13 times, 20%; 26 times, 30%; 52 times, 40%. On 20 lines, or more, 4 times, 15%; 8 times, 20%; 13 times, 25%; 26 times, 40 % ; 52 times, 50%. On 30 lines, or more, 4 times, 20%; 8 times, 25%; 13 times, 30%; 26 times, 50 %; 52 times, 60%. On larger Advertisements, discounts will be stated, upon application.

If You Have any honey to sell, get some Honey Almanacs and scatter in your locality. They will sell it all in a very short time.

Advertisements intended for next week must reach this office by Saturday of this week.



Special Notices.

If you have a desire to know how to have Queens fertilized in upper stories, while the old Queen is still laying below-how you may safely introduce any Queen, at any time of the year when bees can fly-all about the different races of bees-all about shipping Queens, queencages, candy for queen-cages, etc.—all about forming nuclei, multiplying or uniting bees, or weak colonies, etc.; or, in fact, everything about the queen-business which you may want to know, send for “Doolittle's Scientific Queen-Rearing;" a book of 170 pages, which is nicely bound in cloth, and is as interesting as a story. Price, $1.00. For sale at this office.

EF Send us one new subscription, with $1.00, and we will present you with a nice Pocket Dictionary.

The date on the wrapper-label of this paper indicates the end of the month to which you have paid. If that is past, please send us a dollar to pay for another year.

Rap Systematic work in the Apiary will pay. Use the Apiary Register. It costs : For 50 colonies (120 pages) .........81 00 "100 colonies (220 pages) ........... " 200 colonies (420 pages) .......... 1 50

As there is another firm of “Newman & Son” in this city, our letters sometimes get mixed. Please write American Bee Journal on the corner of your envelopes to save confusion and delay.

1 25

Bee-Keeping for Profit, by Dr. G. L. Tinker, is a new 50-page pamphlet, which details fully the author's new system of bee-management in producing comb and extracted-honey, and the construction of

the hive best adapted to it-his “Nonpareil.”' | The book can be had at this office for 25c.


CHICAGO, Dec. 26.-Demand is now good, supply is not heavy. We quote: Comb, best grades, 15@16c. Extracted, 6@8c. Beeswax, 36@27c. R. A. BURNETT, 161 S. Water St.

BOSTON, Dec. 24.-Demand is good, supply ample. We quote: 1-lib. fancy white comb, 15@16c; extracted, 7@9c. Beeswax, none in market.

BLAKE & RIPLEY, 57 Chatham St. ALBANY, N. Y., Dec. 24.-Demand is slow. supply not liberal, as stock is mostly in. We quote: White comb, 12@15c; buckwheat and mixed, 8@12c. Extracted - Light, 7@7%c; dark, 6@6%0. Beeswax-Supply light, and de: mand steady, at 28@29c.

H. R. WRIGHT, 326-328 Broadway. NEW YORK, Dec. 24.--Demand is fair, and supply ample, except buckwheat comb. We quote: Fancy white comb, 14@15c; buckwheat, 10@1lc. Extracted-Clover and basswood in good demand at 6@8c; buckwheat in demand at 5%@6%0. Beeswax in fair demand at 26@28c.

** F. I. SAGE & SON, 183 Reade St.

We send both the Home Journal and Bee Journal for one year, for $1.35.

NEW YORK, Dec. 24.--Demand is limited, and supply sufficient. No demand for 2-1 sections. We quote: Comb-Fancy white, 1-lb.. 13@14c: off grades, 1-lb., 10@llc; buckwheat, 1-lb., 9@10c. Extracted-Basswood, 7c; California, 7@740; buckwheat, 54@6; Southern, 65@70c gal. Beeswax, scarce and firm, at 26@28c. HILDRETH BROS. & SEGELKEN,

28-30 West Broadway. KANSAS CITY, MO., Dec. 26.-Demand and supply are fair. We quote: White comb, llb., 15@16c; dark, 10@12c. Extracted - White, 7c; dark, 5@6c. Beeswax, is in light supply, and demand good, at 23@26c.


Cor. 4th and Walnut Sts. CINCINNATI, Dec. 26.-The demand is slow, with good supply, except choice comb. We quote: Choice white comb, 14@16c. Extracted, 5@8c. Beeswax is in good supply and fair demand, at 23@25c for good to choice yellow.


Cor. Freeman & Central Aves. NEW YORK, Dec. 24.-Demand for honey is fair, with adequate supply. We quote: Fancy 1-tb., 14c; do 2-1b., 12c; fair, 10@12c; buckwheat, 9@10c. Extracted-Clover and basswood, 7@740; buckwheat, 5%@6c. Beeswax, in fair demand, with adequate supply, 26@27c.

CHAS. ISRAEL & BROS., 110 Hudson St. CHICAGO, Dec. 26.-The demand is good for fancy white comb-honey, in 1-Ib. sections, at 15c: other grades white, 12@14c. Extracted honey slow sale, owing to abundance of fruit. We quote it at 6%2@7%&c. Beeswax, in light supply and good demand, at 26c.

S. T. FISH & CO., 189 S. Water St. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 26.-Demand poor, with large supply of comb. We quote: Comb -lub. fancy, 15@16c; dark, 12@13c. Extracted-White, 7@7c; dark, 5@6c. Beeswax -None in market; light demand.

HAMBLIN & BEARSS, 514 Walnut St. DETROIT, Dec. 24.-The demand for combhoney is fair and supply moderate. We quote: Comb, 12@13c; extracted. 7@8c. Beeswax in good supply, and light demand, at 25@26c.

M. H. HUNT, Beli Branch, Mich. CHICAGO, Dec. 26.-Demand good and supsufficient. We quote: Comb, 14@16c. Extracted, 6@7c. Beeswax, in light supply, and good demand, at 25@27c.

J. A. LAMON, 44-46 S. Water St. MILWAUKEE, Dec. 26.-Demand fair and supply good, except of the best quality. We quote: Comb-choice, 1-lb., 15@16c; fair, 13@14c; dark, 10@12c. Extracted--white, in barrels or keg's, 742@8c; dark, 6@6420. Beeswax, 23@28c.

A. V. BISHOP, 142 W. Water St. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 23.-Demand good, supply small. We quote: Comb, 1-lb., 10@14c. Extracted, 54@6%0. Beeswax, in light supply and good demand, at 23@250. SCHACHT, LEMCKE & STEINER,

16 Drumm Sti'eet. NEW YORK, Dec. 24.-Demand moderate, and supply reduced, with no more glassed 1-1b nor paper cartons, 1-th. We quote: Comb, 1-1b, 14@150. Extracted-Basswood, 774@720; buckwheat, 54@6%; Mangrove, 68@750 per gal. Good demand for dark extracted honey. Beeswax, in fair supply, with small demand, at 26@270.

F, G, STROHMEYER & CO., 122 Water St.

Money in Cabbage and Celery.“Blood will tell.” Good crops cannot be grown with poor strains of seed.

For 16 years Tillinghast's Puget Sound Cabbage, Cauliflower and Celery Seeds have been gaining in popularity. The most extensive growers all over the . Union now consider them the best in the world. A catalogue, giving full particulars regarding them, will be sent free to any one interested. When writing for it, enclose 20 cents in silver or postage stamps, and we will also send “How To GROW CABBAGE AND CELERY," a book worth its weight in gold to any grower who has never read it. Address


La Plume, Pa

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Advertisements. "A Year Among the Bees"

-BEING A talk about someof the Implements, Plans and Practices of a Bee-Keeper of 25 years' experience, who has for 8 years made the Production of Honey his Exclusive


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By Dr. C. C. MILLER.

We Club the American Bee Journal for a year, with any of the following papers or books, at the prices quoted in the LAST. column. The regular price of both is given in the first column. One year's subscription for the American Bee Journal must be sent with each order for another paper or book:

Price of both. Club. The American Bee Journal...... 81 00.... and Gleanings in Bee-Culture.... 2 00.... 1 75

Bee-Keepers' Guide..... .... 150....
Bee-Keepers' Review....

The Apiculturist......

1 65 Canadian Bee Journal .. 1 75 ... 1 65

American Bee-Keeper...... The 7 above-named papers ...... and Langstroth Revised (Dadant) 3 00.... 2 75

Cook's Manual (1887 edition) 2:
Quinby's New Bee-Keeping. 2 50
Doolittle on Queen-Rearing..2 .... 1 75
Bees and Honey (Newman).. 2 .... 1 75
Binder for Am. Bee Journal.

1 50 Dzierzon's Bee-Book (cloth).

Root's A B C of Bee-Culture
Farmer's Account Book..
Western World Guide
Heddon's book, "Success,”.. 1 50..
A Year Among the Bees .... 1 50....1 35
Convention Hand-Book.... 1 50. .. 130
Weekly Inter-Ocean......... .... 1 75
Toronto Globe (weekly). .... .... 1 70
History of National Society. .... 1 25
American Poultry Journal.. .... 150
The Lever (Temperance) ....
Orange Judd Farmer......... .... 1 75
Farm, Field and Stockman.. ....1 75
Prairie Farmer......

........ 2 00.... 1 75 Illustrated Home Journal .. .... 1 35 American Garden ........... 2 50.... 2 00 Rural New Yorker ..... Nebraska Bee-Keeper....... 150.... Do not send to us for sample copies of any other papers. Send for such to the publishers of the papers you want.

2 25

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Its descriptions commence with the neces. sary work in the spring, and run through the entire Year, detailing the methods of doing, as well as telling when to do, all that should be done in the apiary. It contains 114 pages, and is nicely bound in cloth.

Price, 50 cents, by Mail Or it will be Clubbed with the AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL for one year, for only $1.35. THOMAS G. NEWMAN & SON,

CHICAGO, ILL. Hulbert foncer since: St. Louis, Mo.

Artistic Metal Workers.
Braas, Iron and Wire Office-work.
Railings, Crestings, Nettings, eto.
Everlasting Cemetery FENCES.
Shipped everywhere. Agents wanted

Writo for Catalogue and Estimato.
10 Aly Mention the American Bee Journal.




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The Convention Hand - Book is very convenient at Bee-Conventions. It contains a simple Manual of Parliamentary Law and Rules of Order for Local BeeConventions; Constitution and By-Laws for a Local Society; Programme for a Convention, with Subjects for Discussion. In addition to this, there are about 50 blank pages, to make notes upon, or to write out

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They are nicely bound in cloth, and are of the right size for the pocket. We will present a copy for one new subscription to the Bee JOURNAL (with $1.00 to pay for the same),or 2 subscribers to the HOME JOURNAL may be sent instead of one for the BEE

JUST the thing needed to create a demand for V HONEY at home. Bee-keepers should scatter it freely. It shows the uses of Honey for Medicine, Kating, Drinking, Cooking, for making Cosmetics, Vinegar, etc.; also uses of BEESWAX. Price, 5 cts.; 25 copies for $1.10; 50 copies, $1.70; 75 copies, $2.30. 100 for $2.90. The foregoing are POSTPAID prices.

Prices when sent by EXPRESS or FREIGHT: 100 for $2.50; 500 for $10.00 ; 1,000 for $15.00.

The Bee-Keeper's name and address will be printed on the first page without extra cost, when 25 or more are ordered at one time.

THOMAS G. NEWMAN & SON, 199, 201, 203 East Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILLS.


Supply Dealers should write to us for wholesale terms and cut for Hastings: Perfection Feeders.



Only $1.60 for the Atlas and this Paper for one year.

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Both mailed to any address, postpaid. The Atlas will be given as a premium for 2 new yearly subscriptions, at $1 each. IT GIVES THE POPULATION, BY THE CENSUS OF 1890, Of each State and Territory, of all counties of the United States, and of American

Cities with over 8,000 inhabitants.'

The Peerless Atlas meets the wants ot the people more completely than any similar

publication ever published. For the price, it Y stands “Peerless" in every sense of the word.

The edition for. 1892 contains new maps of southern states never before published, while accurate and timely information, statistical and otherwise, is brought down to the latest date. As an atlas and general reference book it is broad and comprehensive, valuable alike to the merchant, the farmer, the professional man, in fact, everybody. It is equal to any $10.00 Atlas. To keep pace with the progress of the age, to understand comprehensively and intelligently the current happenings daily telegraphed from all parts of the earth, you must have at hand the latest edition of the “Peerless Atlas of the World."

LARGE AND MAGNIFICENT ILLUS. TRATIONS embellish nearly every page of the letter-press matter, andfaithfully depict scenes in almost every part of the world. They are intensely interesting and constitute an art collection which will be viewed with pleasure and admiration for years to come. Among these are included illustrations of 10 of the principal buildings to be erected for the World's Fair, at Chicago, in 1893. The Peerless Atlas has as Large

and Fine Maps as are found in Size, Open, 14 by 22 Inches; Closed, 14 by 11 Inches. $5.00 and $10.00 Atlases. By the reference index, counties and county-seats | The popular and electoral votes for president in may be readily found on the maps.

1880, 1884 and 1888, by states. The maps are handsomely colored, most of them in The agricultural productions of the United States. six colors.

The mineral products of the United States. It contains colored county maps of all the states Homestead laws and civil service rules. and territories.

Statistics of immigration into the United States, Shows all countries on the face of the earth.

1820 to 1891. Has the latest railroad maps, and rivers and lakes | Public debt of the United States for the past 100 are accurately located.

years. The large cities of the world are on the maps. Commercial failures in the United States for 1889 The important towns and most of the villages of 1 and 1890. the United States are on the maps.

Indebtedness of the world, with per cent of inIt gives a classified list of all nations of the earth, crease or decrease for 1880 and 1890.

with form of government, geographical loca Gold and silver statistics of the United States. tion, size and population

Interest laws and statutes of limitations for each Population of each state in the Union for the past state and territory. fifty years.

Exports of breadstuff and petroleum for 1889, 1890 A condensed history of each state.

and 1891. Miles of railroad in each state.

Number and value of farm animals in the United The peculiarities of soil and climate, together with States.

the chief productions, principal industries and The cultivable area of the United States as comwealth of each state.

pared with increase of population. The educational and religious interests of each | Postal information, with rates. state.

And much other information that should be in all List of all the Presidents of the United States.

homes, stores and offices. It contains a General Description of the World, giving its physical features-form, density. temperature, motion, the seasons, climatic conditions, winds and currents; distribution of land and water ; heights of mountains and lengths of rivers ; races of people and their religions; a historical chapter on polar explorations ; also the most complete list of nations ever published, giving their geo graphical location, area, population and form of government. very school boy and girl, as well as col. lege student, will find it an invaluable aid in the study of geography in all its phases, and parents should not fail to provide their children with it, and thus place in their hands a potent and comprehensive educational aid, supplementing and assisting the work of the school.

Thomas G. Newman & Son, 199 Randolph St., Chicago, Ills.

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