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causation, to the prints of murders and outrages which low newsFINE TIMES FOR MADAME TUSSAUD. vendors enjoy the British liberty to expose in their shop-windows ?

Picture idiotarum sunt libri; and, if the idiots are sanguinary, what An instructive and elevating Exhibition of Plastic Art, which has lessons are they likely to learn out of the books such as those above lately received some signal additions, and is now in the way to receive adverted to, which they can read as they run ? more of the same kind, is MADAME TUSSAUD's Chamber of Horrors. The visitor to this place of historical entertainment will have the feelings which may have taken him there gratified not only by a model of the guillotine on a scaffold, but also by a series of coloured illustra

TO OUR CALCULATING BOYS. tions on the surrounding walls representing numerous varieties of

THERE may be persons who may like to spend a happy day in corporal and capital punishment. The latter, he will observe, are pro- proving the correctness of this little calculation :cesses more complicated and less expeditious than simple decapitation, and than the method in which MR. CALCRAFT finishes the law; and “Arrested motion takes the form of light and heat.

* If the planet he may be tempted to question whether, if ruffianism continues to Mercury were to strike the Sun, the heat thereby generated would cover tho proceed at its present rate, some one of those other methods had not solar emission for nearly seven years, while the shock of Jupiter would cover better be substituted for that. By the way, he will miss CALCRAFT the loss of 32,240 years." and a model of the structure whose platform constitutes his sphere of We have not at present leisure to amuse ourselves by working out usefulness.

this pretty little problem. But for those who like it we may propound He who has conducted young ladies thither at their innocent request, another similar, on the effect of sudden impact in producing light and or in the idea of pleasing them, will probably, in the midst of an ex- heat. For instance, if the heads of a dense body, for example say a planation of the guillotine, find himself suddenly, left alone in the Vestry or a Poor-Law Board of Guardians, were to be knocked together middle of bis discourse; his companions having vanished down-stairs. smartly (as some of them deserve to be), what amount of enlighten

If the effect thus wrought on gentle minds were that usually and ment, if any, would arise, and what increase would be caused in the generally produced on the lower orders by such spectacles as the heat of their debaters ? Horrors on view at MADAME TUSSAUD's establishment, it would become a question whether a collection of so humanising a character should continue limited to the extent of a private show. Philanthropists and

Bear-Baiting and its Cure. Statesmen would do well to consider whether the elevation of the

(To the Noble Savage.) masses would not be promoted, and that of criminals (in another sense) prevented by the formation of a National Gallery of Crime and Punish

AYRTON, would you from "bowls” beware, ment. But as it has been found that familiarity with hanging doth

“Rubbers” would not await you : breed contempt for the gallows, MR. CALCRAFT has been ordained to

If you would cease to be a bear, finish the law now intra muros ; and it is probable that an effect the

Members would cease to bait you.
reverse of humanising would result from the provision of a gratuitous
Chamber of Horrors for the Million.
If most likely this would be so, is it possible that recent, if we may

GALVANISM AND GAMMON. not safely venture to say current, atrocities equalling or exceeding the A GALVANIC Band Manufacturer keeps on advertising that “ Elecexploits of TROPMANN, are in any measure referable, in the way of tricity is Life!"


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Nextly, the Bill for the Abolition of University Tests was discussed, PUNCH’S ESSENCE OF PARLIAMENT. supported by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL, who owned that Mr. Fawcett

had been right in urging that the measure should be compulsory : MONDAY, May 23. In the Lords, debate, eloquently begun by LORD opposed by MR. WALPOLE, who objected to divorce the religion of the CARNARVON, on the Greek atrocity. He charged agents of the Greek nation from its intellect; and, after a debate of considerable interest Government with having been concerned in it, and could not say that to those who understand such questions, and who will probably not the Greek Govern.

attend in considerment itself was free

able force upon Epfrom suspicion. The

som Downs, melancholy, subject

carried on Second was also taken up by

Reading by 191 to 66. other noblemen, and

Then, after two the answer of the

more divisions, the Administration was

Irish Land Bill was delivered by LORD

got quite through CLARENDON, who en

Committee, and, amid gaged that whatever

loud cheers, was orcourse might be

dered to be Reported. adopted should be a

MR. NEWDEGATE worthy one, but de

wanted the LORD ADclined, pending, in

VOCATE of Scotland vestigation, to give a

put on the Convent more definite reply.

Committee. But his He concluded by say.

Lordship declined to ing that it might

serve. MR. NEWDEnot be presumptuous

would have to express a hope

him, and appealed to that from the Deed

House. The of Blood we might

House affirmed, by a date the commence

large majority, that ment of a day of

the LORD ADVOCATE real regeneration for

ought to do as he Greece.

liked. In the Commons,

Tuesday. Nothing MR. GÖSCHEN said

particular in the that there would not

Lords except a sugbe a chance of pass

gestion that certain ing a Bill, this year,

ladies who had petifor the suppression of

tioned against a cerVagrancy. No; a Bill

tain police measure may be impossible,

had perpetrated the but people have the

offence of signing for matter å good deal

others besides themin their own hands.

selves—that is, for all If no person ever re

their children and lieved a vagrant with

servants. Such things money, and we merely

have been, but no handed him a ticket

proof was given. But entitling him to bread

the very unscrupulous enough for a meal,

mode in which this vagrancy would be re

measure has been atmarkably checked, as

tacked-(Punch had has been shown where

better say at once this mild ordeal has

that it is for repres, been adopted. But

sing a great social 80 long as foolish

evil) - makes it profolks will pay money

bable that there would to mendicants,

be small hesitation in long will the breed of

affixing, under a senmendicants be kept

timental sort of imup. Silly people have

pulse, the signatures been told this a thou

of anybody whose sand times, but to no

name happened to end. They pretend

occur. to be very charitable,

Wales had an inwhen they are only

nings in the Comgratifying a foolish

mons. MR WATKIN and mischievous im.

WILLIAMS showed at pulse.

great length why the There was talk

Church of England about the Whitsun

should be abolisbed tide holidays, for the

from off the face of Commons are as eager


mastering foe. MR. believes that many

GLADSTONE knows of them keep a

all about Wales and notched stick, and cut away a notch per day, until they get to their her Church, ancient and modern, and he demolished MR. WILLIAMS, pastimes. MR. GLADSTONE said that the Government had no more and evidently exulted in this feat, which was a sort of homage to the aversion to holidays than other people, and made an allusion to "that Church. After such a combat we need hardly give the numbers, but mysterious Wednesday," meaning the Derby Day. We are to have it may be interesting to know that MR. WILLIAMS was supported by Education debates again soon, Brethren, and they will begin on the 45,

and the PREMIER by 209. 16th of June. Before they are over, it may be thought that we sball Then occurred the most curious incident of the Session. There was all be qualified for tuition, and the "Śchoolmaster”

may go "abroad,” to be a debate on a Bill for repealing the police Act the nature whereof and stay there, and teach the foreigners, if he likes.

is indicated in the above parenthesis. MR. CRAUFURD, Member for

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