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house, the distance is 136 chains, and the rate of gradu- vines, the others that the line crossed were of moderate ation per mile is 7.36 feet ascending. Leaving Weaver's breadth and depth. house to the north, the line of road will pass over fa Section 10, Containing the level from Sharp's and vourable ground, through the farms of Mr. Porter and crossing the head of Brubacker's run, the line was then Abram Reese, then following a northwest direction, and traced along the gentle slope bank of that run to a facrossing the old Lancaster road, a short distance west of vourable point on a bluff of Little Conestoga creek the Bird-in-hand tavern, it goes through the orchard of above Kinsley's oil mill, where the creek is crossed with J. Conrad, and strikes Mill creek at the breast of the a bridge 402 feet in length and 24 in height. The disdam of Daniel's mill-pond.

tance from Sharp's to the bridge is 145 chains and the Section 4, The distance from Weaver's lane to this descent at 8.4 feet per mile. Considering it expedient point, is 284 chains, and rate 13.84 feet descending. The to examine two routes from Lancaster to the Susqueposition here is exceedingly favourable for a bridge. On hanna, and as the limited time for this survey would not both sides the limestone is upon the surface, but the permit us to survey both with the instruments then in bluff upon the west side at Gibbin's is more precipitous use; after obtaining an additional 'one and organizing than that upon the east; the height of the bridge here another party, I proceeded with the level inyself and will be 32 feet, and its length of platform 50 feet. Leav- traced a route in the direction of Columbia. At the ing the Mill creek at Samuel Gihbon's bluff, the line is same time Mr. Haines continued the line from the west traced along the south side of the ravine leading to Jesse bank of the Little Conestoga creek,along the north edge Guilbert's farm; from thence to the Smoketown road, of Kauffman's run, towards Mount Joy, and thence to which is the summit of the ridge dividing the waters of the Susquehanna, a general description of which, taken Millcreek from the Conestoga river.

from the level book, will be given in the sequel to this Section 5, The distance of this is 84 chains, and by report.

At the termination of the second station from Little cutting the suminit at Guilbert's 9.28 feet, the ascending gradation will be 18.08 feet per mile, graduating from Conestoga to the Mount Joy route, the level was carried this summit an easy descent along the head branches of across Kauffman's run and Harrisburg turnpike, to the Landis's run, through the lands of Kirk, Hare, Buck- east of the Buck tavern on sloping ground to a point walter and Landis, intersecting the Horse-Shoe road. opposite Reigart's mill, and from which the ground is The section terminates at the distance of 186 chains in a of Swar's run, continuing on the north margin of Swar's

favourable to cross the Little Connestoga creek, north lane, between Landis's and Beckerman's houses, and the line is united with our level picket in the lane at descends at the rate of 7.18 feet per mile.

Sharp's. Section 6, The graduation of the next section to the

Section 11, The height of the bluff upon the west side point from whence we must cross Conestoga river, is at of the creek, was considered sufficiently high for a 27 one maximum rate. If from the summit near Guilbert's feet bridge, and the distance from the level picket at the line had taken the north side of Landis’ run, a much Sharp's to the creek is 120 chains (estimated by proless expensive bridge across the Conestoga would have traction) and the graduated descent 18.16 feet per mile, been obtained at the bluff above the junction of that run and to the picket west of Reigart's mill the distance is with the river. But the continuation of the line westward 80 chains, (estimated by protraction) and the ascent from the Conestoga would have passed over the ridge, 27.33. dividing the western Landis' run from Brubacker's about

By crossing the Conestoga opposite Reigart's mill, 3 miles north of Lancaster, increasing the distance of several ravines at the head of Brubaker's run, are avoid. the road and rendering the descending graduation to- ed, which would require heavy embankment. Upon a wards Little Conestoga, beyond the limits of this survey. future examination, it would be advisable to cross the Returning to our level pickets in the lane near Becker- creek below Swar's in the direction of Hempfield, and man's, the line winds to avoid inequalities of ground if found practicable, the line of rail way to the river, through Landis' woods, and perforating a ridge 8 or 9 would then be shorter than the distance by the turnpike feet high and 10 chains base, keeping the gentle sloping to Columbia. ground as far as Demuth's mill, it then follows the sum

Section 12, Returning to our level picket at the ter. init of the ridge, south of J. Landis' house and reaches mination of the last section, the line pursues a southernly a point nearly opposite to the precipitous bluff at Mr. course through Jacob Mayer's farm, then east of HempHall's mansion.

field crossing the Marietta turnpike, then west crossing Section 7, From this point the bridge will keep the a narrow branch at Jonathan Leaman's, and terminating descending ridge for 840 feet, with a mean height of the section in Habacker's field. 124 feet and thence crossing the stream to the opposite Section 13, At Jacob Mayer's there will be some emrocky bluff, in the distance of 534 feet, with a height of bankment, and north of that a small cut in a narrow ridge. 494 feet. The distance of this last section is 146 chains The ascending graduation per mile in this section, is to the commencement of the bridge, and the descending 16.08 feet and the distance 213 chains. graduation 27} feet per mile.

Section 14, From Habacher's the line crosses the Co. Section 8, From the Conestoga bridge the line is traced | lumbia turnpike, near Peltz’s tavern, and runs westwardalong the gentle sloping ground of Hardwick's run, ly to a ridge north of Senner's house. The distance is passes south of Hall's residence, crosses the New Hol- | 98 chains, and the ascending graduation per mile is 18 land turnpike to the north of E. Colman's and enters feet. The ridge north of Senner's must be cut 13 feet, the northeast corner of the city of Lancaster, thence it at a base of 30 chains. crosses the Reading road at Stambach's, and terminates Section 15, Leaving the ridge at Senners, the level is in a lane leading to D. Mayer's house, the summit of the carried a short distance north of Kaufl'man's house, then ridge between Hardwick's and Swar's runs, must be cut it passes over gentle sideling ground, and after crossing down794 ftand the ascending graduation will then be21.12 Hershey's mill pond at the breast of the dam, the section feet per mile and the length of the section 136 chains, terminates north of his house; the distance is 664 chains thence following nearly the direction of the lane through and the ascending rate per mile is 5.19 feet; on this secthe farms of M. and D. Mayer's, and passing the resi- tion the bridge at Hershey's is about 38 feet high and 294 dence of S.Sheffer on the Manheim road which we leave in length. upon our right, we reach our level picket in a lane near Section 16, From the level picket at Hershey's, the the residence of J. Sharp. The length of this section line is traced over favourable ground to a ridge in Jacob is 123 chains, and the rise only 87-100ths feet, or nearly Seitz's woods, dividing the waters of the west branch of level.

little Conestoga from Strickler's run; distance 881 chains Section 9. From the summit on the Mine ridge to the and ascending graduation 16.16 feet to the mile. This level picket at Sharp's, with the exception of 3 or 4 ra- summit must be cut 7.59 feet.

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Section 17, From Seitz's the line descends along gen From Share's run the ground rises for 1 mile 10 chains, tle sideling ground for 89 chains, at the rate of 13.68 ft. and the rate per mile of graduation 13.83 feet; crosses per mile, and this section terminates at a point south of 2 ravines. Thence ascending 1 mile 23 chains and crosBackman's mill, and about 16 or 17 chains east of Mil- sing two ravines, the graduation is 13.4 feet per mile. linger's ravine. The level from this point was carried Continuing still to rise for 1 mile and a half chain, the along the face of the side hill to the termination at the graduation for this section is 16.61 feet per mile, and it river, a few yards below Strickler's mill.

crosses one ravine. Section 18, It is proposed to place near the position From the termination of the last section the line deeast of Millinger's ravine, a stationary steam engine and scends to the east bank of Conoy creek, and the disto descend 130 feet by an inclined plane to the meadow tance it 1 mile 77 chains; the descending graduation per of Strickler's run, from thence to the river bank, the mile is 14.13 feet. To straighten the line of this section, distance is 150 chains, and descending gradually 18 feet it is necessary to cut 10 feet for 40 chains. Bridge at per mile along its margin to Columbia the ascent is very conoy creek 30.44 feet in height-length about 700 feet. gradual.

Keeping along the face of the ridge of Conoy valley The whole line from Lancaster to Columbia, presents and running nearly parallel with the creek for 70 chains, fewer difficulties in its course than any other portion of the line descends 2.82 feet-but for a very deep ravine the same extent, from the Susquehanna to Philadelphia. on this section, the line might have been kept up in From Columbia it is proposed to extend the line along order to diminish the deep cutting in the next section. the margin of the river, passing through Marietta to

From the termination of the latter section, following Bainbridge, and terminating it at Hopkin's dam 4 miles the face of the same ridge towards Bainbridge, the line below Swatara. On this route excepting about #ths of afterwards runs parallel with the river {ths of a mile a mile around the base of Chickey's rock and the same from it and terminates at the lower end of Hopkin's extent between the mouth of Conoy creek and Bain-canal, about a mile below its entrance from the river. bridge, the ground is exceedingly favourable.

The distance is 4 miles 36 chains, and descending gra-, Section 19, The graduation can be regulated at a rate duation 23 feet per mile-The length of deep cutting on i not exceeding 34 feet per mile, and the bridge across this section is 96 chains and 25 feet in depth. Conoy and Chickesalunga creeks, will not together amount to more than 100 feet in extent. The distance

In closing the preliminary descriptions of and obserfrom Strickler's to Hopkins 157 miles, should it bevations on the western division of the Schulkill and Susdeemed necessary to avoid a fixed steam engine at Mil quehanna railway, I shall reserve the more particular lerger's, another line may be explored to the north of remarks and views upon the subject to accompany the Columbia, The ground over

which it will pass appears proposed method for the formation of the road and the favourable, In descending the river from the mouth of

estimate of its expense. Chickesalunga creek by raising very gradually along the

I now return to the summit of the main ridge at Henbase of the abovementioned rock until it is cleared, then derson's, and proceed with the description of the eastern

division of the line. continuing along the foot of the slope of Chesnut ridge you gain a ravine, the summit of which immediately 30 feet and at a base of about 30 chains, the line is gra

Sec. 20, Reducing the summit at the gap by a cut of north of Mount Pleasant village. Cutting through this ridge and continuing the line along another ravine, it duated on the eastern margin of one of the branches of finally unites with the level picket, in Habaker's field.

Octoraro creek and passes south of Mr. Moore's resiI now proceed to state generally the character of the dence; then winding gradually along the gentle sloping ground, on the above line explored by Mr. Hains to margin of the meadow, it enters the lands of Messrs. wards Mount Joy, and thence to Hopkin's eam on the Walker and Coats, thence crossing the Newport turnSusquehanna river, as taken from his level book. From pike and following the same edge of meadow, it passes the level picket on the west bank of little Conestoga and terminates at a favourable bluff for crossing the

through the farms of the estates of Dickerson and Moore, creek, above Kinsley's oil mill, along the north margin middle branch of Octoraro, above Morris' mill pondof Kauffman's run to the summit near Kauffman's lane, which divides the waters of the little Conestoga and The length of this section is 235 chains, and the graduaChickesalunga creeks, the distance is 4 miles 27 Chains. tion descending 20.32 feet per mile, Bridge across OcBy reducing this summit 12 feet at a base of 30 chains toraro 400 feet in length and 25 in height, the ascending graduation per mile 16.10 feet. The line Section 21, From Moore's the line continues along the on this section passes over several small runs and some face of the slope bank of the mill pond, and then enters considerable ravines.

upon gentle sideling ground of the great Chester valley, From the summit at Kauffman's to the east bank of keeping north of the valley it terminates in a bluff, below big Chickesalunga creek, following the north margin of the dam of Cloud's mill pond, on the eastern branch of Hershey's run and Muddy creek, the distance is 2 miles Octoraro creek. The distance from Moore's to Clouds 54 chains, and descending graduation 16.25 feet per is 150 chains and the rate per mile of ascending gradua, mile: this section is rough; Bridge across Chickesalun- tion is 14 feet-bridge across Octoraro 18 feet high, ga 48.45 feet high above Greider's mill.

length of bottom 314 feet. The next section ascends to the ridge dividing the Section 22, Leaving Cloud's mill the line keeps the waters of big and little Chickesalunga creeks, reducing southern slope of the north valley hill crossing in its the summit 12 feet at a base of 25 chains. The gradua- course some small ravines, and after intersecting the tion will bę 10.82 feet per mile, and distance 1 mile 12 valley road, it curves southwardly to avoid deep cutting, chains,

to a middle point in the summit ridge at Smith's, be. Descending from the latter summit to little Chickesa-tween Octoraro and Buck run. The length of this line lunga creek near Neissley's ford, the creek is crossed is 231 1-3 chains, and the graduated rise per mile iş with a bridge 52 13 feet high. The length of the sec- 7.92 feet; Octoraro summit is lessened by a cut of 10.23 tion is 64.4 chains, and graduated descent 15.40 per feet. mile.

Section 23, As we leave the last mentioned ridge, the From the west bank of little Chickesalunga to the line returns towards the sloping face of north valley hill, summit of the riage dividing from Share's run, the dis- crosses a branch of Buck run and Strasburg road at tance is 1 mile 26 chains, and reducing the ridge 8 feet at Park's tavern, and Buck run east of David Truman's it a base of 15 chains the graduated ascent will be 15.71 still continues over favourable ground to the ridge be. feet per mile,

tween the waters of Buck run and west Brandywine, Thence to Share's run above Zook's spring the dis where the section terminates. The distance tween the tance is 57.7 chains, and the descending graduation two summits is 242 2-3 chains, and the graduation per 12.97 feet per mile-Share's run will require a bridge. I mile descending is 23.04 feet. The latter supomit must




be cut 30.38 feet at a base of 23 chains; the bridge over ware) in Mr. Groves' field, a short distance north of the Buck run will be small.

Spread-Eagle tavern, which was ascertained to be nearly Section 24, From the Buck run summit to west Bran-62 feet above the level at the White Horsc. Mr. Haines dywine at Coatsville, on the south face of the north val- after passing with the levels the ridge near the Chester ley hill

, the ground generally has a gentle declination to academy (stated in section No. 29) kept with an elevatthe valley, the line crosses several narrow branches or ed level to the end of the section No. 31 at Paoli, and spring runs. It intersects the Lancaster turnpike near from thence he crossed the ridge on the turnpike about Coatsville, and after leaving this road the side hill as the one and a half miles east of the Paoli tavern, and carried Brandywine is approached, becomes steep. The length the line towards the summit at Groves'. His report upon of this section is 257 chains and the graduated descent the section from the Warren to the Spread Eagle was so is 27} feet per mile. The bridge across the Brandywine favourable that the line was continued to the Schuylki} by this graduation, will be 70 feet high and 640 long, without further examinations being made upon it. I find by cutting the ridge near Buck run 10 feet more, it will however, from the profile and draft made out from the reduce the graduation to 24.6 feet per mile, and bridge level book, that that portion of the line passed over more to 60 feet in height.

uneven ground than any other section between the Section 25, From west Brandywine still continuing Schuylkill and Susquehanna rivers. The ravines crossed along the same face of the valley hill, the section ends are numerous and several of them of great depth. A near Gardiner's house at a ridge dividing the waters of further examination will be made of it previous to the west Brandywine from those of east Brandywine, cut-completion of the estimate. ting the ridge here 3.55 feet, the line will be level and

Section 32. Returning to the level picket at Paoli and its length 150chains. Should it be expedient however continuing the line on north side of South Valley ridge to lessen the height of west Brandywine bridge 10 feet, it terminates on a summit in Mr. Vanleer's orchard near and to cut the ridge 8.55, the ascending graduation per the toll-gate. The distance is 200 chains and by reducmile to Gardiner's would be 2.64 per mile.

ing the summit 15 feet at a base of 18 chains, the graSection 26, Extending the graduated line along the duation of the section will be 5.64 feet per mile. Three base of North Valley hill, it crosses Beaver creek near ravines are crossed and a ridge of 10 chains must be cut Mr. Downing's, which will require a small bridge and 20 feet. embankments; and continuing east intersects another Section 33. From Vanleer's the line crosses the tursibranch, and the Harrisburg turnpike. The section ter-pike and re-crosses it near the Lamb tavern, it then minates on the face of the slope bank of east Bradywine keeps north of it and passes through Mr. Grover's near nearly a mile above Downingston, and the river is passed the Spread Eagle tavern. From thence it is traced on with a bridge of 40 feet high and about 910 feet long. favourable ground, to the east bank of the ravine, which Extent of the section 467 chains and rate of graduation it crosses north of Benjamin Mould's house. The length per mile 16 feet descending.

of this section is 335 chains and descends upon a graduSection 27, From east Brandywine to our level picket ation of 27 feet per mile. Bridge across Mould's ravine near Trimble's saw mill, on the principal branch of East 34.13 feet in height and 600 long. Valley creek, the ground still continues favourable for a road. The stream must be crossed with a small bridge.

Section 34. Leaving Mould's ravine the line passes The length of this section is 361 2-3 chains and the line through lands of L. George and G. Curwin north of the ascends at a graduation of 12.34 per mile.

turnpike and reaches a summit on Rudolph's land, reSection 28. Continuing from our level picket to the ducing which 20 feet the ascending graduation will be levels

, the summit of the ridge dividing the waters of the 9.97 feet per mile, and the distance 174 chains. eastern and western Valley creeks, which is near the

Section 35. From Rudolph's summit the line crosses White Horse tavern the line passes over favourable the turnpike west of the house of William Thomas, and ground and the section terminates to the east of the old passes south of the Buck tavern, near which it re-crosses Lancaster road. The length is 226} chains and the as the turnpike and taking a direction towards Dr. Andercending graduation 10.32 feet per mile.

son's, it meets the old Lancaster road and following Section 29. From the summit near the White Horse line point where the Flat Rock bridge road leaves the

nearly its course, the section terminates this line at the tavern, the line crosses the valley in a southern direction old Lancaster near Henry Browman's. The length is towards Kennard's

school house, it then continues on the 602 chains and the descending graduation is 15.48 feet north side of the Lancaster and Philadelphia turnpike, and terminates on a ridge near the Chester academy: per mile. The line crosses

five ravines of about four This ridge must be cut down 15 feet

. Length of section chains wide each, and 20 feet deep. 934 chains and ascending graduation 23.20 feet.

Levels from section No. 35, were carried along the Section 30. From this ridge the line crosses the turn- ridge north of the turnpike to the Schuylkill river, with pike and keeps to the south of it, along the face of the a view to a knowledge of the country, but as it is a matSouth Valley hill to a level picket near the Warren ta- shall be crossed and if so, the most advantageous point

ter of some consideration to determine whether the river vern. The length of this section is 199 chains and as for crossing by a bridge, the line has been left open from cending graduation 7.68 feet per mile.

this section for future decision. Section 31. Continuing along the face of the same hill the line intersects the turnpike near the toll-gate, imme- November,

the time remainiug has been too limited to

Having only completed the survey on the 29th of diately above the Warren tavern, crossing in its course, afford me an opportunity of putting together the extenseveral deep and wide ravines and terminates at a point sive notes made during the examinations through the a short distance north of General Evans' tavern, Paoli. country, so as to form a correct estimate of expenses of Length of section 219 chains and graduated rate per all the constituent parts of the rail way. mile ascending 26.64 feet. I will here remark that great difficulties presented themselves in exploring and find

From the nature of the subject and the varied surface ing a favourable route for leaving the Chester valley. over which the survey has passed, it must be obvious,

In order to facilitate the operations, I proceeded in that a careful and minute calculation is indispensably
advance of the levelling party with a line of levels as far necessary to the attainment of a correct estimate, I shall
as the ravine
which enters the

valley at Howell's(Davis') however, exert myself to prepare within as short a period tavern. In running the line to the head of the defile,

as possible, the remaining part of this report. the ground rose too

rapidly to admit of a passage through All which is respectfully submitted. it. The levels however, were extended along the ridge

Signed, to the north of the Philadelphia turnpike, as far as a

JOHN WILSON. summit (dividing the waters of Schuylkill from Dela Philadelphia, Dec. 17, 1827

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OFFICE OF THE CANAL COMMISSIONERS. the mean height of 18 feet, the wooden superstructures Philadelphia, Jan. 14, 1828.

are placed upon stone piers of common rubble masonry,

and under that height wooden frames resting upon stone Sir-By the direction of the canal commissioners, I foundations support the rail-way. They are all covered have the honour to enclose to you a complete estimate to protect them from the weather. Their formation is by major Wilson, of the cost of a rail-way from the mouth upon the principle of Town's truss bridges, which I be. of Swatara down the Susquehanna to Columbia and lieve to be well calculated for strength, durability and thence to a point near Philadelphia. The estimated

economy. expense from Columbia to the city of Philadelphia, The methods which have been adopted in the convaries by a very small fraction from the sum named by struction of the rail-ways in this state, and in Massachu. the commissioners in their report.

setts, are very similar; they differ only in the material I have also transmitted to the clerk of the house of which forms the traverse upon which the wooden rail representatives for the use of both branches of the legis- rests. The one being of wood, and the other stone; lature, the following drafts of surveys made during the and both are placed upon stone foundations to render past season.

them secure, and keep them from the influence of frost. 1. A map of the proposed canal line from Pittsburg The construction at Quincy might be applied to the by the Beaver and Shenango to Conneaut lake, by C. Susquehanna line, without much additional cost, but I T. Whippo, engineer.

submit to the board another plan, which appears to en2, A draft of a canal line from Bemis' mill on French sure equal stability. creek by way of Waterford to Erie harbour, by the same Instead of the transverse bearing or sleepers of wood engineer.

or stone upon which the parallel wooden rails are placed, 3. A map of the proposed canal line from Conneaut it is proposed to substitute blocks of stone 18 inches of lake by way of Elk creek to Erie harbour, by major D. 2 feet square, inserted two feet deep in the ground, or B. Douglass.

more, as the nature of the soil may require, and these 4. A connected map prepared under the direction of situated 8 feet apart, in the direction of the road. The Mr. Whippo, shewing all the above mentioned lines, and blocks to be firmly embedded in broken stone and pud. also the line of the French creek feeder from Conneaut dle, and so fixed as to rise from 4 to 6 inches above the lake to Bemis' mill.

surface of the ground. Upon the blocks will be placed It is respectfully asked, that you will cause these do- the rail of oak timber 8 inches wide and 12 deep, and cuments to be laid before the honourable body over which will be secured to the former by iron bolts one which you preside.

inch in diameter and 20 inches long, the upper surface With sincere respect,

of the blocks being previously smoothed, drilled 10 I have the honour to be,

inches and plugged with wooden trenails. Upon the Your most ob't. servant,

inner edge of the wooden rail be applied a rolled iron bar JOS. M'ILVAINE,

2} inches wide and / of an inch in thickness, which will Superintendant of Surveys. be secured in its place by spikes or screws, at every 3 Hon. Nur MIDDLESWARTH, Speaker of the

feet in length. Parallel to this line will be the other at House of Representatives of Pennsylvania.

the distance of four feet.

As the road is calculated for a double track, the interTo the Board of Canal Commissioners of the state of

mediate space between the two, will be four feet; and Pennsylvania.

four sidelings or passing places to the mile, between the Gentlemen-Having already submitted to the board a tracks, are allowed in the estimate. The side foot-paths preliminary description of a line of rail-way, between will each occupy four feet, and the side drains are calcu. the Susquehanna and Schuylkill rivers, in conformity lated at 44 feet in width. The space of ground covered with your instructions, I have now the honor to place by this arrangement will be about 33 feet. Thc horse before you the remaining part of my report upon the path in each rail way will be properly prepared and cosubject with an estimate of the expense of construction. vered with broken stone and gravel. In describing the nature of the ground over which the

Western Division. survey was conducted for tracing the line of rail-way; it was remarked, that there were considerable difficulties Item 1. Comencing with deep cut at gap of in finding ground suitable for leaving Chester valley in Mine ridge. Excavation on a base of 32 order to extend the line to Philadelphia. Exceptions chains, depth from apex being 30ft. 68052 being made to the 34th section as passing over not only cubic yards 20 cents

$13,610 40 ravines of great depth but the line itself, being too wind- Double drain, 2816 cubic yds. 20 cts.

563 20 ing in its course, to render it practicable for the road. A levelling party was therefore directed to re-examine

14,173 60 this section, and also another line along the face of the Item 2. From Mine ridge to Aby's. Exca. Valley hill, so as to connect the latter with the summit vation 120 chains, area x section 2) square at Grover's. The examination of the first was fully yds. 6600 cubic yds. at 8 cts.

528 00 made, which resulted in the impracticability of graduat- Single drain on 120 chains, 5280 cubic yards ing any line immediately from the Warren tavern, so as at 8 cts.

422 40 to join the position at Paoli, with the termination of its Embanking 8566 cubic yds. at 15 cts. 1,285 00 graduation at the point east of Vanleer's, on the turn- Three bridges; two of 66 ft and one of 33 ft. 1,740 00 pike road. Levels were also carried from Grover's to a very favourable position (three-fourths of a mile in a north

3,975 40 west direction) for connecting the two graduations above Item 3. From Aby's to Pequea creek at Ekmentioned, by means of fixed steam power; but the con erts. Excavation on 294 8-10 chains, * sectinued unfavourable state of the weather and the limited tion 6 sq. feet

259 44 time allotted for the explorations, would not allow the Double drain on 27.11 chains, single drain party to make so full a report upon the subject as was on 294 8-10 ch. 15358 cubic yds. at 6 cts. 921 48 wished. In order, therefore, to close the estimate I have Embankment on 28 36-100 ch. 18135 cubic given the probable amount of cost of item 13, leaving yds. at 15 cts.

2,720 25 this section subject to future examination.

Two small bridges each $100

200 00 The numerous streams intersected by the line between Bridge over Pequea creek; stone piers, woodthe Susquehanna and Schuylkill rivers, rendered it en superstructure; and covered

5,487 00 necessary that the bridges should be constructed of the least expensive materials. In all those which exceed

9,588 17




Item 4. From Pequea creek to M'Caslin's

Double drain on 120 ch. 10560 cubic yards, Double drain on 119 ch. 10472 cubic yds.

at 6 cts.

633 60 at 6 cts.

628 32 Embankment on 3 ch. 763 cubic yards, at Embankment on 3 ch. 1489 cubic yards, at

10 cts.

76 30 10 cts. 148 90 Small bridge

80 00 Small bridge 80 00

1,261 34 857 22 Item 12. From Sharp's to Little Conestoga. Item 5, From M'Caslin's to Weaver's. Ex

Excavation on 120 ch. K section 6 sq. feet, cavating 100 ch. section-6 square feet,

1760 cubic yards, at 6 cts.

105 60 1466 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

87 96 Single drain on 120 ch. 5280 cubic yds. at Double drain on 36 ch. single drain on 100

6 cts.

316 80 ch. 7568 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

454 08 Bridge over Conestoga; stone piers, wooden Small bridge

100 00
superstructure, covered

6643 00 642 04

7,065 40 Item 6. From Weaver's to Mill creek. Excavating 60 ch. * section—6 square feet,

Item 13. From Little Conestoga to end of

section 9. Double drain on 78 ch. 6864 880 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

52 80
cubic yds. at 6 cts.

411 84 Double drain on 252 8-10 ch. 22246 cubic

Embankment on 2 ch. 660 cubic yards, at yds. at 6 cts.

1334 76
10 cts.

66 00 Embankment on 24 ch. 7150 cubic yds. at

Small bridge

80 00 10 cts.

715 00 Bridge over ravine near Mill creek, covered 5,937 50

557 84 Bridge over Pequea creek; stone piers; covered

6988 00 Item 14. From section 9 to Habaker's. Dou

ble drain on 98 ch. single on 95 ch. 12804
15,028 06
cubic yds. at 6 cts:

768 24 Item 7. From Mill creek to summit at Gil.

Excavation on 95 ch. section, 6 sq. feet, bert's. Excavation on 34 chains x section

1393 cubic yards, at 6 cts.

83 58 1} square yds. 997 cubic yds. at 6 cts. 59 82 Cut at Mayer's 6331 cubic yds. at 10 cts. 633 10 Cutting summit 34 chains base x section 17

Embankment and bridge near do.

672 00 1,271 68 Do.

do. Leaman's square yds. 12716cubic yds. at 10 cts.

150 00 Double drain on 50 chains; single do, on 34

do. Bean's

150 00 ch. 5896 cubic yds. at 7 cts. 412 72

2,456 92 1,744 22 Item 15. From Habaker's to Senner's. DouItem 8. From Gilbert's to Beckerman's.

ble drain on 30 ch. single do. on 68 ch. Double drain on 155 8-10 ch. 13710 cubic

5632 cubic yds. at 8 cts.

450 56 yds. at 6 cts.

822 60 Cut summit at Senner's 30 ch. base, 13 feet Cūt near Beckerman's section 17 square

depth, 19543 cubic yds. at 10 cts.

1,954 30 yds. 6358 cubic yds. at 10 cts.

635 80 Excavation on 68 ch. section; 6 square feet, Side-long cutting on 12.89 ch. section 6 2-3

997 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

59 82 square yds. 1891 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

113 46 Embankment on 21.20 ch. 3316 cubic yards

2,464 68 at 10 cts.

331 60 Item 16. From Senner's to Hershey's. ExcaEmbankment on 8,42 ch. 5338 cubic yards,

vation on 61.87 ch. mean - section, 1.12 at 15 cts.

800 70

square yards, 1524 cubic yds. at 6 cts. 91 44 Two bridges; one of 33 feet, and 1 of 10 ft 400 00 Single drain on same, 2723 cubic yds. at 6 cts. 163 38

Bridge over Hershey's pond; stone piers,

3,104 16 Item 9. From Beckerman'sto Big Conestoga.

wooden superstructure and covered 4,193 00 Double drain on 146 ch. 12848 cubic yds.

4,447 82 at 6 cts.

770 88 Cut 8 feet on 22 ch. base, 7744 cubic yards,

Item 17. From Hershey's to Seitz's. Excaat 10 cts.

vation on 63 ch. x section 1 sq. yd. 1386

774 40 Embankment on 7 ch. 2310 cubic yds. at

cubic yds. at 6 cts.

83 16 231 00

Double drain on 25.66 ch. and 63 ch. single Bridge over Conestoga; stone piers and wood

do. 5030 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

301 80 en frames, covered; wooden superstruc

Cut at Seitz's 2,481 cubic yds. at 8 cts.

198 48 ture 22,994 20

583 44 24,770 48 Item 18. From Seitz's to a point near MillinItem 10. From Conestoga to Mayer's. Exca

ger's. Excavation on 89 chains sectiun 13 ration on 74.39 ch. section; square feet6,

square yds. 2,610 cubic yds. at 6 cts. 156 60 1091 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

65 46 Single drain along same, 3916 cubic yards, Double drain on 61.61 ch. single do. on 74.39

at 6 cts.

234 96 ch. 8695 cubic yds. at 6 cts.

521 70 Cut at Mayer's 27.57 ch. base, 3.97 ft. deep,

391 56 8552 cubic yds. at 8 cts.

684 26 Item 19. From Millinger's to Susquehanna
80 00 river. Excavation on 180 ch. mean * sec.

tion, 1.11 sq. yds. 4396 cubic yds at 6 cts. 263 76

1,351 42 Single drain along 180 ch. 7920 cubic yards Item 11. From Mayer's to Sharp's. Cut in

at 6 cts.

475 20 prolongation of summit at Mayer's on 19 ch. m. depth 3.9 feet, 5893 cubic yards,

738 96 471 44

10 cts,

Small bridge

at 8 cts.

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