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Art. XIX. The Preceptor and his Pupils, Part the Third ; or the most fa

miliar Synonymes in the English Language critically and etymologi

cally illustrated. By George Crabb. 8vo. price 5s. 6d. Boosey. 1810. WITHOUT stopping to canvass individual parts of this work whích

appear exceptionable, we readily acknowledge that it evinces considei able diligence, information, and acuteness, and recommend it as an instructiv: school-book. Art. XX. Loyalty enforced by Religious Motives ; being the Substance

of a Sermon preached at Uny-Lelant, in the County of Cornwall, on Sunday June 4th 1809, being the 71st Anniversary of the King's Birthday. To which are added some Remarks on two Discourses recently delivered in that Neighbourhood, By William Colenso, of

Penzance. 8vo. pp. 70. price 2s. Vigurs, Penzance. 1810. THIS provincial discourse which was delivered in 1809 in the

western extremity of the kingdom, but, for some unspecified reason, not printed till another anniversary had elapsed, fully answers the title which it bears. It enforces loyalty by the motives of religion, and practical religion by those of loyalty. The text is 1 Peter ii. 17.

The necessity of experimental piety, as well as of practical godliness, is very properly kept in view. The language, though not elegant, is impressive, and well calculated to arrest the attention of a plain country congregation.

On the remarks which are subjoined, and which fill 36 pages, we can say but little, The author appears to be a warm disputant, and zealously maintains the cause of the Wesleyan Connexion, to which he belongs.

The profits of this publication are to be appropriated to the use of the Penzance Dispensary, which was laudably instituted by the inhabitants of that town at the celebration of our national.jubilee, Art. XXI. Advice on the Study of the Law; with Directions for the

Choice of Books. Addressed to Attornies' Clerks. Svo. pp. 160. price

5s. boards. Taylor and Hessey. 1810. IT is not very probable that many attornies' clerks' will prosecute the

,enlarged and unnecessary course of study here advised. The volume, however, contains so many useful suggestions, that, considering the manner in which the time and money of these gentlemen are usually expended, we do not hesitate to recommend it to their perusal. Art, XXIl. Sacred Hours : chiefly designed to illustrate the offices and

doctrines of the Church of England. By J. Grant, M. A. 12mo.

pp. 200, with 3 maps. price 7s. boards. Hatchard. 1809. THOUGH

we cannot subscribe universally to the statements of doctrine and fact in this volume, we can recommend it as an useful compendium of instruction for the members of the established-church', parricularly for those who are too young, too busy, or who occupy too low a station in life, to obtain access to more copious sources of information. It is extracted, with some alterations, from the Manual of Religious KnowJedge, by the same author,

Art. XXIII. Marriage and Adultery considered. A sermon preached at

the New Chapel, Stockwell, June 3, 1810. By Thomas Jackson.

Published by request. 8vo. pp. 42. Price 1s. Bd. Maxwell. 1810. A DISCOURSE not very prominently marked by animated eloquence or close reas easoning; but which contains many

useful remarks, (though sometimes rather whimsically expressed) and wbich in point of tendency is unexceptionable. Art. XXIV. A Compendious History of the Israelites. By Robert Atkins.

8vo. pp. 62, price, 2s. Button, 1810. THIS is altogether the most contemptible performance we have for a

long time seen; and its perpetual insults upon sound principle and common sense would deserve a much heavier chastisement than its insignifie cance requires.


Art. XXV. The Conciliatory Address of Abraham to Lot; a Sermon

preached at the Baptist Monthly Association, at Hackney, March 22, 1810. By Thomas Hutchings. 8vo. pp. 26. price 1s. Gale and Curtis. 1810. THERE is so much good sense and such an excellent spirit manie

fested in this discourse, that we cannot help regretting it was not prepared for the public with a little more care. It strongly enforces the exercise of a peaceable disposition in our intercourse with the world in general, towards persons of different religious views, and in our habits of Christian fellowship. A few sentences we shall extract.

• The conduct of Abraham in this affair, was not the result of stoical apathy, nor of unprincipled tameness. Some men are not affected even by a real insult : Why? "for the same reason as a rock does not complain when it is lashed by the foaming billows of the ocean. They do not feel. Some men hardly ever resent a real injury. Why? for the same reason that a lamb does not turn upon its butcher with the fury of a lion. It is not in their disposition. But it may be presumed that Abraham was a man of keen sensibilty. And we are furnished with the most brilliant evidence, that he who dared, for the rescue of Lot, to attack, with a few armed rustics, a numerous host, headed by princes, and flushed with victory, was not wanting in spirit. What we admire and recommend is not stoicism, but sensibility, conjoined with virtue ; is not tameness, but energy, under the controul of religious principles.' pp. 14, 15. Art. XXVI. A Companion and Guide to the Laws of England, com

prising Information collected from various Acts of Parliament, and judicial Decisions, down to the present Period, on the following important Subjects, viz. Actions, &c. &c. By a Member of the Ho. nourable Society of the Inner Temple. 12mo. pp. 200. Price 5s.

Tompson and Co. Birmingham. Reed. 1810. THE only thing respectable about this catchpenny, is the modesty of?

printing it as ill as it deserves.

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* Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending information( post paid,) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

The death of the Rev. Richard Ce. by the Rev. Thomas Rees, will at his eil having taken place during the pro- request, and on account of his other gress of his works through the press,avocations, be speedily completed by it is intended to add a fourth volume to the Rev. J. Joyce, in a duodecimo vothe three already announced. This lume, illustrated by wood cuts and fourth volume-consisting of remarks copper-plates. made by Mr, Cecil, in conversation, on A Missionary's accouut of Tonkin a great variety of topics in life and and Cochinchina will shortly be pube, religion--could not, from the nature lished here in French, under the suof its contents, be published with pró- perintendence of a French gentleman priety before his death; but, that e

of known abilities. vent having now occurred, it is be- A Biographical Dictionary of Paintcoine desirable to publish together all ers, Sculptors, Architects, and Engrathat will ever appear of his works. A vers, in a duodecimo volume, is nearly memoir of Mr. Cecil will be prefixed to ready for publication, It contains the first volume ; and it is boped the sketches of the lives of the most cele. whole will be ready by Christmas. brated artists, ancient and modern;

In the press in two octavo volumes, with an Appendix, from Vertue, formMemoirs of the Life, Writings, and ing a complete English School, Correspondence of the late Mr. Wil- new edition of Dr. Patrick's Te.. liam Smellie, Printer in Edinburgh, Se- rence is nearly ready for publicacretary to the Scottish Antiquaries, tion. F.R.S. &c. &c. Together with a se- The British Novelists, with an Essay lection from his hitherto unpublished and Prefaces by Mrs. Barbauld, in fifty essays ; with an engraved portrait. volumes, to correspond with the British By Robert Kerr, F.R.S. and F.A.S. Essayists, is nearly ready for públicaEdinburgh. In 2 vols. 8vo. This work tion. will comprise a view of the literary Mr. Hewetson will shortly publish ą history of Scotland from 1758 to 1795, translation of Eliezer and Napthali, a with numerous anecdotes of eminent posthumous work of Chevalier Flow learned Scotsmen, and accounts of many rian, important, publications, in which Mr. Speedily will be published “ Hints Smellie was either directly concerned on Toleration in five Essays, submitted as sole or joint author, or which de- to the Right Honorable Lord Viscount rived material aid from his acute Sidmouth and the Dissenters”, in one critical skill and correct taste, in their 8vo voluine, progress through the press, during that The Baron de Geramb, now a Briinteresting period of thirty-eight years. gadier General in the service of Spain,

It is earnestly requested from the has nearly completed a letter addresssurviving Friends and Correspondents ed to the earl of Moira on the subject of the late Mr. Smellie, and from of the Spanish cause, to be printed at the Families and Connections of such his own expence and distributed among as are now deceased that they would his friends. It is written in French. have the goodness to transmit to Mr. Mess. Smith and Son of Glasgow will Alexander Smellie, printer in Edin- shortly publish a Catalogue of Books, burgh, his son and successor, any let- including many articles highly interest. ters and other writings, or memorials ing for their extre, je rarity and fine con. of his father, which they may still dition. possess, that these may be employed Mr. Beloe's fifth volume of Anecdotes to enrich the present work.

of Literature is now printing, and a great The Familiar Introduction to the Arts

part finished. and Sciences, some time ago announced Mr. Kidd's edition of Dawes's Mis

cellanea Critica is in considerable for- ed, is expected to be ready by the end wardness at press.

of this month. Speedily will be published in demy • In the Press, Notices on the present 8vo. and royal 4to. Ancient Poems, Internal State of France. Translated from MSS of the times of Elizabeth, from the French of Mr. Faber, late a now first published with an introduction,

Public Officer in that country, 1 vol. notes, and an appendix. By John 800. Fry.

In the press, Joseph a Religious PoSpeedily will appear in two quarto em in blank verse historical, patriarvolumes, observations on Popular Anti- , chal, and typical, with notes by the Rev. quities, illustrating the origin, chiefly Charles Lucas. A. M. Curate of Aveof our vulgar customs, ceremonies and bury, Wilts. superstitions. By John Brand, M. A. late A Monthly Publication is announced, Fellow and Secretary of the Society of to be called the Village Preacher. The Autiquaries of London. The following first Number, containing two Sermons extract from the Preface, written by written on purpose for the work, will be Mr. Brand so long ago as 1795, explains published on the first of October, price the intentions of the proposed work. sixpence. “ In the year 1777, 1 published Bourne's, Mr. C. P. Marks, teacher of the HeAntiquitates Vulgares, a little work on brew language will speedily publish by this subject, which then had become subscription, a concise though compre. exceedingly scarce and sold very high, hensive Hebrew and English Grammar making observations on each of his with Points, intitled a key to the sacred chapters, and throwing the new disco- language. veries into an appendix at the end. In the press and speedily will be pubThat volume too, by those who have lished in one volume royal 8vo. inscribmistaken accident for merit, is now ed by permission to Lord Viscount Melmarked in' catalogues at more than ville. The value of annuities from 11 to double its original price. In the fol- 10001 Per Annum, on single lives, from lowing work, I have been advised to dis- the age of one to ninety years, with the solve amicably the literary partnership number of years purchase each annuity under the firm of Bourne and Brand, is worth and the rate of interest the and to adopt a very different plan, purchaser receives for his money. And presenting to the public a collection,

also for the information and convenience which, not only froin the immense va- of the profession, and of Executors and riety of fresh matter, but also from Administrators, the amount of the sevethe totally different arrangement of ral rates of Legacy Duty payable on the subjects, I flatter myself I may with

the value of each annuity'; by Wm. equal truth and propriety venture to Campbell Esq. Comptroller of the Le denominate an entirely new one."

gacy Duty. Dr. Cogan intends to publish in the

Mr. William Waller, Jun, a gentlecourse of next month, the third volume

man who has resided many years in of his treatise on the Passions and -Af- Old Spain, has sent to the press, a fections of the mind.

work in which he gives an account of M. Bertrand de Molleville is print- the present state of the Spanish coloing, in English, an Abridgement of nies, and a particular report on Hispathe History of England, in the manner

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ñola, the Spanish division of the Island of Henault, in three octavo volumes; of Santo Domingo, with a general surand he will afterward publish a volume vey of the settlements on the Southern of Chronological Tables, for the use of Continent of America, their history, schools.

trade, navigation, productions, popula. The New Edition of Dr. Johnson's tion, customs, &c. It is expected to English Dictionary, in two volumes appear in the course of the present quarto, which has been so long delay.



AGRICULTURE AND RURAL ECONOMY. Powers of the Vehicles, Implements, Agricultural Mechanism; or a Dis

and Machinery, connected with huse play of the several Properties and

bandry: the whole familiarly arranged,


and illustrated by Twenty Copper- teresting Anecdotes of the most consiPlates. Dedicated to the Bath and derable families and distinguished chaWest of England Society. By Capt. racters in both kingdoms, By the late Thomas Williamson (Honorary Mem- George Ridpath, Minister of Stitchel. ber) Author of the Wild Sports of the Revised, &c. by the late Philip Ridpath, East; Mathematics simplified ; and the Minister of Hutton. 4to 11. 118, 6d. East India Vade-mecuiti. ' 8vo. 10s, 6d. boards,

JURISPRUDENCE. A defence of Mr. Joseph Lancaster Advice on the Study of the Law : and the Royal British system of Educa

with Directions for the Choice of Books; tion ; or, half an hour's conversation addressed to Attornies' Clerks. 8vo. 58. between Lady Letitia Liberal and her

MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY old waiting woman Mrs Prudence Paradise, on the subject of " A dialogue be- Practical Observations in Surgery, iltween a Master and his Apprentice" oc- lustrated by cases. By William Hey, casioned by lectures on education de- F. R. S. Member of the Royal College livered by Mr Lancaster in Bath in the of Surgeons in London, and Senior Surmonth of February 1810, to which is geon of the General Infirmary at Leeds, prefixed Mr. Whitchurch's poetical a new edition, corrected and enlarged, epistle to Mr. Joseph Lancaster on his with additional plates. 8vo. 13s. Royal British System of Education. Synopsis Pharmacoponiæ Londinenprice 1s.

sis. ls. 6d.

The Encheiridion Medicum, or Young

Practitioner's Pocket Companion, being The Fine Arts of the English School:

a Conspectus of the London, Dublin, comprising a Series of highly finished

and Edinburgh Pharmacopæias, with a Engravings, from Painting, Sculpture,

Collection of Formulæ, and the necesand Architecture, by the most emi

sary Tables of Synonimes. By Willinent English Artists ; each Subject am Hamilton, M. B. foolscap 8vo. 6s. accompanied by appropriate historical, descriptive, critical, or biographical Letter-press. Edited by John Britton,

A Military Dictionary, in French and F, A. S. Number II. (to be continued

English : in which are explained the quarterly) large 4to, 11. 1s.-atlas 4to.

principal Terms, with appropriate illus11. 16s.

trations, of all the Sciences that are,
more or less, necessary for an Officer

and Engineer. Cary's quarto general Atlas, No 16,

By Charles James, containing Maps of the Cape of Good

Major in the Royal Artillery Drivers,

and Author of the Regimental Compa-
Hope, Upper Saxony and Lower Saxo-
py. 38. 6d.

nion, &c. The Third Edition, enlarged,
2 Vol. 8vo. 11. 10s.


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Annals of the Honourable East-India Company, from their Establishment by the Charter of Queen Elizabeth, 1600, to the Union of the London and English East-India Companies, 1707-8. By John Bruce, Esq. M. P. 1. R. S. Keeper of his Majesty's State Papers, and Historiographer to the HoDourable East-India Company.3 Vol. 4to 41. 10s. Printed by Authority of the Hon. Court of Directors.

The Border History of England and Scotland, deduced from the earliest Times to the Union of the two Crowns, comprehending a particular Detail of the Transactions of the two Nations with one another; accounts of remarkable Antiquities, and a Variety of in.

The Anonymous ; a Periodical Paper,
published in Dublin, now first collected.
2 Vol. 12mo. 125.

The Conquest of the Miao-tse. By
Kien-Lung. With the double transla-
tion of the Chinese into English, and
Notes. By Stephen Weston,F.R.S.F.S.A.
royal 8vo. 6s.

The Female Economist, or a plain, system of Cookery for the use of Private Families by Mrs. Smith, 2nd edition 4s. boards.

A Letter to the Rt, Hon. Lord Teignmouth, President of the British and Foreign Bible Society, in Vindication of Reasons for declining to become a Subscriber to that Institution. By Chris,

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