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Inhabitants by raising a sum of money and passing a ricans, and gave to the British the possession of Phila. reasonable Law for well regulating a Militia.

delphia. In this conflict, La Fayette contended for the 4 Septr. 1756. The Mayor produced An Account first time against the foes of freedom and was wounded. from Wm. Nicholson for the Expence of the Entertain. The first attention of the commander-in-chief was diment prepared by order of this Board, for His Honour rected towards preventing the English from bolding the the Governour &c. Amounting to One hundred and city. To effect which, he endeavoured to render the thirteen pounds six shillings, which was ordered to be passage of the river Delaware impracticable. For this paid.

purpose, this fort was erected and chevaux de frizes 5 Oct. 1756. It being proposed that this Board were sunk in the channel of the river. These works should give some public Testimony of their regard and were further supported by several gallies, together Esteem for Col. John Armstrong and the other officers with two floating batteries and some armed vessels. concerned in the late Expedition against the Indians at Lieut. Colonel* Samuel Smith had been attached to Kittaning, and the courage and conduct shewn by them this post, with between two and three hundred troops, on that occasion, and also contribute to the Relief of the and other measures were taken for its defence. The at. widows and children of those who lost their lives in that tention of General Howe was now directed to the open. Expedition. Resolved, That this Board will give the ing of a free communication with the fleet, and he was sum of one hundred and fifty Pounds out of their stock active in making preparations to attack Fort Mifflin from in the Treasurer's hands, to be laid out in Pieces of the Pennsylvania shore. He erected a redoubt on ProPlate, Swords, or other things suitable for presents to vince Island within two musket shots of the block the said officers and towards the relief of the said houses. A well directed fire from our floating batterica Widows and Children.

and galleys, compelled the garrison of the redoubt to 9 Dec. 1756. A. Shute, Mayor. The Mayor ac- surrender. Whilst our boats were bringing the prison. quainted the Board, that application had been made to ers off the Island, a large body of the enemy marched him to provide winter quarters in this city for fifty into the redoubt. A fire was kept up from fo:t Miffin officers and five hundred soldiers, belonging to His Ma- upon it, but without effect. The attack was renewed jestys Royal American Regiments, who were Expected by the flotilla, but without success; and two attempts in Town.

made by Lieut. Colonel Smith from the fort to storm it 6 April, 1758. It being represented to the Board failed. The garrison was now reduced to one hundred that some of the Kings Forces lately come to this city and fifty-six effectives. An attempt on Fort Mifflin by a and now lodged in the Barracks are in great distress, for heavy cannonada want of Bedding and other necessaries at the The ships of the line Isis and Augusta approached the Provincial Comrs appointed a disposing of the Publick fort in front, and battered the works, but night put an Money had refused to supply them it was ordered that end to the contest. Very early next morning a warm Alderman Stedman, Aldr. Coxe and Thos. Willing be a cannonade was kept up from the fort upon the Augusta, Com. to inquire into the condition of said forces and which, together with the sloop of war Merlin, had whether if this Board were to contribute a small sum grounded. The Augusta took fire, and it was found imof money towards their relief, it would be of use and practicable to extinguish the flame; the Merlin, which acceptable to them.

could not be removed, being set on fire, together with - 4 Dec. 1758. T. Lawrence, Mayor. It being re- the Augusta, blew up. The situation of the fort was presented to the Board, that several Persons who have still critical. It had been wretchedly constructed, and been a considerable time prisoners among the French at required at least eight hundred men fully to man the Canada, are come to this city in their way to their Se- lines in case of an assault. The garrison were in con. veral Homes, and being destitute of every thing neces- tinual apprehension, lest in the night the enemy should sary to support them in their journey Many of them pass over in boats from Province Island and carry the living at a great distance from home. It is proposed that place by a coup-de-nain. this Board should contribute something.

New batteries had been erected by the enemy on Pro.

vince Island, mounting twenty-four and thirty-two ATTACK ON FORT MIFFLIN.

pounders, and two eight inch howitzers, which opened

about five hundred yards from the fort, and kept for seFrom an Address delivered by Major Robert Cooper, before veral days an incessant fire. The block houses were re

the Battalion of Artillery, on the 4th July, 1827--at duced to ruins, the palisades were beaten down, tho that place.

guns dismounted, the barracks in every part so injured The defence of the place which to-day is the field of as to renderit impracticable for the troops to occupy our festivity stands conspicuous among the events of the them. The men were under the necessity of working revolution. The garrison which then occupied it in and watching the whole night to repair the damages of arms, braved the fury of the British army, and the pow. the day, and guard against a storm, of which they were crs of their navy, for weeks; such was their devotion to in continual apprehension. A number of the garrison their country; and it is to the same spirit which glowed were killed, among whom was Captain Treat of the Ar, in the breasts of Fort Mifflin's defenders, and which tillery officers, Col. Smith was wounded, which obliged animated the whole train of Columbian heroes through him to give up the command and retire to Red Bank, tho out the arduous war, that we are indebted for the defence being more obstinate than bad been expected, achievement of our Independence. It was the spirit of the enemy brought up their ships as far as the obstruc. liberty. Permit me, as briefly as possible, to relate tions would permit, and kept up from them, as well as some of the circumstances connected with the memora- from the batieries, a most tremendous fire. The bravo ble attack and noble defence of this venerable fort. garrison still maintained their ground with the most un.

Lord Howe after many fruitless attempts to penetrate shaken firmness. The line of battle ship Vigilant and a through New Jersey to Philadelphia, embarked his army sloop of war, were brought up the inner channel, bem on board of the feet, and sailed for the Delaware. The tween Mud and Province Island and having taken a whole fleet appeared off the capes, but the difficulties station within one hundred yards of the works, kept up that would attend an attempt to carry the feet up the a most destructive cannonade, and musketry from her River obliged him to relinquish his original design, and round top killed every man that appeared on the plat. to transport his troops to the Chesapeake; and he effect. forms. The fort was now no longer tenable. The ed a landing at the ferry on Elk river. There they works were all in ruins and afforded no protection to were bravely met by Washington, although his army the garrison which had suffered very much. The posi. was considerably inferior in numbers and discipline, and but badly armed and equipped. The battle of Brandy *Now General Samuel Smith of Baltimore; tho com: wine succeeded, which proved unfortunate to the Ame. manding officer of this fort in 1777.





tion of the Vigilant rendered any longer continuation on rolled, 1 c pr lb.

112 lbs. 75c 112 lbs, the Island a useless and prodigal waste of human lives; do rolled, also in slabs, and about 11 o'clock at night on the 16th of November blooms and loop, or otherthe garrison was withdrawn to Red Bank,

wise except pigs and cast
iron, $37 ton

$1 50 cwt. $1 50 cwt. From an address on the same occasion, by Captain T. M. do in pigs, 624 cts cwt. 50c cwt.

50c cwt. Pettit.

Wire of iron or steel, not Not finer than In complying with your call, Mr. President, I should finer than No 14, 6 cts No 18, 5c. be strangely insensible, if I, too, did not feel my best finer than No 14, 10 cts. finer, 9c. feelings of attachment to the institutions of our country Round iron, or braziers' and the glory of her revolutionary heroes! awakened rods, 3-16 to 1 inch, nail and invigorated by the noble associations which belong or spike rods, iron in to the place at which we are assembled. Connected sheets or hoops and slit with the brilliant events which in the year 1777 distin or rolled for bands, casc. guished this spot and consecrated it as classic ground, ment rods 34 cts lb. 3c prlb. $2 50c ewt. events which were just now so satisfactorily detailed, Axes, adzes, drawing the name of col. Christopher Greene is entitled to our knives, cutting knives, most grateful end affectionate remembrance. The re sickles or reaping hooks, Woodscrews, pulse and defeat of the Hessians on the shore of the Del scythes, spades, shovels, sickles, aware, inmediately opposite to us, has been faithfully squares of iron or steel, scythes, recorded in the annals of our country, as one of the most bridle bits, steel' yards, spades, 30 pr heroic achievements of the reyolutionary struggle. It scale beams, sockets ct, all other was on the night of the 22d of October, that count Do- chisels, vices and wood manufactures nop, a distinguished German officer, at the head of 1200

screws, 10 pr cent addi- of iron, 25 pr disciplined troops, which had left Philadelphia and pass tional


20 pr et. cd down on the Jersey side of the river, attacked the Steel, $1 50 cwt.

$1 cwt. $1 pr cwt. outer works of Fort Mercer at Red Bank. The fortifica- Lead in pigs, bars or sheets tion was garrisoned by only 500 Americans; but they 3 cts lb.

2c pr lb.

ic pr lb. were brave men, fighting in the most sacred of causes, do shot, 4 cts lb.

3} do.

2c do. and commanded by a soldier, whose oft tried valour had do red or white, dry, or already won their pencLL LUcicmc.

grounding nil. 5 cts lb. 4 do. col. Greene, a relative of the distinguished general of do pipes, 5 cts 1b.

3c do.

15 prct. the same name. The attack was led on with spirit, and Litharge, orange mineral

20 pr ct. conducted with daring resolution. The defence was as

and sugar of lead 5 cts lb. 15 pr ct. 15 pr ct. skilful and intrepid, as it was glorious and successful.Our troops finding their numbers not sufficient to main The articles enumerated above are included in the tain the outposts, retired within the inner intrenchments first section of the new law, and are to be charged with of the fortification. But they shrunk not under the the new duty from the 1st day of September next. The pressure. Victory was still to be the meed of the most following sections go into operation on the 30th of June determined courage, and they bore away the palm.- next, except when otherwise specially provided. Count Donop and his second in command, col. Minge. Wool, (the same if on Costing not rode, with 400 of their men, were slain by the well di. skins,) 4c lb and 40 pr ct more than 10 rected efforts of the gallant little band. The rest of the ad. val. until June 30, c 15 pr ct. enemy, discomfited and defeated, retreated to Philadel. 1829, then 5 prctincrease higher cost, phia, and there sought such consolation as routed mer. annually to 50 pr ct. 30 pr ct.

15 pret. cenaries could find under the protection of a British Woollens, (wholly or in army. It enhanced the glory and happiness of this exploit, that it was accomplished with a comparatively blankets, worsted stuff's


part,) except carpeting, small loss, only 32 of our countrymen being killed or wounded. The achievement received at the time the gloves, caps and bindings,

bombazines, hosiery,mits, loudest approbation of the friends of the American cause, the value of which at the and inspired congress with the most flattering hopes of place whence exported extensive advantages. A sword was voted by that body

does not exceed 33 1-3c to col. Greene as a testimonial of his patriotic valour, and this token of his country's favour, was, after the war,

sq. yd. to pay 14 cts sq.

yd.; from 33 1-3 to 50c. presented to his family, when he was no longer living to to be estimated at 50c.; receive it. After numerous important military services, from 50c to $1, at $1; from which attracted the marked notice and inspired the en $1 to $21, at 23; from $24 tire regard of the illustrious commander-in-chief, this hero was basely murdered by a gang of refugees, who, charged with 40 pr ct.

to $4, at 4$; and to be despised by both armies, envied the fame he had ac

duty until June 30, 1829, quired in the cause of that country which they had afterwards 45 pr ct.; and abandoned and abused. But though he fell by ruffian hands, yet he died as he had lived, surrounded with

exceeding $4, to be char. glory. Attacked in his quarters, his single arm laid

ged with 45 per cent Costing less several dead at his feet, when overpowered by num

until June 30, 1829, than 33fc sq

and afterwards with 50 pr yd 25 pr c.; bers, and having literally fought “till from his bones his flesh was hacked," chivalric valour yielded to savage

ct.; and all unfinished all others 331 barbarity,

woollens are to be esti- pr ct ad. val.
mated at the same value on actual va,
as if finished

luc or cost


Woollen blankets, 35 pr
Prepared for the Journal of Commerce.

25 pr ct. 15 pr ct. Old Tariff of Hosiery, mits, gloves, and Protecting Tariff for 1828. Protecting Revenue up

bindings, 35 pr ct. 33 13 do do 25 do do Tariff of 1824, to 1824. Clothing ready made 50 pr Iron, in bolto or bars, not 90 ctg cut of


So do do

so do do





25 pr ct.

sq yd.

25 pr ct.

Hers on

Brussels, Turkey and Wil.

Cape of Good Hope, and Minimum ton Carpets, 700 sq yd. 50c sq yd.

25 do do 10 pr ct. if from other under some Venetian and ingrain car.

places be deemed to have conditions peting, 40c sq yd

25 do do.

25 do do cost 35 cts pr sq yd and 30 cts with All other carpeting of

be charged with 25 pr 25


cent. wool, hemp, or cotton,


duty. or in part of either, 32c 200 sq yd.

Delaware County.--Few counties in the United States Patent printed or painted

posses the local advantages which the county of Delafloor cloths, 50c sq yd.;

ware does; enriched by nature, with streams of water other oilcloths 25 pr ct.;

that add fertility to her soil, and wealth to her populafurniture oilcloths, and

tion. The unimproved mill seats, (which were fortyfloor matting of flag or

two in number) on the principal streams, will doubtless other materials 150 sq yd. 30 pr ct.

30 do do be improved. The passage of the Tariff will throw adHemp, $45 ton, until the

ditional wealth into our county; factories will be erect30th June, 1829, then

ed, and we believe the period is not far distant, when $5 additional annually

the county will be one of the greatest manufacturing until $60.

$35 ton.

$30 ton. counties in the union. There is scarcely a part of the Flax, $35 ton, until Jung

county, but what is benefitted by a navigable stream, 30, 1829, then $5 in addi.

admitting vessels from 25 to 50 tons burthen. For the tion annually until $60. 15 pr ct. 15 pr ct.

information of persons who feel desirous of locating Cotton bagging, 4 cts sq

themselves in an advantageous situation, for manufacyd until June 30, 1829,

turing, the following list of navigable streams in our then 5 cts sq yd.

3 3.40 sq yd. 20 pr ct. county will no doubt be acceptable to the public: Sail duck, 9 cts sq yd } ct


miles addition yearly until 12}

Darby creek,
9 Ridley creek,

5 cts., and no drawback on

Russia $2 ps Cobb's do.

3 Chester do.

5 less than 50 bolts in one Ravens $14. Little Crum creek, 1 Hook do.

1 shipment 15 pr ct. Holland $1.


do. 2 Mukinipates creek, } Distilled spirits, 15 cts gall.

-uts must prove * ar additional, (the duty on

from other times, invaluable to the Farmers and Manufacturers of spirits was not alterod in From Grain. materials. our county. There is at this time (and we believe on. "24.)

1st pf. 42c gl 38 cents. ly occupied as a saw mill,) one of the most valuable mill 2d 45 38 seats in the county of Delaware, on Crum creek, in Rid3d 48 42 ley township, at the head of tide water, head and fall 4th 52 48 about 15 feet, owned by George G. Leiper, Esq. which 5th 60 57 possesses the most desirable advantages for a Woolen higher 75

70 Manufactory in the county. It is 13 miles from PhilaIndigo, 5 cts additional

delphia, and located near the great Southern Road; in from June 30, 1829, to

the immediate vicinity of a handsome little village, and June 30, 1830, and 10 cts

in the neighbourhood of some of the most extensive stone additional per annum un

quarries in the county. Manufacturers who have capitil the whole duty shall

tal, and desirous of locating themselves in a rich and fera. be 50 cts.

15 cents.

15 cents. tile country, possessing natural advantages surpassed by

no section of the union, we advise them to visit Dela Molasses, 10 cts gall and no drawback on the ex.

ware county. It contains “200 mills and mill seats,"

and water communication with almost every section of portation of spirits distilled therefrom 5 cts gal. 5 cts gal. it. The county is healthy; water good; and its inhabi

tants hospitable. Manufactures of silk from

The passage of the bill, appropriating two hundred beyond the Cape of Good

and fifty thousand dollars to commence the Breakwater, Hope, 30 per ct. after

at the mouth of Delaware Bay, will not only increase the June 30th, 1829. [We

population of our county, but will enhance the value of do not see that the words

property. Quarries of stone, which have remained un"s on all other manufac.

disturbed for centuries past, will be made to cast up tures of silk 20 pr cent."

their hidden treasures; hundreds of labourers will be produce any change from

wanted; markets in every section of the country will be the present rate.] 25 pr ct. 15 pr ct.

created, and the farmer and industrious mechanic will Window glass, larger than

prosper. This statement of our country is not an ima, 10 by 15, and in sheets uncut, $5 pr 100 feet.

$3 25

ginary one—but is really the fact.- Upland Union. Apothecaries' phials, not

Washington Square. exceeding 6 oz $1 76 gro. $1 a $1 25.

20 pr ct.

On Monday the 26th instant, Washington Square, for, Slates for building, not lar.

merly. "Pottersfield,” was opened as a public walk. At ger than 12 by 6 inches

considerable expense and with much taste, this square $4 ton; 12 to 14 inches

has been improved by the Corporation, and we hope the long, $5; 14 to 16, $6; 16 to 18, $7; 18 to 20,

respectable part of the citizens will, by their frequent$8; 20 to 24, $9; larger,

ing it, render it permanently a place of fashionable re$10. 25 pr ct.

sort, and preserve it from sharing the fate of the State

ct. Slates for schools, 33} pr.

House yard, which as a public walk is now almost encent. 15 pr ct. 15 pr ct.

tirely neglected, especially by the ladies. Cotton cloths, (except

Southwark Church. nankeens, direct from

On the 26th instant, the corner stone of the First China) of whatever cost

Presbyterian Church of Southwark, in German street, shall, with the addition of

between Second and Third streets, was laid and an ad. 20 pr ct. if beyond the

dress delivered by the Rev. Dr. Beecher of Boston.

15 pr



Of each State and Territory, commencing on the 1st day of October, 1826, and endir on the 30th day of September, 1827.

[blocks in formation]

19 74965490 4518572/7948468|50105379

| 8816312|58921691/21987165

) 1425971|28403136|82324827 221691|1987165 1415971|240313682324827 918361

| 980542 137589131250 1055950 1111792


Treasury Department, Register's Office, April 16, 1828.







A STATEMENT Ethibiting the Quantity of American and Foreign Tonnage entered into and departing from each District during


year ending on the 30th day of September, 1827.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

697 3171 55092 66577 4515| 4191 1926

2971 715 261 207 295

[blocks in formation]

10071 20392

6121 210 2365 2732 2469 1066 18261 914 8964) 16965 39716 42340 1494 4279 3607 3339 1068 1622 541 711

90 12544 6849 4372 3795 4321 4345 17255 18748

[blocks in formation]

4798 3951


2366 1233 118604) 85450

2899 941 1627 4501

204 11199 13569 9812 1339! 519 186


Passamaquoddý Machias Frenchman's Bay Waldoborough Wiscasset Bath Portland Kennebunk Penobscot Belfast Saco York Portsmouth Newburyport Gloucester Salem Ipswich Marblehead Boston Plymouth Barnstable Nantucket New Bedford Edgartown Dighton Vermont Newport Bristol Providence New London Middletown New Haven Fairfield New York Sag Harbor Champlain Oswegatchie Sacket's Harbor Oswego Gennesee Niagara Buffalo Cape Vincent Perth Amboy Burlington Little Egg Harbor Bridgetown Great Egg Harbor Philadelphia Presque Isle

Saint Mary's
Snow Hill
East River
Folly Landing
St. Mary's
Pearl River
St. Augustine
Key West

594 1176 38665 68854 25418 24601


21131 40292 8350 9779


6974 37651 5497 5870 14609| 11724 4230 6530 47301 4089 8725 6812

2353 647 251522232428 35887 30090

4719 2547

[blocks in formation]

14312 13696 3163) 307:31

66657 89793 30937 30240

[blocks in formation]
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