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the press.

Stomach, and Morbid Affections of that. to Mr. Scott's new poem, the Lady of Organ ; with remarks on the use of the Lake. the Bile, in promoting Digestion. By A new edition of Bp. Earle's MicroGeorge M. D. Member of the cosmography, or a Piece of the World Royal College of Physicians, Phy- discovered, is now in the press ; to sician to the London Dispensary, &c, which an appendix will be added. This

Mr. Molineux, author of an Intro- curious volume was originally printed duction to Byrom's Short Hand, &c. is in 1628, and contains a ariety of alpreparing for the press a Select Or- lusions, illustrative of the manners of thographical Vocabulary; containing our ancestors. such words as have been frequently A new Edition of Ben Johnson's mis-spelt by various writers; those . Works, with additional notes and illuswords, of which the orthography is trations, by Mr. William Gifford, is in either uncertain or questionable; and $11ch words as are not of very com.

An Edition of Mr. Enderbie's Cammon application, and somewhat diffi- bria Triumphans, or Britain in its cult to spell correctly: it will also in- Perfect Lustre, is in the press, an exclude a numerous class of words not act reprint in folio, from the edition inserted in the latest editions of Dr. of 1661. Johnson's Dictionary.

A Translation of Humboldt's Account Travels and Adventures in Canada of New Spain, has been aónounced as and the Indian Territories, between the in the press and nearly ready for pubyears 1960 and 1766, by Alexander lication. Henry, Esq. may shortly be expected.

Mr. W. Muore of the Royal Military In the press, and speedily will be Academy, Woolwich, bas in a good state .published, a work which is described as of forwardness, a treatise on the Doc. containing a clear and full refutation trine of Fluxions, with its applicar of all Mr. Malthus's principles proving tion to all the most useful parts of from infallible documents, a decrease the trne theory of Gunnery, and other of population and shewing that the important matters in Military and alarming high price of grain for the Naval Science. The Fluxions will be last ten years has not been owing preceded by such parts of the science to a deficiency, but to the artful po- of Mechanics, as are necessary for licy and address of the land-owners; reading the work without referring to and that if this banefül system is other authors. And the whole will be persevered in, it must ultimately ruin so arranged, that any person modelhe population and commerce of the rately skilled in Algebra Geometry and country."

Trigonometry, and having a knowledge Preparing for publication, the present of the most common properties of the Picture of New South Wales, with four Conic Sections, may proceed to these Jarge coloured drawings, made on the enquiries with every degree of interest spot at Sydney, the seat of govern

and success. ment; and a plan of the Settlement, Mr. Grant, author of " Institutes of from actual survey by order of Govern- Latin Grammar," has made considerment. Containing, among other inter- able progress in preparing for the press, esting matter and detail, some new a comprehensive work on the English discoveries in natural history, with Language, which will be found to comsuggestions for the further improve- bine several new and important pracment of the colony. By D. D. Mann, tical advantages. many years in several official situations

In the press, a

new and elegant in the colony. The whole is intended edition of Trail's works, enriched withi to be supplemental to Lieutenant many Sermons of this highly esteemed Governor Collins's and other accounts, author, never before published, seos bringing the history down to the pre

lected from his manuscripts, by a gen. sent time,

tleman of ability and evangelical views. Mr. Westall is preparing Illustrations



of the Gospel at Rowel, in NorthampA Biographical Sketch of the Rev. tonshire; compiled from authentic fa. Jonathan Sanderson, formerly minister mily documents, with extracts from his

diary, letters, and correspondence and, 1809. By the Rer. Williain with Drs. Doddridge, Conder, and Bradford, A. B. The work consists of others. By his kinsman, Benjamin 53 coloured engravings, in imitation of Hobson, of Great Driffield, Yorkshire. the originals, with a brief description

Memoirs of William Paley, D.D. By of each subject. imperial 4to. 71. 7s. G. W. Meadly.

The second Edition, A series of Picturesque Viets.of corrected and enlarged ; to which is the Churches of London, . from original added, an

Appendix containing ex- drawings, by William Pearson), and tracts from reports of his lectures, &c. other Artists. Nos. 1 and 9. Conditions. dever before published, or little known - This work will be completed in . to the pablic.

Ornamented with a twelve numbers. One of which will be richly engraved Head of Dr. Paley, published every three months. Each by Engleheart, from a painting by Sir number to contain ten engraved Views William Becchey, 8vo. 10s. 60, measuring ten and a half inches hy

Anecdotes, &c. of Elizabeth Vis- eight and a quarter-The series intendcountess Mordaunt, commencing 1656. ed to be given will include every Parish 12o. 3s. 60.

Church in the Metropolis, two views of A Supplement to the Memoirs of the St. Paul's Cathedral and of WestminLife and Writings of the Honourable ster Abbey, together with some of the Henry Home, of Kames; consisting most remarkable Interiors, and a of additional matter illastrative of the Ground Plan, pointing out the relastate of Literature and Improvement tive and particular situations of each in Scotland during the Eighteenth Cen- Building, making in the whole one huna tury, and rarious corrections of the ori- dred and twenty engravings To each ginal work. 4to. 6s.-royal paper 10s. 6d. Plate will be attached a concise account sewed.

of the Building, with the name of the Řector-Price of each number, in 4to.

fiteen shillings-large paper, or royal Principia Botanica ; or, a concise and folio, One Guinea-First impressions, or easy Introduction to the Sexual Botany proofs on India Paper, Two Guineas. of Linnæus. By Robert Waring Dar- The British Gallery of Portraits, Numwin. The third edition, corrected and ber IV. Containing Portraits of his enlarged, with many curious and useful Royal Highness' the Prince of Wales ; additional notes. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. Lord Viscount Cathcart, K. T. William

Vincent, D.D. Dean of Westminster; CHEMISTRY.

Admiral Lord Gambier; William WilA system of Chemistry. By Thomas berforce Esq. M.P. the late Paul SandThoinsun, M. D. F. R. S. E. The fourth by, Esq. "R.A. accompanied by short edition, greatly improved and enlarged. Biographical Notices. Atlas 4to. il. 5s, 5 Vols. 8vo. 31. 15s.

And imperial folio, with proof impressions of the Plates. 11. 16s.




Tre World Displayed ; or the Characteristic Features of Nature and Art, A New Modern Atlas ; by John Pinexhibited on a new plan, intended for kerton. Number IV. containing Maps youth in general, as an outline of the of Southern Africa, Spain, and Portumost striking parts of Human Know- gal, and the Northern Part of the ledge, and as a remembrance to those United States of America. 11. 1s. of riper years. By John Greig, private

HISTORY. teacher ot' geography; author of the use of the Globes, &c. 12mo. 88. 6d. bound, Gny's Chart of General History; a superior edition in 8vo. 12s. 6d.

exhibiting the more prominent Features A Series of Questions, adapted to of each Country, both ancient and moDr. Valpy's Latin Grammar: with dern. Printed on a sheet of Columbier notes. · By C. Bradley, 2s.

drawing paper and coloured 75.-On

canvas and rollers. 10s. 60. FINE ARTS.

The Chronicles of Monstrelet, being Sketches of the Country, Character, a continuation of Froissart's Chronie Costume, &c. of Portugal and Spain, cles. Translated from the most aptaken during the Route, and in the proved originals, with notes. By ThoCampaign of the British Army, 1808 mar Jobnes, Esq. The original of this


valuable work has never before heen lifications required of them, and the translated into English, and there are Privileges granted to them, written and only 300 copies printed of this edition. sent to the Rt. Hon. Lord A. B. C. "Printed uniformly with the first edin &c. By the Rev. William Hett, M.A. tion of Froissart, at the Hafod Press. Prebendary of Lincoln. 2s. and illustrated by 30 Engravings. 5 Vol. An Inquiry into the Claims of the royal 4to. 211.

British and Foreign Bible Suciety, to the countenance and support of Mem

bers of the Established Church. By the Lectures on the Elements of Algebra. Rev. John Hume Spry, M.A. Minis. By the Rev. B. Bridge, A'M. Fellow ter of Christ's Church, Bath. 15. 6d. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, and The Rival Princes. By Mary Aune Professor of Mathematics in the East. Clarke, With an elegant engraved India College. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

portrait. 2 Vols. royai 18s.

Sharpe's edition of the British ClasMEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY.

sicSamme In continuation of this work is An Essay on the Nature of Scrofu- just published-The Idler; in two la; with evidence of its origin from

volumes, embellished with Eight highly Disorder of the Digestive Organs; il- fin shed Prints froin Pictures painted by lustrated by a nnmber of cases suc

Mr. Richard Cook Price 16s, in extra Cessfully treated, and interspersed with boards; and the large copies, with observations on the general treatment proof impressions of the plates, Prife of Children. By Richard Carmichael, 11. 11s. 6d. Surgeon. 8vo. 5s.

Suttaby's Miniature Library. As a Daubenton's Observations on India portion of this work, is just publhed gestion; in which is satisfactorily shewn The Letters of Pliny the Consul, trans, the Efficacy of Ipecacuanta, in relieving lated by W. Melmoth, Esq. in a neat this, as well as its connected Train of pocket volume, embo:Vished with two Complaints, peculiar to the decline of highly finished engravings by Noble, Life. The third edition, with addi- from Pictures by H. Howard, R.A. tions, by Dr. Buchan. 8vo. 1s. 6d. The Works complete, of the late

Observations on the Disease of the Rev. Joseph Milner, A.M. Master of Hip Joint ; to which are added, some the Grammar School, and afterwards Remarks on White Swellings of the Vicar of the Huly Trinity Church, in Knee, the Caries of the Joint of the Kingston-upon-Hull; now first collated Wrist, and other similar Complaints. and edited. By the Rev. Isaac Mil. The whole illustrated by cases anil eu- ner, D.D. F.R.S., Dean of Carlisle, and gravings, taken from the diseased Part. President of Queen's College, CamBy the late Edward Ford, Esq. F.S.A. bridge. A new and uniform edition. The second edition, revised carefully, 8 vols. 8vo. 41. 16. This Edition com. with some additional Observations, by prebends the following Works, each Thomas Copeland, Fellow of the Cul- of which may also be had separately, lege of Surgeons, and Assistant-Sur- yiz. 1. The History of the Church of geon to the Westminster General Dis. Christ, (continued on the same plan, pensary. 8vo. 12s.

By the Dean of Carlisle.) Five Vols.

Price 3). Practical Sermons; to which MISCELLANEOUS.

is prefixed, an account of the Life and Facts and Observations explanatory

Character of the Author. By the Dean of the conduct of Capt. Fuskett of

of Carlisle. Two Vols. Price 11. 45. 3d. the 15th. Light Dragoons, as one of

Tracts and Essays, Theological and the Seconds in a Duel, in the year 1806.

Historical. One Vol. Price 123. Some Together with testimonials respect ng

Copies of the Second Volume of the his general conduct froin the field History of the Church of Christ have Officers in that regiment. By Capt.

also been printed for separate sale, Foskett. 1s.

to complete sets of the former edi.

tion. Essays and other Occasional Com.

Price 12s. positioós, chiefly reprinted. By the

The History of the Parisian Massacre Rev. R. Nares, Archdeacon of Stafford,

of St. Bartholomew, wherein, all the &c. &¢. . 2 Vols. post 8vo. 168.

Minute Circumstances of that Sangui. Letters tespecting the Restrictionsnry Court, are faithfully pourtrayed, Jaid upon Dispenting Teachers, the Qua

Collected from unpublished Madnscripts


and from other authentic sources. By state of the Navy. With an appene the Rev. Thomas Comber, A.B. In dix of official documents. 2. Od. One Vol. 8vo. with two beautiful plates, A Letter to Sir John Eden, Bart, from paintings by De Wilde. Price Chairman of the general Quarter Ses. 12s. Prouf impressions on royal Papersions of the Peace, for the County of and hot pressed, 11. 1s.

Durham, from the Justices of the Peace,

acting within the South West Division NATURAL HISTORY

of Darlington-Ward, in the the said The Natural History of British Insects, County. To which are added, with Thirty-six coloured Piates. By pics of Letters which have passed in a E. Donovan, F.L.S. Vol. 14. royal 8vo. correspondence with the Custos Ro11. lls, boards.


tulorum ; and other important Papers

relating to the duties of this Office. POETRY

4to. 3s. Haverhill, a Descriptive Poem ; and other Poems. By John Webb. 12ino. 5s.

Observations on the Roman Catho. A Monody, to the Memory, of the lic Question. By the Rt. Hon. Lora Rt. Hon. Lord Collingwood. By Lady Kenyon, 3s. Champion de Crespigny, author of Let- Substance of the Speech of Lord ters of Advice from a Mother to her Viscount Castlereagh, May 25, 1810, Son. 4to. 33.

upon Mr. Grattan's motion for a ComThe Cottage Girl; a poem.

Com- mittee to take into consideration the pris ng her several Avocations during Roman Catholic Petitions. To which the Four Seasons of the Year. By are annexed, the documents therein reH. C. Esq. author of the Fisher Bony, ferred to. 2s. and Sailor Boy. 8vo. 5s.

Substance of the Speech of the Rt. The Lower World ; a poem, in Hon. Lord Boringdon in the House of four books, with notes. By Mr. Pratt.

Lords, June 5, 1810, on 'the Motion of 12mo, os.

the Earl of Donoughmore for referring The Lady of the Lake; a poem, in

to á Committee the Petitions of the six cantos. By Walier Scuit, Estj. Roman Catholics of Ireland. 19. u. Einbellished with a portrait of the A Letter from Cataline to the surAuthor, engraved by Heath, and finely viving Members of the Constitutional printed by Ballantyne. 4to. 21. 2s, and other Societies of the year 1794,

The Influence of Local Attachment, or Symptoms of the Times. By a Barwith respect to Home;, a poem, in rister. is, 6d. seven books. By Mr. Polwliele. The A Short Examination into the Power third edition. 8vo. 6s.

of the House of Commons to comWoman; a poem. By Eaton Stan- mit, in a Letter to Sir Francis Burdett, nard Barrett, Esq. fcp. 8vo. 45. 6d.

Bait. By Civis. 8vo. 1s. Tales of Romance; with other poems.

Natural and Political Observations By C. A. Elton, Esq. author of a and Conclusions upon the condition of Translation of Hesiod. fcp. 8vo. 7s. 6d. England, 1696. By George King, Esq.

Lancaster Herald. To which is prefixed, a Life of the Author. Ву

Author A Cornish and English Vocabulary; George Chalmers, F.R.S. S.A. a Vocabulary of Locul Námes, chieħy of Caledonia, An estimate of the comSaxon, and a provincial Glossary. By parative strength of Great Britain, &c. the Rev. R. Polwhele, of Polwhele, Price 3s. 6d. and Vicar of Manaccaw. 4to. 10s. Gu,

A Statement of facts delivered to the

Rt. Hon. Lord Minto, Governor GenePOLITICAL ECONOMY.

ral of India on his late arrival at Ma

dras. By William Petrie, a Senior Substance of the Speech of Lord Viscount Melville, in the House of Member of the Council at Madras Peers, May 21, 1810; on the. Buvject With an Appendix of official Minutes.

Price 3s. 68. of Truop Ships. With an appendix. 2s. 6d.

A Letter to Lord Viscount Melville, on the subject of his motion respect

List of Books lately imported froma

Sweden. ing Troop Ships, and upon the general



Gyllenhall's Insecta Ivecica, P. I. 10s. other discourses. By the late Rer. 6d.

Samuel Lavicgton, of Bideford. 8vo. Schonherr's Synonymia Insectorum, 10s. 61. P. I. II. II.

A Sermon; preached before the Lords Homerus Comparans, Sive Similitudinum Spiritual and Temporal, at the Abbeye' Il, et Od. illustrationes. 6s.

church, Westminster, on Tuesday, Ja-. Psalmi, ex Recensione textus Hebræi nuary 30, 1810: by the day of King et Versionum antiquarum, Latine Charles's Martyrdom. By William Lort, versi, notisque Criticis and Philologicis Lord Bishop of Bristol, and Master of illustrationes. 75.

Trinity College, in the University of Widegren's Swedish and English Lex Cambridge. 4to, 2s. icon. 21. %.

On the Authority of the Church Granbergos English and Swedish pock- and of the Holy Scriptures ; an Adet Dictionary. 15s.

dress to the Roiman Catholics of EngMoberg's English and Swedish Gram- land, occasioned by a Sermon of the mar. 10s. 6d.

right Rev. Dr. Milper, lately preached

at the blessing of the Church of St. HEOLOGY.

Chad, in Birmingham, By the Rev.

Thomas Le Mesurier, M.A. Rector of The State of the Established Church in a series of ten Letters to the Rt. Hon.

Newton Lougville, in the County of

Bucks. 3s.
Spencer Percival. With an Appendix
of official Returns, vol. I. 8vo, Price 5s.
A short Account of the Laws and

Observations on the Climate, ManInstitutions of Moses; shewing that ners and Amusements of Malta; prina they were worthy of their divine author, cipally intended for the information being fitted for the accomplishment of of Invalids repairing to that. Island the most important purposes. Ву

for the recovery of health. By Wile' Henry Pergus, Minister, Dumfermline.

liam Domeier, M.D. of the Royal $vo. 38.

College of Pl!ysicians of London. 8vo. A second volume of Sermons and




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p. 531, l. 40. for 1978 read 1788.

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