The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser in Five Volumes, Volume 4

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W. Pickering, 1825 - English poetry - 434 pages

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Page 216 - Upon the pillours of eternity, That is contrayr to Mutabilitie : For all that moveth doth in change delight: But thence-forth all shall rest eternally With Him that is the God of Sabbaoth hight: O that great Sabbaoth God graunt me that Sabaoths sight!
Page 216 - Of the heav'ns rule, yet, very sooth to say, In all things else she beares the greatest sway: Which makes me loath this state of life so tickle, And love of things so vaine to cast away; Whose flowring pride, so fading and so fickle, Short Time shall soon cut down with his consuming sickle.
Page 223 - I know not right : Whom when I asked from what place he came, And how he hight, himselfe he did ycleepe The Shepheard of the Ocean by name, And said he came far from the main-sea deepe.
Page 214 - Then since within this wide great universe Nothing doth firme and permanent appeare, But all things tost and turned by transverse: What then should let, but I aloft should reare My trophee, and from all the triumph beare? Now...
Page 235 - The which doth all afore him far surpasse; Appearing well in that well tuned song, Which late he sung unto a scornfull lasse.
Page 227 - When thus our pipes we both had wearied well, (Quoth he) and each an end of singing made He gan to cast great lyking to my lore, And great dislyMng to my lucklesse lot, That banisht had my selfe, like wight forlore, Into that waste, where I was quite forgot.
Page 132 - Of matchlesse hight, that seem'd th' earth to disdaine ; In which all trees of honour stately stood, And did all winter as in sommer bud, Spredding pavilions for the birds to bowre, Which in their lower braunches sung aloud; And in their tops the soring hauke did towre, Sitting like king of fowles in maiesty and powre : vn.
Page 247 - And is Love then (said Corylas) once knowne. In Court, and his sweet lore professed there ? I weened sure he was our god alone, And only woond in fields and forests here:" " Not so, (quoth he) Love most aboundeth there. For all the walls and windows there are writ, All full of love, and love, and love my deare, And all their talke and studie is of it. Ne any there doth brave or valiant...
Page 2 - Thereto great helpe Dame Nature selfe doth lend : For some so goodly gratious are by kind, That every action doth them much commend, And in the eyes of men great liking find ; Which others that have greater skill in mind, Though they enforce themselves, cannot attaine : For everie thing, to which one is inclin'd, Doth best become and greatest grace doth gaine : Yet praise likewise deserve good thewes enforst with paine.
Page 206 - That he had banisht hunger, which to-fore Had by the belly oft him pinched sore: Upon his head a wreath, that was enrold With ears of corne of every sort, he bore; And in his hand a sickle he did holde, To reape the ripened fruits the which the earth had yold.

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