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It shall be lawful and it shall be the duty of said board of water commissioners to supply water from such extended mains to any of the inhabitants of said town of Bloomfield living within one-half mile of said line of main pipes, so extended, upon the same terms and conditions under which water is now supplied to inhabitants of the town of West Hartford.

1859. 5 S. L. 331.

§ 61. Offenses against water property, how punished. If any person shall maliciously and wilfully corrupt the water collected or conducted in or into any reservoir, cistern, hydrant, conductor, engine, pipe, or any portion of the waterworks of the city of Hartford, or destroy or injure any work, machinery, materials, or property, erected, constructed, used, or designed to be used, within the city of Hartford or elsewhere for the purpose of procuring and keeping a supply of water, the city police court of said city shall have jurisdiction of said offense, and may punish the offender by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both fine and imprisonment. And said offerder shall also be liable to treble damages in an action of trespas: brought by said commissioners.



1906 14 S. L. 837.

§ 62. Board of health commissioners. General powers and duties. The ordinances of the city of Hartford relating to the health department of said city are hereby validated and confirmed, and the powers conferred upon and delegated to the present board of health commissioners, and their successors, under said ordinances are hereby established and ratified; and said board of health commissioners and their successors are hereby exclusively vested with the exercise, within the limits of the city of Hartford and upon the Connecticut river adjacent thereto, of all the jurisdiction, powers, privileges, and duties now by law vested in and imposed upon town health officers within towns of this state.

No appeal from any pending order or determination of said board of health commissioners to the county health officer for Hartford county shall hereafter be allowed.


§ 63. By-laws, rules and regulations of the board of health. Said board of health commissioners may from time to time make such by-laws, rules, regulations, and orders as in its judgment the preservation of the public health shall require, provided the same be not inconsistent with the constitution or laws of this state, of the United States, or with the charter or ordinances of the city of Hartford, and said board shall cause to be exercised and enforced such by-laws, rules, regulations, and orders, and the health ordinances of the city, and generally shall do and cause to be done whatever now is or may hereafter be prescribed by the ordinances of said city or by the court of common council to preserve the health of said city.




1903. 14 S. L 89.

§ 64. Board of charity commissioners. General powers 12 S. L. 624. and duties. All the powers and duties now vested in the board of

selectmen of the town of Hartford, or which shall hereafter be vested by law in the selectmen of the several towns of this state, in relation to soldiers' orphans, the support of paupers, licenses for the sale of spirituous and intoxicating liquors, the care of the insane and indigent, the adoption of children, the commitment of imbecile children to proper institutions, the indenture of apprentices, the appointment of overseers and conservators, and duties relative to the deaf, dumb, and blind, and concerning all other matters affecting the defective and dependent classes, shall, after the fifteenth day of June, 1896, be vested, so far as the town of Hartford is concerned, in a board of commissioners to be known as the board of charity commissioners.


§ 65. Appointment. Terms. Said board shall consist of six electors of the city of Hartford, not more than three of whom shall be of the same political party; and shall be appointed upon nomination by the mayor and confirmation by the court of common council, and the court of common council may by ordinance duly passed prescribe such other duties of said board of charity commissioners as it may deem necessary and expedient. The first appointment of said board shall be for two members of said board to serve for one year, two members to serve for two years, and two members to serve for three years, and thereafter two members of said board shall be appointed annually to serve for three years, and until their successors are duly appointed and qualified. The terms of office of said commissioners shall begin on the fifteenth day of June of the year of their appointment.


§ 66. Officers and employers. Notices. Said board shall appoint one of its number to be president thereof, and may appoint a clerk of said board, and a superintendent of charities and such assistants or other employes as may be authorized by the common council, whose compensation shall be fixed by city ordinance or by vote of the common council. Notices to the president of said board, in the manner provided by law, concerning any pauper claimed to be chargeable to said city, shall be valid and sufficient notice to bind said city as towns are bound by a notice to a selectman thereof, and notice to the selectmen of the town of Hartford shall also be sufficient notice to said city, and it shall be the duty of said selectmen to forthwith transmit to the said board of charity commissioners all such notices received by them, and the members of said board shall act in connection with the justices of the peace upon all questions concerning which selectmen of towns with such justices now have authority.


All powers relating to the establishment of work-houses which would at any time except for the consolidation act of 1895 belong to said town are hereby conferred upon said city. All work-houses of said city and their inmates shall be maintained and controlled by said board of charity commissioners, and said city shall have the use and benefit of the labor of all inmates of its work-houses. All general laws concerning town work-houses, so far as they are consistent with this chapter, shall apply to said city.



1895. 12 S. L. 67.

§ 67. General powers and duties. Number of commissioners, terms, etc. The public parks of the city of Hartford, now in existence, and those which may hereafter be established, whether within or without the corporate limits of said city, together with all park property which may be acquired, shall be under the management, care, and control of a board under the name and style of the board of park commissioners. Said board shall consist of ten persons to be appointed as hereinafter provided, and the mayor of the city, who shall be ex-officio a member of said board. Five members of this board shall be the park commissioners of the present commission, who shall serve out the term of office to which they have hitherto been appointed. These five commissioners, with the mayor of the city, shall, on or before the first day of May, 1895, by a majority vote, appoint five other members of said board, with the advice and consent of the board of aldermen, and whose several terms of office shall begin at the date of their appointment; the first to serve for a term of six years, the second for a term of seven years, the third to serve for a term of eight years, the fourth to serve for a term of nine years, the fifth to serve for a term of ten years, and until their successors in office have been appointed and qualified. At the expiration of the term of office of each of the aforesaid ten commissioners, his successor in office shall be appointed by a majority vote of the board, by and with the consent and advice of the board of aldermen, to serve for a term of ten years, and until his successor in office has been appointed and qualified. But any member of said board who shall be hereafter appointed to serve for the full term of ten years shall not, at the expiration of such full term, be eligible for reappointment to succeed himself. Any vacancy which may occur, through death, resignation, or otherwise, may be filled for the unexpired term by a majority vote of the commission and the approval of the board of aldermen. No compensation for services on said commission shall be allowed to


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