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says the

said Burns, but this is too much to expect. Dios me libre de hombre STRAWBERRY LEAVES.

di un libro?

I have no politics for you. The Liberals have been trying to eject A SELECTION FROM THE VERY LATEST LETTERS OF THE HONOURABLE Douglas Straight, a rising young barrister, whom the Conservatives HORACE WALPOLE, OF STRAWBERRY HILL, FAVOURED BY OUR got in for Shrewsbury. The proceedings were a farce; there was no

sort of case against him. Whig as I am, I am glad of the failure, for

the Liberals lost the election by their own blundering, and sought an To SIR HORACE MANN.'

unworthy revenge. In the present state of parties, my good Sir, we

can afford to be dispassionate. You and I remember other days in We have snow! Come, my dear Sir, do not pretend not to under- Shropshire, when all its twelve Members were returned by that amiable stand the word. An Italian of my name has told you something about Indian philanthropist, Lord Clive, and were irreverently called his it. Take him out of my friend Theodore Martin's book (as charming apostles. The county has not distinguished itself much of late years. a rendering of Latin poetry into English as we shall see)

Disraeli was the last notable elected by the proud Salopians. “ Enough of snow, enough of direful hail

I have looked at your friend B- -'s book. I am not much illumiHath Jove in anger showered upon the land."

nated, though bis puffs, like those of old Vauxhall, announced that we

were to have twenty thousand additional lamps. He would reduce I used to like it, but labuntur anni. This year, moreover, I regard everything to the standard of reason. Bon. But when I find he it with abhorrence, for I think what this weather means to the poor means the standard of his own reason-adieu, Mr. B- I have lived wretches who, by the will of Kings and Republics, are lying hideously in a better Arcadia. He will do no good, but neither will he do any wounded. I send you the Times newspaper. Be pleased to read, if harm, but pray don't tell him this latter fact, as it will put him into the you can bear to read, a Correspondent's account of what he saw after greatest of rages. Why is it that nobody likes to be called what all the great sortie. Translate it to your Countesses who prate of glory, should seek to be, namely, harmless ? I wish that there were some way of disclaiming one's share in this world's wickedness. I would go to London, even in this weather, and met an Arctic friend of mine the other night at a crush. . Despite the

A very great man—that is to say a Duke, which means the samewith my gout, to sign the deed. But would it be enrolled in the weather, the room was awfully

hot. Ah! Captain supreme Chancery !

Duke, "this is more like the South Pole than the North, ehp" I People speak of Christmas. It has long ceased to be anything but told it to a lady friend of his, who did not smile. I remarked on this. a word, and a disagreeable one

for me. But I am glad to help those to "I ought to smile,” she said, "for I am really pleased to hear that he enjoy the season who cạn. The Day falls on Sunday, and my old knows there are two poles."' I think he must have refused her somehousekeeper, Margaret, is indignant, and accuses the Government thing, she is generally honey on velvet. If she has missed anything of some kind of mismanagement in allowing this. I have seen as well. (you know her) it was not for want of asking. She would stop a founded charges made against Mr. Gladstone. Folks,“ whose talk jockey in the finish for the Derby, and ask for a lock of his hair

, if it is of bullocks," tell me that the Beast Show is the best that has ever occurred to her that she could get anything by giving it to somebody. been held. Í wish an Aladdin's magician could fly away with the Miss V- likely to be looking out for bridesmaids ! My dear whole, and set it down in the middle of Paris.

child, you don't read my letters, or don't heed what I tell you of The Eclipse philosophers have gone forth to seize the precious two marryings and givings in marriage. Why, she, by her long-worn minutes. Ladies are with them, I suppose to dust up the sun and name of matron, is looking out for godmothers, and I hear that she moon and make them fit

for inspection. Doubtless the expedition has has pounced on your friend Mrs. * * *** I know no one more a wonderful object, but I decline to incur the beadache which would capable of instructing a godchild, as enjoined, " in the vulgar tongue.” be the price of my understanding it. A little girl asked me why the Her vulgarity is natural, but I am not sure that some of her ignorance sun and moon were made round and not square, and I told her that if is not assumed. There was astronomical talk the other night at Sir they had been square their corners might have been knocked off in Wrock Tapper's (the geologist), and he offered to fetch a spectroeclipses. I believe the Government dawdled terribly, in giving the scope. She desired him not to bring such a thing into the room, she assistance which the astronomers required. The Americans showed a hated ghosts and all their belongings. By the way they tell me that hundred times more zeal and sense, of course, as they always do. instrument, or no I believe it's another called a polariscope (bless their They reverse the religious and gracious King Charles's rule, seldom jargon), reveals whether light be original or borrowed. If such a talk wisely, and never act foolishly. They will annex us one of these thing could be invented for the benefit of a book critic, who usually days, and then there will be some hope for this worn-oạt old island. I knows nothing of a subject but what he learns from the work he is hope they will let me keep Strawberry, even at the price of knocking patronising or abusing ! out all my poor painted Kings and Queens, harmless as such folks

When I have got down to her and to critics, you will say that it is are-in glass.

time to get a little lower, and sign myself I did not mean to allude again to the horrid war, but I could not

Yours affectionately, help thinking, the other day, of M. Thiers. The forts about Paris

HORACE WALPOLE. were, you know, his work. They bellowed and roared so hideously in the last affair that Russell

, was reminded lof Sebastopol. Can't you
imagine little Thiers listening to the noise, and saying, with John
Dennis, “By Jove, that's my thunder!"

We had a play condemned—that is the polite word in spite of the

(Driven wellnigh mad by an overdose of WAGNER,)
late Bishop, of Exeter-last week. It was by a nobleman, too, Lord
Newry, and it was called Ecarté, and brought out at the Globe. It Mem. To have my ears shaved and stuff my nose with gun-cotton,
did not please the public, which induces me to think that there must when rext I am invited to listen to Tannhäuser.
have been something good in it. For the present generation of Mem. To order a few score of slides and roasted snowballs to cool
playgoers is so intellectually demoralised that its censure involves my temper afterwards.
à compliment. In the course of the evening, the Manageress, Miss Mem. We won't go home till morning, and not even then if the over-
Alleyne, provoked at the failure, addressed some sharp words to ture's in earshot.
the audience. I like her courage. Had she been a deep-mouthed, Mem. To box my nephew's compass, for whistling, “Gee woe,
masculine tragedian, who could have bullied them with growls, and WAGNER!" when he comes to call on me.
told them he was ashamed of such un-English conduct to artists Mem. I am engaged to dine to-morrow with the EMPEROR OF
who were doing their ’umble best," the scolding would have been ap- EGYPT, at the Egyptian Hall in the liver wing of the Mansion House.
plauded, and the piece saved. But they had courage to go on jeer- Mem. To ask bim if he knows the Sphinx, and whether she can
ing a woman. The play has been withdrawn, on account of the answer the riddles of Tannhäuser.
Manageress's indisposition,” a final defiance which I also like. Not Mem. Don't let him uncork his fine old crusted periwinkles, or cut
that most pieces do not deserve to be condemned, but that audiences up any critics in your oyster salad.
who admire our present sort are not competent judges. When, as I Mem. In the middle of next week I am the Gipsy King, ha! ha!
told you years ago, the pretty men and the Templars went to damn a piece Ter-remble villain! Aha, my Warbling

Waggoner, won't I warm your brought out by Garrick, and he was impertinent about it, I defended coppers for you! them. But then they knew good plays from bad.

Mem. Boiled fiddlestrings and buttered trumpets are the best subThe Scotch are going to hold festival on the hundredth anniversary stitutes for lemonade at breakfast. of the birth of Sir Walter Scott. This is right enough. I have an Mem. Did you ever hear the sound of a codfish? Its natural pitch interest in Scotland. My father, "old Sir Robert" (would I had is in deep C, but its diatonic scales are suited to B sharp. half his sense and goodness), paid the Scotch Members ten guineas a Mem. O if I had some one to love me, I would make her a present week during the Session, and by a singular coincidence they all thought of the Music of the Future ! him a very great man-during the Session. I hope that the affair will Mem. Did you ever troll for turnpikes? Mind you troll an air of not be muddled, as was the case with the Burns and Shakspeare WAGNER's when you want to worry them. Centenaries. It would be an agreeable

variation from Scotch rule were Mem. Next time I meet a bagpipe, I'll ask him if he plays the music it solemnly announced that none of the orators should quote from the of Tannhäuser.

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ANTED, by a Steady Widower, with a good home, aged 40, with children, WHAT an accommodating widower! How humble, how easily satisfied ! He only wants "a suitable woman” to act "as Head Servant or Wife.” She may undertake either the one post or the other, whichever she pleases-there is little or no difference between them in the valuation of her intending employer or husband. Each is a place, a situation, to be taken and filled ; and if the woman lucky enough to be engaged, after a month's trial or so, “ does” for her "steady widower” to his satisfaction, gives him comfortable meals, keeps the children in order, and proves a careful tidy body, her title, at all events, will be changed, although her position in the household may remain much the same—the "head servant" will become the second wife, and there will be a plain, a very plain wedding, probably celebrated by the Registrar, with no superfluities of bridesmaids, or bells, or new garments, or marriage gifts, or ridiculous luxuries.

As wife she must not expect to have the control of much ready money, for we would wager the "steady widower" will purse-bearer, and not given to opening it too often or too wide; nor hope to exercise more power and authority than she possessed when "head servant ; ” and as for love, affection, endearments, and the like, what business has a man of forty with such encumbrances, especially one who is indifferent whether he takes "à suitable woman" into his kitchen as servant, or into his bosom as partner.

There will be a multitude of applicants, and they will send their characters and references, and some their photographs. We should like to see their letters, their portraits, and, before all, themselves; and if Mr. Punch thought the advertising widower could care for such a vanity as personal appearance, a comely face and a comfortable figure he would affectionately urge him not to engage any one of the competitors either as domestic or consort, without a personal interview, the "party" chosen for inspection, of course, to pay her own travelling expenses, and to remain at a respectable public-house in the neighbourhood, at her own charges, during approval.

Is there : not some permanent Committee or Convention which looks after Woman's rights and wrongs ? Mr. Purch lays this case before them at their next meeting, with the deferential expression of his opinion, that if a deputation composed of two or three of the very strongest-minded of the members could wait upon the “Widower,” they might, by tract and argument, at all events, induce LOOK DOWN TO THE CORNER ON THE LEFT, FOR THE him to withdraw his ungallant advertisement.


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A GREAT DAY. THERE have been grand doings at Windsor, at the South-Western Railway Station, in celebration of the return visit paid by the EMPRESS EUGÉNIE to HER MAJESTY at the Castle. No doubt the EMPRESS has addressed an autograph letter of thanks to the Directors and officials, in aeknowledgment of the extraordinary preparations they made for her reception, with a disregard of expense (and coal) which even in this country of pomp. and display has rarely, if ever, been equalled. For what do we read? That the “suite of Royal waiting-rooms opposite the arrival platform were in readiness, and fires. had been lit in order to insure the comfort of the visitors."

We have emphasised, by the aid of the italic letter, the words last quoted, because it may not occur to all readers that the day of the EMPRESS's visit to Windsor was Monday the 5th inst., when a fire was considered an indispensable necessity by everybody who could afford a scattle of coals. The next dividend of the South-Western Railway is not likely to suffer through any reckless profusion on the part of the Company in receiving their Imperial visitor.

Strange Food in a Siege.
BENEATH the Bridge of Marlow

"Bargees," in days gone by,
Our youth, how smart their parle, 0,!

Asked who ate Canine Pie?
The same interrogation

Might now, no taunt inane,
Alas for Civilisation !

Be answered on the Seine.

Loss and Gain.
THE POPE complains that the Italians have deprived the
Church of St. Peter's Patrimony. Now, St. Peter was
a married man. Let his Holiness allow Priests to wed.
Let him restore to the Church St. Peter's Matrimony.



Why are the beaten candidates for the School Board like the World P-Because they are depressed at the polls !

Printed by Joseph Smith, 119, Holforl Square, in the Parish of St. James, Clerkenwell, in the County of million at the printing Office 1 Youni Rradhar Benim Tomhord

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Were flogged on last Friday in gaol; Each reaped the reward of his deeds,

Whilst howls rode aloof on the gale. Henceforth, when they rob, to garotte,

Likewise, they will probably cease : Beneath twenty-five were the lot

They had twenty lashes a-piece. E'en ruffians have feelings of touch,

Affections whereon whipcord tells ; Those same it affected so much

Some fainting were borne to their cells. Then, if you garotters would win,

Appeal to their tenderest part; Teach papils like them through the skin

The sole way of reaching the heart.

Domestic Teachers. It used to be said, with truth not meant, “The Schoolmaster is Abroad." He proved to have gone, not only abroad, but astray. The number of ladies who have been placed on the Education Board suggests the hope that the Schoolmistress will do better than the Schoolmaster. Then, perhaps, we shall be enabled to congratulate the British Public in saying that the Schoolmistress is at Home.


MRS. MALAPROP is very proud of her

youngest son, who has a poetical turn. One Lady (who is rather plain). “MY DEAR. CESIL, WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR PAOTOGRAPH evening lately, she excused bis absence from TABEN, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS GO TO A GOOD PLACE, WHERE THE MAN 18 AN ARTIST. MINE DONE THE OTAER DAY, AND IT IS QUITE BEAUTIFUL /"

I HAD the family circle by saying that he was busy

apostatising the Moon.


(AN ODE.) "MR. JOHN WATKINS, of Parliament Street, had the honour of attending at Windsor Castle on Saturday last, and taking several photographs of PRINCESS LOUISE, the MaBQUIS OF LORNE having previously given sittings to him. MR. WATKINS is also engaged on portraits of the eight peers' daughters who have been distinguished by selection as the Royal bridemaids."

Hail, well-starred WATKINS! well-starred WATKINS, hail !

No more obscura shall thy camera stand !
To work! Develope, tone, print, mount, wholesale,

For dealing out in packs, about the land,
Court Cartes of our Louise and of her LORNE-
And bear aloft thy head, and rear on high thy horn!
Two negatives, our schoolboy grammars told,

Of one affirmative the force attain :
But these two negatives a rank shall hold

A part, alone, for glory and for gain-
And positives, comparatives, outflown,
Be reached to by superlatives alone !
All other cynosures of eyes they 'll rob,

The nine-day lease of shop-front life defy:
And to the question, “Is JOHN BULL a snob?"

Ten millions of affirmatives supply-
Proving, whatever else John BULL may be,
Sublimest snob of all Earth's snobs is he:
That John BULL loves a lord, has oft been said,

And shown, since lords have been for Bull to love :
But how he loves a lord who wooes to wed

A Royal Princess, still remained to prove,
And show how in John's coat the broadcloth fine
The filthy dowlas of it serves to line.
For when, to back the snobbishness of JOHN,

You call John's loyalty, our fancy seems
Rapt into heights beyond great Jenkins' own-

Region of Flunkeydom's divinest dreams,
Where rank is both the guinea-stamp and gold,
And man as man but dross and dirt we hold :

Where happy Snobbishness, awe-struck, agape,

Crawls, prone, to Rank's shrine, with its offered pelf, And bows it down to Majesty's pet ape

Drest in the robes of Majesty itself,
Ablaze with gems of Brummagem, foil-set,
In pinchbeck of a Brummagem coronet.
O happy WATKINS, feeding this twin flame

Of snobbishness and loyalty combined,
When with LOUISE's and with LORNE's thy name

On JENKINS' roll of Fame sball stand entwined, And when the eigbt peers' daughters thou hast ta'en, Die, WATKINS ! What holds Earth for thee to gain ? "Forbear, irreverent scoffer!.” At my ear

JOHN BULL's indignant voice I seemed to seize,“How dare you mock what you, as I, hold dear?

Who but Punch has been Laureate to LOUISE !
Jf'tis a Snob's part at her stool to bow,
Who in this land has been more Snob than thou?"
'Tis true, O BULL, and so thou own with me

The majesty of gracious maidenhood,
Paying the homage of a bended knee

Unto the woman, gentle, fair, and good, Graced with all arts, and, chiefest among these, Endowed with woman's master-art-to please, I'll waive the charge of snobbishness, and say,

“Let John BULL and his Punch, companions vowed, At the same shrine manly allegiance pay,

High in humility, in meekness proud-
As good Knights to their ladye bent the knee,
To love, not ladyship, in fealiy!”

From Wigmore Street. A BIRMINGHAM hair-cutter advertises "Private Wigs.” What horrible thought for the bald that ere may be such tbings as Public Wigs ! It is enough to make their hair (if they had any) stand on an end.

THE FIRST KNIGHT OF MALTA.-Sir John Bsirleycorn.


their serfs having been accustomed all to drink out of the steaming bowl in common at Christmas-tide.

There is a very ancient illuminated receipt for plum-pudding amongst the MSS. in the Ambrosial Library at Milan. Its antiquity is proved by the fact that candied peel is not mentioned as one of the ingredients, and candied peel we know, from OPSONIUS and other contemporary authors, was introduced into cookery long before the present era.

There were enactments about Snapdragon at a very early period (see the laws of Draco), and the charming story of St. George and the Snapdragon is closely interwoven with this favourite but perilous amusement of young and old, rich and poor, light and dark, when assembled at a Christmas party.

Mince-pies were first introduced at the Council of Nice.
Mistletoe is as old as kissing.

F. S. A.


"Perhaps MR. HOLMs, one of the Members for Hackney, put the case
rather too strongly when he said that the men of our army were the dregs,
as the officers were the froth, of society.'"-Daily News.

When of our Army late I read
What HOLMS, M.P. for Hackney, said,
Qaoth I, “Howe'er it came to pass,
This Hackney's yoked unto an ass.
When John Bull rank and file would raise,
Officers cheer on glory's ways,
Will names like these fire one or both-
Rank and file “dregs," officers“ froth” ?
But waiving how such names are like
Those unto whom they're given to strike,
I ask myself, in faith and troth,
How do they work, these "dregs" and "froth "?
For doom when Fire and Ocean wed,*
On Sarah Sands and Birkenhead,
When their troop-freight fought or faced Death,
With shouldered arms and even breath ;
And when Death down upon them came,

With rushing strides of storm and flame, -
On Christmas Day KING ARTHUR filled his new Round Table (ma-

Women saved, done all they could do,

For Death up at attention" drew. hogany was then only to be found in great houses) with poor relations, and placed an envelope containing a bank-note for a considerable

Nature her coat cuts by the cloth : amount in the folds of each of their napkins. After dinner, MERLIN,

Could it be "dregs” that thus shamed "froth ?” his poet laureate, stood on a stool covered with wild oats, and recited

Or if 'twas "froth” such order made, the principal events of the year in iambics, and then the guests snow

Could it be “dregs” that so obeyed ? balled each other till it was time to go. ARTHUR never went to bed, but roamed about "the wild woods of Broceliande ” all the rest of the

When England's few, through snow and rain, night singing madrigals to a theorbo, in a velveteen jacket.

On the storm-swept Crimean plain, For many generations on the evening of the 24th of December the

Front to the

foe, back to the sea, Druids who belonged to the old county families-rather Odd Fellows

Faced War, Plague, Want-grim allies three : in their way, and Bachelors by compulsion of the Canon law-danced round their Christmas-tree (the oak with its hanger-on, the mistletoe)

When Balaklava's "thin, red line" for three-quarters of an hour, without intermission or refreshment, to

'Gainst sweep of shot and sabre-shine, the Music of the Past in the moonlight, and then had bun and ale in

A handfal to a host, stood fast, their own private apartments. On the last day of the year they con

While the Russ war-waves broke and past : cluded the evening with quoits and good resolutions for the future. The Scandinavian races steep the yule-log in British brandy, before

When in the balance India hung, they hurl it on the hearth-fire with a look out of the corners of their

A myriad native tulwars flung eyes; and such of the women as are unmarried, after streaking their

'Gainst onr few swords to weight the scale, cheeks with red ochre, proceed to knock up the constable of the

And England's star looked dim and pale, parish, to present him with a bowl of farmety spiced with ambergris : meanwhile the Scalds sing carols through their noses till he puts his

Who, sorely strained, but ne'er o'erthrown, head out of the window and gives them largess to stop. The Scandi

Through Delhi's leaguer held their own, navians make a point of having frost and snow at this season; and

Checked mutiny, and treason stayed before civilisation, with all its baneful results, was thrust upon them,

Brave of the brave-our black+ brigade. the tradesmen never thought of sending in their accounts.

Could they be "dregs”-the rank and file, Holly rhymes with jolly, and was supposed to banish melancholy

That stood, fought, died so, all this wbile; long before the invention of printing, the old chroniclers telling us

Or they “froth” that these dregs so led, that the Anglo-Saxon maidens decorated the churches with its polished

To gain ground, living,-hold it, dead ? leaf and berry (under the superintendence of the curate), as far back as the stream of history is navigable. PETRARCH first saw Laura, when * Who, having read, has forgotten, or can forget, how the troops, passhe was twining a wreath of laurustinus, with a piece of string, round sengers on board, saved the Sarah Sands and went down with the Birkenone of the serpentine pillars in the great church at Amsterdam.

head?The oldest and largest wassail bowl in Christendom is preserved in

† The Rifle Brigade bore the brunt of the siege at Delhi, which broke the the vestry of the Vatican. It is never used except when the Pope has neck of the Indian Mutiny. the entire College of Cardinals to supper. On this occasion all formality is laid aside, and etiquette is consigned to the tomb of the

Commercial. CAPULETS. The Pope himself roasts the apples, and the two youngest Cardinals make the toast and grate the nutmeg, while hunt the Pope's THE fluctuations of trade are remarkable. When Archery Clubs Slipper and other sports are freely indulged in till midnight. "Was were first established in England, with their luncheons and dinners, sail” is merely a corruption of "vassal," the great Saxon lords and the importation of arrow-root increased enormously.


HE renowned WIDDICOMBE, PROFESSOR HUXLEY, in his tenth lecture on Physiography, delivered

Master of the Horse at for the improvement of the female mind at South Kensington, had
Astley's, of old, was wont, occasion to invite the ladies to consider how it happened that our
between the acts of horse- native animals are the same as those found on the neighbouring Conti-
manship, to address himself nent; if for example, they came thence, how did they cross the Channel ?
to the Clown in the Ring, Amongst them he specified the Badger, a creature" by no means fond
saying, "Now then, MR. of swimming” and described it as 'an animal now pretty nearly
MERRYMAN, let us have extinct." Unhappily, that is so. As a lecturer, PROFESSOR HUXLEY's
some of your facetia.'In time was limited, or else he might, as a naturalist, addressing ladies,
these words "MR. WIDDI- have invoked the sympathy of Beauty for the Badger.
COMBE meant to invite his This is one of the many interesting members of the British fauna
associate to play the fool. improved off the face of the British earth, under the name of vermin.

MR. MERRIMAN, one of It does no damage whatsoever, beyond eating a few partridges' eggs,
the leaders in the generous whilst it destroys a quantity of real vermin. The much more mis-
agitation for a war with chievous Fox is preserved for the purpose of hippolatry, as a sacrifice;
Prussia in the interest of a or else the British Museum would soon contain the only specimens of
French Republic, which has that subject of HER MAJESTY's animal kingdom; and of what use are
not as yet been constituted stuffed specimens there, if living ones are of none in Nature ? Our
by France, is not to be con- foxes, as well as our badgers, would also be exterminated, but for
founded with any personage horse-worship; abolished, likewise, for the sake of a small preservation
of the name and office above of game, by our landed poulterers. If Members of Parliament had
referred to in connection been addicted to badger-baiting, badgers would have been preserved,
with MR. WIDDICOMBE. He as foxes are; but whilst fox-hunting is a noble sport, badger-baiting
has, however, been lately is cruelty to animals.
giving us not a few of his
"facetia,as MR. WIDDI-
COMBE used to say. He

OUR NATIONAL AND PERSONAL ENEMIES. has talked a good deal of fun at public meetings; for the suggestion that the Government of our Constitutional Monarchy should plunge Too sensitive Englishmen need to be reminded that the malignant into war on behalf of the Republic of a future in nubibus, to please sneers which foreigners are always casting at this country are exactly the International Democratic Union, is a high joke.

like the language in which scamps are wont to abuse a respectable man Also MR. MERRIMAN has written a letter to the Times, resenting its with whom they happen to be connected. They hate him because he description of him, between inverted commas, as “MR. MERRIMAN of won't bet, won't gamble, keeps out of scrapes which they get into, Queen Street ;” and showing that the MERRIMANS are no mushrooms, won't countenance their rogueries: and, although he has done them good but an old civic family. Very likely indeed they are. Perhaps, like offices, because, when they try to cheat him they find they can't. the Slys, they “came in with RICHARD CONQUEROR." Their arti- There is one difference, however, between the respectable man and quity, no doubt, was higher than that of the merry men associated in JOHN BULL. The respectable man will not endorse the scamp's ballad and legend with Robin Hood. For, in fact, we do not call bills. JOHN BULL does, in effect, as a matter of form, for the sake of them the Merrymen, which would be as ridiculous as calling Mussul- peace; and when the bills are dishonoured, declines taking them up. mans Mussulmen.

It would be better if he did not endorse their bills. Foreigners might The more the pity, then, that the good old name of MERRIMAN hate him I no less than they do, but would not perhaps despise him (originally, perhaps, MIRAMANT) should, by its mere sound, be liable quite so much-if that is of any consequence. to be associated with the idea of a Circus fool. It ought not to be so sounded. A name of the same high order as the names of CHOLMONDELEY, GROSVENOR, and the like, it should manifestly be abbreviated, as they are, in speaking. MERRIMAN is the analogue of MARJORI

AUDACIOUS, IF NOT INSPIRED? BANKS, evidently, and ought to be pronounced MERMAN. So indeed the MERRIMANS themselves, the Nobility and Gentry, pronounce it, for with the POPE, ARCHBISHOP MANNING asserted that :

At the meeting lately held in St. James's Hall to express sympathy aught we know.

Chivalry merits a chivalric style of name. There is perhaps more “Divine Providence had solved the question of how States should be related chivalry than wisdom in MR. MERRIMAN's enthusiastic republicanism. to the Church, by investing the Head of it with a temporal sovereignty.” There is something heraldic in the idea of a Merman ; the monster so called figures in some coats of arms, and, although a monster, is not a

Doubtless Dr. MANNING is incapable of saying the thing which is ludicrous object like the zany whose image is suggested by the not knowing it not to be. Nor is he to be supposed capable of saying unmodified name of MERRIMAN.

that a thing is, especially a thing which is, if it is, a solemn truth, unless he knows, or thinks he knows it, to be. We should, therefore, conclude that, at least, he thinks he knows that which he, as above,

affirms. He must, then, think himself highly favoured among menA SCHOOLMASTER AT HOME.

a spiritual medium of the genuine kind and the highest order. THE Education Act is already doing great good. It is exciting In the meanwhile, the Head of DR. MANNING's Denomination has and developing the energies of men who aspire to improve their gene- been divested of the temporal sovereignty wbich DR. MANNING declares ration. Here is proof in a letter addressed to a friend of Mr. Punch. him to have been divinely invested with. DR. CUMMING might say The writer ought certainly to come under the favourable notice of that the Power, which Dr. MANNING says invested him with it, divested LORD LAWRENCE :

him of it. How are we to decide when such Doctors disagree? “SIR—It is possible that a little reccomendation now that Village Scolemasters are likely to be in requisition, might be a great benifit to Me. As a reador of my own language I would Challange Norfolk. “ Geography."

A Noisy Clergyman. “ Arithmetic." “Grammar” “Scripture Biography.”. History. “Natural History.” Even a little Astronomy if it were needed if the possession of a

ACCORDING to an article in the Echo, the Rev. A. H. STANTON, little of all Branches of useful Education not only in the Theory.” but in Curate of Șt. Alban's, while speaking at a meeting of the English Extensive Practice be any use. I beg an interest in the influence which you Church Union, on the MacKONOCHIE case, said that if the Privy possess and shall remain

“Gratefully your's Council "should take everything from him, his money, and even his

clothes, he would remain a priest nevertheless." Mr. Punch's advice Gratitude, which is said to be a lively sense of future favours, is to the Privy Council is to leave this Reverend Gentleman his clothes, pleasingly exemplified in the penultimate word ; and, on the whole, but to take away from him his gown. Punch thinks the epistle worth insertion in our Educational Annals.

Classical Con.
A Professional View of Things.

DEFINE the difference between "ARISTOPHANES" and "ARISTOTLE." In the eyes of a?thoughtful Confectioner, the ground covered with - One was a Playwright, and the other a Stagy-rite. snow resembles nothing so much as a huge bridecake.

"THE FIVE GREAT POWERS.”—Love, Money, Ambition, Revenge, MOTTO FOR RABBIT POACHERS.—“Not particular to a Hare.” and a Good Dinner.



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