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mail on receipt of price by THOMAS G. NEWMAN & SON, 199, 201, 203 East Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILLS.

Bees and Honey, or Management of an Apiarv for Pleasure and Profit, by Thos. G. Newman. 250 pages-245 illustrations. Price, in cloth, $1.00.

Bienen Kultur, by Thomas G. Newman, This is a German translation of the principal portion of the book called “Bees and Honey."

100 pages. Price, 40 cents. Per dozen, $3.00.

The Apiary Register, by Thomas G. Newman.--A Record and Account Book for the Apiary, devoting two pages to each colony. Leather binding. The price for 50 colonies is $1.00. For 100 colonies, $1:25; 200 colonies, $1.50.

Bee-Keepers' Convention HandBook, by Thomas G. Newman.-It contains the Parliamentary Law and Rules of Order for Bee. Conventions-alsó Constitution and By-Laws, witb Subjects for Discussion. Price, 50 cents.

Bee-Keepers' Guide, or Manual of the Apiary, by Prof. A. J. Cook.-This book is not only instructive, but interesting and thoroughly practical. It comprises a full delineation of the anatomy and physiology of bees. Price, $1.

Leaflet, No. 1. - Why Eat Honey: Intended for FREE distribution in the bee-keepers locality, in order to create a Local Market. Price, 100 copies, 50 cents; for 500, $2.00; for 1,000, $3.25.

If 200 or more are ordered at one time, we print on them your name and address FREE,

Leaflet, No. 2.-Alsike Clover for pasturage. Price 100 for 50c; 500 for $2.00; 1,000 for $3.25.

Leaflet, No. 3.-How to Keep Honey, and preserve its richness and flavor. Price, 100 for 50 cents; 500 for $2.00; 1,000 for $3.25.

The Preparation of Honey for the Market, including the production and care of Comb and Extracted Honey. A chapter from **Bees and Honey.” Price, 10 cents.

Bee-Pasturage a Necessity. This book suggests what and how to plant. It is a chapter from “Bees and Honey.” Price, 10 cents.

Swarming, Dividing and Feeding. Hints to beginners in Apiculture. A chapter from “Bees and Honey.” Price, 5 cents.

Bees in Winter, Chaff - Packing, Bee Houses and Cellars. This is a chapter from and Honey.” Price, 5 cents.

The Hive I Use, by G. M. Doolittle. It details his management of bees and methods for the production of honey. Price, 5 cents.

Dictionary of Apiculture, by Prof. John Phin. Gives the correct meaning of nearly 500 apicultural terms. Price, 50 cents.

How to Propagate and Grow Fruit, by Chas. A. Green.-It contains over 50 illustrations and two large, colored fruit plates. It tells how to propagate strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries, grapes, quinces, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, pears and apples, with cuts showing how to bud, graft and propagate from layers, etc. Price, 25 cents.

Wintering Problem in Bee-Keeping, by G. R. Pierce. Price, 50 cents.

Bee-Keepers' Directory, by Henry Alley.-Queen Rearing, etc. Price, 50 cents.

Honey-Bee; Its Natural History, Anat omy and Physiology, by T. W. Cowan. Price, $1.00.

Rural Life-Bees, Poultry, Fruits, Veg 3 tables and Household Matters. Price, 25 cents.

A B C of Carp-Culture, by A. I. Root and Geo. Finley. 70 pages. Price, 40 cents.

Foul-Brood, by A. R. Kohnke. - Origin, development and cure. Price, 25 cents.

Practical Hints to Bee-Keepers, by C. F. Muth, on bees and foul brood. Price, 10c.

Dzierzon Theory.- The fundamental principles of apiculture. Price, 15 cents.

Advanced Bee-Culture ; its methods and management, by W.Z. Hutchinson. Price, 50c.

Bee-Keeping.-Translation of Dzierzon's latest German book. Price, $2.00; paper, $1.50.

Thirty Years Among the Bees, by Henry Alley. Price, 50 cents.

Grain Tables; for casting up the price of grain, produce, hay, etc. Price, 40 cents.

A B O of Potato Culture, by T. B. Terry. Price, 40 cents.

Scientific Queen-Rearing, by G. M. Doolittle.--It details his experiments in the rearing of Queen-Bees. Price, $1.00.

Pocket Dictionary - Always useful, and often indispensable. Price, 25 cents.

Kendall's Horse Book.-35 engravings -illustrating positions of sick horses, and treats on all diseases. Price, English or German, 25 cents.

Hand-Book of Health, by Dr. Foote. -Hints and information of importance concerning eating, drinking, etc. Price, 25 cents.

Turkeys for Market and Profit, by Fanny Field, the most experienced turkey-rearer in America. Price, 25 cents.

Lumber and Log Book. It gives the measurements of all kinds of lumber, logs, planks; wages, etc. Price, 25 cents.

Silo and Silage, by Prof. A. J. Cook.It gives the method in successful operation at the Michigan Agricultural College. Price, 25 cents.

Cheshire's treatment of Foul Brood.-Its cause and Prevention. Price, 10 cents.

Honey as Food and Medicine, by Thomas G. Newman.-In French. Price, 5 cents.

Langstroth on the Honey - Bee, revised by Charles Dadant.-It is entirely re-written and fully illustrated. Price,

Handling Bees, by Chas. Dadant & Son. - A chapter from Langstroth revised. Price, 8 cts.

Blessed Bees, by John Allen.-Full of practical information. Price, 75 cents.

Success in Bee-Culture, by James Heddon. Price, 50 cents.

Quinby's New Bee-Keeping, by L. C. Root. - This is a new edition

of Mr. M. Quinby's Mysteries of Bee-Keeping,” entirely re-written by his son-in-law Price, $1.50.

A B C of Strawberry Culture, by Messrs. T. B Terry and A. I. Root.-It is for those beginning to grow strawberries. Price, 40 cents.

Historic.-A brief history of the North American Bee-Keepers' Association, and Reports of the first 20 Conventions. Price, 25 cents.

By-Laws. For local Associations, with name of the Organization printed. $2.00 per 100.

Ribbon Badges for Bee-Keepers, upon which is printed a large bee in gold. Price, 10 cents each. Large ones with rosette, 50 cents.

How I Produce Comb Honey, by George E. Hilton; 3d edition. Price, 5 cents.

Maple Sugar and the Sugar Bush, by Prof. A. J. Cook, Price, 40 cents.

ABC of Bee Culture, by A. I. Root.A cyclopædia of everything pertaining to the care of the honey-bee. Price, $1.25.

Bee-Keeping for Profit, by Dr. G. L. Tinker.-It fully details the author's new system of producing honey. Price, 25 cents.

A Year Among the Bees, by Dr. C. C. Miller.-Chat about a season's work, Price, 50 otse

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