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The highest honor given by the

Department of the Interior to its employees is the Distinguished Service Award. Symbolized by a gold medal, this award for outstanding achievement was presented to 16 USGS employees in 1994: • Earl E. Brabb, for outstanding contribu

tions to the field of environmental geology
and for contributions to the direction of
the geologic hazards and geographic infor-
mation systems programs of the USGS.
Max C. Brewer, for outstanding contribu-
tions to geology and geophysics and their
applications to environmentally sound
engineering design practices and for sound
management of logistical operations in the

permafrost environment of the Arctic. • T. John Conomos, for exceptional

achievements in estuarine research and
management of water programs in the

nine-State USGS Western Region. • Avery A. Drake, Jr., for significant contri

butions toward a better understanding of the geology of the Appalachian Mountain

chain. • William W. Dudley, Jr., for exceptional

contributions in the interdisciplinary fields of ground-water hydrology and engineer

ing geology. • Warren I. Finch, for outstanding contri

butions to uranium resource assessment studies and for his many contributions to the administration of USGS scientific pro

grams. • Anita G. Harris, for outstanding research

and leadership in conodont paleontology, biostratigraphy, paleotemperature assessment, and hydrocarbon resource potential programs of the USGS. Robert M. Hirsch, for exceptional contributions to the USGS in the fields of statistical hydrology, program planning, and research management and for leadership

contributions to the development of the
National Water-Quality Assessment Pro-
gram and the Global Change Research
Program. Hirsch was also awarded the
Presidential Rank of Merit for serving as
Acting Director of the USGS during a
period of transition, for career-long efforts
to apply basic hydrologic research to real-
world problems, and for consistently
developing successful program contribu-
tions in both the scientific and the policy
Irwin H. Kantrowitz, for outstanding
contributions to the management of
bureau water-resources programs, particu-
larly in Florida, and for significant contri-
butions to the Regional Aquifer Systems

Analysis Program.
• Vance C. Kennedy, for significant

research in the field of solute transport in stream water and bed sediments and in acid rain geochemistry and as a leader in the development of acid rain programs and policies. Janis C. Nash, for significant contributions to bureau human resources management programs. Richard W. Paulson, for exceptional contributions in the field of real-time hydrologic data-collection systems development and the management of National Water Summary activities. James R. Plasker, for outstanding achievements as an engineer, cartographer, and manager of the USGS National Mapping Program. His innovative approaches to technical and management issues have led to production agreements with other Federal agencies. Hedy J. Rossmeissl, for outstanding scientific and management contributions to the USGS National Mapping Program, particularly the development and testing of the Spatial Data Transfer Standard, and for advancing the acceptance and promulgation of the standard as a Federal Information Processing Standard. John H. Stewart, for outstanding contributions to understanding the geology of western North America. His studies have provided important clues for developing mineral assessments of undiscovered mineral deposits. Ralph J. Thompson, for outstanding service and contributions to the scientific data management, processing, and information systems activities of the USGS.


Personnel, by Occupation

Meritorious Service Award

materially aid the accomplishment of the USGS mission. Recipients in 1994 were:

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Technical 3047




Administrative and Clerical


Rex V. Allen, Donald E. Anders, Dudley J. Andrews, Emil D. Attanasi, Roy A. Bailey, John A. Barron, Richard J. Blakeley, David M. Boore, Roger D. Borcherdt, Eurybiades Busenberg, Norma J. Campbell, Wallace H. Campbell, Philip J. Carpenter, Michael A. Domaratz, Wendell A. Duffield, Thomas D. Fouch, Marvin O. Fretwell, Donald L. Gautier, Judith A. Gunnells (posthumous), Carl E. Hedge, Flora A. Heggem, Thomas G. Hildenbrand, C. Judy Huffman, James R. Jancaitis, Joan L. Johnson, Donald G. Jorgensen, John R. Keith, Yousif K. Kharaka, Hugh H. Kieffer, William J. Kockelman (posthumous), Gerald F. Lindholm, Thomas L. Loesch, Baerbel K. Lucchitta, Richard B. McCammon, Bonnie A. McGregor, Edward J. McFaul, John S. McLean, Cornelius M. Molenaar, Donald G. Moore, Charles W. Naeser, Charles E. Ogrosky, Robert N. Oldale, Paul P. Orkild, Robert C. Pearson, John K. Peterson, Ernest L. Ray (retired), Bruce L. Reed, Charles L. Rice, Dale E. Robertson, David H. Root, Keven S. Roth, Robert O. Rye, Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki, David H. Scott, John F. Slack, Robin U. Spriggs, William D. Stanley, Elaine M. Stout, William J. Strahle, Wayne R. Thatcher, Ted G. Theodore, Tracy L. Vallier, James N. VanDriel, Bruce R. Wardlaw, Florence R. Weber, Barbara L. Whitford, Paul L. Williams, Kathryn C. Wortman, Thomas L. Wright, Sherman S.C. Wu, Jeffrey C. Wynn.

David P. Adam, Lee W. Aggers,
Karl W. Ahlstrom, Tau Rho Alpha,
William C. Andrle, Janet N. Arneson,
Brian F. Atwater, Robert A. Ayuso,
Colleen A. Babcock, Stanley Baldys III,
Brian S. Bennett, Darleen K. Berry,
Russell D. Berry, Julio L. Betancourt,
Elisabeth M. Brouwers, David P. Brown,
Alex P. Cardinell, Thomas J. Casadevall,
Paul R. Celluzzi, Michael J. Chambers,
Robert G. Clark, Harold S. Cogle III,
Thomas H. Cooper, John E. Cotton,
Harry R. Covington, David P. Dee, Ronald E.
DeMatteo, Allan D. Druliner, Stephenson D.
Ellen, Keith H. Elliott, Michael R. Elliott,
Sherman R. Ellis, Stephen J. Field,
Michael A. Fisher, Carolyn Gail Folger,
Marta J.K. Flohr, Douglas W. Franz,
David Frishman, Ronald G. Garrett, Karl W.
Gatson, Eric L. Geist, William C. Good,
David L. Govoni, Gregory N. Green, Thomas
P. Grover, David E. Hair, John R. Hebron,
Henry E. Herlong, Debra K. Higley,
Richard A. Hollway, Anton L. Inderbitzen,
Ronald V. James, Francis J. Jelinek, Evan C.
Jenkins, David A. John, Margaret F. Johnson,
Robert L. Johnson, Robert F. Johnstone,
Diane N. Jones, Michael T. Jones, Gail E.
Kalen, Kenneth R. Kauffman, Carol Kendall,
Mary C. Kilpatrick, Randolph L. Kirk,
Randolph A. Koski, Thomas R. Loveland,
Brent H. Lowell, Jean Louise Marlowe,
George T. Mason, Jr., Jill McCarthy,
Robert G. McCausland, Alfred S. McEwen,
Benjamin F. McPherson, Robert J. Miller,
John A. Moody, Edward N. Moser, Jerry M.
Motooka, Vivian S. Olcott, Robert J. Omang,
Kenneth J. Osborn, William S. Parks,
Jocelyn A. Peterson, Lawrence R. Pettinger,
M. Jeanne Placanica, James E. Poole,
Earl Reaves, George O. Riddle, Donald O.
Rosenberry, Jane D. Rothenbuehler, Roger P.
Rumenik, Kenneth A. Salts, Robin A.
Schmutzler, Robert B. Scott III, William B.
Scott, Marvin G. Sherrill, Jeffrey D. Simley,
Floyd L. Snow, Louis T. Steyaert, Jeffrey D.
Stoner, Thomas A. Stum, Lindsay A. Swain,
James W. Terry, John E. Terry, Jr., Charles H.
Tibbals, Alfred Travnicek, John Van Brahana,
George Van Trump, Jr., Robert F. Wakelee,
Robert H. Webb, J. Shelley Welch,
Judith C. Wheeler, Joe D. Wildman,
John H. Wittmann, David M. Wood,
Robin D. Worcester, David L. Wright,
Chester T. Wrucke, Ross A. Yeoman,
Robert S. Zech.

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Superior Service Award

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