Hand-book for Emigrants, and Others: Being a History of New Zealand, Its State and Prospects, Previous and Subsequent to the Proclamation of Her Majesty's Authority : Also Remarks on the Climate and Colonies of the Australian Continent

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H. Hooper, 1841 - Australia - 212 pages

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Page 11 - Breathes there a man, with soul so dead, Who never to himself has said, This is my own, my native land!
Page 144 - That hangs his head, and a' that ? The coward-slave, we pass him by, We dare be poor for a' that ! For a' that, and a' that, Our toils obscure, and a' that ; The rank is but the guinea stamp ; The man's the gowd for a
Page 186 - Agriculture, on account of the droughts, can never succeed on an extended scale: therefore, so far as I can see, Australia must ultimately depend upon being the centre of commerce for the southern hemisphere, and perhaps on her future manufactories. Possessing coal, she always has the moving power at hand.
Page 183 - ... drink the pure water which it supplies. It is difficult to believe that Sydney will continue to flourish in proportion to its rise. It has sprung into existence too suddenly. Convicts have forced its growth, even as a hotbed forces plants, and premature decay may be expected from such early maturity. Other rising colonies have advantages in point of situation and climate, which the country about Sydney does not possess ; and if our government establishment should be withdrawn, from that day the...
Page 184 - These few exceptions were the works usually called 'standard,' which some persons who buy books, for show as furniture, rather than for real use, think it necessary to purchase. Another evil in the social system of Sydney and its vicinity, is the rancorous feeling which exists between the descendants of free settlers and the children of convicts. Fatal, indeed, would it be to the former, if the arm of power were removed; for their high principles and good feelings would be no match for the wiles...
Page 165 - W. Petre, in a work he has just published on the Company's settlements, from which he has lately returned to England, states, that " Shortly after I left, the Bally arrived, bearing the terms of the final arrangement between the Netv Zealand Company and the Government.
Page 157 - But every thing depends upon the sufficiency of the price required for public land. Even he, whose object is to buy land at the outset of the colony, has a strong interest in the sufficiency of that price. If it were so low that the whole industry of the colony should soon be broken up into small fractions, and that the larger capitals originally taken out should perish for want of labourers to use them, then land, which had become the property of individuals, would possess little or no value, and...
Page 138 - Maori, and which they might be taught are waters that the Devil navigates to reach the island of the soul. Nor was there wanting solid aliment — pork, salt and fresh, in various forms of hams, cold roast, pork pies, and baskets of bread and biscuit all to be transmuted into money.
Page 166 - ... Commissioners (one has been sent from London); this preparatory step would occupy, perhaps, three months; so that no investigation would occur before May, and the adjudications might not be published before the latter end of this year, 1841. The settler on the eve of embarking, would do well to await further intelligence, to know the government decision on titles to land already purchased; and what regulations they will issue affecting its future sale. The arrangements between the local government...
Page 127 - It was not the Mass ; but that is of no consequence. At Opo-tee-kee also he meets the same phenomenon : " The very children were humming over some portions of Masses in their play. Twice a day the chapel was crowded, chorusing together, although perhaps not twelve of all of them had ever seen the Vicar or his cures.

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