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In the middle paragraph on page 69 the final words of that paragraph should be “when the Legislature permits" instead of “if the Legislature will permit."

In the fifth line from the bottom of the same page the word “as” before" firmly" should be stricken out.



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The present volume of Proceedings includes the Report of the Committee on Municipal Program appointed at the Louisville Conference, as well as the carefully prepared papers discussing its contents and suggestions from the various points of view of those qualified by study and experience to speak with authority on the subject.

The Report is the result of the careful and conscientious consideration of the Committee for a period of eighteen months. Judging from the extent and character of the comments, from newspapers, publicists and officials, it forms a most substantial and important contribution to the subject of municipal government in America, and undoubtedly represents the most signal service thus far rendered by the National Municipal League to the cause of better government.

The preceding volumes constitute as nearly a complete summary of existing American municipal conditions as is to be found anywhere, and are an important introduction to the contents of the present volume, which marks the beginning of an era of concrete, constructive work on the part of the League. Heretofore it has devoted its efforts exclusively to


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