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bodying the allegations against the Superintendent in order that they might be considered at the meeting on March 25. The Chairman added :

“If the charges against Mr. Frost are not substantiated, that should be promptly determined by our Committee and its work in connection with the Glen carried on to successful consummation. If, on the other hand, the charges prove to be well founded, there should be no hesitation on our part in dismissing the present Superintendent and substituting for him a man upon whom all can depend to keep his work absolutely free from any political influence."

At the meeting of the Committee which was held in Watkins on March 25, 1911, the accusers of the Superintendent declined to present evidence in support of their complaints. This not only left the Society without justification for the discharge of the Superintendent but, on the other hand, if the Society had acceded to the unsupported demand for a change on political grounds, it would have been guilty of the very fault alleged against the Superintendent and violated its consistent policy not to let politics affect the management of its affairs, one way or the other. Furthermore, the majority of our Watkins Glen Committee and our Board of Trustees had confidence in the fidelity of the Superintendent, and his services were therefore retained.

Bill Transferring Jurisdiction. Five days later, on March 30, 1911, the Hon. John W. Gurnett of Watkins introduced in the Assembly a bill transferring the custody of the reservation from this Society to a special Commission of five members to be appointed by the Governor. The Legislature adjourned on July 21, 1911. Upon that day, the Senate passed the bill in concurrence with the Assembly. Upon the same day Governor Dix signed the bill and sent to the Senate his nominations for Commissioners, and the Senate confirmed the appointments before it adjourned. The bill, which became chapter 731 of the Laws of 1911, by the Governor's signature on July 21, 1911, is as follows:

An act to amend the public lands law in relation to creating a commission to have jurisdiction and control of Watkins Glen.

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. Article ten of chapter fifty of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled “An act relating to the public lands, constituting chapter forty-six of the consolidated laws," which article was erroneously numbered nine by such chapter, is hereby made article eleven thereof, and sections one hundred and ten to one hundred and twelve, both inclusive, are hereby renumbered sections one hundred and twenty to one hundred and twenty-two thereof, respectively.

§ 2. Such chapter is hereby amended by inserting therein a new article to be article ten thereof, and to read as follows:


Watkins Glen.
Section 110. Transfer of jurisdiction and control.

111. Commissioners.
112. Officers; treasurer's undertaking.
113. Powers and duties.
114. Purposes of reservation.
115. Gifts of property for purposes of the reservation.
116. Annual report; quarterly accounts.

117. Payment of moneys appropriated. Section 110. Transfer of jurisdiction and control.— The land known as Watkins Glen, in the town of Dix, Schuyler County, acquired by the State pursuant to chapter six hundred and seventysix of the laws of nineteen hundred and six, shall be known as the Watkins Glen Reservation, and jurisdiction and control thereof is hereby transferred from the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society to the Board of Commissioners of Watkins Glen Reservation, established by this article.

$ 111. Commissioners.-- There shall be a Board of Commissioners of the Watkins Glen Reservation consisting of five persons, appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to hold office for terms of five years each; but the original appointments shall be made in such manner that the term of one Commissioner shall expire annually thereafter. No member of such board shall receive any compensation for his services as Commissioner, but shall be entitled to his actual and necessary expenses in performing the duties of his office.

$ 112. Officers; Treasurer's undertaking. - The Commissioners shall select from among their number a President, and shall appoint

some person to act as Secretary and Treasurer. The Treasurer shall give an official undertaking in such sum as the Commission shall determine.

$ 113. Powers and duties.- Such Commissioners shall,

1. Have the control and management of the Watkins Glen Reservation.

2. Lay out, manage and maintain such reservation and make and enforce rules and regulations necessary to effect the purpose thereof, not inconsistent with law.

3. Fix the price to be charged by drivers of public conveyances for carrying persons for hire within the limits of such reservation, and the price to be charged by guides for their services.

4. Employ such persons as may be needed to care for such reservation, and fix their compensation.

$ 114. Purposes of reservation.— The State Reservation at Watkins Glen shall forever be reserved by the State for the purpose of preserving it in its natural condition, and kept open and free of access to all mankind without fee, charge or expense to any person for entering upon or passing to or from any part thereof.

$ 115. Gifts of property for purposes of reservation.- Real and personal property may be granted, conveyed, bequeathed or devised to and taken by the State in aid of the purposes of such reservation, or to increase the same, and on such trusts or conditions as may be prescribed by the grantors or devisors thereof, provided the same be accepted or agreed to in writing by such Commissioners. All such property shall be managed and controlled by the Commissioners, and the rents, issues and profits thereof shall be turned into the State treasury, except where such rents, issues and profits were specifically devised or bequeathed to be used for a specific and definite purpose.

$ 116. Annual report; quarterly accounts.— The Commissioners shall make an annual report of their proceedings to the Legislature in the month of January, with a detailed statement of all their receipts and expenditures for the preceding fiscal year, and an estimate of the work necessary to be done, and of the expenses of maintaining the reservation for the ensuing fiscal year, with such recommendations as they shall see fit. They shall quarterly, on the first day of January, April, July and October of each year, send to the Comptroller a detailed and itemized account of all receipts and expenditures, with subvouchers for the items thereof for the preceding quarter, and such accounts shall be verified by the Commissioners or their Treasurer.

$ 117. Payment of moneys appropriated.-- Moneys appropriated for caring for and maintaining such reservation, and carrying out the provisions of this article, shall be paid to the order of the Treasurer of the Commission by the State Treasurer, upon the war

rent of the Comptroller. No warrant shall be issued until the amounts claimed have been audited and allowed by the Comptroller, who is hereby authorized to determine the same, except that on the requisition of the Treasurer of such Commission the Comptroller may advance out of the sum appropriated whatever moneys he deems necessary for the proper carrying out of the provisions of this article.

§ 3. This act shall take effect immediately.

Financial Statement. Following is a statement of our receipts and disbursements of State Funds for accounts paid or incurred between April 1, 1911, and July 21, 1911, inclusive:

Chapter 513, Laws of 1910.
(Appropriation, $16,640. Reappropriation, $1,825.90.)

Cash received from State Treasurer, previously reported...

$7,786 46 April 26, 1911. Sale of old materials....

17 00 May 2, 1911. Cash from State Treasurer.

208 88 June 1, 1911. Cash from State Treasurer.

1,078 58 June 22, 1911. Cash from State Treasurer.

1,225 97 June 26, 1911. Cash from State Treasurer.

194 00 July 24, 1911. Cash from State Treasurer,

1,951 00 Aug. 25, 1911. Cash from State Treasurer.

947 03


$13,408 92

$7,786 46

CREDIT. Disbursements previously reported... Voucher.

April 7, 1911. 162. J. E. Frost, 2d., Superintendent, March.. 163. E. A. Forshe, painter. 164. John Grey, labor 165. Michael J. Sullivan, painter, 166. Wadsworth, Howland & Co., cement coating. 167. Woodward & Stouffer, hardware, paint, etc.. 168. John V. Van Pelt, architect, services and expenses.

83 33 6 90 1 60 18 30 15 40 11 05 72 30

[blocks in formation]

204. 205. 206. 207. 208.

Brought forward
C. S. & C. H. Frost, guard rail standards.
Premier Engr. & Mfg. Co., ironite.
F. Hamilton, typewriting.
Stanley D. Brown, notary.
Seneca Engineering Co., surveying, etc.

$8, 975 67

35 60 17 50

5 00 10 00 47 15


June 8, 1911.
Laborers, masons, teaming, etc..
J. E. Frost, 2d, Superintendent, May
Frank Haight, caretaker, May.
F. C. Hendrickson, caretaker, May.
James P. Drake, lumber and cement.
L. H. Durland, Son & Co., wire...
Glenfeld Conservatories, ivy..
Seneca Engineering Co., surveying..
Woodward & Stouffer, hardware, dynamite, gasoline, etc.

937 65 83 33 41 66 41 66 20 00

2 31 10 00 16 00 73 36

241. 242.

June 17, 1911.
H. M. Andrews, folding gates for pavilion..
John V. Van Pelt, architect, services and expenses.

76 00 118 00


July 10, 1911.
Laborers, carpenter, masons, teaming..
F. E, Hendrickson, caretaker, June.
Frank Haight, caretaker, June...
J. E. Frost, 2d, Superintendent, June.
J. E. Frost, 2d, postage, freight, etc.
Candee, Smith & Howland Co., cement.
Doane & Jones Lumber Co., lumber..
James P. Drake, lumber......
L. H. Durland, Son & Co., cement and merchandise.
C. S. & C. H. Frost, standards and screws.
Payne & Hurley, photographs.
John M. Roe, sand...
Watkins Coal & Ice Co., coal..
Woodward & Stouffer, hardware, oil, fuse, etc.
Woodward & Stouffer, iron pipe, hardware, etc.
John V. Van Pelt, architect, services and expenses.
Peter Henderson & Co., fertilizer...

861 75 41 66 41 66 83 33 11 22 17 40

8 90 25 36 100 46 29 40 53 22 10 00

1 75 34 88 569 91 52 60 7 50


August 5, 1911.
Laborers, mason work, teaming, etc.
Mrs. Angie Mills, attendant....
J. E. Frost, 2d, Superintendent, July 1-22.
J. E. Frost, 2d, postage and express.
Frank Haight, caretaker, July 1-22.
F. E. Hendrickson, caretaker, July 1-22.
James P. Drake, lumber, etc.....
L. H. Durland, Son & Co., cement, etc.
M. E. Farrand, care of trees..
C. S. & C. H. Frost, iron standards.
Payne & Hurley, photographs..
John M. Roe, sand and gravel...
Woodward & Stouffer, hardware, dynamite, etc.
Stanley D. Brown, notary....
John V. Van Pelt, architect, services and expenses.

497 05

9 60 56 45

3 19 28 22 28 22 31 38 67 42 11 25 53 40 10 00

9 63 49 17 36 75 55 30


$13,408 92

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