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City of Pittsburg, 89. 1, John M. Snowden, Mayor of the said city, do here

by certify the foregoing to be a tre copy of certain resolutions passed by the Select and Com

mon Councils of the city aforesaid. In testimony (L. S.] whereof, and in compliance with the said resolu

tions, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the city to be affixed, this twenty-sixth day of April, A. D. 1827.

Mayor's Office, Pittsburg, April 26, 1827. Sir,--I have the honour to enclose you the annexed attested copy of sundry proceedings and resolutions of the select and common councils of the city of Pittsburg, which I beg leave respectfully to request that you will cause to be presented to the canal commissioners, at their first mecting, which I understand will take place some time in May next.

I am also requested to inform the board through you, that a further examination of the different proposed routes through the city, for the termination of the canal is now making under the authority of the city, and that the councils respectfully request of the board of canal commissioners that they will suspend deciding on this important question, until time has been afforded for receiving the report.

I have the honour to be your ob't servant,


Mayor of the city of Pittsburg. Wm. Darlington, esq.

President of the board of canal commissioners.

Section 102 crossing Gurtie's mill 24 ch Excavation 7793 yds at 6cts

467 58 Embankment 22,423 yds 10cts 2242 30 103 length 21 Excavation 5976 yds at 7 cents

418 32 Embankment 2712 yds 10c 271 20 104 passing salt works, 24 ch. Excavation 7873 yds 7c

551 11 Embankment 12057 y. 10c 1205 70

Slope wall. 950 perches at 750 712 50 105 passing Hare's 18 ch. Excavation 9774 yds at 10c

977 40 Embankment 2400 yds 10c 240 00 Grubbing 15 chains 4dols

60 00 106 length 21 ch Excavation 9114 y. at 9 cents

820 26 107 length 21 Excavation 6972 y. 9c 627 48 108 to upper aqueduct to the curve

10 ch. Excavation 4340 yds 9c 390, 60

27,359 30 Embankment 25,399 yards 8 ch.

10 to river to common aque-
duct at 10c

2539 90 On south side of river 10ch. Em

bankment 20,907 y. at 10c 2090 70 To end of section 108 old line 13

ch. Ecavation 10,095 y. at 7c 706 75 Grubbing orchard

30 00 109 south side 21 ch. Excavation 3885 yds at 6 cents

233 10 Embankment 1449 yds at 10c 144 90 110 Spring alley 21 ch Excavation 1050 yds at 6c

63 00 Embankment 8043 yds at 10cts. 804 30 111 to Washington st. 230.7 ch. Excavation 995 yds at 6cts

59 70 Embankment 9527 yds 10c 952 70 11 road and farm bridges at 4000ls 4400 00 Aqueduct at Pine cr. high level

10000 00 Culvert at Gurtie's run 1000 00 Do at salt works 250 00

11,250 00 Aqueduct over the Alleghany

below Hare's island 1100 ft 96,667 00 Making 2 miles 14 chains of But.

ler turnpike roads, at $20 3480 00 Add for contingencies 10 pr ct. 15078 13

Estimated expense from Pine cr.

to Washington st. crossing at Hare's island

165,859 48

5. To the President of the board of canal commissioners

of the Pennsylvania canal. Gentlemen-In obedience to your resolution and instructions, dated 8th February, 1827, the following surveys and estimates have been made, viz: Beginning at the lower end of section No. 92, and making a lock of six fect below the Deer creek level and continue the same level to a point below Hare's island, and also to a point opposite Washington street, for the purpose of recrossing the Allegheny river, at one of those places by an aqueduct. Divided into sections as follows.

One lock 6 feet lift at

$3600 00 Section 93 length 18ch Excavation 2544 yds

at 6 cents

152 64 Embankment 5522 yds at 9cts 496 98 94 length 21 Excavation 2835 yds at 6 cents

170 10 Embankment 3717 yds. at 9cts 334 53 Grubbing in orchard

20 00 95 length 21 Excavation 2717 yds at 6 cts.

163 02 Embankment 8499 yds. at 9cts 764 91 Grubbing 14 ch. at $4

56 00 96 length 18 Excavation 333 yds 6cts 19 98

Embankment 11150 yds 10cts 1115 00

Grubbing 18 chains at 5dols 90 00 97 crossing Pine cr. 24 Excavation 4692 yds 10cts

469 20 Embankment 48,206 yds 10cts 4820 60

Grubbing 14 chains at 5dols 70 00 98 passing Buffington's, 21 Excavation, 11,862 yds at 10cts

1186 20 Embankment 7824 yds 10cts 782 40

Grubbing 11 chains at 3dols 33 00 99 length 21 Excavation 8145 y.10c 814 50

Embankment 4800 yds 10cts 480 00
Grubbing 11 chains 4dols

44 00
100 length 21 Excavation 11,113 yds
10 cents

1111 30 Embankment 389 yds 10cts 38 90 Grubbing 11 chains 4dols

44 00 101 length 18 Excavation 14,076 y.10c1407 60 Grubbing 18 chains 5dols

90 00

The expense of constructing the canal on the same level, and of continuing the same to a point opposite Washington street, and there crossing with an aqueduct and terminating in Spring alley, between Liberty and Penn-streets, as follows: From Pine creek to the commencement of the curve,

for the crossing below Hare's island 27,359 30 Sec. 108, 11 chains excavation 4774 yds. 9c 429 66 Sec. 109, Saw mill run 27 ch. excavation 10948 yds. at 7cts

766 36 Embankment 47588 yds. at 10 cts.

4758 80 Grubbing 4 ch. at 4 dols

16 00 Section 110 goes to the river opposite Wash.

ington street, length 32.52 Excavation 37,040 yards a 7 cts.

2,592 80 Embankment to river 39,654 yards a 10 cts. 3,965 40 South side of river in Washington street to

Spring alley 14 eh embankment from river 15,528 yd,. at 10 cts.

1,552 80 Excavation 4336 yds. a 7 cts.

303 52 Road and farm bridges, 8 a $400

3,200 00

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Butler turnpike road to be made 2 m. 32 ch.

minadon in the Monongahela river. Between Diamond at $20

3,840 00 alley and Fourth street, the canal will occupy a part of Aqueduct at Pine creek, on high level 10,000 00 363, 364, 365 and part of 366. The cutting in the centre Culvert at Gurtie's run

1,000 00 is 53 feet; the lower side cutting is 22 feet, and the upDo. at Salt works

250 00 per is 83 feet. The slope of the sides being 18 inches Do. at Saw Mill run

1,000 00 to a foot. This is on Grant's hill, which is composed of Aqueduct over the Allegheny at Washington

indurated clay and veins of rock of several kinds. (It street, 1,100 feet long

96,667 00 is probable this would stand at an angle of 60°, if so, Add for contingencies, 10 per cent. 15,780 16 much cutting might be saved.) It may answer to cut the

slopes to a steeper angle, if so it would take less breadth $173,581 80 up the hill, &c. Towards Fourth street the hill subsides.

From Fourth street the canal will occupy lots 307, and In pursuance of that part of my instructions from the the slopes part of 306 and 308, quite to Third street. board, which relates to the canal passing through the Between Fourth and Third streets, the following buildcity of Pittsburg to the Monongahela river, the following ings will be injured and destroyed: On lot 308, a woodsurveys and estimates, with a plan and profile of the en house and stable to be removed; on 307 a brick house same, has been made, a copy of which has been

depo- occupied by Mr. Holdship, removed, and all the back sited with the mayor of the city of Pittsburg for the use buildings within the limits staked out, to be removed. of the corporation. Said report is as follows, viz.

The average width on those lots is 63 feet on the right,

and 55 feet on the left of the centre line. To the hon. the Mayor of the City of Pittsburg. From 3d to 2d streets the canal will occupy lots No.

293, 294 and 295, on which the following buildings will Sir,--Agreeably to a resolution of the board of canal be injured or destroyed: A chairmaker's shop and all the commissioners, dated Harrisburg, 8th February 1827, I kitchens and back buildings in the rear of houses frontam directed to furnish you, for the use of the corpora- ing on Smithfield street, on lot No. 293, and a house on tion of the city of Pittsburg, a draft and specifications of 294, occupied by Mr. Rahm, all to be removed, and all the several canal routes through the city, as therein other buildings, &c. within the limits staked out. From mentioned: and in pursuance of which, I have made the 2d to 1st street, the lots occupied by the canal are Nos. following surveys and estimates of the canal routes 208, 209 and 210. The buildings to be removed are a through the city of Pittsburg, which are laid off and frame house on 210 fronting 2d street, two frame houses staked out upon the ground, viz.

on centre of canal on lot No. 209, and on same lot a From the abutment of the proposed aqueduct at the frame house fronting on Front street, and on 208, Mr. foot of Washington street, on the Allegheny river, thence Anshut's brick stable, and on 210 two old log kitchens along the centre of Washington street, and to the left of on Front street, all to be removed. From Front or 1st and parallel to Grant street, (about half the width of the street the locks extend 400 feet to the termination in canal) to the foot of Grant's hill, near the head of Hog's the river. The lots occupied by the locks are Nos. 195, pond; thence along the said pond and the foot of Grant's 196, 197, the centre on 196. The following buildings hill, to a point 80 feet from the easterly side of Smith. to be removed and mutilated: a wooden stable and brick field street to the Monongahela river, above the bridge, house and back buildings on lot No. 196 on Water street terminating at a point parallel to the fan of the abutment and a brick and frame stable or kitchen joining the stone of said bridge.

house on the corner of Water and Smithfield strects, A map shewing the lines and curves of the canal, and and probably undermine the stone house on the said the profile of the ground will accompany these specifi- corner. Through the whole of this route, the centre cations.

line of the canal, the towing-path on the left and the In viewing the actual location of the canal as staked out bench or berm bank on the right are staked off on the on the above route, it appears that the lots of ground to ground and the stakes marked and numbered. The cenbe more or less occupied by the buildings which will be tre denotes the depth of cutting, and the side stakes demore or less injured or destroyed by the canal, will be note the distance from the centre where the excavation as follows: Beginning at the foot of Washington street, is to commence, and all the buildings between the outside the embankment will cover about 42 feet of lot No. 74, or slope stakes are to be removed and are intended to be near the aqueduct, but will diminish in width as the described. Those buildings standing near to, but outground rises towards Penn street. On the left hand side side of the slope stakes, may be injured if the ground is 35 feet will be covered more than the breadth of Wash- sandy; but those most exposed are intended to be deington street, at the lower end, and five feet more at scribed. All the staking off is recorded for inspection Penn street. A small brick magazine will be partly co- and future reference. vered, on the left side of Washington street, and about ten feet taken off the small houses and sheds on the

The expense to be incurred in constructing the canal 8. E. corner of Washington street and the turnpike.

on the Grant's hill route as above described, is as follows,

viz: Between Penn and Liberty st, the canal will occupy 4 ft. on Penn street, and thirty feet on Liberty street, from Embankment at abutment of the aqueduct, lot No. 75. From Liberty street, the centre line curves 15,528.32 yds. at 10 cents.

1,552 83 and runs to the left of and parallel to Grant street, on No. 9, 27 ch. Excavation in the canal to go vacant ground, but the canal will occupy about half of into the embankment, 20,318.06 yards 10 Grant street as it now runs. The canal tow path will

2,031 80 take a small kitchen from a house occupied by Mr.Bower No.16, 21ch. Excavation to the ponds along near Seventh street, and near the head of the little ponds Grant's hill, 32,747.69 yds. 12 cents 4,093 46 the canal will remove two small shops or stables built of To 4th street 7 ch. 48 links, Excavation cuts wood. Here the canal curves and runs on vacant lots heavy upon Grant's hill, 58,428.85 yards, of ground along the ponds and the foot of Grant's Hill, 20 cents

11,685 77 to lots No. 426 and 427, on which is a tannery which to head of locks, 7 ch. 50 links Excavation must be wholly removed. On lots No. 421, 422, the from 4th to 1st streets, to head of locks canal is part in the pond and part on the hill side, to 5th heavy cutting, 32,185.13 yds. 12 cents 4,023 14 street, where the pond ends. From Fifth street the line Lock pits Excavation from the head of the runs on lots 377, 378, and a small part of 376, to Dia locks to fan of abutment, the lock pits and mond alley. Near Diamond alley the line curves, and wings, the excavation calculated to stand the centre line of the canal is 80 feet from and runs pa on an angle of 45°, 33,947.31 yards 121 rallel to the easterly side of Smithfield strect to the ter: cents

4,243 41





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Building 39 feet of lockage in four combined

13 Bridges for streets and alleys at $600 each 7,800 DO locks including the foundations and sheet

Contingencies 10 per cent

5,051 57 piling, and all the materials of wood,stone, lime, sand, iron, &c. for the locks, gates;

$55,567 35 &c. and their appendages and landing up the locks, the whole to be completed in a

Distance 74. 41 from Washington street. workmanlike manner, (and considering

This canal is at present staked out, the size which the the great depth of the lock pits and the

law requires, viz. 28 feet wide on the bottom, 40 feet * want of room to deposite such vast quanti

at the top water line, and the towing path 8 feet wide, ties of materials,) $800 per foot lift

but no berm is included. I would recommend to the

31,200 00 Nine road bridges over the canal, 600 5,400 00

canal commissioners, to wall up the sides of the canal, Add for contingencies, 10 per cent

6,423 04

and to reduce the width at top water line to 32 feet in

the clear, and allow 8 feet for the tow path, which I Distance 69 ch. 57 links from river to river

would recommend to be made on the Penn street side of

70,653 45 Deduct difference in routes near Diamond

the canal, this would require but 40 feet for the canal alley

5,620 17

and towing-path through the city. The wall required

would be 6 feet high, average 2 feet thick, equal to 65,033 28

4500 perches. This line when completed would be

the handsomest in the city. This is the line as recommended for examination at Har

Specifications and Descriptions. risburg; but it may be varied between Diamond alley The following width of ground will be occupied by and Fourth street, and by occupying about ten feet of the canal, from which must be removed all the buildings Smithfield street, and cut less on the declivity of Grant's and improvements thereon, between Liberty and Penn hill. The difference in cutting is 20,100.85 cubic yardls street, as is staked out on the ground, beginning at at 20 cents, 5,620 dols. 17 cents; but when completed, Washington street, from thence to Wayne strect, the the direct line in such deep cutting would be preferred. average width required for the canal and tow-path will As the canal, from section No. 9 to the termination in the be 63 fect. This would be necessary, as a part of the Monongahela, will afford a vast quantity of surplus distance the canal has some embankments. One frame carth and rock, or spoil bank, it is necessary that some dwelling house and a few small buildings to be moved. place of deposite should be designated by the proper From Wayne street to Garrison alley, the average authority of the city. I have supposed it must go to the breadth required is 54 feet. A small frame stable, and a rivers principally from the south end.

shed, and the yards to be moved. From Garrison alley As the ground from Fourth street to the river is very to Hand street, the average breadth required is 63 3-10 valuable and the cutting deep, I take the liberty to cal feet. The buildings to be moved are two small frame culate the quantity of wall which would be necessary to stables, several small dwellings and other buildings, and protect the sides, in order to save ground to the city. will take 4 feet from Jone's brick dwelling house.

The distance from Fourth street to the head of the From Iland street to Irwin's alley the average breadth locks is 7 chains 50 links or 495 fect.

required is 56 feet. The buildings to be moved, are The average cutting for that distance is 21 feet. several small wooden sheds and houses, a smith's shop The width to be cut open at the top averages 91 ft. and coal house, and half a brick stable on the left side of

If the sides were walled nearly perpendicular the width the canal. From Irwin's alley to Irwin's street, the necessary would be 60 feet in the clear at the top of the average breadth required is 52 2-10 feet. The buildings towpath. The wall required would be 5 feet at bottom to be moved are an iron house, a tobacco warehouse, a 2) at top, and 15 feet high, 2250 perches.

shop and a small stable, all frame buildings, and on the To reduce the width of the lock pits (after the locks left of the canal centre, takes 7 feet off a frame dwelling are completed) to 60 feet wide, would require a wall 300 house, and on the right, a small stable of little value and feet long each side, average 5 feet thick and averaging 5 feet off another stable on the left, and a small frame 30 feet high above the coping equal to 3600 perch. kitchen on the right. On Irwin street takes 1} foot off

The second route for the canal through the city as a frame house on the left, and a lime house, and frame, surveyed, is situated between Penn and Liberty streets. and several other buildings within the limits of the canal The centre line of the canal is 100 feet from Penn street to be moved. and 140 feet from Liberty street. The distance from the From Irwin street to Baker's alley, the average width Allegheny at the proposed aqueduct, to the Mononga- required is 66 feet. The buildings to be mutilated or hela on this line is 85 chains 11 links. This line from moved are 15 feet off Mr. Adam's large house, the whole Washington street is perfectly straight, and the lockage of his octagon and two-thirds of the kitchen, also adis distributed as follows. A lock of 5 feet at Garrison joining the alley, 4 vats and pump, frame and bark alley, and 12 chains and 53 links forward. A lock of 5 house, and part of a shop belonging to J. Thompson, feet is located at Barker's alley, and 36 chains forward. Currier. From Barker's alley to St. Clair street, the The remaining 29 feet of lockage is located, divided into average breadth required is 61 feet. Takes part of the 3 locks, 2 of 9 feet each and one of 11 feet lift; which vault of the Pittsburg brewery, and half a small brick last terminates in the Monongahela river, about three building opposite the brewery and others of small value. chains above the point. By this location of the locks, From St. Clair-street to Cecil alley, the average the cutting will average nearly 8 feet, which will make breadth required is 57 feet-takes on St. Clair-street a it the more convenient passing over the bridges, which large old frame duelling house and stable, a small frame must be built over the canal, at every street or alley on stable; and further on the line, a number of small wooden the line.

stables, &c. of small value, all to be moved from the The embankment and excavation necessary to make limits staked out for the canal and towpath. the canal from the proposed aqueduct to the Mononga From Cecil alley to Pitt street, the average hela on this route is as follows, viz.

required is 58 13-100 fect. Takes a frame stable of Mr. Embankment at proposed aqueduct

Hutchinson, and Mr. Hays frame stable. From Pitt to 15,528.32 yards at 10 cents

$1552 83 Hay-street, the average width required is 56 feet. The Excavation in the canal which must nearly

buildings to be mutilated or destroyed, are a new frame all be carried to the river and the embank.

kitchen, a frame stable a few fruit trees, the whole of a ment 41,150.71 yds. 15 cts

6,172 60 small brick house of Mr. Devo's. From Hay-street 10 Do. in lock pits 25,269 yds. 15 cts

3,790 35 Maroury-street, the average breadth required for the Lockage 39 feet in 5 locks completed at

canal is 77 feet, and will take half of Mr. Little's brick $800 per foot

31,200 00 house, and a part of a small frame kitchen on the left,





and five feet off a frame house and a kitchen adjoining

Tunnel Route. on Marbury street. From Marbury street to the Mon- Distance 61 chains 90 links from Washingongahela river, the average width required is 77 feet. ton st. to the mouth of Sukes run, estimate 85,767 49 The buildings to be moved are, a small house on Mar- Distance 69 chains 57 links by Smithfield st. bury street, a small frame house, block maker's shop, from river to river, estimate

65,033 28 a small frame dwelling house, a small frame stable; and Distance 85 chains 41 links by liberty and and part of a stable on the left; a frame carpenters shop, Penn st. from river to river, estimate 55,567 36 and one half the Fort Pitt magazine of stone, on the left, As the high level from Pine creek to Pittsburg, which a small frame stable at the head of lock No. 4, a frame has been run for the purpose of re-crossing the Alle. house, (old) a frame work shop, opposite lock No. 5, a gheny river on an aqueduct at either of the proposed frame stable on the left, near the river. There are vari- places, and from thence through the city to the Mononous other back buildings and fences, and some other gahela by any route which has been examined; would improvements in gardens within the limits staked out, be very inconvenient and expensive: I recommend to difficult to describe, but the stakes will define the limits the board the following location, which is estimated and required, and which will be prudently adhered to, each located as follows, viz: Make a lock of nine feet at Pine distance being accurately measured and recorded for creek, thence continue that level along the peninsula, further reference. A very convenient basin for the and below the narrows, and near Hare's make another city and Northern Libertics, can be made at or near nine foot lock. This will place the canal to much betWashington street and Spring alley, on either of these ter advantage along the bottom and the narrows, and two routes of the canal.

the Butler turnpike road can be placed on ground much In addition to the two canal routes directed to be lo- safer than on the steep declivities of those precipitous cated through the city by order of the canal commission. hills which are so liable to slope. Continue this level ers, I have re-surveyed and located the Juniata route, at to a short distance above saw mill run, there make the special request of the citizens by their representa- a lock of five feet lift, and enter the valley of Saw-mill tives. This line commences near the chapel, passes run, which is very favourable for a large natural basin, under Grant's hill by a tunnell, thence down the valley and a water weir, and for connecting the canal to the of Suke's run to its entrance into the Monongahela, river, opposite the Northern Liberties by two locks, one which is about one mile from the point or junction of of nine feet, the river lock of thirteen feet. From the the two rivers. The line of the canal and of the tunnel, basin at the Saw-mill run continue the level along the and a profile of the same, is accurately laid down on a bottoms through Allegheny town, below the street map herewith presented. This survey is to correspond leading to the bridge, here lock into the river by two with the Deer creek level, and supposes the canal to locks, one of nine feet

, the river lock of thirteen feet, cross the Allegheny at Pine creek.

and a convenient basin at the head of the upper lock,

for all which the ground is very favourable. Estimated as follows, beginning at Washington street. Distance 16.30, Excavation to 2 ch. forward of No. 9; above levels is as follows, viz: Beginning at the lower

The estimated expense of the canal and locks on the (Grant's hill route) 12,060.16 ys. at 10c 1,206 01

end of section 92, above Pine creek:
Distance 3.31, excavation rising Grant's hill
to 30 feet cutting, earth and rock, 9,118.89

Sec.93, length 18 chains, excavation 6869ys.
at 6 cents

412 14 yds. at 15 cents

1,367 83 Ali to be drawn perhaps, to Hog's pond.

94, length 21 ch. exca'tn. 8673 ys. at 6c 520 38 Distance 12. 29, tunnel 800 feet, equal to 20

95, length 21 ch. ditto 9324 ys. at 6c 559 44

56 00 feet diameter, through indurated clay and

Grubbing 14 chains, at 4 dollars 96, length 18 ch.

ditto 3330 ys. at 6c 199 80 layers of rock, at 25 dols. per foot lineal, 20,000 00

Embankm't. 1548 ys. a 10c 154 80 NOTE.-As the hill appears to be composed of alter


Grubbing nate layers of earth and rock, it is highly probable it

90 00 must be arched with cut stone masonry, supposing the

97, length 24 ch. exca'tn. 4878 ys. crosinside to be 18 feet in the clear, and the arch 18 inches

sing Pine creck at 10 cts. 487 80

Embankm't. 37528 ys. 10c 3752 80 thick-2981.48 perches, at 4 dollars a perch, including

Grubbing 14 ch. $5 70 00 centering

11,925 92

98, length 21 ch. exavation 17,766 ys. (An open cut instead of a tunnel, contains

1776 60 151,582.04 cubic yards, at 20 cts per yd.

(passing Buffington's)a10c

33 00

Grubbing 11 chs. $3 amount

30,316 40 Distance 6.28, Excavation from 30 feet cut

99, length 21, excavation 12,382 ys. 10c, 1238 20

44 00 ting on the east side of lock No. 1, to be

Grubbing 11 chains, at $4

1917 30 drawn some distance, 8,848.55 yds at 150 1,327 28

100, length 11, excavation 19,173 ys. 10c

44 00 Distance 2.00, excavation between 1st and

Grubbing 11 chains at $4

101 18 Excavation 24,282 yds, 20 locks 1,085.32

10 2,428 20

18 chains 5 Do. 2.00

Grubbing do.

90 00 between 2d and 3d

102 Gurties run 24 Excavation 9214 yds. 6 locks

552 84 2,198.24 Do. 6.76 do. do. 3d and 4th locks 5,129.44

Embankment 14613 10 1,461 30 103 21 Excavation 7794

7 545 58 Do. 2.00 do. between 4th and 5th

104 Miller's salt works 24 do: 15165 locks 1,486.88

7 1,061 55 Embankment 6608

10 660 80 Yards 989,988

Slope wall 4 ch. 30 high, 3 thick, 950
At 10 cents,
989 98

712 50

per 75 cents Do. 10.96 do. In 5 lock pits, 17,

105 Hare's 18 Excavation 19173 yds 10 cts. 1,917 30

4 Grubbing 15 chains

60 00 689.57 ys. some rock at 15 cents

106 passing locks of 9 feet lift 21 chains excava2,653 43

946 19 Do. 61.90 Lockage 45 feet in 5 locks,

tion 13517 yds. 7 cts.

430 92 107 do 21 excavation 7182 yds. 6 cts. at 800 dols per foot lift 36,000 00 Building an arch under the road 863 perchs.

108 do. 21 do. 8673 yds. 6 cts.

520 38 at 2 dollars 50 cents

2,157 50

109 passing locks of 5 ft. lift 24 ch. excavation Building 1 road bridge below mouth of tun. 342 50

8689 yds. 6 cents

512 34 Add for contingencies, 10 per cent

16 00 Grubbing 4 chain 4 dols. 7,797 04

Embankment at Saw Mill run 7696 yds. 10 cts. 769 60

110 length 18 ch. excavation 11844 yds. 6 cts. 710 64 85,767 49

111 length 27 ch. do. 12096 yds. 6 čts. 725 76

ys. at $5


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112 length 15 ch. do. 6844 yds. 6 cts. 410 64 The tunnel route in a public point of view may be

Embankment brick yard 2490 yds, 10 cts.249 00 considered as very objectionable, as all business coming 113 length 23 ch. 73 links, excavation 17494

to or from the Ohio river, or the Allegheny, must pass yds. 6 cts.

1,049 64 through a tunnel, in addition to an aqueduct nearly as Whole distance 54 miles or 440 ch. 73 links,

inconvenient as combined locks. And although the embankment 803 at 10 cts.

80 30 locks are separated, they are located in a narrow valley Terminating in the Allegheny below the bridge. with steep banks or hills on each side, a very inconveRoad and farm bridges, 10, at 400 dols. 4,000 00 nient plan to do business, and from its terminating in the Butler turnpike to be made anew, 1 m. 46 ch.

most remote part of the city, at least one mile above the 5 dols. per rod

2,520 00 point. Aqueduct at Pine creek

9,000 00 On the line which is located on the west side, no such Culvert at Gurtie's run

1,000 00 inconveniences arise. All that part of the line from opDo. at Salt works

250 00 | posite Hare's Island, from opposite Allegheny town, is Waste wier at Saw mill run 80 feet

400 00 on the finest ground for building lots, and has but one 45 feet of lockage 600 dols. per foot 27,000 00 curve in the whole distance. The locks are all separate Extra on river lock, on foundation and land.

and only two extra locks are necessary to supercede the ing up

2,500 00 necessity of an aqueduct and tunnel. The convenience Add for contingencies 10 per cent.

7,394 67 of a double connection with the rivers and harbours, will Expense of two extra locks at Saw Mill Run.

a great saving of time in the despatch of business.

The upper locks will accommodate all the Northern LiEscavation (length 6 ch. 74 links) 9288 yds. lo cts.

928 80
berties, and a great part of the city to the Allegheny ri

. One lock of 9 feet lift, 600 per foot 5,400 00

ver, which during last summer had a sufficient depth of One do, of 13 feet lift, 600 per foot 7, 800 00

water from Hare's island along the Pittsburg side, to a Extra on river lock

2,500 00

bar running out at the point which can be removed, and Allow for contingencies 10 per cent. 1,662 88

by taking advantage of both sets of locks, boats can ar 18,291 68

rive and depart from any places of business on the MoAmount of the estimate on the west side with

nongahela and Allegheny, at all ordinary stages of water; double locks

99,633 09

and when the present and future amount of business to

be done in that vicinity is considered, this location must Private damages done to buildings, except on the city have in my opinion a decided advantage over the inconside would be inconsiderable on either of these routes. venient and slow progress of passing every boat over, From the above estimates, the following appears to be an aqueduct through a tunnel, or a combination of the aggregate of expense on each route, exclusive of locks from the canal to the rivers and from the rivers to private damages, viz.

the canal. From Pine creek and crossing below Hare's

By this location which would be safe and permanent, Island and continuing between Liberty &

not only the busssiness ci' Pittsburg, which in its prePenn streets and terminating in the Mo

sent limits does not cover more than 600 acres of ground, nongahela

219,874 00 but the adjacent villages equally well situated for many By crossing at the same place and terminat

facturing, will have the great advantage of being con'ing above the Monongahela bridge or the

veniently connected by the same locks with that imporSmithfield street route

229,339 93 tant branch of the Pennsylvania canal which is in con By continuing down the west side and cross

tumplation to be extended to lake Erie, and the state of ing at Washington street, and terminating

Ohio, without any additional expense to the commonbetween Penn and Liberty street, in the

wealth of Pennsylvania. Monongahela

227,596 32

In giving my opinion of the above routes I believe I By crossing at the same place and taking the

am authorised and justified in so doing, by my instrucSmithfield street route

237,062 25 tions from the board, a part of which are in the words By crossing at Pine creek, and continuing on

following, viz:-"You are to keep it constantly in view, the east side down to Washington street,

that this canal (the western section) is intended to form by estimates of last year 109,171 50

a part of a general system of internal navigation between Adá present estimate of the tun

the eastern and western waters of the state.” nel route through Grant's hill,

All which is respectfully submitted. on the high level, and termi

NATHAN S. ROBERTS, Engineer. nating in the Monongahela, at

On the western section of the Pennsylvania canal. the mouth of Suke's run 85,767 49

Harrisburg, 1st May, 1827.

-194,938 90 By excluding the aqueduct and tunnel and continuing REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ox INTERNAL the canal on the west side and terminating by a dou

IMPROVEMENT. ble set of locks in the Allegheny river, as represented in a map and profile of the same 99,633 09 Mr, Lehman, from the committee on inland naviga.

In pursuance of my instructions I take the liberty to tion and internal improvement, to whom were referred state my opinion, with respect to the inconveniences or a part of the governor's message, also the report of the utility of each of these routes

canal commissioners and engineers, and sundry petitions The best and most practicable route through the city relative to rail roads and the extension of the Pennsylis that between Liberty and Penn srreet. But this would vania canal, made be attended with many inconveniences to the citizens,

REPORT by destroying a great amount of private property, and That the state by various legislative enactments has by having a bridge over the canal at every street and recognized, the wisdom of completing a system of inalley leading to the Allegheny river, and by having a ternal improvement which will make a fair distribution combination of three locks at its termination.

of benefits among all the great sections of the common, The Smithfield street route, would be very inconve- wealth and will combine practicability, economy and nient, on account of the great excavation to be made state importance. along the side of Grant's hill, and the very great difficul The utility of canal navigation and rail roads, in proty of excavating to the necessary depth to sink the locks moting industry and the free exchange of the products which would destroy much valuable property, and the of labour and the mind, is now universally acknowledgeet

. great inconvenience of passing a great number of boats Next to the establishment of schools, adapted to devethrough a combination of locks thus situated.

lope mental riches and to give permanence to our free

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