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Father's House, that thou Mouldst this follow me with thy Bleflings? I was created by thee and for thee, and mayít thou ever be the Comiort of my Soul. God Jurus, my Hope and only Retuge, I here render thee hearty Thinks for all thy Sufferings, and I beg that I muy find shelter in tlay Wounds against all Enemies, Ghostly, and Bodily: Imprint the Memory of them taft in my Heart, that I may love thee, and in all my Sufferings never want thy divine Affistance, cr forget what thou hast suffered for me. Take from me all Sulf-Love, and give me verfect Love for thee, that I may now be more faithful in my Duty; and let nothing ior the future put me out of my Way : 0 that I could ever remeinber thee, think of thee, and delight in thec alone, and love thee only, who hast loved us, and washed us with hy most precious Blood from the Guilt of our Sins. Othat my Senses may ever be fhut against all Vanity and Sin, that my mind be from all fruitless Solicitude and Fear, I may fix my Heart there where true are only to be found. From henceforth I will seek unto thee my only Good; my Affecticns and Desires shall be fixed on thee, in whose presence there is Fulness of Joy, and at whose right Hand there are pleasures for evermore.My Will I now resign into thy Hands, desiring that thy Will may be mine, both now and for ever. Be thou my Instructor and Director in all things, that I may never do or speak, defire or think, any thing but what is according to thy good Will. 2. I AM thy Servant, O Lord, O give me Understanding according to thy

Word, that I nay learn thy Commandments, and lay aside all Interest, beside that of Heaven. O sweet Jefus, Fountain of all Goodness, guide my Feet in thy Paths, and teach me to do thy Will: Disengage my Heart from all unprofitable Solicitude and vain Desires; and though Ülive here upon Earth, yet raise my Affections to Things above. How sweet O Lord, is thy Spirit ! how pleasant to my lips are the Words of thy Mouth! O that I could ever be mindful of them, to fulfil thy laws! Make me to die daily to the World and all its Vanities, and let the Greatness of thy Love make all that is earthly appear as nothing to me. Protect me against mine Enemies, and in all Dangers appear in my Defence : Make haste to help me, () Lord, and say unto my Soul, I am thy Salvation. Remember thou art my Redeemer, and have compassion on my poor distressed Soul; clothe it with all Virtue, and feed it with thy Grace, for it belongs to thee to take care of those whom thou hast sedeemed. In thee I live, sweet Jesus, for thy fake I desire to die; both living and dying I will ever profess that thou art good, and that thy Mercy endures for ever. 3. That I could now give thee, O Lord, all that Praise, Glory and Honour;

U with which the Angels and blessed Spirits glorify thee in Heaven ! Bur because I am unable to do this, accept at least this my Desire and good Will.' Deliver me, O God, from every thing that is contrary to thy Will, and be pleafed fo to dispose of my Soul as may be for thy Glory and Honour. Ifürren,

thee, O 1weet

der myself into thy hands, and entirely resolve to submit to that State of life thou fhalt please to appoint me; and if it be more for thy honour that I suffer, I chearfully accept it ; not my Will, but thine be done. Let nothing be now my Comfort but thou, Lord Jesu, and nothing afiiiet me but my Sins, and whatever else is dilo pleasing to thy divine Majesty. O blefld Jelus, Life Eternal, by whom I live, and without whom I die, grant that I may now be united to thec, and that in the Embraces of thy holy Love and divine Will, I may rest for ever. When shall 1c known the Power of thy Divinity, and proved thyself the true Messias, keep me fted fast in this Faith ; and grant, that all the Actions of my Life may testify the Rc lity and Sirc:rity of my Belief, by a luitable Conversation; that I may rise from the Death of Sin unto the Life of Righteousness; that as I am buried with thoe hy Eaptiim, I may hencefor h ortify all my corrupt Lufts and Affections, and duly procerd in all Virtue and God iness of Living, that departing this Lite in thy Faith an Fear, I may have a perfect Contummation and Bliss, both in Body and S. u', in thy eternal everlasting Kingdom, wno liveft and rignest with the Father and t; eH ly Ghost, one God, World without End. Amen. Sos Pfulm ii. Ivii. cxi.

Saviour ; when shall I appear before thy Face; when thall Ice thee in the land of the Living ! Till then, I sigh and bewail my Banishment, defiring to be diffolvid, and to be with Christ.

An Axt of Thankfulnes and Resolution before the Polt-Communion begins DRAISE the Lord, O my Sul, and all that is within me bless his boly Name ; for

now I find the Mercy, the Peace, the Comtort, and the Grace which flows from this Fountain of Spiritual Communion with Christ: Let all the World know what he hath done for my Soul; he hath rescued me, and many of thele my poor Brethren, from the nethermost Hell : Wherefore I will love thec, O holy Jesu, more than I can express, and live and die in that most holy Religion which theu haft revealed to me. O let me never pollute that Body, defile that Soul, which the Saviour of the World delights to dwell in. Olet no Oaths or Lyings, Backbitings or Slanderings, profine thiofe Lips, no Obicenitv or Intemperance pollure that Mouth, through which thete holy Symbuls have so lately passed : Por which fresh instance of thy Mercy and Goodness, I will praise thy holy Nime beseeching thee to keep me in this Temper and Resolution of Mind, until D-ain is swallowed up in Victory. Amen. Upon Christmas Day, and leven Days after, you may add these to your other Devotions. Y Desire, O Lord, to blets and praise thine infinite Goodneis, who didtt take

| Compaffion upon Mankind in their greatest Misery, and haft provided fo admisable a Remedy, by tending thy only begotten Son to recover our corrupt and die generate Nature, and by the Purity of his Doctrine, the Example of his I ife, and the Sacrifice of his death, to purchase eternal Happinets for us. Grant, O Lord, that through the Alliitance o! thy Grace and heavenly Benediction, 1.o comply with those great things which thou hast done and designed for my Salvation. Pofless my Soul with Purity and Piery, and all other Christian Graces and Virtues ; that living foberly, righteousy, and godly in this present World, I may hercafter dwell w th chee, O Father of Mercícs, and God of all Comforts, in thole Mansions of Bliss and Glory which thou hast prepared for them that love thee. Amen. See Psal. xix. Ixxxix. xliv.

Easter-Day, and feven Days after. D łeffed Jesus, who haft triumphed over the Powers of Darkness, and conquerD ed Hell and the Grave, and who, by thy glorious Resurrection, haft made

Whitsunday, and hx Days after. O Lord my God, who, by thy Son our Saviour Jesus Chrift, haft promised the

Allistance o thy Holy Spirii 10 all that ask it of thee, I besecch thee always to direct my Ways and Actions, the thoughts and Intention of ny Heart, by the light if thy foly Spirit. Let him be unto me a Spirit of Sanctification, to purify my cc supr Natur ; a Spirit of Counsel in all my Difficuitits; of Direction in all

eurs anii Scruples; ot Courage in all my Dangers ; ot Constancy als Cin:olation to me under ail iny Persecutions and Sifferings, especially in liie of Sickness, and at the Hour of Death ; that being governed and guided by his divine influince and Direction, I may pats through ail the Changes and Chancês

of this mortal Lie, vill he brings ma to ever asting Life, there to reign with the ever-blessed and gloriou. Trinity, World without End. Amin. Sec Palm xxxiv. xlil siji. li.

Trinity-Sunday.. O Lory be to thee; O God the Fitner, for creating me after thine own Image,

I capable of loving t:ee, and enjoying thee eternally; for recovering me from a Stite f Sin ani Miley, when I had loft and undone m felf.Glory be to thee O Gud th Son, for undertaking the wonderful Work of Man's Redemption, for rescuing me from the Slavery of sin, and the Dominion of Saran; for the acc implıthing which miraculous Work of our salvation, thou didst descend trum Heaven, aid didft put on the Form of a vervant, I've a miserable Life, nd die a painitul and accursed Death Glory be to thee, O God he Holy Ghost, for those miraculous Gifts and Graces thou Ji'lt bestow upon the Apostles, and for thote ordinary Gues, wh rebv Gncere Christians in all Ages are enabled to work out their Salvation; for thy preventing and rest aining Grace; for the lu duing our understandings and affections to the Obedience of Faith' and Godliness for inspiring us with good Thoughts and kindling goor Delires in our Souls; for assisting us in all the Methods of pro. curing eternal happincis-Blessing and Honour, Thanksgiving and Praise, nore than I can express or conceive, be unto thee, O Father, Son, and Huly Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen.

See Pjaim ii. xlvii. Ixxii. cx.

After the Blessing, namely The Peace of God. n Rant, O Lord, i hat we, and all thy faithful Servants, who have this Day been W Partakers of the holy Sacrament, may obtain Remission of our Sins, and be ccrifirred in Piety towards God, and in Charity towards our Neighbour; and may be delivered from the Power and Temptations of Satan, and being filled with thy Spirir, may become worthy Members of Christ's Holy Church, and at last inherit eternal Life, through the Tame our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

A I kanksgiving after the Sacrament, to be said at Home. OTTHOU, O my God, hait comforted my Soul, thou hist strengthened and re

1 freshed me with thy Blessings, and rejoiced my Heart with the Tokens of thy love. How transporting are thy Comtorts, and how ravishing the Effects of thy Goodness towards them that fear thee ! T'hou hast treated a vile Sinner at tby own Table, and fed me with the Bread that came down from Herven. In what am I better than those to whom thou dost not grant this Favour? It is not for my Merits, but because thou wilt be glorified in doing good to the most un. worthy, thou hast this Day made me a happy Example of this thy free Grace and Bounty. Grant me this Favour allo, O my God, that through the whole Course of my life I may give thec Praise and Glory; that the due sense of thy Mercies may make me unfeignedly thanksul; and ihat my Thankfulness may appear in a Care to walk before thee in Holiness, Sobriety and Righteousness, all the Days of iny Life.

A Prayer in private after receiving the Holy Communion.
How plentiful is thy Goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear

thee, which thcu haft prepared for them that put their Trust in thy Mercy even before the Sons of Men ! I praise and magnify thy great and glorious Name, O Lord, for all those manifold Mercies and Comforts which thou hast bestowed upon me, ever since I was born. O Lord God, who haft been my trust from my Youth, by thee have I been holden up from the Womb; my Praise shall continua'. Jy be of thee : but above all, blessed and for ever blessed be thy holy. Name, for the Manifestaion of thy Son Jelus Chrift, the Fountain and Foundation of all our Happiness, and for feeding me this day (who am unworthy of the least of thy Mcrcies) with the spiritual Food of his most precious Body and Bloot, to my great and endlets Comfort. Enable me, O Lord, through thy gracious Affistance, to perform the Conditions of that Sacramental Covenant which I have this day so folemnly renewed and confirmed in thy Presence, and at thy Table, that through the Strength and Power of that heavenly Food I have there been Partaker of, I may daily grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of Christ Jesus, and abound in every good Word and Work. And subdue in me all those inordinate Lusts and corrupt Affections which war against my Soul ; purify my Mind from all evil Thoughts, bad Intentions, and evil Designs ; and suffer not Pride, Vain-glory,

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Prayers.. and Meditations. ::..

29 Self-love, Malice, Hatred, or Revenge, or any other Evil whatsoever, to reign in my mortal Body ; but do thou keep it for ever in the Purpose of my Heart, faithfully to fulfil these my Baptismat Vows and Resolutions which I have now again renewed at thy holy Table; that by persevering in all Virtu: and Holiness of Life, I may at length be an. Inheritor of that infinite Happiness and Glory, which thou hast promised by Christ our Lord. Amen.

MORNING PRAY E R. · Donder my Words, O Lord, consider my Meditations: My Voice shalt thou hear

[ betimes, o Lord; carly in the Morning I will direct my Prayer unto thee, and will look up, Pfal. v. 1, 3. Almighty God, who dwelling in the highest Heavens, yet vouchiafest to regard the lowest Creature here upon Earth, I humbly adore thy sacred Maj-sty, and with all the Powers of my Soul and Body do exalt and praise thy holy Name, for all the Mercies and Comforts of this Life, and for the Hopes and Assurance of a better; for protecting me froin the Evils and Dangers of the Night past, and for bringing me fate to the Light of a new Day ; continue this thy Mercy and Goodness to me, and as thou hast awakened my Body from Sleep, so saíre my soul from the Death of Sin unto a Life of Righteousness. Deliver me, O God, from the Evils of this Day, and guide my Fuet in the Paths of Peace and Holiness, and strengthen my Resolutions to embrace all Opportunities of doing

Good, and carefully to avoid all occasions of Evil, elpecially thole tich "Sins. as Sins * which by Nature and Inclina ion I am most likely to fall into : you are mot And when through Frailty, or the Violence of any other Temptation, I afraid ot,

fail from my Duty, do thou in Mercy restore me again with a double Portion of thy Grace and holy Spirit, to maintain a more vigorous Defence against Satan and his Devices. Shower down thy Graces and Bleilings upon all my Relations, fon my Father and Mother, on my. Bretbren and Sisters) on all my Friends, and give thy holy Angels Clarge over them, to protect them from all Sin and Danger. Make me diligent in the Duties of my Caliing, and that in all the Changes and Chanc:s of this Life, I may abl lutely submit ro thy divine Praia vidence. Let thy Blesfings be upon my Actions, and let thy Wildom direct my Intentions, that so the whole Courte of my Life, and the principal Designs of my Heart, may be ordered by thy Governance to do always that is righteous in 'thy Sight, through Jelus Christ our Lord. Amen. . See Psalm jv. xvi. xvii. xxiii. Ixxxvi.

EVENING PRAYER. . ET my Proyer, O Lord, be Jet forth as Incense and the lifting up of my Fland's L be as in i jening Sacrifice, Plil. cxli. 2. O Lord our Heavenly Father, Almight ' Evcalling God, whose Glory the H-aven of Heavens cannot contain, tock in. im lui hrone of thy Mjeity, and behold thy unworthy Sirvant,

ott. : toot of thy' Mercy-seat, humbly conlelling unto theo the Vanit. erd... of my whole Lite; especially the Omiffions of my Duty and Com

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