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guess that

This Psalm hath no particular relation to the fact
mentioned in the title ; namely, Saul's attempt to
cut off David by assassination. From expressions
in the 5th, 11th, and 13th verses, I should
it was composed after David was king, when the
public safety was intimately connected with his own;
and that the danger to the author and the state was
not from private assassins, but from a foreign enemy
openly in arms; nor from a single enemy, but from
a powerful confederacy, (2, 3.) The principal ene-
my is described as a perfidious enemy, who had bro-
ken faith with the Psalmist without provocation,

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V. 3, 4, 12. From all these circumstances I should guess, that the particular occasion upon which this psalm was composed, was the news of the confederacy between the Ammonites and the Syrians of Zoba, Beth-rehob, Ishtob, and Maacah, after the affront put upon David, in the person of his ambassadors, by Hanun the king of the Ammonites, see 2 Sam. X. But yet when I consider that the enemies, against whom the Psalmist invokes the divine aid, are described in the second verse under the general characters of the “dealers in iniquity, and men of blood,” that is, of idolaters and persecutors, I have no doubt that the poem is entirely mystic; that the Psalmist personates the Messiah or the persecuted church, and prays for deliverance from the atheistical conspiracy of apostate angels and impious men; and, in particular, predicts God's judgement on the Jewish nation. This psalm is one of the Michtams. *

1 Rescue me from mine enemies, O God;

Set me high above them-that-rise-against me.

* Mudge thinks this psalm resembles the Xth, and that the occasion of both was the same. I see little of this similitude. The Xth psalm, I am persuaded, hath no relation to Sennacherib's invasion, or any particular calamity of the Jewish state.

2 Rescue me from the workers of iniquity,

And save me from the men of blood *.

3 For behold they lie in wait for my life ;

The mighty make a stir † against me,
For no disobedience, no sin of mine, O Jeho-


4 Without my fault they hurry and make ready;

Awake at-my-invocation t, and have-thine-eye

upon me. ||

5 For thou, O Jehovah, God of hosts,

Art the God of Israel.

Awake to visit all the heathen;
Take-thou-no-pity upon any who revolt to ido.


* “ Workers of iniquity,” and “ mien of blood.” Idolaters and persecutors.

+ Or, “are stirred up." See LVI, 7. † “ At my invocation.” Vid. Numb. XXIII, 3. and XXIV, 1.

H i. e. Take care of me. See verse 10, and Dr Durell upon verses 2, 3, 4.

6 They return every evening, *

They rage like dogs,
And surround the city.

7 Behold they foam at the mouth ;

Swords are in their lips;
For who heareth ?

8 But thou, O Jehovah, shalt make sport of them ;

Thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.

9 O my Strength, I will keep-upon-the watch for


Truly God is my defence, the God of my mercy.t

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10 God shall give me ready help,
He shall-watch-my-safety among mine ene-

mies. [A]

11 Slay them not,

Lest my people forget.
[B] Scatter them in thy strength,

* The image is that of a mischievous beast, returning at a stated season for a sly purpose.

+ See verse 17.

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