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1817, January_Schooner Pennsylvania, from Charles. Schooner Sally from Norfolk to New York, drove ton; drove out and on shore near cape May; full of water. ashore at cape May; cargo and one of the crew lost.

October-Schooner Concord, from Ocracock to New April–Schooner Polly and Sylvia, for Petersburg: York; blown ashore and cast away on cape May; vessel was drove ashore in a gale near Lewistown. and cargo lost.

Schooner Regulator was drove ashore on cape HenloNovember Sloop Canton, from Fredericksburg for N. pen, and cast away. York, blown ashore and cast away on cape May; cargo

December-Sloop Valiant from Newbern for New York 3.000 bushels of wheat, lost.

in search of shelter, was cast ashore ne r cape May. 1820, January—brig Mary Jane, from St. Thomas for 1824, Febrıary-Schooner Nancy, from Martinique New York, cast away at Cold Spring bar; crew saved. to Plymouth, in search of shelter drove ashore near cape

Brig Hyperion, from Rio, driven ashore on Cohanzy May and bilged. Flats, when trying for shelter.

1825, January—Sloop Boxer for Philadelphia, made Brig Concord, from Curracoa, do. do.

anchorage under cape May; was drove off, and spoke 18 Brig Joseph S. Lewis,

do. do.

days afterwards, having lost cables and anchors. February—Ship Emma Matilda, do. do. on her Schooner M'Donough from Rio de la Hatche, split beam ends,

her sails, lost anchors and cables, and drove ashore at Ship Maria, from Matanzas, drove on shore on Towns- Lewistown. end's Inlet near cape May; bilged.

April–Sloop Spartan from Savannah, drove ashore in May-Ship Superior; parted cables at the Brandy- a gale, above Lewistown; probably lost totally. wine, and had to put back.

May-Brig Louisiana from Baltimore; drove on and 1821, January--Schooner M‘Donough, from Boston; was lost upon the Flogger. lost anchor and cable under cape May; bore away and June-Sloop Kitty Ann, drove ashore in the gale unmade harbour at Rhode Island.

der cape May. Brig Venus, from Cape Haytien for Philadelphia; was Sloop George Ogden, do do. do. four times off the Delaware bay and New York and twice Thirteen others, do. do. do. off the Chesapeake; was driven from each by heavy Sloop Friendship from New York, do. do. gales; crew frost bitten and nearly exhausted; cargo da Eight sloops drove ashore in the gale under cape Henmaged, also sails and rigging:

lopen. Ship Montesquieu, for Philadelphia; driven from her Brig Bevan parted cables in the gale, cut away mast, anchors in the bay and stood for sea.

and drove to sea. Ship North America for Philadelphia; lost rudder and Brig Rose lost cables and sails; returned, reports a ship cables and anchors, and stood for sea.

and brig on shore, dismasted and bilged; also thirty-two February—Ship Rebecca for Philadelphia; cut both sail large and small on shore on cape Henlopen, beach cables, and stood to sea.

covered with goods. Brig Feliciana, from New Orleans; lost anchors and Pilot boat Lewis Clapier, on shore at cape Henlopen; drove over the shears; saved almost by miracle.

stern stove in. Ship Orleans from New Orleans; sunk by the ice in Brig Joseph Eastburn drove on shore inside of cape the bay; vessel and cargo nearly total loss.

May. Sloop Active from Matanzas; lost anchor and cable in Schooner William Penn, do. do. ! the bay and had to go to sea.

A sloop


do. March-Sloop Antelope, for Savannah; driven ashore Sloop Equality


do. at cape May and lost rudder.

Schooner Thetis


do. June-Schooner Mary and Betsey from New Orleans; Pilot Boat Edward Thompson and one smack drove cargo tobacco, pork, Aour, &c. anchored in Old Kiln on cape May from cape Henlopen; both lost, captain roads; parted and ran on shore near Lewistown bar. drowned.

September-Brig Newbern from Gibraltar; was drove Sloop Ohio drove on shore inside cape May. ashore at Bombay Hook, after loss of cables and an. Schooner Three Sisters do, do. chors.

Sloop Philip Walters do. do. Sloop Winslow, master; drove from her an Sloop Paragon from New York do. chors and was lost near Lewistown,

Sloop Three friends do.

do. and sunk. Brig Timaranda lost both masts near the Shears; ulti Sloop Betsey for New York, abandoned near cape mately saved and towed up by pilot boats.

May; drove ashore at cape Henlopen. Brig Louisiana from St. Jago; do. do.

Schooner Herald for Newburyport lost anchors; drove Schooner William & Catharine from Baltimore; driven ashore near Blackbird creek. ashore at Bombay Hook.

Seven vessels ashore between Cohanzy and Back Brig Washington, do.


creeks. Brig Mary, Correy; lost both anchors and cables, and Nine vessels ashore near Lewistown. had to drive to sea.

The Uno, of New York, has not been heard of; sup1822, January—Brig Irene drove on Lewistown béach; posed to be lost with all hands, within the bay. cargo damaged.

The Emeline, her sails have been found; her crew February-Brig Hamlet got to anchor under cape supposed to be lost within the bay. Henlopen; obliged to cut cables and go to sea.

The Fame was driven on the beach do. do. Schooner M'Donough was drove from her anchors in The M‘Donough do. do. captain drowned. the roads, and to sea.

November-Schooner Maria parted cables in the bay, Brig Concordia was drove from her anchors on Mis- and had to drive to sea. pillion; totally lost.

December-Schooner Tombull blown as far north as May-Sloop Seaman from New York, drove on the Egg Harbour, was ran on shore for preservation of the Overfalls; afterwards in a heavy storm was totally lost.

Ship Factor, Sheed, lost anchors, cables, and windlass 1826, February Schooner Boscer blown ashore at in same storm, and had to put to sea.

cape May. Brig Mary lost masts, anchors, cables, in same gale. Brig Joseph Eastburn drove from the bay with loss of

June-Schooner Polly, with naval stores, was driven cables and anchors; crew frost bitten; manned by pilots, on the Flogger; totally lost.

and afterwards got in. 1823, January-Brig Alert, from England, touched Barque Catharine from Liverpool, driven to sea from on the Shears; afterwards was ran on shore near Lewis- the bay by the ice. town, with eight feet water in her hold; only part of August-Schooner Cicero, from Baltimore, drove on cargo expected to be saved.

the Brandywine; cargo totally lost with vessel.


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October-Schooner America for Edenton; drove on

Revenue Received, Lewistown beach.

From Delaware Bay

$80,313,726 Ships... .20 Uncertain..

Chesapeake Bay

56,963,669 Brigs. -57 Barque..

the harbour of New York

14-1,055,315 Sch's. .48

the harbour of Boston

64,517,667 Sloops... .43 Total.

.193 Pilot-boats..

Expenditures made.
To Delaware Bay

835,483 Philadelphia, 24th Dec. 1826. Chesapeake Bay

3,253,611 Sir,—Caleb Newbold, esq. late last evening, handed the harbour of New York

4,185, 181 me your favour to him of the 21st inst. The duties of the harbour of Boston

916,957 the secretaries of our Insurance offices are arduous at Thus the expenditure on the Delaware, in proportion this period, and prevent them from giving what I was to the revenue paid, is only a fraction more than one per desirous to furnish you fully with, through the commit. cent. ; whilst the expenditure on the Chesapeake Bay is tee. At their request, the accompanying list of loss and more than 5 per cent.; on the New York harbour more disaster to vessels and cargoes bound into and out of the than 24 per cent.; on the harbour of Boston a fraction Delaware, as also of those who, from distress at sea, or less than 11 per cent.; so that Baltimore has received on the coast, sought shelter there in time of storm and 450 per cent. more of the public money, than Philadelperil, from leak, loss of spars and sails, want of water phia and all other ports on the Delaware; New York has and provisions, sickly or disabled crews, and the multitude received 125 per cent. more; and Boston has received of other casualties inseparable from the pursuits of the about 50 per cent. more. merchant and the mariner, has been made hastily up, but from sources to be relied on. It contains, however,

STATEMENT, but a minor exhibit of the appaling sufferings of seamen Shewing the value of vessels and their cargoes, bound and the incalculable loss of property to individuals and into the Delaware, between the 28th December, 1826, the public, which are annually experienced on this coast more particularly in the Delaware, whicb has been, and

and 15th January, 1827, which were compelled to go still is, resorted to by foreign as well as general coasting

to sea, or to seek precarious shelter elsewhere. vessels when in distress, counting upon the efficiency

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 23, 1827. and ability of its pilots, and the promptness with which Dear Sir: every want is supplied when human exertion can bring I inclose you a valuable document from Mr. Stewart, the sufferers to any of its present places of shelter. - which ought to convince every one of the importance of These are yet in emergency, distant from either cape, the contemplated Breakwater to the commerce of the and require, against the obstructions of ice and adverse United States. With all the zeal and indefatigable inwinds, more time and powerful exertion than the gene- dustry of Mr. Stewart, I am persuaded he has not been rally exhausted state of crews under such circumstances able to collect all the cases of disaster which might faircan sustain. The result is obvious and apparent to the ly be brought into view.- Many vessels bound to New most careless observer. Place but a shelter at the en-York, as well as to this place, have, for the last week, trance of the bay, the commerce of the Delaware will been at anchor in the open sea, having been prevented not alone be protected and preserved by it, but that of from making a port by the inclemency of the weather. the whole coast, daily passing and repassing its capes, The mouth of the Delaware is now the only place of together with foreign vessels who resort there when shelter, from Maine to the Chesapeake, every harbor in overtaken by accident at sea. All will find a haven where the whole distance being obstructed by ice. their crews can be recruited; damages repaired, and

With much respect, your most obedient servant, their wants fully supplied secure from mishap or danger,

A. G. RALSTON, thereby the interests of merchants, and the lives of hun

Secretary to Breakwater committee. dreds of individuals will be saved from jeopardy or un

John Wutz, Esq. timely death.

It is necessary to obscrve, that the vessels within nam Value of vessels with their cargoes, bound into the ed were brought to the most secure anchorage possible Delaware, or from thence, with others seeking shelter within the capes, and that, whether driven on shore in there, which have been compelled to go to sea, by losside or without the bay afterwards, was a consequence ing anchors or cables, or to seek precarious shelter not under the control of the pilots or commanders, but within its Bay, or at Reedy Island, Newcastle, Chester, by an overwhelming act of the elements operating in a &c. from force of storm and ice; by which almost all are space where no efficient security could be seized upon injured, as well as the crews more or less frozen or disto prevent disaster.

abled. Commencing on the 28th December, 1826, and Had but a barrier in their vicinity, existed, at which ending the 15th instant, comprizing a period of only they coull have attached in threatening and inclement eighteen days. Collected and reported under the direc. weather, these occurrences would not have been on re- tion of a committee of the Philadelphia chamber of comcord, nor brought up now to renew afresh the sorrows and distress of the widow and the fatherless, nor those of Brig Joseph Easthu n, bound for St. Thom. the impoverished merchant or underwriter; nor would as, got into Recdy Island

$25,000 the consequent immense losses to the revenue have to Brig Saint Anna, do. Porto Rico, do

12,000 be so imperiously presented to the view of the represen. Schr Baltimore, (a pilot boat,) do

2,600 tatives of the Union.

Steamboat Norfolk, bound for Philadelphia, I regret my labours, so far, will prove so unsatisfactory got into Duck creek

35,000 at so important a period; nevertheless will be happy, if ship Thomas Scattergood, do. Canton, got by a continuance of them, they can be made productive into Newcastle Piers

125,000 of the slightest aid towards the important object you Ship Fanny, do. Gibraltar, do

60,000 have now to advocate. With due deference and respect Addison, do. Marseilles, do

62,000 permit me to be, sir, your most obedient servant,

Alexander, do. Charleston do

50,000 ALEX. STEWART, JR. Atlantic, do. Havana do

45,000 Hon. John Wurts, Washington, D. C.

Julius Cæsar, do, city Point do

15,000 Brig President, do. Havana do

14,918 Amount of revenue arising from commerce, and amount Philadelphia, do do do

28,316 of expenditures paid from the Treasury, calculated from Schooner Eliza Piggot, do. St. Thomas do 14,219 the 1st of January, 1790, to the 31st December, 1825, viz.

Valiant, do. New York do



[blocks in formation]

Schooner Maryland, do. Tampico do

19,621 In addition to the above, the value of the following Borneo, bound from Wilmington do 6,500 coasting and forcign vessels is to be added; which, with Brig James Lawrence, bound for Mobile do 5,500

the bay, river, and small coasting craft, will swell the acShip Ohio, do. New Orleans, got into Point

tual amount of property at risk, at the above period, House pier

40,000 much bevond two millions of dollars. Brig Oregon, do do got into Fort Miftin pier 30,000 Sloop Charlotte and Sarah from New York; got into Brig Wave, do. Boston do

15,000 Newcastle. -Hamlet, do. Carthagena do

15,000 Schooner Greek from the Vineyard; put into the bay; -Columbian, bound for Laguira do 22,000 subsequently drove out in distress. Schooner Cecilia, do. Carthagena; cut

Schooner St. Croix, from Trinidad; got into Newcasthrough by the ice, near Reedy Island 5,349

tle piers. William Porter, do. Norfolk, do do

Schooner James from Boston; got into the capes of and sunk

22,000 Delaware. Richmond, bound from Richmond;

Schooner Amelia from Newbern, N. C. do. got into Cohansey

8,000 Sloop Friendship from Norfolk; got into Cohansey. Eliza Janc, do. Boston do

20,000 Two topsail schooners, do. Forrester do. New Orleans do 18,000 By order of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. James Burrell, do. Providence; got

ALEX. STEWART, Jr. into Maurice river


1 Domestic, do do do


..18 Steamboat.. Brigs.

1 Rights of Man, bound for Cuba 4,635


.25 Brig Francis, Croft, bound from Savannah; lost windlass, cut cables, and drove to sea 12,000



4 Total... Brig Emily, do. Gibraltar, do. do.

18,000 Barque Wyoming, bound for Havre; parted cables and forced to sea


Ship Florian, bound from Charleston; got into
Lewiston creck

30,000 Mr. Sergeant submitted to Congress the following EsShip Carolinian do. do. anchored in the bay,

timate of the Annual Coasting Trade to and from Ports drove out, not since heard of


within the limits of the United States, passing in and Schooner Little George Eyre, do. Havanna;

out of the Delaware Bay, &c. got into Lewistown Roads


Philadelphia, January 10, 1828. Brig James & Mary, do. Pernambuco, do. 28,000 Many of the vessels in the annexed schedule are ownSchooner Farmer's Ingenuity, do. Norfolk; got

ed by citizens of Eastern States, and much of the insurinto Maurice river

6,000 ance on vessels and cargoes is effected in states east of Schooner Messenger, do. Providence, R.I. got

Pennsylvania. into Pea Patch

50,000 There are agents in Philadelphia for four insurance Schooner Socrates, do. New York, do. 12,000 companies of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Schooner Mirror, do. Hartford, Connecticut;

It is very difficult to estimate the amount of the value lost deck-load and towed into anchorage by

of transient vessels and cargoes, coastwise, coming to, the pilot boat William Price

20,000 and going from Philadelphia; but the number is very Ship Juno, do. Bremen: got into Reedy Island 30,000 great, probably amounting to twenty millions of dollars, Brig Cuba bound for Gibraltar; got into Point

passing in and out of Delaware Bay in the course of a House pier

15,500 year. Ship Benjamin Morgan.* bound from New Or.

A very large proportion of the cotton and tobacco leans; got up within 20 miles of Reedy Island;' coming to Philadelphia from North Carolina, and owned from thence was drove to sea; has on board

there, comes in transient coasting vessels, (of course not for U. S. Bank, $100,000 sp.

200,000 in the annexed estimate.) One house mentions that they Ship Sarah Ralston, do. Liverpool; got into Lew have received in 1827, 3,200 bales of cotton owned in

istown roads; afterwards drove to sea 140,000 North Carolina, nine-tenths of which came in transient Brig Dodge Healy, do. New Orleans: frozen up

coasters. on Çohansey flats, in great distress, both an

The amount of the trade from Wilmington, Del. to N. chors lost, and all the crew except 4, sick 35,000 York and other ports, is very considerable. Ship Tuscarora* do. Liverpool; got into Lew

J. J. BORIE, istown roads; drove to sea


Chairman of Breakwater Committee of Brig Floyd, * do. New Orleans; drove out of the

Philad. Chamber of Commerce. bay

46,000 Attest.
Brig Monument, do. do. got into cape May 49,000 A. G. Ralstox,
Schooner Emily Davis, do. Richmond do. 15,000 Secretary of Breakwater Committee
Brig Harp, do. Demerara; got into the bay;

of Philad. Chamber of Commerce.
was driven out, and reached Norfolk in dis-


Philadelphia, December 31, 1827. Sloop William Henry, do. Savannah; got into

We, the subscribers, owners and agents of packets, the bay and to Reedy Island

5,000 which, with their cargoes, are estimated in the annexed Brig Olive & Sarah bound for Harana; got into

schedule, consider the estimates as not overrated. Point House pier


GRANTS & STONE, Sloop Reaper do. New York; got into Newcastle

Boston line of packets. piers



Boston line of packets. $1,792,987


New York line of packets.

BAILEY & BRIDGES, • These vessels, with many others, were by latest ac

For New York and Portland lines. counts, at anchor on the sea coast south of Sandy Ilook,

C. PRICE & MORGAN, unahle to enter there, the channel to New York being

Agents for New Orleans packets. choked with ice at the Narrows, by every change of


Agents for Charleston line.


DSTIMATE of the annual Coasting Trade to and from ports within the limits of the United States, carried on at Philadelphia, by the Packets which run regularly only, all of which

pass in and out of Delaware Bay, taken for 1827, December 31st.

[blocks in formation]

Average value Average value Total value of Total value of Total value of of vessels. of cargoes cargoes.

vessels. vessels and

cargoes com-
ing and going.

each run.

[blocks in formation]

Total twenty seven milllions eight hundred and ninety-five thousand nine hundred dollars.

PHILADELPHIA, January 10, 1828.

Chairman of Breakwater Com. of Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.
Attest: A. G. RALSTON,
Secretary of Breakwater Committee of Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.







The tolls do not bear a corresponding increase, arising Agent for New Orleans packets. from two causes; one of which is, that the tonnage has C. & F. KING,

increased in a considerable degree, by the transit near Agents New York line. this city, of heavy articles, of little comparative value, C. & C. W. PEIRCE,

for short distances; the other cause arises from the toll Portsmouth line of packets. on coal being materially lower, a measure which the THOMAS & MARTIN,

board, after mature consideration, found to be absolutely Agents for Providence line of packets. necessary for the encouragement of the trade; the conHACKER, BROWN & Co. sequence has been an augmentation of near 100 p.cent.

For Salem, Mass. packets. in the quantity brought to market, which has met a reaCALEB S. FOLWELL,

dy sale. Agent for Richmond line.

The great increase in the consumption of this valuable JONA. PALMER,

fuel, is very important to the interest of the company: Agent for Hartford line. At the commencement of last season, many thousand WM. BROWN;

tons were left unsold in the coal yards, 'on the SchuylAgent for Newburyport and Hingham vessels. kill front of the city, out of only 16,767 tons brought

STANTON & BROTHER, down. It is now believed, that when the navigation re-
Agent for Stonington, Conn. line. opens, the yards will be entirely cleared by the con-

sumption of this winter, although the quantity brought For Attakapas line.

to market was 31,360 tons, to which, if there bc added JOSEPH HAND,

5000 tons for the surplus of 1826, the consumption will Proprietor of Alexandria line,

be shown to be upwards of 36,000 tons, being a total and agent for Baltimore line. increase of 24,233 tons.

Agent for the Norfolk and Petersburg line. following statement will show that other articles than

Important as the coal trade is to the company, yet the
Agent for the Wilmington, N.C. packets. coal contribute more than two-fifths to the amount of

our income:
Agents for the Newbern, N.C. packets. The toll on coal amounted to

While that on other articles was

24,832 Agent for New Bedford packet.

The increase of the trade from and to the Susquehanna is Philadelphia, January 10, 1827. considerable; and the facilities of our navigation are ea

J. J. BORIE, gerly sought for by the people on the borders of that Chairman of Breakwater Committee of river. The completion too, of that great work, the Philad. Chamber of Commerce.

UnionCanal, after the meritorious and persevering efforts Attest,

of its public-spirited President and Managers, promises, A. G. RALSTON,

during the coming season, to add materially to our inSecretary of Breakwater Committee

Toll was received upon about 1000 tons from of Philad. Chamber of Commerce.

that source last year.

The annual income from water power on the Flat Above 30,000 yards of homespun, linens and woolens Rock canal is $4,567 50; the rents from other sources is have been manufactured among the inhabitants of the about $2000. borough of Lancaster, from May 1, 1769 to May 1, 1770, The remainder of the loan, authorized by the Ordiand it is computed there was not less than 50 looms and nance of 3d April 1826, has been raised as follows: 700 spinning wheels in use in that town.- Penn. Chron.

25,000 dollars at 5 per cent. interest, without the li

berty of converting into the stock of the company; and SCHUYLKILL NAVIGATION.

10,200 dollars at 6 per cent. interest, with a premium of

20 per cent. and with a right to convert. REPORT.

In the last report the Board communicated their intenTo the Stockholders of the Schuylkill Navigation Com- tion of doing some further planking on those canals ex. pany.

posed to leakage by passing over strata of limestone: The President and Managers of the Schuylkill Naviga. Much money has been expended, also, in the improve

this was accordingly done, and at considerable cost.tion company have the pleasure, in reporting the pro- ment of the channels and towing paths of some of the ceedings of another year, to exhibit a continued increase in the business of the company, which gradually deve- pools; the early rise of the waters the last season pre. lopes itself as the importance of the navigation becomes the principal parts, they will be finished when the state

vented their completion; but contracts being made for more properly appreciated, and promises

in the future a of the water will permit. progress quite equal to the anticipation of the most sanguine.

By the act of Incorporation the company are required

within a certain period, to carry their works to Mill-creek The tolls received during the past year amount

about 24 miles above Mount Carbon. As that period is to

$58,149 74

nearly arrived, and as this is a very important coal reThe amount received in 1826 was

43,108 87

gion, it was thought best to have the work completed;

and it was accordingly put under contract, and is now in The increase is

15,040 87

progress. It will, the Board have no doubt, be finished Of the whole amount of tolls for 1827, it is estimated by the first of June—the time limited in the contract. there was received from the ascending trade $15,284 47

Finally, the Board are happy to state, that the anticibeing an increase of 50 per cent upon the ascending pation in their last report is fully realized; and tbey again tolls for 1826.

look forward with confidence to a very considerable Tons.

augmentation of the income of the company. The tonnage that passed in 1827 was


Respectfully submitted. Ditto in 1826 32,404

By order of the Board, Making an increase of


JOSEPH S. LEWIS, President.

Philadelphia, January 7, 1828.


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