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General statement of the work of the office, with a list of its publications during the

year, v-is; the census in its relations to education, with tables and diagrams, ix-

xliii; summary of school age, population, enrolment, attendance, &c., xliii, xliv;

summary of the teachers employed in the public schools and their average monthly

salaries, xlv, xlvi; summary of annual income and expenditure for public schools,

xlvii, xlviii; summary of per capita expenditure, xlix, 1; statistical generalization by

years and topics, with remarks, 1-liv; the district system, liv, lv; qualifications and

appointment of teachers, lvi-lviii; school supervision, lviii-lx; courses of study, lx-

lxiii; tables of illiteracy among minors from the census of 1880, lxiii-lxix; summary

of the educational condition of the States and Territories, lxix-lxxxi; comparative

statistics of education in the South, with figures respecting the education of the

colored race and remarks, lxxxi-lxxxix; Peabody fund, xc, xci; summary of school sta-

tistics of cities, xcii-crii; school accommodation and attendance in cities, cviii-cx;

illiteracy in cities, cxi-cxiii; city primary schools, cxiv; city schools of higher grade,

cxiv, cxv; evening and special schools in cities, cxv, cxvi; city school finances,

moral and physical training, cxvi; summary of normal school statistics, cxvii-

cxxii; appropriations for normal schools, with remarks, cxxiii-cxxvii; comparative

requirements for admission to normal and to professional schools, cxxvii, cxxviii;

courses of study in normal schools at home and abroad, cxxviii-cxxxi; teach-

ers' institutes, cxxxi, cxxxii; pormal training in the colleges, cxxxii, cxxxiii; sum-

mary of statistics of commercial and business colleges, cxxxiii, cxxxiv; summary

of statistics of Kindergärten, cxxxv; public schools and Kindergärten, cxxxvi,

xxxvii; normal Kindergarten instruction, cxxxvii, cxxxviii; essential needs of a

Kindergarten, cxxxviii; summary of statistics of pupils receiving secondary in-

struction, with remarks, cxxxviii-cxlv ; summary of statistics of preparatory

schools, cxlvi, cxlvii; summary of statistics of institutions for the superior educa-

tion of women, with remarks, cxlvii-clii; summary of statistics of universities

and colleges, with a summary of college entrance examinations, preparatory depart-

ments, and remarks, clii-clx; hygiene in college, growth of Yale College, clxi;

elective systems, clxi-clxiii; variations in college attendance, clxiii-clxv ; schools

of political science, clxv, clxvi; summary of statistics of schools of science,

with remarks, clavi-clxx; physics and chemistry, clxx-clxxii; instruction in

mechanical engineering, clxxii-clxxviii; manual training schools, clxxviii, clxxix;

industrial school for miners and mechanics, clxxix, clxxx; Royal Agricultural High

School of Berlin, clxxx-clxxxii; summary of statistics of schools of theology,

clxxxii-clxxxiv; summary of statistics of schools of law, with remarks, clxxxiv-

clxxxviii; summary of statistics of schools of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy,

clxxxviii-cxci; courses preparatory to the study of medicine, cxci, cxcii; entrance

examinations to medical schools, cxcii, cxciii; character and progress of medical

instruction, cxciii-cxcv; summary of statistics of degrees conferred, cxcv-cc;

summary of statistics of public libraries, cei; library management, ccii, cciii;

libraries and schools, cciii, cciv; catalogues and indexes, cciv; summary of

statistics of training schools for nurses, with remarks, ccv, ccvi; statistics of

defective classes in the United States, ccvi-ccviii; summary of statistics

of institutions for the deaf and dumb, ccix, ccx; day schools for deaf-mutes,

ccxi, ccxii; literary and industrial instruction for deaf-mutes, ccxii-ccxiv; National

Deaf-Mute College, ccxiv, ccxv; summary of statistics of schools for the blind, ccxv;

sketch of the history of schools for the blind, ccxvi, ccxvii ; printing for the blind,

ccxvii, ccxviii; instruction of the blind, ccxviii, ccxix; summary of statistics of

schools for the feeble-minded, ccxix; classification and instruction of the feeble-

minded, ccxx, ccxxi; causes of idiocy, ccxxi; summary of statistics of reform

schools, with remarks, ccxxii-ccxxiv; reformatory system of Michigan, ccxxiv,

ccxxv; the family system in reform schools, ccxxv; New Jersey State Reform

School, ccxxv, ccxxvi; institntions for the reformation of girls, ccxxvi-ccxxix;

summary of statistics of orphan homes and asylums, ccxxix-ccxxxi; summary of

educational benefactions, with remarks, ccxxxi-ccxxxiii; summary of educational

publications, ccxxxiii; summary of patents for improvements in school furniture,

ccxxxiv, ccxxxv; education in foreign countries, ccxxxv-cclxxvi; recommendations,

cclxxvi, cclxxvii



Abstracts of the official reports of the school officers of States, Territories, and

cities, with other additional information...

Educational associations and conventions..


TABLE I. Statistics of the school systems of the States and Territories..

II. School statistics of cities containing 7,500 inhabitants and over

III. Statistics of normal schools ....

IV. Statistics of commercial and business colleges

V. Statistics of Kindergärten ...

VI. Statistics of institutions for secondary instruction.

VII. Statistics of preparatory schools .......

VIII. Statistics of institutions for the superior instruction of women

IX. Statistics of universities and colleges

X. Statistics of schools of science

XI. Statistics of schools of theology..

XII. Statistics of schools of law......

XIII. Statistics of schools of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy

XIV. Summary of examinations for admission to the United States Military

and Naval Academies......

XV. Degrees conferred in 1880 by universities, colleges, scientific and other

professional schools, and by schools for the superior instruction of


XVI. Statistics of additional public libraries numbering 300 volumes or up-

wards ...

XVII. Statistics of training schools for nurses ....

XVIII. Statistics of institutions for the deaf and dumb...

XIX. Statistics of institutions for the blind.......

XX. Statistics of schools and asylums for feeble-minded children.....

XXI. Statistics of reform schools ....

XXII. Statistics of orphan asylums, soldiers' orphans' homes, infant asylums,

and industrial schools ....

XXIII. Statistics of educational benefactions...

XXIV. Publications, educational, historical, &c......

XXV. Improvements in school furniture, apparatus, &c., patented in 1881


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