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engage in what contracts and undertake what employ the Lord Baltimore's agent, touching the same; and Mr. ments he pleased, but he was not to be allowed to retain Penn being afterwards called in, is told, that it appearthe office of Alderman after accepting an employment ing by Sir John Werden's letter, that part of the territowhich the law had declared incompatible with that ry desired by him is already possessed by the Duke of office.

York, he must apply himself to his Royal Highness, for In reply to what had been said respecting the sale of adjusting their respective pretensions; and Mr. Penn offices as authorised by law, if this be considered an of- being also acquainted with the matter of the letter from fice, it was urged on behalf of the relator, that the act of the Lord Baltimore's agents, he does agree that Susque- , Congress directing the publication of the laws, &c. con- hanna Fort shall be the bounds of the Lord Baltimore's tains pothing on the subject of a transfer of the employ- province; and as to the furnishing of arms and ammuniment. It refers to no other person, but the proprietor tion to the Indians, Mr. Penn declares himself ready to at the time the appointment is made: that part of the submit to any restraint their lordships shall propose. Secretary's letter therefore, which authorises such transfer, not being justified by the act of Congress on which Whitehall, Thursday, the Fourth of November, 1680, it is founded, is void.

Present. The Court (Gibson, C, J. and Rogers, J. dissenting)

Prince Rupert

Earl of Clarendon decided that the printing of the laws, &c. is not an office

Lord Privy Seal Earl of Essex or employment within the meaning of the constitution and

Earl of Bridgwater Mr. Hyde laws of Pennsylvania, incompatible with the office of

Earl of Sunderland Mr. Godolphin Alderman-and therefore thc rule to show cause was

Earl of Halifax Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer. discharged. Nat. Gaz.

J. B.

The Petition of Mr. Penn is read, desiring that a day EARLY SETTLEMENT.

may be appointed, for preparing a grant unto him of proprietary, in a tract of land, in America, upon Dela

ware river; and their lordships appoint this business for BETWEEN the period of William Penn's application Thursday next. for a tract of land in America and the date of the Charter, considerable time elapsed, and numerous difficulties

Whitehall, Thursday, November 11, 1680.

Present. occurred, respecting the boundaries to be embraced by

Lord Privy Seal Earl of Bridgwater that instrument, on account of prior grants to the Duke

Earl of Clarendon Earl of Sunderland of York and Lord Baltimore. The proceedings relating

Earl of Halifax

Mr. Secretary Jenkins. to them are contained in the following documents, which are extracted from the first volume of the votes of As- observations upon the draught of Mr. Penn's patent.

Mr. Attorney General presents the committec with his sembly. Extract of the Proceedings of the Lords of the Committee Whitehall, Thursday, the Sixteenth of December, 1680, of his Majesty's most honourable Privy Council, for the

Present. Affairs of Trade, and the Plantations.

Prince Rupert

Lord Chamberlain
In the Council Chamber, Monday the Fourteenth of

Lord Privy Seal Earl of Bridgwater
June, 1680.

Marquis of Worcester Lord Chief Justice North

Earl of Clarendon Mr. Secretary Jenkins
Earl of Halifax

Mr. Hyde.
Lord President

Bishop of London Duke of Abermarle

Mr. Secretary Jenkins Mr. Penn is called in, concerning the patent desired Sir John Chicheley.

by him; and upon reading the letters from Sir John The Petition of William Penn, referred by an order Werden, touching the boundaries wherein his Royal from the Earl of Sunderland, of the first instant, is read, Highness may be concerned, their Lordships think it praying, in consideration of debts due to him or his fa- best, for the settlement thereof, that Sir John Werden ther, from the crown, to grant him letters patents for a be desired to attend on Saturday next, in the afternoon; tract of land, in America, lying north of Maryland; on at which time the agent of the Lord Baltimore is like the east, bounded with Delaware river; on the west, li- wise ordered to give his attendance, as to what concernmited as Miryland; and northward, to extend as far as his Lordship’s property of Maryland. plantable; whereupon Mr. Penn is called in, and being asked what extent of land he will be contented with, Whitehall, Saturday, January 15, 1680-1. northerly, declares himself satisfied with three degrees

Present, to the northward, and that he is willing in lieu of such a

Prince Rupert

Earl of Clarendon grant, to remit his debt due to him from his Majesty, or

Lord Privy Seal Viscount Fauconberg some part of it, and to stay for the remainder till his Ma

Marquis of Worcester Mr. Finch jesty shall be in a better condition to satisfy it: upon the

Lord Chamberlain Lord Chief Justice North whole matter, it is ordered, that copies of his Petition be

Earl of Bridgwater Mr. Chancellor of the Exch'r. sent unto Sir John Werden, in behalf of his Royal Highness; and unto the agents of the Lord Baltimore, to the The boundaries of Mr. Penn's patent, settled by my end they may report how far the pretensions of Mr. Lord Chief Justice North, with the alterations of Sir Penn may consist with the boundaries of Maryland, or John Werden, were read and approved, and their Lordthe Duke's propriety of New York, and his possessions ships appoint Wednesday next, at nine in the morning, in those parts.

to review the whole patent. Whitehall, Friday, the Twenty-fifth of June, 1680.

Whitehall, Saturday, January 22, 1860-1,

Lord President
Earl of Clarendon

Lord Privy Seal Lord Chief Justice North Marquis of Worcester Mr. Secretary Jenkins. Earl of Clarendon Mr. Seymour

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Secretary Jenkins. The Petition of Mr. Penn is again read, concerning a tract of land to be granted him in America; together Upon reading the draught of a Patent for Mr. Penn, with a letter from Sir John Werden, and another from constituting him absolute proprietary of a tract of land




in America, Northerly of Maryland; the Lords of the they agree well enough with that colony or plantation, committee desire my Lord Chief Justice North, to take which hath been hitherto (ever since the conquest of said patent into his consideration, and to provide, by fit New Pork, by Colonel Nicholls) held as an appendix, clauses therein, that all Acts of Sovereignty, as to Peace and part of the government of New York, by the name and War, be reserved unto the king; and that all Acts of Delaware Colmy, or more particularly Newcastle Coloof Parliament, concerning Trade and Navigation, and ny, that being the name of a principal place in it; the his Majesty's Customs, be duly observed; and in gene. whole being planted promiscuously by Swedes, Finlandral, that the Patent be so drawn, that it may consist with ers, Dutch, and English; all which hath been actually the King's interest and service, and give sufficient en under the government of his Royal Highness's Lieutecouragement to planters to settle under it.

nant at New York hitherto; but what are its proper A paper being also read, wherein my Lord Bishop of boundaries (those of Latitude and Longitude, being so London desires, that Mr. Penn be obliged, by his Patent, very little known, or so ill observed, as experience tells to admit a Chaplain, of his Lordship's Appointment, upon us, in all the West Indies) I am not able to say: if this the request of any number of planters; the same is also be what Mr. Penn would have, I presume the Right referred to my Lord Chief Justice North.

Honourable the Lords of the Committee for Trade and

Plantations, will not encourage his pretensions to it, beWhitehall, Thursday, February 24, 1680-1. cause of what is mentioned, which plainly show the Present,

Duke's Right preferable to all others (under his MajesLord President

Earl of Clarendon

ty's good Liking) tho'it should not prove to be strictly

within the limits of the Duke's Patent; but if it be any Earl of Conway

Earl of Chestertield

other Parcel of Land unimprov'd, in those parts, which Mr. Secretary Jenkins.

is without all other Patents, and not interfering with the A draught of a Patent for Mr. Penn, is read; and there Possessions of his Majesty's Subjects already settled being a blank left for the name, their Lordships agree there, I humby submit to their Lordships, how far they to leave the nomination of it to the King.

may think convenient (under fitting Restrictions and The Lord Bishop of London is desired to prepare the qualifications, to tie up the government of such new draught of a law to be passed in this country, for the set colonies, as near as may be, to the laws of England) to tling of the Protestant Religion.

recommend the Petitioner's Request to his Majesty; thus I think I have, as far as I am able at present, fully

answered Copies of Letters, Reports, &c. between the board of Trade,

your Letter upon this subject; so I remain, Mr. Penn, Lord Baltimore, and Sir John IVerden, in

Sir, your most affectionate

Friend and Servant, behalf of the Duke of York, in the year 1680); previous

JO. WERDEN. to the Grant of Pennsylvania; also the settlement of the Pennsylvania bounds by the Lord Chief Justice Narth.

From my Lord Baltimore's Agents, about Mr. Penn's
Council Chamber, June 14, 1680.

Pretensions, received the same day.
To Sir John Werden, about Mr. Penn.


In answer to yours, in reference to Mr. Penn's Peti. The Right Honourable the Lords of the committee for tion, some things are thought proper to be offered, in Trade and Plantations, having received a Petition of Mr. respect to the particular concern of my Lord Baltimore, Penn, referred unto them by an order from his Majesty, and something in reference to the publick, on his Lordconcerning a tract of land in the North part of America,

ship's behalf. which he would undertake to settle, and render it a pro- the lands petitioned for by him, in America, that it may

It is desired, that if the grant pass unto Mr. Penn, of fitable plantation to the Crown; but their Lordships have not thought fit to take any Resolution thereon, before be expressed to be land that shall lie north of Susquethey had first consulted you, in relation to the proprie- hanna Fort, also north of all lands in a direct line betary of his Royal Highness in those parts; and do there. tween the said fort and Delaware river; and also north fore command me to send you a copy of his Petition of all lands upon a direct line westward from the said here enclosed, with their desire, that you would report fort; for that fort is the boundary of Maryland, northunto them, whether such a Plantation or Settlement ward. It is further desired, that there may be containwould any ways intrench upon the Patent of his Royal ed to the Lord Baltimore, and saving to him all Right

ed general words of restriction, as to any interest grantHighness, or otherwise prejudice the same.

granted: it is also prayed, that my Lord's council may

have a sight of the grant, before it pass. To Sir John Werden, about Mr. Penn.

On the publick account, it is offered, that some due

caution be provided, that no arms, powder, shot, or amMaryland. - -if we were enabled thereunto by a munition, be sold, by any that shall settle in this ney Grant from his

plantation, to the Indians, or Natives; for hereby a comWhereupon their Lordships, taking Notice of the mon mischief may happen unto all his Majesty's neighNeighbourhood of Maryland, to the country he desires bouring Plantations. to plant, have thought fit to order a copy of the Peti This, with our thanks on my Lord Baltimore's behalf, tion to be sent you, or such others, as are employed here for your carc on him, is all at present, from in behalf of the Lord Baltimore, to the end you may ac

Sir, your humble Servants, quaint them.


RICHARD BURK. St. Jame's, June 23, 1680.

Whitehall, October 16, 1680. For William Blaythwaite, Esq. Secretary to the Right

Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and for my honour'd Friend, William Blaythwaite, Esq. Plantations, at Whitehall.

Secretary to the Right Honourable the Lord's ComSIR,

missioners for Trade and Foreign Plantations. I had answered your letter of the 14th instant sooner, SIR, but that my going to Windsor just when I received it, You heretofore wrote to me, touching Mr. William hindered me then, and also made me think it proper to Penn's Petition, then before the Right Honourable the acquaint the Duke with the contents of it first; what I Lords Commissioners for Trade and Foreign Plantations; have now to say, is this, That by all which I can observe to which I answered yon, as at that time I was obliged of the boundaries mentioned in Mr. Penn's Petition, I to do: since then, Mr. Penn hath represented to the

I am,

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Duke his case and circumstances, in relation to the rea That above Three Hundred Vessels belonging to son he hath to expect favour from his Majesty, touching Great Britain & others, your Majesties Dominions do anthat request of his, to be such, as that his Royal High nually arrive at this city, the only place of Naval Comness commands me to let you know, in order to your in merce within the Province & upon the safety of which forming their Lordships of it, that he is very willing Mr. the Trade of the Whole Principally depends. Penn's request may meet with success; that is, that he That the City contains at least fifteen hundred Houses may have a Grant of the Tract of Land, which lies on & thirteen Thousand People, but it is without Batterys, the Nortlt of Newcastle Colony, part of Delaware, and on Forts, or any kind of Fortifications, and the Inhabitants, the West side of Delaware river, beginning about the like the rest of the People of the Province, are destitute Latitude of 40 Degrees, and extending Northwards and of Arms & Ammunition, Unpractised in any sort of MilWestwards, as far as his Majesty pleaseth, under such itary Discipline & under no legal obligation to arm them. regulations as their Lordships shall think fit.

selves or Defend it. Sir, your very humble Servant,

That your Petitioners have just reason to believe that JO. WERDEN. their defenceless state is well known to the subjects of (To be continued.)

the French King, as well in the Islands as upon the

Continent, from whence we are daily under an appreANNALS OF PHILADELPHIA.

hensive of an Invasion, which, if undertaken with so From the recovered minutes of the Common Council, small an armament as Three or four Privateers, must in from 1704 to 1776; extracted for the Pennsylvania Ga- all human Probability, Endin the destruction of the City zette.

and Total Ruin of the Inhabitants. [Continued.]

That the Proprietors & the Lieut. Govr. of the Pro17 Aug. 1741.-C. Hassell, Mayor.

vince & many of the Inhabitants have frequently applied Frequent complaints having been made to the Board to the Assembly, to put the Province & this City into that many disorderly persons meet every ev'g about the some state of defence, But they have constantly refused Court house of this city, and great numbers of Negrocs to do the same, declaring that Warlike Preparations are and others sit there with milk pails, and other things, against their religious principles. late at night, and many disorders are there committed Wherefore, your Petitioners with all Humility, Do against the peace and good government of this city. Throw themselves at your Majesty's feet, Beseeching The Board having taken the same into consideration; your Majesty to take their deplorable Condition in Your Do order that all persons depart thence in half an hour Royal Consideration and tn afford them such relief as in after sunset, and ibat the Constables of the s'd city be Your Wisdom shall be thought fit, and they as in Duty charged by the Magistrates to disperse all persons that Bound shall ever pray, &c. shall meet there after the time aforesaid, and if they re Given under our Common Seal, at the City of Phila. fuse to depart, to bring all refusing before any of the Ma- | The Twenty-third day of October, In the year 1744, & gistrates of this city, to answer their refusal and misbe- in the Eighteenth year of your Majestee's Reign, & haviour.

signed by order of the Common Council. The Board having taken into consideration the great 18th Sept, 1747.-W. A. Attwood, Mayor. danger the Inhabitants of this city are in by means of It was represented by the Mayor to the Board, that as Carts and Carriages driving thro' the streets at the Mar- the time of Election of a Mayor for the ensuing year is ket Place on Market Days, to prevent the mischief that at hand, and of late years it has been a difficulty to find may Ensue, It is ordered that proper Iron Chains be persons willing to serve in that office, hy reason of the provided to stop the passage of Carts and Carriages great trouble which attends the faithful Execution of it. through the Market Places, which chains are to be put ile therefore moved, that for the future, some allowance up on Market Days, at Sun Rise, and Continue till Ten be made to the Mayor of this city, out of the stock of the o'clock in the Summer and Eleven in the Winter in the corporation, for the support of the dignity of that office, frorenoon.

& as some compensation for the trouble. The Board 4 May 1743.-William Till, Mayor.

taking the same into consideration, the motion was apComplaints being made that several Persons have proved, and the question being put, whether one hunErected Stalls in the Market Place with Merchants' dred pounds per annum should be allowed, and paid out goods on Market Days, and very much Incumber the of the corporation stock, for these purposes for three Market, It is ordered that ye clerk of the Market remove years to come, it passed in the affirmative. all such stalls, who shall vend all such goods, that the 6th Oct. 1747.--W. A. Attwood, Mayor. Market place may be kept free and open.

Alderman Morris, the Mayor Elect, not being present, 23 Octr. 1744.-E. Shippen, Mayor.

Charles Willing, & Saml. Rhoades were appointed to The Board having taken into consideration the De- wait on him to acquaint him the Board had chosen him fenceless state of this city in case of an Invasion by the mayor for the year ensuing: Enemy, Are of opinion that a Petition to the King be The two members appointed to acquaint Alderman forthwith prepared, Setting forth the Defenceless state Morris that he was elected Mayor, returned and informof the said city, and requesting His Majesty to take the ed the Board they had been at his House, & were told defenceless condition of the Inhabitants into consideration by his daughter that he was gone out of Town. and to afford them such relief as his Majesty shall think The Board being under some difficulty for want of fit.

knowing whether the Mayor Elect, would serve in the A petition to his Majesty being ready prepared was said office, concluded to meet again in the afternoon to offered to the Board by the Recorder, which was read consider what was proper to be done on this occasion. and considered, which petition was approved of and or 6 Oct. 1747.—The Board being met to consider what dered to be Ingrossed and is as follows.

was necessary to be done on occasion of the Mayor Elect's To the King's most Excellent Majesty, Deing gone out of town; The Recorder informed the The Humble Petition of the Mayor & Commonalty of Board that he had consulted the Attorney General & it the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsylvania was his opinion that a written Notice should be sent to in America, in Common Council) assembled, Most Hum- Alderman Morris's House, signifying he was so elected bly Sheweth

as aforesaid; and likewise that a Messenger should be That the City of Philadelphia is situated upon the River despatched into the country, where it was said he was Delaware, Navigable by Ships of considerable Burthen, gone with a like Notice, who should endeavour to proby which means it stands exposed in the present Dan- cure his answer whether he would serve in same office gerous Conjuncture to the attacks of Vessels of War or not. In which opinion a majority of the Board conthat may be sent by your Majesties Enemies to Plunder curred, And accordingly two such Notices were made and Destroy it.

out & signed by the Clerk & the City scal affixed to each




One Penny.

Specie, B.

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com Consic port agains upon afterno

by order of the Board, one of which was delivered to On the reverse,
Charles Stone, to be left with Alderman Morris's wife or
some one of the family if he should not be at home, &

One Penny, Spccie
the other was delivered to James Whitehead, who was
ordered to go up into Berks County or wherever else he
might be informed Alderman Morris was gone & en Printed by F. D. Bache, Philadelphia.
deavour to serve him personally with the sd Notice, &
bring his answer to the Board at the next meeting.

This note was paid by the Bank in December, 1814 9 Oct. 1747.-James Whitehead, the Person Employed after being in circulation for thirty years. to serve Alderman Morris with notice of his being elect

This one penny note of the Bank of North Americs, ed Mayor, being called in, and sworn, said, That he had

is in excellent preservation.-Phil. Gas.
been up into Bucks County & at Trenton, where it was
said Mr. Morris was gone, & tho’ he had used his utmost passing through Gray's Ferry Bridge, during the month

Statement kept by Martin Kochersperger, of vessei
Endeaynuis, that he had not been able to find him.
Charles Slow being likewise callid in & sworn, said

of March, 1828.

Schooners. that he had been at the Dwelling House of Alderman Morris and read the notice he was sent with to his wife Sloops and Shallops.. and would have delivered it to her, but she refused to

Oyster Boats..i..

Canal ditto.... receive it & said her Husband was from Home and she believed he would not return till Saturday night.

Fishing do...

Pleasure ditto. The Board then considering that since the Mayor

Rafts... Elect did not appear, to Accept of the sd office & take & subscribe the usual Qualifications within the time limit

Total..... ed by Charter: Altho' the proper means had been used to give him Notice of his Election, it was necessary to proceed to a new choice, thereupon Wm. Attwood was chosen Mayor for the Year Ensuing by a Majority of

Post Master.— Thom.ts Sergeant, esq. has been aVotes.

pointed P. M. of this city. 19 Oct. 1747. --It being represented to the Board that the Swamp between Budds Buildings & Society Hill

Weather. There was snow at Huntingdon, 17 incis in the condition it now lies, is a very great nuisance & deep on the 16th instant. injurious to the Health of the Inhabitants living near it. Th Board having taken the same into consideration were Christian street in this city:

Marine Railway.—One it is said is to be erected ner unanimously of the same opinion.

Whereupon a Motion was made & agreed to by the Board, that Sami. Powel, John Stamper, Samuel Rhoads,

Census of Sunbury.—By actual enumeration Sunbury Edwd. Warner, Benjn. Franklin & Wm. Logan, be de contains 998 inhabitants. sired to view the said Swamp & consider of the best means of removing the nuisance complained of, & what

Newspapers. — The Aurora and Franklin Gazette has will be the best Method of improving the sd Swamp for been transferred to the editors of the Pennsylvania 63the general use and benefit of the City & report their zette, which appeared on the 14th inst, as a morning in. opinion concerning it to this Board as soon as conve

stead of an evening paper, under the title of Aurora and niently may be. It was also resolved by the Board that

Pennsylvania Gazette. the Mayor & Recorder, with Aldermen Taylor, Tench Francis & Thos. Hopkinson, be a committee to draw

Dr. Thos. P. Jones, of this city, has been appointed

up an Address to the Proprietor on this occasion, and that superintendant of thie Patent Office. the same be laid before this Board for their approbation. 26 Novr. 1747.

The Legislature adjourned on the 15th, having passed The Mayor proposed to the consideration of the Board 213 bills and several resolutions. that since the inhabitants of the City seem now generally apprehensive that the enemies of our King and Country,

The Delaware and Hudson Canal is said to be in full encouraged by their knowledge of our defenceless state operation, making an entire water communication behave formed a design of attacking us next spring.--tween this city and Lake Erie. Whether it might not be proper to petition the Honble. Judges of this Province to send over a number of Cannon

University of Pennsylvania.--At the commencement

, for Erecting a Battery, with such a quantity of Arms and 27th March last, the degree of M. D. was conferred on ammunition as to them shall seem meet. And the ma

133 gentlemen, of whom 44 were from this state. jority of the Board being of opinion that such a petition is necessary, & that the same ought to be forwarded by

A new Post Office has been established ut Geiger's the next ship to London, a Draught thereof was brought Mill, Robeson Township, Bucks Co, and John Sloana in and read at the Board, and being approved of, it was ker appointed P. M.-on the Downington route. ordered to be ingrossed and signed by the Mayor in or

Another at Brumfieldsville, and J. Brumfield appointder to be transmitted accordingly.

ed P. M.

A new Post Office has been established, about five miles from Wilkesbarre, on the Dundaffroad, to be

called Plainsville' and Samuel Saylor, appointed Post BANK NOTE OF A SMALL DENOMINATION.

Master. A gentleman yesterday showed us a bank note bearing the following inscription:

The President, Directors, and Company of Printed every Saturday morning by William F. Genthe Bank of North America promise to pay to DES, No. 59 Locust street, Philadelphia; where, and at the Bearer, on demand, one Ninetieth of a the Editor's residence, No, 51 Filbert street, SubscripDollar.

tions will be thankfully received. Price fire dollars per

annum--payable in six months after the eommencement August 6, 1789.


of publication--and annually thereafter, by Subscribers

resident in or near the city-or where there is an agent. Tench Francis, Cashier. Other subscribers pay in advance.



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meratica :


NO. 18.
crger, der
Juring the

Extract of the Proceedings of the Lords of the Committee At Two of the Clock this Day, I met with your Letter

of his Majesty's most honourable Privy Council, for the to me, of the 18th instant, and a copy in it (which I hero
Affairs of Trade, and the Plantations.

return you) of some part of Mr. Penn's Patent for Land

in America.
Council Chamber, the Eighth of November, 1680.

I am to first premise to you, that in cases of this na-
To Mr. Attorney General.

ture, it were most proper to have the advice of council

learned in the laws, for settling the boundaries of any His Majesty having referred the Petition of Mr. Wil new Patent, which may be liable to encroach on those kam Penn unto the Lords of the Committee for Planta- of another's possession; but in regard I remember well tions, wherein he prays his Majesty to grant him a tract the Duke's directions, expressed in a former letter from

of land in America, for the settling a colony and planta- me to you, by his Royal Highness's order, dated the 16th Esq. has be tion there; and their Lordships having received from of October, 1680, I shall frankly tell you my thoughts

him the inclosed draught of a grant, which he desires thereupon, viz. That I believe the description by lines

may pass to him, for the government of that colony, have of longitude (especially) and of latitude, are very'uncerEngdon , li commanded me to signify their desire to you, that, upon tain, and so also is it, under what meridian the head of

consideration of the powers therein proposed, you re. Delaware river lies, which I do believe bath never yet

port unto them, whether you have any thing to object been observed by any careful artist. But it being the Lo be enter against the same, their Lordships being to meet again Duke's intention, that Mr. Penn's grant be bounded on

upon the business, on Thursday next, at Four in the the east side by Delaware river, and that his south limits afternoon.

be twenty or thirty miles beyond Newcastle (which co

lony of Newcastle is northwards, and distinct from MaryCouncil Chamber, the Eighteenth of November, 1680. land, that being under the jurisdiction of Lord BaltiTu Sir John Werden, about Mr. Penn's Patent.

more) which extent northwards of Newcastle colony, klin Geri SIR,

we guess, may reach as far as the beginning of the for. Pengan

I formerly sent you the Petition of Mr. Penn, touch- tieth degree of latitude; therefore if Mr. Penn's Patent 125 a 13" ing a tract of land, joining to New York; and received be so worded as to leave Newcastle twenty or thirty de of d your answer thereupon, which I presented to the Lords miles beyond it free, and to be bounded on the east by

of the Committee of Plantations; and now send you, by Delaware river, I think this is all the caution that needs

their Lordships order, an extract of so much of the pa as to the Duke, who will not concern himself how far become tent which he is solliciting, as concerns the boundaries, north or west Mr. Penn's Patent takes in. to the end you may make your objections to it, in behalf

I am, Sir, your most affectionate of his Royal Highness, if you see cause, the committee

Friend and Servant,

hi, baraş having appointed to take this business into their further
consideration on Tuesday next, at Four in the after-

St. James's, the Twenty-third of November, 1680.
Council Chamber, the Eighteenth of Norember, 1680.

For my honour'd Friend, William Blaythwaite, Esq. Se.
To the Agents of the Lord Baltimore, about Mr. Penn's cretary to the Right Honourable the Lords Commia

sioners for Trade and Foreign Plantations. Gentlemen,

SIR, On the Fourteenth of June last, I sent you, by order Mr. Penn having often fallen into discourse with me, of the Lords of the Committee for Plantations, the Peti- of his concerns in America, since I wrote to you on Satur. tion of Mr. Penn, who prays a Charter, for making a day, I have told him the substance of what I wrote, and Settlement northerly of Maryland; and I received your he seems to fear, that if his south limits be rightly set at answer; in behalf of my Lord Baltimore, on the Twen- twenty or thirty miles north from Newcastle Town, he ty-third following, which I accordingly laid before the shall have so little of the river left, as very much to precommittee; since which time their Lordships have pe vent the hopes he hath of improving the rest within his rused the Draught of Letters Patent, which Mr. Penn Patent; but, on the other side, he is willing, that twelve desires to have pass unto him, and which, he alleges, English miles, North of Newcastle

, be his boundary, and was put into your hands, according to their directions, believes the distance will fall under the beginning of in order to receive your objections, if you had any to the fortieth degree of latitude; I have already signified make; wherefore their Lordships command me to give to you, all I know of the Duke's mind herein, which is, you notice of the meeting of a committee on Tuesday in general, to keep some convenient distance from Newnext, at Four in the afternoon, for the further considera castle, Northwards, for a boundary to that colony. But tion of this business; and that, in case you have nothing I confess I do not understand, why it is precisely neces. more to offer to their Lordships at that time, they will sary to insist on just such a number of miles, more or less. thereupon take their final resolution concerning the said in a country of which we know so little, and when all the Patent.

benefits are intended to this Patentee which others en

joy; so as I submit this point to their Lordships consider. St. James's, the Twentieth of November, 1680. ation, and do not think it material to add more at pre. For my honour'd Friend, William Blaythwaite, Esq. sent, from

Secretary to the Right Honourable the Lord's Com Your very affectionate Friend and Servant,
missioners for Trade and Foreign Plantations.



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I am,

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