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Water Resources (w)
Ogden River Water Users Association (w)
Salt Lake, County of (w)
St. George, City of (w)
Tooele, City of (w)
University of Utah (g)
Utah Department of—
• Environmental Health, Division of Water Quality (w)
•Natural Resources (g)—
Geological and Mineral Survey (n, w)
Oil, Gas, and Mining Division (w)
Water Resources Division (w)
Water Rights Division (w)
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (w)
Weber River Water Users Association (w)

Agency of—
•Administration (n)
•Natural Resources (g, n)
•Transportation (w)
Department of Environmental Conservation (w)

Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission (w)
Alexandria, City of (w)
VIRGINIA X Danville, City of (w)
Delaware Geological Survey (w)
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (w)
James City, County of (w)
Maryland, Department of State Highway Administration (w)
Newport News, City of (w)
Northern Virginia Planning District Commission (w)
Prince William Public Works (w)
Roanoke, City of (w)
Southeastern Public Service Authority of Virginia (w)
University of Virginia, Department of Environmental Sciences (w)
Virginia Department of—

•Conservation and Reclamation (w)

• Environmental Quality (w)

•Highways and Transportation (w)

•Mines, Minerals, and Energy, Division of Mineral Resources (n)
West Piedmont Planning District Commission (w)

Aberdeen, City of (w)
Bellevue, City of (w)
Chelan, County of Public Utility District No. 1 (w)
Clallam County Department of Community Development (w)
Cowlitz, County of (w)
Douglas, County of, Public Utility District No. 1 (w)
Hoh Indian Tribe (w)
Jamestown Klallam Tribe (w)
Kent, City of (w)
King County Department of Public Works (w)
Lewis County Board of Commissioners (w)
Makah Indian Tribe (w)
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (w)
Nisqually Indian Tribe (w)
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (w)
Pacific County Commissioners (w)
Pierce, County of Public Works Department (w)
Port Townsend, City of (w)
Quileute Tribal Council (w)
Quinault Indian Business Committee (w)
Seattle, City of Light Department (w)
Skagit County Department of Public Works (w)
Snohomish, County of—
•Board of Commissioners (w)

132 Touching the Lives of Every Citizen, Every Day. . .

•Public Utilities (w)
Spokane County Commissioners (n)
Tacoma, City of, Department of

•Public Utilities (w)

•Public Works (w) Thurston County Department of Public Works (w) Umatilla Tribal Council (w) University of Washington (g) Washington Department of

•Ecology (w)

•Fisheries and Wildlife (w)

•General Administration (w)

• Health (w)

•Highways (w)

•Information Services (g, n)

•Natural Resources (n, w) Washington State Community Development (w) YakimaTribal Council (w)

Morgantown, City of, Utility Board (w) New Martinsville, City of (w) West Virginia Department of Abandoned Mines and VIRGINIAA Reclamation (w) West Virginia Division of• Environmental Protection (w) •Highways (w) •Natural Resources, Office of Water Resources (w) West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey (g, w)

Alma/Moon Lake District (w) Auburn, Town of (w) Balsam Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (w) Barron, City of (w) Beaver Dam, City of (w) Big Muskego Lake District (w) Brookfield, City of (w) Cedar Lake, Town of (w) Dane, County of— •Department of Public Works (w) •Lakes and Watershed Management (w) •Regional Planning Commission (w) Darboy Sanitary District #1 (w) Delavan, Town of (w) Druid Lake Inland Protection and Rehabilitation District (w) Eagle Spring Lake Management (w) Elkhart Lake Improvement Association (w) Fond Du Lac, City of (w) Fontana Walworth Water Pollution Control Commission (w) Fowler Lake Management District (w) Geological Survey (n, w) Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (w) Green Lake Sanitary District (w) Hillsboro, City of (w) Kansasville, Town of (w) Kaukauna Electric and Water Utilities (w) Kimberly Water Works Department (w) Lac Du Flambeau Indians (w) Lake Keesus Management District (w) Lake Nebagamon, Village of (w) Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District (w) Little Arbor Vitae Protection and Rehabilitation District (w) Little Chute, Village of (w) Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (w) Little Muskego Lake District (w) Little St. Germain Lake District (w) Madison Engineering Department (w) Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (w) Marinette County Soil and Water Conservation Department (w)


Mead, Township of (w) Menasha, Town of Sanitary District No. 4 (w) Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (w) Muskego, City of (w) Norway, Town of (w) Oconomowoc Lake, Village of (w) Okauchee Lake Management District (w) Oneida Indian Tribe of Wisconsin (w) Park Lake Management District (w) Peshtigo, City of (w) Potters Lake Rehabilitation and Protection District (w) Powers Lake Management District (w) Pretty Lake Management District (w) Rock, County of Public Works Department (w) St. Germain, Town of (w) Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (w) Sparta, City of (w) Stockbridge-Munsee Indians (w) Summit, Town of (w) Thorp, City of (w) Troy, Town of (w) University of Wisconsin Extension, Geological and Natural History Survey (n) Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District (w) Waterford, Town of (w) Waupun, City of (w) Whitewater-Rice Lake Management District (w) Wind Lake Management District (w) Wisconsin Department of

•Justice (w)

•Natural Resources (n, w)

•Transportation (w)
Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (w)
Wittenberg, Village of (w)
Wolf Lake Management District (w)

_o Alaska Department of Natural Resources (w) Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (w) WYOMINGX Cheyenne, City of (w) Colorado State University (w) Evanston, City of (w) Freemont County Weed and Pest Division (w)

Joint Business Council (w)

Lincoln, County of (w)
Midvale Irrigation District (w)
Sheridan Water Supply Board (w)
Star Valley Conservation District (w)
Teton, County of (w)
Teton County Natural Resources District (w)
Water Development Commission (w)
Water Resources Center (w)
Wind River Environmental Quality Commission (w)
Wyoming Department of

•Agriculture (w)

• Environmental Quality (w)

•Game and Fish (w)
•Highways (w)
Wyoming State Engineer (w)

FEDERAL COOPERATORS Central Intelligence Agency (g)

Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service (w)
Forest Service (g, n,w)
National Finance Center (w)

Soil Conservation Service (n,w) Stabilization and Conservation Service (w)

Department of the Air Force (w)
Aeronautical Systems Command (w)
Air Combat Command (w)
Air Education and Training Command (w)
Air Mobility Command (w)
Headquarters, AFTAC/AC (g)
Patrick Air Force Base (g)

Department of the Army (w)
Aberdeen Proving Ground (w)
Army Belvoir RDF Center (g)
Army Construction Engineering Research Lab (w)
Corps of Engineers (g, n, w)
Directorate of Public Works (w)
Engineer Topographic Laboratory (w)
National Training Center (g)
Picatinny Arsenal (w)
Rocky Mountain Arsenal (w)
White Sands Missle Range (w)
Yuma Proving Ground (w)

Department of Commerce
Bureau of the Census (n)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (g)
National Ocean Service (n)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (g, n, w)
National Weather Service (w)

Department of Defense Agencies
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (g, n)
Defense Intelligence Agency (g)
Defense Mapping Agency (n)
Defense Nuclear Agency (g)
National Guard Bureau (w)

Department of Energy (g, n, w)
Alaska Power Administration (w)
Bonneville Power Administration (w)
Brookhaven National Laboratory (w)
Hanford Project (w)
Idaho Falls Operations Office (w)
Los Alamos National Laboratories (w)
Morgantown Energy Technology Center (g)
National Geothermal Program (g)
Nevada Operations Office (w)
Oak Ridge Operations Office (g, w)
Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center (g)
Rocky Flats Operations Office (w)
Sandia National Laboratories (g, w)
Savannah River Operations Office (g, w)
Schenectady Naval Reactors Office (w)
Southwestern Power Administration (w)
Yucca Mountain Project (g, w)

Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health (w)

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Indian Affairs (g, n, w)
Bureau of Land Management (g, n, w)
Bureau of Mines (n, w)
Bureau of Reclamation (g in, w)
National Biological Survey (w)
National Park Service (g, n, w)
Office of the Secretary (w)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (n, w)

. . . through Cooperators and Other Financial Contributors 133


Department of Justice (w)

Department of the Navy
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (g, w)
Naval Air Warfare Center (g)
Naval Oceanographic Office (g)
Naval Research Laboratory (g)
Naval Surface Warfare Center (w)
Naval Weapons Center, China Lake (g)
Naval Weapons Station (w)
Navy Engineering and Logistics Office (g)
Office of Naval Research (g, w)
U.S. Marine Corps (w)

Department of State (g)
Agency for International Development (g, n)
Foreign and Nonforeign Governments (g)
Government of Saudi Arabia (g)
International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S. and Mexico (w)
International Joint Commission, U.S. and Canada (w)
Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration (w)
Federal Highway Administration (w)
Environmental Protection Agency (g, n, w)
Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory (w)
Environment Research Laboratory (g)
Hazardous Waste Management Division (g)
Region IX, San Francisco (g)
Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Lab (w)
Summitville Mining Site—Terrace Reservoir (g)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (g,w)
Federal Power Commission (w)
Federal Energy Regulating Commission Licenses (w)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (g, n,w)
National Science Foundation (g, n,w)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (g, w)

Tennessee Valley Authority (n,w)

Veterans Administration (w)

American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (n)
Boy Scouts of America (n)
United Arab Emirates (w)
United Nations (g,w)
Inter-America Development Bank (g)
United Nations Development Program (n)


World Bank (w)

134 Touching the Lives of Every Citizen, Every Day. . . *U.S. G. P. O. : 1995–587–050: 78


Multiply By To obtain
millimeter (mm) 0.0394 inch
centimeter (cm) 0.3937 inch
meter (m) 3.281 foot
kilometer (km) 0.6214 mile
square centimeter (cm”) 0.1550 square inch
square meter (m”) 1.196 square yard
hectare (ha) 2.471 acre
cubic centimeter (cm") 0.06102 cubic inch
liter (L) 1.057 quart
kilogram (kg) 2.205 pound avoirdupois

1994 Yearbook Staff

The staff of the USGS Yearbook appreciates comments from readers. If there are features that you particularly enjoy reading or information that you would like to have but that is not included, please let us know. Write to Managing Editor, USGS Yearbook, 119 National Center, Reston, VA

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As the Nation's principal conservation agency, the Department of the Interior has responsibility for most of our nationally owned public lands and natural and cultural resources. This included fostering wise use of our land and water resources, protecting our fish and - wildlife, preserving the environmental and cultural values of our national parks and historical places, and providing for the enjoyment of life through outdoor recreation. The Department assesses our energy and mineral resources and works to assure that their development is in the best interests of all our people. The Department also has a major responsibility for American Indian reservation communities and for people who live in Island Territories under U.S. administration.

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