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10 Vols. at 55. cach, (21. 1os. per set.) DANTE. The Inferno. Prose Trans., | DONALDSON (Dr.) The Theatre of

with the Text of the Original on the same the Greeks. With Supplementary Treatise page, and Explanatory Notes, by John on the Language, Metres, and Prosody of A. Carlyle, M.D. Portrait. N.

the Greek Dramatists. Numerous Illus. -- The Purgatorio. Prose Trans., with

trations and 3 Plans. By J. W. Donaldthe Original on the same page, and Ex

son, D.D. N.S. planatory Notes, by W. S. Dugdale. N.S. KEIGHTLEY'S (Thomas) Mythology NEW TESTAMENT (The) in Greek.

of Ancient Greece and Italy. Revised by Griesbach's Text, with the Readings of

Leonhard Schmitz, Ph.D., LL.D. 12 Mill and Scholz at the foot of the page, and

Plates. N. S. Parallel References in the margin. Also a HERODOTUS, Notes on. Original Critical Introduction and Chronological

and Selected from the best Commentators. Tables. Two Fac-similes of Greek Manu- !

By D. W. Turner, M.A. Coloured Map. scripts. 650 pages. 35. 6d.

- Analysis and Summary of, with - or bound up with a Greek and English a Synchronistical Table of Events-Tables Lexicon to the New Testament (250 pages of Weights, Measures, Money, and Disadditional, making in all goo). 55.

tances -- an Outline of the History and The Lexicon may be had separately, Geography and the Dates completed from price 2s.

Gaisford, Baehr, &c. By J. T. Wheeler. DOBREE'S Adversaria. (Notes on the THUCYDIDES. An Analysis and

Greek and Latin Classics.) Edited by the Summary of. With Chronological Table late Prof. Wagner. 2 vois.

of Events, &c., by J. T. Wheeler.

DOTUS:n the bc colo

SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY. 56 Vols. at 55. cach, excepting those marked otherwise. (141. 175. 6d. per set.) LAGASSIZ and GOULD. Outline of ! BRIDGEWATER TREATISES.

Comparative Physiology touching the Continued. Structure and Development of the Races --- Whewell's Astronomy and of Animals living and extinct. For Schools

General Physics, considered with reference and Colleges. Enlarged by Dr. Wright.

to Natural Theology. Portrait of the Earl With Index and 300 Illustrative Woodcuts. of Bridgewater. 35. 6d. BOLLEY'S Manual of Technical

- Chalmers on the Adaptation of Analysis ; a Guide for the Testing and

Excernal Nature to the Moral and IntelValuation of the various Natural and

lectual Constitution of Man. With Memoir Artificial Substances employed in the Arts

by Rev. Dr. Cumming. Portrait. and Domestic Economy, founded on the work of Dr. Bolley. Edit. by Dr. Paul. - Prout's Treatise on Chemistry, 100 Woodcuts.

Meteorology, and the Function of DigesBRIDGEWATER TREATISES.

tion, with reference to Natural Theology.

Edit. by Dr. J. W. Griffith. 2 Maps. -- Bell (Sir Charles) on the Hand; its Mechanism and Vital Endowments, as

- Buckland's Geology and Minerevincing Design. Preceded by an Account

alogy. With Additions by Prof. Owen, of the Author's Discoveries in the Nervous

Prof. Phillips, and R. Brown. Memoir of System by A. Shaw. Numerous Woodcuts.

Buckland. Portrait. 2 vols. 158. Vol. ).

Text. Vol. II. 90 large plates with letter- Kirby on the History, Habits,

press. and Instincts of Animals. With Notes by T. Rymer Jones. 100 Woodcuts. 2 vols.

---- Roget's Animal and Vegetable -- Kidd on the Adaptation of Ex

Physiology. 463 Woodcuts. 2 vols. 6s.

each. ternal Nature to the Physical Condition of Man, principally with reference to the BROWNE. Manual of Geology. By Supply of his Wants and the Exercises of A. J. Jukes Browne. 2 vols. numerous his Intellectual Faculties. 35. 60.


[In the press.

CARPENTER'S (Dr. W. B.) Zoology.

A Systematic View of the Structure, Ha. bits, Instincts, and Uses of the principal Families of the Animal Kingdom, and of the chief Forms of Fossil Remains. Revised by W. S. Dallas, F.L.S. Numerous Woodcuts. 2 vols. 6s. each. --- Mechanical Philosophy, Astronomy, and Horology. A Popular Exposition. 181 Woodcuts. - Vegetable Physiology and Systematic Botany. A complete Introduction to the Knowledge of Plants. Revised by E. Lankester, M.D., &c. Numerous Woodcuts. 6s. — Animal Physiology. Revised Edi

tion. 300 Woodcuts. 6s. CHEVREUL on Colour. Containing the Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours, and their Application to the Arts; including Painting, Decoration, Tapestries, Carpets, Mosaics, Glazing, Staining, Calico Printing, Letterpress Printing, Map Colouring, Dress, Landscape and Flower Gardening, &c.' Trans. by C. Martel. Several Plates. - With an additional series of 16 Plates

in Colours, 7s. 6d. ENNEMOSER'S History of Magic.

Trans. by W. Howitt. With an Appendix of the most remarkable and best authenticated Stories of Apparitions, Dreams, Second Sight, Table-Turning, and Spirit

Rapping, &c. 2 vols. HIND'S Introduction to Astronomy.

With Vocabulary of the Terms in present.

use. Numerous Woodcuts. 35. 6d. N.S. HOGG'S (Jabez)-Elements of Experimental and Natural Philosophy. Being an Easy Introduction to the Study of Mechanics, Pneumatics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Acoustics, Optics, Caloric, Electricity, Voltaism, and Magnetism.

400 Woodcuts. HUMBOLDT'S Cosmos; or, Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe. Trans. by E. C. Otté, B. H. Paul, and W. S. Dallas, F.L.S. Portrait. 5 vols. 35. 6d. cach, excepting vol. v., 5s. --- Personal Narrative of his Travels in America during the years 1799–1804.

Trans., with Notes, by T. Ross. 3 vols." - Views of Nature; or, Contemplations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation, with Scientific Illustrations.

Trans. by E. C. Otté. HUNT'S (Robert) Poetry of Science ;

or, Studies of the Physical Phenomena of Nature. By Robert Hunt, Professor at the School of Mines.

JOYCE'S Scientific Dialogues.

Familiar Introduction to the Arts ar
Sciences. For Schools and Young Peopl
Numerous Woodcuts.
- Introduction to the Arts an
Sciences, for Schools and Yourg People
Divided into Lessons with Examinatio

Questions. Woodcuts. 35. 6d. KNIGHT'S (Charles) Knowledge i

Power. A Popular Manual of Politica

Economy LECTURES ON PAINTING by the Royal Academicians, Barry, Opie, Fuseli With Introductory Essay and Notes by

R. Wornum. Portrait of Fuseli. LILLY. Introduction to Astrology. With a Grammar of Astrology and Tables

for calculating Nativities, by Zadkiel. MANTELL'S (Dr.) Geologieal Ex

cursions through the Isle of Wight and along the Dorset Coast. Numerous Woodcuts and Geological Map.

Medals of Creation; or, First Lessons in Geology: including Geological Excursions. Coloured Plates and several hundred Woodcuts. 2 vols. 75. 6d. each.

Petrifactions and their Teachings. Handbook to the Organic Remains in the British Museum. Numerous Wood. cuts. 6s. - Wonders of Geology; or, a

Familiar Exposition of Geological Phenomena. A coloured Geological Map of England, Plates, and 200 Woodcuts. 2

vols. 7s. 6d. each. . MORPHY'S Games of Chess, being

the Matches and best Games played by the American Champion, with explanatory and analytical Notes by J. Löwenthal. With

short Memoir and Portrait of Morphy. SCHOUW'S Earth, Plants, and Man.

Popular Pictures of Nature. And Kobell's Sketches from the Mineral Kingdom. Trans. by A. Henfrey, F.R.S. Coloured Map of the Geography of Plants. SMITH'S (Pye) Geology and Scrip

ture; or, the Relation between the Scriptures

and Geological Science. With Memoir. STANLEY'S Classified Synopsis of

the Principal Painters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, including an Account of some of the early German Masters. By George Stanley. STAUNTON'S Chess-Player's Hand. book. A Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game, with numerous Diagrams and Coloured Frontispiece.


STOCKHARDT'S Experimental Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the Chemistry. A Handbook for the Study Chess-player's Handbook. Containing the

of the Science by simple Experiments. most important modern Improvements in

Edit. by C. W. 'Heaton, F.C.S. Nuthe Openings ; Code of Chess Laws ; and merous Woodcuts. N. S. a Selection of Morphy's Games. Annotated. į URE'S (Dr. A.) Cotton Manufacture 636 pages. Diagrams. 6s.

of Great Britain, systematically investi- Chess-Player's Companion. gated; with an Introductory View of its Comprising a Treatise on Odds, Collection Comparative State in Foreign Countries. of Match Games, including the French Revised by P. L. Simmonds. 150 IllusMatch with M. St. Amant, and a Selection trations. 2 vols. of Original Problems. Diagrams and Col. oured Frontispiece.

- Philosophy of Manufactures,

or an Exposition of the Scientific, Moral, - Chess Tournament of 1851. and Commercial Economy of the Factory A Collection of Games played at this cele System of Great Britain. Revised by brated assemblage. With Introduction P. L. Simmonds. Numerous Figures. and Notes. Numerous Diagrams.

800 pages. 7s. 6d.

ECONOMICS AND FINANCE. GILBART'S History, Principles, and Practice of Banking. Revised to 1881 by

A. S. Michie, of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Portrait of Gilbart. 2 vols. Ios. N. S.


25 Volumes at Various Prices. (77. 125. per set.) BLAIR'S Chronological Tables. | EPIGRAMMATISTS (The). A Selec

Comprehending the Chronology and His tion from the Epigrammatic Literature of tory of the World, from the Earliest Times Ancient, Mediæval, and Modern Times, to the Russian Treaty of Peace, April 1856. With Introduction, Notes, Observations, By J. W. Rosse. 800 pages. 105.

Illustrations, an Appendix on Works con

nected with Epigrammatic Literature, Index of Dates. Comprehending the principal Facts in the Chronology and

by Rev. H. Dodd, M.A. 6s. N.S History of the World, from the Earliest to GAMES, Handbook of. Comprising the Present, alphabetically arranged; being Treatises on above 40 Games of Chance, a complete Index to the foregoing. By Skill, and Manual Dexterity, including J. W. Rosse. 2 vols. 55. each.

Whist, Billiards, &c. Edit. by Henry G. CLARK'S (Hugh) Introduction to

Bohn. Numerous Diagrams. ss. N. S. Heraldry. Revised by J. R. Planché. 58. HUMPHREYS' Coin Collectors' 950 Illustrations.

Manual. An Historical Account of the - With the Illustrations coloured, 155.;

Progress of Coinage from the Earliest N. S.

Time, by H. N. Humphreys. 140 Ilus

trations. 2 vols. 55. each. N. S. CHRONICLES OF THE TOMBS. A Select Collection of Epitaphs, with Essay

LOWNDES' Bibliographer's Manual on Epitaphs and Observations on Sepul

of English Literature. Containing an Acchral Antiquities. By T. J. Pettigrew,

count of Rare and Curious Books pubF.R.S., F.S.A. 55.

lished in or relating to Great Britain and

Ireland, from the Invention of Printing, COINS, Manual of.See Humphreys.

with Biographical Notices and Prices,

by W. T. Lowndes. Parts I.-X. (A to Z), DATES, Index of.-See Blair.

35. 6d. each. Part XI. (Appendix Vol.).

55. Or the II parts in 4 vols., half DICTIONARY of Obsolete and Pro

morocco, 21. 2s. vincial English. Containing Words from English Writers previous to the 19th MEDICINE, Handbook of Domestic, Century. By Thomas Wright, M.A., Popularly Arranged By Dr. H. Davies. F.S.A., &c. 2 vols. 55. each.

700 pages. 55.


Dictionary of Political, Constitutiona Statistical, and Forensic Knowledge forming a Work of Reference on subject of Civil Administration, Political Economy Finance, Commerce, Laws, and Socia Relations. 4 vols. 35. 6d. each.


Dictionary of. Including also Familiar Pseudonyms, Surnames bestowed on Eminent Men, &c. By W. A. Wheeler, M.A.

58. V. S. PROVERBS, Handbook of. Con

taining an entire Republication of Ray's i Collection, with Additions from Foreign

Languages and Sayings, Sentences,
Maxims, and Phrases, collected by H. G.
Bohn. 55.

A Polyglot of Foreign. Com.
prising French, Italian, German, Dutch,
Spanish, Portuguese, and Danish. With
English Translations. 5s.


Kipdred Words and their Opposites, Col lected and Contrasted by Ven. C. J Smith, M.A. 55. N. S.

WRIGHT (Th.)-See Dictionary.

NOVELISTS' LIBRARY. 10 Volumes at 35. 6d. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (1l. 18s. fer set.) BURNEY'S Evelina ; or, a Young | FIELDING.-Continued.

Lady's Entrance into the World. By F. - Amelia. Roscoe's Edition, revised. Purney (Mme. D'Arblay). With Intro

Cruikshank's Illustrations. 5s. V. S. • duction and Notes by A. R. Ellis, Author of Sylvestra,' &c. N. S.

GROSSI'S Marco Visconti. Trans. - Cecilia. With Introduction and by A. F. D. W. S. Notes by A. R. Ellis. 2 vols. N. S.

MANZONI. The Betrothed : being FIELDING'S Joseph Andrews and a Translation of 'I Promessi Sposi.'

his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams. With Numerous Woodcuts. I vol. (732 pages), Roscoe's Biography. Cruikshank's Illus. 55. N. S. trations. N. S. - History of Tom Jones, a Found

STOWE (Mrs. H. B.) Uncle Tom's ling. Roscoe's Edition. Cruikshank's

Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly. 8 fullIllustrations.

page Illustrations. N.S.. 2 vols. N. S.


5 Volumes at Various Prices. (1l. 8s. 6d. per set.) BELL (Sir Charles). The Anatomy , R. Westmacott, R.A., and Memoir of

and Philosophy of Expression, as Con- || Flaxman. Portrait and 53 Plates. 6s. N.S. nected with the Fine Arts. 55. 'N. S.

LEONARDO DA VINCI's Treatise DEMMIN. History of Arms and

on Painting. Trans. by J. F. Rigaud, R.A. Armour from the Earliest Period.

With a Life and an Account of his Works Auguste Demmin. Trans. by C.

by J. W. Brown: Numerous Plates. 55. Black, M.A., 'Assistant Keeper, S. K.

N.S. Museum. 1900 Illustrations. 75. od. N.S. PLANCHÉ'S History of British

Costume, from the Earliest Time to the FLAXMAN. Lectures on Sculpture.

19th Century. By J. R. Planché. 400 With Three Addresses to the R.A. by Sir Illustrations. 55. N. S.

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