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East-Greenwich, in the county of Kent, in free and common soccage only, and not in capite :

XIX. And do in like manner, grant and agree, for us, The like our heirs, and successors, to and with the said Thomas promise Hanham, Ralegh Gilbert, William Parker, and George you Popham, and all others of the said second colony, that We, that shall be our heirs and successors, upon petition in that behalf to be occupied by made, shall by letters patent, under the great seal of England, .. give and grant unto such persons, their heirs and assigns, as the council of thạt colony, or the most part of them, shall, for that purpose, nominate and assign, all the lands, tenements, and hereditaments, which shall be within the precinēts limited for that colony, as is aforesaid, to be holden of us, our heirs, and successors, as of our manor of East-Greenwich, in the county of Kent, in free and common foccage only, and not-in capite,

XX. All which lands, tenements, and hereditaments, so to be passed by the said several letters patent, thall be sufficient assurance from the said patentees, so distributed and divided amongst the undertakers for the plantation of the said several colonies, and such as shall make their plantations in either of the said several colonies, in such manner and form, and for such eftates, as shall be ordered and set down by the council of the said colony, or the most part of them, respectively, within which the same lands, tenements, and hereditaments shall lie or be ; although express mention of the true yearly value or certainty of the premifes, or any of them, or of any other gifts or grants, by us, or any of our progenitors or predeceflors, to the aforesaid Sir Thomas Gates, Knight, Sir George Somers, Knight, Richard Hackluit, EdwardMaria Wingfield, Thomas Hanham, Ralegh Gilbert, William Parker, and George Popham, or any of them, hereto. fore made, in these prefents, is not made ; or any statute; act, ordinance, or provision, proclamation, or restraint, to the contrary hereaf had, made, ordained, or any other thing, cause, or matter whatsoever, in any wise notwithstanding. In witness whereof, we have caused these our letters to be made patents; witness ourself at Westminster, the tenth day of April, in the fourth year of our reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the nine-and-thirtieth.


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King JAMES the First's Second Charter to the Treasu

rer and Company for VIRGINIA, erecting them into a Corporation and Body-politic, and for the further Enlargement and Explanation of the Privileges of the said Company and first Colony of VIRGINIA:

Dated March 23, 1609. 1. JAMES, by the Grace of God, King of England, Scot,

Jland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. Toall, to whom these presents shall come, greeting. Whereas, at the humble suit and request of sundry of our loving and well-disposed subjects, intending to deduce a colony, and to make habitation and plantation of sundry of our people, in that part of America, commonly call?d Virginia, and other parts and territories in America, either appertaining unto Us, or which are not actually possessed of any Christian Prince or people, within certain bounds and regions, We have formerly, by our letters patents, bearing date the tenth day of April, in the fourth year of our reign of England, France, and Ire Jand, and of Scotland the nine-and-thirtieth, granted to Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Somers, and others, for the more speedy accomplishment of the said plantation and habitation, that they should divide themselves into two colonies (the one consisting of 'divers Knights, gentlemen, merchants, and others, of our city of London, called the first colony; and the other consisting of divers Knights, gentlemen, and others, of our cities of Bristol, Exeter, and town of Plymouth, and other places, called the second colony ; and have yielded and granted many and sundry privileges and liberties to each colony, for their quiet settling and good government therein, as by the said letters patents more at large appeareth,

IÍ. Now, forasmuch as divers and fundry of our loving subjects, as well adventurers, as planters, of the said first colony, which have already engaged themselves in furthering the business of the said colony and plantation, and do further intend, by the assistance of Almighty God, to prosecute the fame to a happy end, have of late been humble suitors unto Us, that (in respect to their great charges and the adventure

of of many of their lives, which they have hazarded in the faid discovery and plantacion of the said country) We would be pleased to grant them a further enlargement and explanation of the said grant, privileges, and liberties, and that fuch Counsellers, and other officers, may be appointed amongst them, to manage and direct their affairs, as are willing and ready to adventure with thein, as also whose dwellings are not so far remoie from the city of London, but that they may, at convenient times, be ready at hand, to give their advice and .. afsistance, upon all occasions requisite. i III. We, greatly affecting the effectual prosecution and Incorpora

tion of the happy success of the said plantation, and commending their London or good desires therein, for their further encouragement in ac- first Colony complishing so excellent a work, much pleasing to God, and by the name

of The Treaprofitable to our kingdom, do, of our especial grace, and cer- furer and tain knowledge, and mere motion, for Us, our heirs, and Company of fucceffors, give, grant, and confirm, to our trusty and well- adventurers

Taw and planters beloved subjects, Robert, Earl of Salisbury, Thomas, Earl of the cir of Suffolk, Henry, Earl of Southampton, William, Earl London, för of Pembroke, Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Earl of Dorset, tbe firft CoThomas, Earl of Exeter, Philip, Earl of Montgomery,

lony in VirRobert, Lord Viscount Lisle, Theophilus, Lord Howard of Walden, James Montague, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, Edward, Lord Zouche, Thomas, Lord Lawarr, William, Lord Mounteagle, Ralph, Lord Ewre, Edmond, Lord Sheffield, Grey, Lord Chandois, Lord Campton, John, Lord Pefre, John, Lord Stanhope, George, Lord Carew, Sir Humphrey Weld, Lord Mayor of London, George Percie, Efq: Sir Edward Cecil, Knt. Sir George Wharton, Knt. Francis West, Esq. Sir Willian Wade, Knt. Sir Henry Nevil, Knt. Sir Thomas Smith, Knt. Sir Oliver Cromwell, Knt. Sir Peter Manwood, Knt. Sir Drue Drury, Knt. Sir John Scot, Knt. Şir Thomas Challoner, Knt. Sir Robert Drury, Knt. Sir Anthony Cope, Knt. Sir Oratio Vere, Knt. Sir Edward Conway, Kịt. Sir William Brown, Knt. Sir Maurice Berke. ley, Knt. Sir Robert Mansel, Knt. Sir Amias Preston, Knt. Sir Thomas Gates, Knt. Sir Anthony Ally, Knt. Sir Mi. chael Sandys, Knt. Sir Henry Carey, Knt. Sir' Stephen Soame, Knt. Sir Calisthenes Brooke, Knt. Sir Edward Michelborn, Knt. Sir John Ratcliffe, Knt. Sir Charles Wilmot, Knt. Sir George Moor, Knt. Sir Hugh Wirral, Knt. Sir Thomas Dennis, Knt. Sir John Holles, Knt. Sir William Godolphin, Knt. Şir Thomas Monson, Knit. Sir Thomas Ridgwine, Knt. Sir John Brooke, Knt. Sir Robert Killigrew, Knt. Sir Henry Peyton, Knt. Sir Richard Williamson, Knt.

ley, Kn Knt, Sir WilliSir Oratio Sir Robert'John Scot,

Sir Ferdinando Weynman, Knt. Sir William St. John, Knt, Sir Thomas Holcroft, K nt, Sir John Mallory, Kat. Sir Roger Ashton, Kot. Sir Walter Cope, Knt. Sir Richard Wigmore, Knt. Sir William Coke, Knt. Sir Herbert Crotte, Knt. Sir Henry Fanshaw, Knt. Sir John Smith, Knt. Sir Francis Wolley, Knt. Sir Fdward Waterhouse, Knt. Sir Henry Seekiord, Knt, Sir Edwin Sandys, Knt. Sir Thomas Way. nam, Knt. Sir John Trevor, Knt. Sir Warwick Heele, Knt. Sir Robert Wroth, Knt, Sir John Townsend, Knt. Sir Christopher Perkins, Knt. Sir Daniel Dun, Knt. Sir Henry Hobart, Knt. Sir Francis Bacon, Knt. Sir Henry Montague, Knt. Sir George Coppin, Knt. Sir Samuel Sandys, Knt. Sir Thomas Roe, Knt. Sir George Somers, Knt. Sir Thoinas Freake, Knt. Sir Thomas Harwell, Kat. Sir Charles Kelke, Knt, Sir Baptist Hicks, Knt, Sir John Watts, Kot. Sir Robert Carey, Knt. Sir William Romney, Knt. Sir Tho. mas Middleton, Knt. Sir Hatton Cheeke, Knt. Sir John Ogle, Knt. Sir Cavallero Meycot, Knt. Sir Stephen Riddleson, Knt. Sir Thomas Bludder, Knt. Sir Anthony Aucher, Knt. Sir Robert Johnson, Knt. Sir Thomas Panton, Knt. Sir Charles Morgan, Knt. Sir Stephen Pole, Knt. Sir John Burlacie, Knt. Sir Christopher Cleave, Knt. Sir George Hayward, Knt. Sir Thomas Davis, Knt. Sir Thomas Sutton, Knt. Sir Anthony Forest, Knt. Sir Robert Payne, Knt. Sir John Digby, Knt. Sir Dudley Digges, Knt. Sir Rowland Cotton, Knt. Dr. Matthew Sutcliffe, Dr. Meadows, Dr. Turner, Dr. Poe, Capt. Pagnam, Captain Jefferey Holcrofte, Captain Romney, Captain Henry Sipry, Captain Shelton, Captain Sparks, Captain Thomas Wyat, Captain Brinsley, Captain William Courtney, Captain Herbert, Captain Clarke, Captain Duehurst, Captain John Blundell, Captain Fryer, Captain Lewis Orwell, Captain Edward Lloyd, CapSlingesby, Captain Hawley, Captain Orme, Captain Woodhouse, Captain Mason, Captain Thomas Holcroft, Captain John Coke, Captain Holles, Captain William Proude, Captain Henry' Woodhouse, Captain Richard Lindesey, Captain Dexter, Captain William Winter, Captain Pearce, Captain John Bingham, Captain Bursay, Captain Thomas Conway, Captain Rockwood, Captain William Lovelace, Captain John Ashley, Captain 'Tho. mas Wynne, Captain Thomas Meweis, Captain Edward Har. wood, Captain Michael Everard, Captain Comock, Captain Mills, Captain Pigot, Captain Edward Maria Wingfield, Captain Christopher Newport, Captain John Sicklemore, alias Ratcliffe, Captain John Smith, Captain John

Martin, Martin, Capt. Peter Wynne, Capt. Waldo, Capt. Thomas Wood, Capt, Thomas Button, George Bolls, Esq. Sheriff of London, William Crashaw, Clerk, Batchelor of Divinity, William Seabright, Esq. Christopher Brooke, Esq. John Bingley, Esq. Thomas Watson, Esq. Richard Percival, Esq. John Moore, Erg. Hugh Brooker, Esq. David Woodhouse, Esq. Anthony "Aucher, Esq. Robert Boyer, Esq. Ralph Ewens, Esq. Zachary Jones, Erg. George Calvert, Esq. William Dobson, "Esq. Henry "Reynolds, Esq. Thomas Walker, Esq. Anthony Barnars, Esq. Thomas Sandys, Esq. Henry Sandys, Esq. Richard Sandys, Esq. son of Sir Edwin Sandys, William Oxenbridge, Esq. John Moore, Esq. Thomas Wilson, Esq. John Bullock, Esq.. John Waller, Esq. Thomas Webb, Jehu Robinson, William Brewster, Robert Evelyn, Henry Danby, Richard Hackluit, Minister, John Eldrid, merchant, William Russel, merchant, John Merrick, merchant, Richard Banister, merchant, Charles Anthony, goldsmith, John Banks, William Evans, Richard Humble, Richard Chamberlayne, merchant, Thor mas Barber, merchant, Richard Pomet, merchant, John Fletcher, merchant, Thomas Nicholls, merchant, Tohn Stoke, merchant, Gabriel Archer, Francis Covel, William Bonham, Edward Harrison, John Wolstenholme, Ni. cholas balter, Hugh Evans, William Barnes, Otho Mawdet, Richard Staper, merchant, John Elkin, merchant, William Coyse, Thomas Perkin, cooper, Humphrey James, cooper, Henry Jackson, Robert Singleton, Chris stopher Nicholls, John Harper, Abraham Chamberlayne, Thomas Shipton, Thomas Carpenter, Anthony Crew, George Holman, Robert Hill, Cleophas Smith, Ralph Harrison, John Farmer, James Brearley, William Crosby, Richard Cox,' John Gearing, Richard Strongarm, iron mongers, Thomas Langton, Griffith Hinton, Richard Iron. fide, Richard Dean, Richard Turner, William Lawson, mercer, James Chatfield, Edward Allen Teddar, Robert Hildebrand Sprinson, Arthur Mouse, John Gardiner, James Russel, Richard Caswell, Richard Evans, John Hawkins, Richard Kerril, Richard Brooke, Matthew Screvener, gentleman, William Stallenge, gentleman, Arthur Venn, gentleman, Sandys Webbe, gentleman, Michael Phettiplace, gentleman, William Phettiplace, gentleman, Ambrose Prufey, gentleman, John Taverner, gentleman, George Pretty, gentleman, Peter Latham, gentleman, Tho. mas Montford, gentleman, William Cantrel, gentleman, Richard Wiffin, gentleman, Ralph Moreton, gentleman,


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