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Bronze Axe or Palstave froin the Caldonshill Hoard, .
Carved Panel of Oak from Balinerino,
Ground-plan of Earthworks on Whiteastle Hill,
Ground-plan of Earthwork in Flanders Moss, .
Urns from Pittodrie Cist,
Urns from Skene Cist,
Urns from Broomend Cists,
Harness Mounting from Sheelagreen,
Star-shaped Bead from Glenluce Sands in the Museum,
Urn of Drinking-cup Type found in the Cist at Wellgrove,
Mahogany Pitch pipe formerly used in Cults Parish Church, Fife,
Ornamented Crupper of a Lady's Saddle from Iceland,
Plan of North Esk Reservoir District, showing Sites of Graves,
View of the Island, looking Eastwards,
View of the Island, looking westward, showing some of the Graves,
Plan and Section of the Island,
Plan of five Graves, showing alignment,
View of three of the Graves,
View of Grave I.,
Views of Graves II. and IV.,
View of Grave III.,
View of Grave VII.,
Facsimile of Letter from Paul Jones,
Medallion of Paul Jones,
Bust of Panl Jones, by Houdon (1783),
Engraved Portrait of Paul Jones in the National Portrait Gallery,
Engraved Portrait of Paul Jones, by J. M. Moreau (1781),
Cottage in which Paul Jones was born,
Medal Struck in honour of Paul Jones,
China Plate with representation of an Engagement with Paul Jones,
Incised Slab found at Langdale,


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Half of a Stone Mould for Spear-heads found at Langdale,
Cup-marked Stone at Grumbeg,
Portion of a Vitrified Mass from Eileau nan Gobhar, showing impressions of

woody fibre,
Portion of Vitrified Mass from Tor Duin, showing impressions of woody

Map showing Vitrified Forts in Arisaig and along the Caledonian Valley,
Oval Knife of Quartz-porphyry from Esheness, Shetland,
Knife of Quartz-porphyry from Esheness, Shetland,
North Burreldales Circle ; Ground-plan,
North Burreldales Circle ; View from the West,
Gavenie Braes ; Remains of Circle ; Ground-plan,
Gavenie Braes ; Views from the East and South,
Gavenie Braes; View from the West, .
St Brandan's Stanes ; Ground-plan,
St Brandan's Stanes ; View from the North,
Cup-marked West Pillar in the Circle called St Brandan's Stanes,
Thorax Circle ; Ground-plan, .
Thorax Circle ; View from the South-East,
The North-West Stone in Thorax Circle,
Brodie Stone, Craigbourach Moor,
Plan of Standing Stones at Marnoch Church, .
Standing Stone (A) south of Marnoch Church,
Standing Stone (B) north of Marnoch Church,
Remains of Circle at Bellman's Wood ; Ground-plan,
Bellman's Wood Circle ; Views from East and West, .
Bellman's Wood Circle ; from the North,
Remains of one of the two Circles at Gaul Cross,
Pittenbrinzean Standing Stone,
Remains of Circle in Meiklehill Wood,
Remains of Circle at Cowiemuir ; Ground-plan,
Remains of Circle at Cowiemuir ; from the East,
Remains of Circle at Hatton of Aberlour ; from the East,
Remains of Circle at Hatton of Aberlour ; Ground-plan,
Innes Mill Circle ; Ground-plan,
Innes Mill Circle ; from the South-East,
Innes Mill Circle ; from the West,
Remains of Circle at Bogton Mill ; Ground-plan,
Remains of Circle at Bogton Mill; Views,
Bronze Hilt of a Sword of the Viking time from Eriskay,
Remains of ancient Church at Currie,
The Invergowrie Tombstone, Currie,
A Whimsical Design,
Memorial of Andrew Aken,

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Floriated Design (1750),
West Face of Tombstone (1750),
Recumbent Slab with Sword and Cross,
Calvary Cross-slabs,
The Hog-Back Stone, Kirknewton,
Headstone with Effigy, Kirknewton,
Cherub wearing Wig, on Tombstone,
West Face of same Tombstone,
A Millwright's Insignia,
Art of 1682 (Tombstone),
"John Smith, Smith” (tombstone),
Ancient Pew-back at Mid-Calder,
A Carpenter's Memorial,
A Typical Example (tombstone),
The Cross in the Gable,
A Coped, Flat-topped Stone,
Stone-Circle at Grenish,
Stone-Circle at Aviemore,
Stone-Circle at Delfour,
Brass Table Clock of Sixteenth Century, bequeathed to the Museum by the

late Hugh J. Rollo, W.S.,
Back of Brass Table Clock,
The Stackfreed of the Clock,
Jaker's Mark on the Clock,
Alarum Repeating Watch, bequeathed loy the late Lady Jane Dundas,
Winding Key of Alarum Watch, and two Seals,
Cypher, and Coat of Arms, on Seal,
Ground-plan and Section of the Mound at Forglen,
Urn No. 1, from the Mound at Forglen,
Urn No. 2, from the Mound at Forglen,
Urn No. 3, from the Mound at Forglen,
Standing Stones, North Glassmount; Ground-plan,
Standing Stones, North Glassmount,
Standing Stones of Orwell, Kinross-shire ; Ground-plan,
Standing Stones of Orwell ; View,
Stone Circle near Lamlash, Arran ; Ground-plan,
The Auld Wives' Lifts ; Ground-plan,
The Auld Wives' Lifts ; from the West,
Stone Circle at Dungoyach; Ground-plan,
Dungogach Circle ; from North and South,
Second Cist found at Balbridie, Durris,
Urn from Cist No. 1, Balbridie,
Urn from Cist No. 3, Balbridie,
Ground-plan of Cist at Burnside of Whitefield, Banffshire,


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Urn found in Cist at Burnside of Whitefield,

309 Urn found in a Cairn on Sundayswells Hill, .

313 Site of the Cist-discovery in North Merchiston Cemetery,

314 Plan of the North Merchiston Cist,

315 Cist at Cowdenhill,

316 Urn found in Cist at Cowdenhill,

317 Cup- and Ring-marked Boulder at Avochie, Rothiemay,

319 Cup- and Ring-marked Boulders at Hilton, Glass, Aberdeenshire,

321 Cup- and Ring-marked Stone found in Bluebell Wood, Langside,

323 Cup-marked Rock on Craigmaddie Muir,

324 Cup-marked Stone at Arngask, near Glenfarg,

325 Field at Nunraw where Bones were exhumed,

528 One of the Cists laid open and emptied,

329 Thigh-bones from Nunraw Cists,

332 Lower Jaw, from Lot 3, Nunraw,

334 Upper and Lower Jaws, from Lot 3,

335 Shin-bone from Lot 4, Nupraw,

336 Portion of a Fillet of Bronze with Repoussé Ornament,

343 Symbols on Stone at Advie, Strathspey,

346 Two Silver Penannular Brooches found near Perth,

349 Earthenware Jug found at Forfar,

353 Plan of Earth-house at Ardross, Fife, .

356 Plan of the Island in Loch Dochart,

359 Stone Tablet with Armorial Bearings of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, 360 Earthenware Jug found in the Dungeon, Castle Dochart,

361 Ground-plan of the Castle in Loch Dochart,

363 Dormer Window and its Tympanum at Castle Dochart,

364 Interlocked Window-bars, Stirrup, Fire-dog, and Earthenware Jar, .

365 Axe of Iron, Steel for Striking Light with a Flint, .

367 Pair of Scissors found at Castle Dochart,

367 Pair of Tongs found at Castle Dochart,

368 View of the Castle on Loch Dochart, Drinking.cup Urn from Bathgate,

370 Fragment of upper part of Bucket-shaped Pottery Vessel from Tiree,

376 Urns found at Ardeer, Stevenston,

380-386 Three Beads found at Ardeer, Stevenston,

387 Urns found at Ardeer, Stevenston,

388-393 Map showing Site of the Roman Fort at Bar Hill (Plate I.), .

403 The Well at Bar Hill Fort,

412 Plan of the Roman Fort at Bar Hill (Plate II.)

413 Plan of the Early Fort,

414 Bar Hill Fort Sections (Plate III.),

415 The North Gateway, Bar Hill Fort,




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