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This publication comprises the ordinances of the City of Hartford revised to October 1st, 1907. The revision of the ordinances is official. The charter is not official and is a compilation made originally in 1906 by Arthur L. Shipman, corporation counsel of the city at that date, and subsequently brought to date with the assistance of Lawrence A. Howard and James W. Knox of the Hartford Bar. This volume is published under the authority of the Court of Common Council of the City.

The compilers trust that, for practical purposes, this publication will be found far more convenient than reference to previous revisions, fragmentary pamphlets containing the ordinances and the various volumes of special laws.

It cannot be expected that this publication is entirely free of errors and omissions. The work, however, has been carefully done, and it is hoped that the volume is as free from defects as are most works of like character. The new arrangement of sections, with head notes or catch-words attached thereto, the compilers feel sure will be regarded as an improvement over previous arrangements of the charter and ordinances.

HARTFORD, June 1st, 1908.



1859. 5 S. L. 316.

§ 1. Boundaries. The territorial limits of the body politic and corporate heretofore existing under the name of “ The Mayor, Aldermen and Common Council, and Freemen, of the City of Hartford,” shall hereafter be the following, viz. : The territorial limits of the town of Hartford with Keney Park addition.

Original Boundaries—1784, Vol. 1, S. L. p. 368.
Boundaries extended, 1853, Vol. 3,

1859, Vol. 5,
1871, Vol. 7,
1873, Vol. 7,
1881, Vol. 9,




p. 392.
p. 316.
p. 136.
p. 620.
p. 245.


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§ 2. Keney park addition. All that part of the town 12 s.69.1174. of Windsor embraced within the following described lines, viz.: Beginning at a stone bound at the intersection of the southerly line of lands of the trustees under the last will of Henry Keney with the westerly line of Windsor avenue, being the southeast corner of lands formerly belonging to Wellington Deming; thence in said westerly line of Windsor avenue, north eighteen degrees forty-two minutes thirty seconds east, one hundred and twenty-one and seventy-two one-hundredths feet; thence in said westerly line north five degrees thirty-eight minutes east, one hundred and fortytwo and forty one-hundredths feet; thence in said westerly line, north one degree twenty-eight minutes thirty seconds west, three hundred and eighty-three feet to a stone bound at the intersection of the northerly line of lands of said trustees with the westerly line of Windsor avenue, or howsoever the said westerly line of Windsor avenue may hereafter be found to be, the westerly line herein described being the apparent line as determined by fences and other data; thence south eighty-seven degrees twelve minutes thirty seconds west, seven thousand five hundred and thirty-eight and twentysix one-hundredths feet to a stone in the boundary line between

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